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【志鸿优化设计】2014届高考英语一轮复习 Module6 FilmsandTVProgrammes 外研版必修2

《志鸿优化设计》2014 届高考英语(外研版 全国)一轮复习题 库:必修 2Module6 FilmsandTVProgrammes
Ⅰ.完成句子 1.我们偶尔去田间散步。 We go for a walk in the fields ______. 2.使我吃惊的是小汤姆竟然在竞赛中得了一等奖。 ______ ______ ______,little Tom should take the lead in this competition. 3.他不太在乎钱。 Little does he ______ ______ money. 4.因为又累又烦,他躺在那里一言不发。 ______ ______ ______,he lay there,saying nothing. 5.大家认为这个工程今年不可能竣工了。 ______ ______ ______ ______ the project can't be completed this year. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.Most travellers were not pleased with the travel agency,for the travelling routes they provided could not ______ them. A.match B.fit C.interest D.affect 2.Although Jack is always busy with his work,______,he spares some time for a holiday. A.seldom B.never C.occasionally D.rarely 3.—Have you been to New Zealand? —No,I'd like to,______. A.too B.though C.yet D.either 4. (2012 黑龙江绥棱一中期末,24)The man ______ Mary got married last year was a soldier. A.to whom B.with whom C.who D.whom 5.What does her handwriting tell you about her ______? A.person B.member C.character D.figure 6.You should visit your parents ______,even when you are very busy. A.by and by B.more or less C.step by step D.now and then 7. their great relief, missing child returned home, To the ______, after an absence of two weeks. A.felt tired and sound B.tiring and soundly C.feeling tired and soundly D.tired and sound 8.______ that one day the milu deer will be set free to the wild. A.It was agreeing B.It is agreed C.We are agreed D.It agrees 9.I sincerely suggest that you try to do your best to finish this project, unless you don't ______ the complaints from all directions. A.care about B.set about C.bring about D.go about 10.The dictionary is being printed and it will soon ______. A.turn out B.come out C.start out D.go out 11. (2012 山东济南一模,35)The retired workers were invite d to the company, ______surprise,changes had been so great over the years. A.whose B.who C.to whom D.to whose


12.Great changes ______ in my hometown and some new buildings ______. A.have taken place;have appeared B.have been taken place;have appeared C.have taken place;have been appeared D.were taken place;were appeared 13.It is not immediately clear______the high political tension will soon be over. A.since B.what C.when D.whether 14.The risk of heart disease is a powerful argument ______ smoking. A.against B.for C.into D.about 15.He realized his dream at last.In other words,he got married to the girl he______three years ago. A.is in love with B.has fallen in love with C.was in love with D.fell in love with Ⅲ.完形填空 I saw something that both amused me and saddened me the other day.Three teenage girls were walking up the street together in front of me.__1__ they walked side by side, they weren't talking to each other.They weren't __2__ looking at each other.Instead each girl's eyes rested __3__ on their hands because in each girl's __4__ was a cellphone.It made me __5__ my head to think that something as small as a cellphone could put so much __6__ between girls who were so close together. Since the beginning of time, __7__ and inventions have flowed from the mind of God to the minds of people.__8__,people have used these ideas an d inventions to both help and __9__ themselves.The person who first cast(铸造)metal saw his idea __10__ into ploughshares(犁头)that helped feed thousands and __11__ that killed thousands more.Nobel saw his invention of dynamite(炸药)used to __12__ apart mountains to build roads for the benefit of everyone.He also saw it used to blow apart bodies and __13__ countless lives in war.Albert Einstein saw the fruit of his genius used to __14__ abundant power that helps millions of people every day.He __15__ saw it used to build bombs that could kill us all a hundred times over. Every invention can be used to help us grow better and __16__ together or it can be used to distance us and destroy us.The __17__ is in how we use it.The key I feel is love.If there is __18__ right beside you who needs your love, don't be afraid to __19__ the electronics, look them __20__ the eye, and give them a hug. 1.A.Unless B.Even if C.Since D.As though 2.A.still B.hardly C.even D.seldom 3.A.firmly B.extremely C.calmly D.comfortably 4.A.pocket B.palm C.suitcase D.backpack 5.A.shake B.raise C.bend D.hold 6.A.addiction B.pressure C.pleasure D.distance 7.A.imagination B.ideas C.inspiration D.observations 8.A.However B.Therefore C.Besides D.Otherwise 9.A.defend B.influence C.hurt D.misunderstand 10.A.turned B.sent C.sorted D.classified 11.A.poison B.swords C.medicine D.diseases 12.A.blow B.tell C.set D.fall 13.A.save B.begin C.share D.end 14.A.create B.consume C.purchase D.design 15.A.no longer B.as usual C.as well D.at last 16.A.stronger B.smarter C.quicker D.closer 17.A.choice B.reality C.preference D.theory

