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Edmund Spenser,Christopher Marlowd

请同学们预习下面的文本 Edmund Spenser
A Gentle Knight was pricking on the plaine, Y cladd in mightie armes and silver shielde, Wherein old dints of deepe wounds did remaine, The cruell markes of many' a bloudy(bloody) fielde; Yet armes till that time did he never wield: His angry steede did chide his foming bitt, As much disdayning to the curbe to yield:
Full jolly knight he seemd, and faire did sitt, As one for knightly giusts (joust)and fierce encounters fitt. But on his brest a bloudie Crosse he bore, The deare remembrance of his dying Lord, For whose sweete sake that glorious badge he wore, And dead as (or)living ever him adored: upon his shield the like was also scored, For soveraine hope, which in his helpe he had: Right faithfull true he was in deede and word, But of his cheere (expression)did seeme too solemne sad; Yet nothing did he dread, but ever was ydrad(dreaded). Upon a great adventure he was bond(going), That greatest Gloriana to him gave, That greatest Glorious Queene of Faerie lond(land), To winne him worship, and her grace to have, Which of all earthly things he most did crave(want to have); And ever as he rode, his hart did earne (yearn) To prove his puissance in battell brave Upon his foe, and his new force(means) to learne; Upon his foe, a Dragon horrible and stearne. (stern) A lovely Ladie rode him faire beside, Upon a lowly Asse more white then snow, Yet she much whiter, but the same did hide

Under a vele(veil), that wimpled was full low, And over all a blacke stole she did throw, As one that inly mournd: so was she sad, And heavie sat upon her palfrey(ass) slow: Seemed in heart some hidden care she had, And by her in a line(leash) a milke white lambe she lad(牵着).

So pure and innocent, as that same lambe, She was in life and every vertuous lore, ? And by descent from Royall lynage(linage 贵族血统) came Of ancient Kings and Queenes, that had of yore Their scepters stretcht from East to Westerne shore, And all the world in their subjection held(rule); Till that infernall 凶残的 feend(fiend) with foule uprore 肮脏的暴乱 Forwasted all their land, and them expeld: Whom to avenge, she had this Knight from far compeld. (summoned)

Behind her farre away a Dwarfe did lag, That lasie seemd in being ever last, Or wearied with bearing of her bag Of needments at his backe. Thus as they past, The day with cloudes was suddeine overcast, And angry Jove an hideous storme of raine

Did poure into his Lemans lap so fast, That every wight 生灵 to shrowd it did constrain, And this faire couple eke to shroud themselves were fain.

Enforst to seeke some covert nigh at hand, A shadie grove not far away they spide, That promist ayde the tempest to withstand: Whose loftie trees yclad with sommers pride, Did spred so broad, that heavens light did hide, Not perceable with power of any starre: And all within were pathes and alleies wide, With footing worne, and leading inward farre: Faire harbour that them seemes; so in they entred arre.

The Faerie Queene 是 Edmund Spenser 的一部重要作品,全诗共12卷,每卷代 表了一种品德。第一卷讲的是 Holiness--圣洁. 1 2
A Gentle Knight was pricking on the plaine

Gentle 这里是 noble 的意思,就是高贵的。 Pricking 就是用鞭策马前进。
Ycladd in mightie armes and silver shielde.

Yaladd, clad 即全身穿着,覆盖着。Mightie=mighty , shielde=shield 后面加 e 是中世


wherein old dints of deepe wounds did remaine

这一句是倒装,突出强调了 dints,就是打击。盾牌上面被刀剑撞击的坑洼非常 明显。 4
The cruell markes of many a bloudy fielde;

这句是对前面句的补充说明: 那是血腥的战场上留下的“残酷的痕迹”—cruell marks

bloudy 就是 bloody cruell 即 cruel 5
Yet armes till that time did he never wield:

Armes 指武器,wield—hold and use a weapon .使用(武器)。直译是直到那时, 骑士还从来没有使用过武器,意思就是说骑士从未上过战场 6
His angry steede did chide his foming bitt,

Steede 是马的意思, chide =grind ,咬 bitt 指马嚼 愤怒的骏马口吐白沫,将马嚼咬碎。 7
As much disdayning to the curbe to yield:

Disdayn=disdain,意思是 scorn; contempt,傲慢,蔑视。骏马不愿屈从于骑士 的驾驭。 第6,7句连起来的意思是他跨下的骏马愤怒的咆哮着,口吐白沫,咬着马嚼。似 乎不原对骑士惟命是从。 8 9
Full jolly knight he seemed, and faire did sitt.

Jolly =brave 英勇的骑士端坐于马上
As one for knightly giusts and fierce encounters fitt.

Giusts=joust ,指两名骑士在马背上角斗 这8,9两句是说骑士端坐在马上,已经做好了同敌人恶战拼杀的准备。 这九句诗运用了斯宾塞体,由他本人发明的一种格律体,就是前8行运用 的是五音步抑扬格,最后第9行运用的是六音步抑扬格。韵脚是 ababbcbcc. 这种体在17到18世纪曾废弃不用,但是到19世纪随着英国浪漫主义文学的兴起, 又恢复了活力。

The Passionate Shepherd to His Love


——Christopher Marlowe 克 里 斯 托 夫·马洛

(This short poem is considered to be one of the most beautiful lyrics in English literature. It derives from the pastoral tradition, in which the shepherd enjoys an ideal

country life, cherishing a pastoral and pure affection for his love. Strong emotion is conveyed throuugh the beauty of nature where lovers are not disturbed by worldly concern. 这首短诗是英国文学诗中最优美的抒情诗。它继承了田园抒情诗的风格。诗中的牧羊 人享受着乡村生活, 酝酿着对爱人的纯洁感情。 通过描写恋人们在无世事尘嚣干扰的山野怀抱中 生活,作者传达了一种不可言传的真情。 )

Come live with me and be my love, 来与我同住吧,做我的爱人, And we will all the pleasures prove 我们将共享一切欢乐; That valleys, groves, hills, and fields, 来自河谷、树丛、山岳、田野, Woods, or steepy mountain yields. 来自森林或陡峭的峻岭。

And we will sit upon the rocks, 我们将坐在岩石上, Seeing the shepherds feed their flocks, 看牧人们放羊。 By shallow rivers to whose falls 浅浅的小河流向瀑布, Melodious birds sing madrigals. 小鸟唱着甜美的情歌。

And I will make thee beds of roses 我将为你用玫瑰作床, And a thousand fragrant posies, 还有上千支花束, A cap of flowers, and a kirtle 一顶鲜花编的花冠,一条长裙 Embroidered all with leaves of myrtle; 绣满桃金娘的绿叶。

A gown made of the finest wool 用最细的羊毛织一条长袍,

Which from our pretty lambs we pull; 羊毛剪自我们最可爱的羊羔, Fair lined slippers for the cold, 一双漂亮的衬绒软鞋为你御寒, With buckles of the puiest gold; 上面有纯金的带扣。

A belt straw and ivy buds, 麦草和长春藤花蕾编的腰带, With coral clasps and amber studs; 珊瑚作钩,琥珀作扣, And if these pleasures may thee move, 如果这些乐趣能使你动心, Come live with me, and be my love. 来与我同住吧,做我的爱人。

The shepherds' swains shall dance and sing 牧童情郎们将又跳又唱, For thy delight each May morning; 在每个五月的早晨使你欢畅, If these delights thy mind may move, 如果这些趣事使你动心, Then live with me and be my love. 来与我同住吧,做我的爱人。



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