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人教新课标英语第一轮模块复习-必修四 Unit 4 Body language

Unit4 Body language

Part1 必修四

1、curious adj. 根据语境猜词义 (1) The foreign tourists were surrounded by the curious_children.

(2) Poetry also calls up the colors, f

eeling, experiences
and curious images of a dream world.

(3) He is suffering from a curious disease.

1、curious adj.

根据语义找匹配:A. 奇妙的 B. 好奇的 C. 奇怪的
(1) B (2) A (3) C

curiosity n. 好奇心、求知欲 curiously adv. 好奇地

be curious about 对……感到好奇 be curious to do 急于做/极想做 out of curiosity 出于好奇

1、curious adj. 单项填空 ( )(1) I was ______ to find out what he said. B. amusing D. conscious 考查形容词词义辨析。be curious to

A. strange C. curious C

do 急于做/极想做。strange 奇怪的; amusing 令人
快乐的;conscious 有意识的。

1、curious adj. ( )(2) (2010·天 津 ) People have always been______ about exactly how life on earth began. A. curious B. excited C. anxious D. careful A 考查形容词的意义和用法。句意:人 们一直对于地球生命的起源感到好奇。根据介词 about后面宾语从句的意义,可以确定前面表示的 是好奇,be curious about 是“对……感到好奇”的 意思。

2、approach n.&v. 根据语境猜词义

(1) Spring is approaching. Everything is awaking.
(2) As we approached the woods, fresh air is coming

towards us.
(3) He is in his sixties and approaching retirement.

2、approach n.&v. 根据语义找匹配 A. (时间上)临近,接近 B. (空间上)走近,靠近

(1) A

(2) B


2、approach n.&v.

approach 除“方法”之外,还有“接近”的意思。 an approach to(介词)。 way 一般用语,指解决问题的具体办法或途径, 也指个人的特殊的“方式、方法”,常常构成:

in the way 用这种方法;the way to do/the way of
doing (to为不定式) “做某事的方法”。

2、approach n.&v.

method 着重指系统的、科学的有条理办事方法或

解决问题的思路,构成“with a method 用一种方
法”和“the method of +名词”结构。 means 指任何用来达到目的的东西,可指器具、 工具、机器等,也可指行动、方法、策略、手段 等。其单复数同形, 构成“by means of 通过……

方法” 结构。

2、approach n.&v.


the way of + n. / doing sth.
the method of + n. the approach to + n. / doing sth. (2) “用这种方法”表达方法 in this way by this means

the way to do sth.

with this method

2、approach n.&v. 单项填空 ( )There is no easy ______ to the mathematics problem. A. way B. means C. method D. approach D 考查名词与介词的搭配辨析。

approach方法,与to连用,表示“……的方法”, 而means翻译为“方式”,不可与to连用。method

与with 搭配。way则与of连用,和to连用时,to为不

3、major n.v.&adj. 根据语境猜词义

(1)Chinese, maths and English are three major

(2)He is majoring in English.
(3)He is a history major.

3、major n.v.&adj.

根据语义找匹配:A. 主修 B. ……专业的学生 C. 主要的(主要做定语,无比较级)
(1) C (2) A (3) B

majority n. 大多数,大部分 反义词: minority 少数 the majority of 大多数

3、major n.v.&adj.


major adj. 较大的, 主要的
main adj. 最重要的,主要的 chief adj.主要的,最重要的;职位/ 职称最高级别 的;n. 部落首领;领袖,总裁

4、defend v. 根据语境猜词义

(1)We shall defend our country, whatever the cost may

(2)The defense of the accused was rather weak.

4、defend v. 根据语义找匹配:A. 捍卫;保卫 B. 辩护 (1) A (2) B

in defence of 保卫,为……辩护

defend…from/ against (后接入侵者或造成危害者)

4、defend v.

defend/protect/guard/preserve/reserve defend 含有采取措施抵御或击退外来威胁或攻击, 另外defend还有“辩护”的意思。 The soldiers are defending the island against invasion. protect常含有提供安全的方式来驱开不适、伤害或 进攻。 She wore the sunglasses to protect her eyes from the sunlight.