18.A.anyone B.someone C.everyone D.no one 19.A.bring out B.show off C.hand out D.turn off 20.A.at B.for C.after D.in Ⅳ.阅读理解 Today,I read an interesting article about television viewing.In one experiment, families were paid to stop watching TV for either a week or a month.Many could not complete the task and some families even fought,verbally or physically.It was quite interesting and now I will say something about TV. After TV became a product most families could afford,people bought and started to watch their new TVs.Both adults and children became less creative in problem solving,less able to persevere(坚持)in tasks,and less tolerant of unstructured time. In my family,we grew up with the TV on.Eve ry weekend,we watched Gun Smoke and Bonanza together as a family.TV provides us with a comfortable background when we want to learn a foreign language at home,and it entertains us cheaply with live action sports,incomparable performing arts and important events of the world.In addition,it educates us about everything from the cells in our body to the galaxies in the universe. Perhaps it's not even practical to live without television unless our views change abruptly as we get older.I don't think that TV damages us so much as it robs us of time that could be spent doing other things such as learning new skills, getting some exercise or doing volunteer work. I was lucky to have a family that watched TV together.Today there seems to be a TV in every room of the house and there's no need to agree on a program to watch.To watch TV or not to watch TV is more of a question for adults than for us,and even though we all say we want to cut down the time we spend in front of the tube,we never really do.TV_has_us_hypnotized! 1.The experiment in Paragraph 1 is intended to show ______. A.how interesting watching TV is B.how much people like watching TV C.whether people like watching TV D.what people do after giving up watching TV 2.According to Paragraph 3,the author and his family ______. A.spend weekends watching TV in every room B.get a lot of valuable experience in watching TV C.want to cut down the time spent in front of TV D.can afford a TV for each one of the fami ly 3.The author thinks ______. A.it's practical to live with television B.it's not practical to live with television C.people's view about watching TV has changed D.when we get older,our view about watching TV will change 4.In the last paragraph the underlined sentence means ______. A.we are really hooked on our TV B.we are really proud of our TV C.TV robs us of available time D.TV benefits us greatly


参考答案 Ⅰ.1.occasionally 2.To my surprise 3.care about 4.Tired and bored 5.It is thought that Ⅱ. C match 意为“般配; 1. 与??匹配”; fit 意为“ (形状或尺寸) 适合; 合身”; interest 意为“使感兴趣”;affect 意为“影响”。根据句意判断应选 C 项。 2.C seldom 意为“几乎不”;never 意为“从不”; occasionally 意为“有时;偶 尔”;rarely 意为“极少地”。由句中的 although 可知,只有 occasionally 符合句意, 故选 C 项。 3.B though 可用作副词,意为“虽然”,此处表示“虽然想去,但没有去过”。 4.A get married to sb.意为“与某人结婚”,所以 The man 后面的定语从句应由 to whom 引导。 5.C person 意为“人”;member 意为“成员”;character 意为“性格;品格”; figure 意为“人物;外形;数字”。此处应选 C 项,表示“性格”。 6.D A 项和 C 项意为“逐渐地”;B 项意为“大约”;D 项意为“不时地”。根据句 意判断应选 D 项,表示“你应该时常地去看望父母”。 7.D 句意:使他们极为宽慰的是,失踪的孩子在消失两周后回到了家里,疲惫不堪, 但平安无事。根据 and 前后一致性的原则可知应选 D 项,形容词作状语,说明主语所处的状 态。 8.B It is agreed that...相当于 People agree that...,表示“大家都一致同意; 达成共识”。该句型中的 It 是形式主语,替代后面的真正主语 that 从句。 9.A care about 意为“担心;在乎”;set about 意为“着手;开始”;bring about 意为“引起;导致”;go about 意为“到处走动;流传”。根据句意判断应选 A 项,表示 “除非你不在乎来自各个方面的抱怨”。 10.B turn out 意为“结果是”;come out 意为“出版;发行”;start out 意为“出 发;着手进行”;go out 意为“外出”。根据 is being printed 可判断出“词典正在印刷 中,很快将会出版发行”。 11. to one's surprise 意为“令某人吃惊的是”, D 所以此处应用 to whose surprise 引导非限制性定语从句,修饰先行词 the retired workers。句意:退休工人被邀请到公司, 令他们吃惊的是,公司这些年变化这么大。 12.A take place 和 appear 是不及物动词(短语) ,所以没有被动语态。 13.D 句意:这种紧张的政治局势能否很快结束还不清楚。it 在此处是形式主语,真 正的主语是 whether 引导的从句。 14.A for 指“赞成”;into 指“说明”;about 后接争论内容。根据句意可知选 A 项。 15.D 从句中有明确的时间状语 three years ago,所以要用一般过去时态,故先排 除 A、B 两个选项。fall in love with 和 be in love with 都意为“爱上;喜欢”,但前 者表示动作,后者表示状态。根据句意,答案为 D 项。 Ⅲ.1.B “即使(Even if)”她们肩并肩地走着,却并没有交流。 2.C even 表示递进关系。她们没有彼此交流,甚至都没有彼此看一眼。 3.A 结合上文 weren't talking 以及 weren't even looking 可知她们把目光“牢牢 地(firmly)”锁定在了手机上。 4.B 根据前面的 hands 可知是在每个人的“手掌(palm)”中都有一个手机。 5.A 根据文章首句的 saddened 可知“我”对此并不赞成,所以是 shake my head。 6. “我”没有想到这样小的手机竟然使得如此近距离接触的朋友形同陌路。 D 本空后 的 close, 还有 16 空后的 distance us 都是提示。 7.B 根据下文的 these ideas and inventions 和 saw his idea 可知此处 idea 和 invention 表示同一个意思。 8.A 人们有了创造发明,但这些发明在帮助人们的同时也伤害了人们。前后两句构成 转折关系。 9.C 这些发明在帮助人们的同时也伤害了人们。从下面所举的例子可知。 10.A his idea turned into ploughshares 指把他的好的想法变成现实,创造出了

犁头。 11.B swor ds 和前面的 ploughshares 都是用金属制成的。一个帮助人,一个杀死人。 与上文的 help and hurt 呼应。 12.A blow apart mountains 指把山炸开。后面的 blow apart bodies 有提示。 13.D 根据前面的 blow apart bodies 可知是“结束(end)”人们的生命。 14.A 爱因斯坦的发明“产生了(create)”巨大的能量,每天帮助许多人。 15.C 爱因斯坦的发明给人们带来了好处,同时“也(as well)”给人们带来了伤害。 16.D closer 和 distance 构成对比。 17.A 前句中的 or 表明是选择关系。此处指的是从上面的两种情况作出选择。 18.B 如果你身边有“某人(someone)”需要你的关爱,那么你要勇于关掉你手中的 电子设备(手机), 给他们一个拥抱。 19.D turn off“关掉”。这和第一段的眼睛盯在手机上,而不去和人交流相呼应。 作者倡导我们要关掉手机,多注重和人的交流。 20.D look sb.in the eye“正视某人,正面瞧某人”。作者提议我们要看着别人的 眼睛,注重人与人之间的交流。 Ⅳ.1.B 根据第一段“In one experiment,families were paid to stop watching TV for either a week or a month.”可推测“强调不看电视时间的长短”,所以选择表示 “人们对电视的喜爱程度”的 B 项。 2.B 根据第三段关键词“grew up with the TV”,“provides us with a comfortable background”,“entertains us cheaply”和“educates us about everything...”可以 推断,电视给作者及其家人带来了许多宝贵的经历。 3.A 根据第四段“Perhaps it's not even practical to live without television unless our views change abruptly as we get older.”是双重否定表示肯定,所以应选 A 项。 4.A 文章末尾“...even though we all say we want to cut down the ti me we spend in front of the tube,we never really do...”表示“虽然我们都表示打算削减看电视 的时间,但我们从未这么做(因为我们对电视太着迷了)”。



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