4、defend v.

guard 含有“看守”的意思。 The warehouse is guarded and is very safe. preserve 指采取措施维护……的安全。 It is one of the duties of the police to preserve public order. reserve保留,保存(to keep for special use) I reserve the right to disagree.

4、defend v. 单项填空 ( )We should defend ourselves ______ the traffic A. against A B. with C. in D. of accident while walking home from school.

考查固定短语。defend…against 后接



5、be likely to do

She is_likely_to lose the election. 根据语境be likely to do意为:______。

likely/possible/probable likely是常用词,指从表面上看很有可能。主语既 可以是人也可以是物。可以说sb./sth. be likely to do 或it's likely that…, 但是不可以说 It is likely for sb. to do。

5、be likely to do

possible强调客观上有可能,但含有实际上可能性很 小的意思。主语不可以是人,只能是用it作形式主语。 构成It is possible for sb. to do sth.或It is possible that… probable 语气比possible强,主要强调有根有据、合 情合理的推测,含有“很有可能,十有八九”的意 思。构成It is probable for sb. to do sth. 。作表语时, 主语不能是人或动词不定式。

5、be likely to do 单项填空 ( )(1) It's nearly eleven o'clock and mother ______ walk in at any moment. A. is possible to B. is probable to C. is likely to D. is able to C 考查likely/ possible/probable的辨析。

当主语是人时,只能用sb. be likely to do sth.句式,

5、be likely to do ( )(2) I think the team of your class will be ______

to win, but you have to work harder.

A. possible B

B. likely

C. probable

D. certain

possible和 probable只能构成It's + adj.

+to do sth.句式;certain是“一定、理所当然”, 根据but you have to work harder判断,没有十足的 把握,所以答案是B。

6、lose (one's) face 根据语境猜词义 When Tom failed to beat his opponent, he felt he had lost_his_face with his friends.

根据语境,lose (one's) face的语义是:______。

6、lose (one's) face

save (one‘s) face挽回面子 lose heart 灰心,泄气 lose one's heart to 爱上,钟情于 lose one's temper 生气;发脾气 lose one's life 献出生命;丧生 lose one‘s way 迷路 lose courage 丧失勇气 lose weight 减肥 lose sight of 看不见 lose touch with 与……失去联系

6、lose (one's) face 单项填空 ( )In order not to ______, he spent the whole night preparing for the speech of next day. A. lose courage B. lose heart C. lose face D. lose voice C 考查动词短语的辨析。lose courage丧 失勇气;lose heart灰心,泄气; lose face 丢脸; lose one's voice失声。根据语境:为了不丢面子, 他花了一晚上的时间准备第二天的演讲。所以答案 是C。

7、The_first_person_to_arrive was Tony Garcia from Colombia, closely followed by Julia Smith from Britain.(P26) 第一个到达的是从哥伦比亚来的托尼· 加西亚,

随后紧跟着的是英国的朱莉娅· 史密斯。

the first person to arrive中是动词不定式to arrive作定
语,修饰先行词the first person。动词不定式作定语,

(1)注意非谓语动词动作所发生的时间都是在谓语动 词之后。与先行词是主动关系,就用to do; 形成被 动关系,就用to be done。 Everyone to visit the Great Wall sign here, please.


(2) 由only, last, next, 序数词或形容词最高级修饰的名
词常用不定式作定语。动词不定式作定语要放在所 修饰的名词或代词之后。

She was the only one to get a scholarship.

(3) 当谓语动词是have 或get作“有”讲时,动词不定
式的主动与被动取决于句中有没有其逻辑主语参与 动词不定式这一活动,有,就用主动式;没有,就 用其被动式。 I'll go to the post office because I have something to post. Do you have something to be posted?

修饰的名词或代词是不定式动作的地点、工具,不 定式后面须加相应的介词。

She is looking for a room to live in.


)(2006· 湖北) At the meeting they discussed

three different ______to the study of mathematics. A. approaches C. methods B. means D. ways


考查名词词义辨析。approaches方法, 与to连


Tony approached Julia, touched her shoulder and kissed
her on the cheek!(P26)


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