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食品安全问题(On the Food Security) Directions: Directions: You are supposed to finish a composition with 120 words or so within 30 minutes. The outline is as follows: 1) 目前食品安全问题很多; 2) 出现这么多的原 因; 3

) 解决的办法 资料: Food Security What is the net impact of the further liberalization of food and agricultural trade, considering the widely differing situations in developing countries? To what extent can domestic economic and social policies - and food, agricultural and rural development policies - offset the diverse (and possibly negative) impacts of international policies, such as those relating to international trade? How can the overall economic gains from trade benefit those who are most likely to be suffering from food insecurity? Do gains “trickle down” to enhance economic access to food for the poor? How can food and agricultural production and trade be restrained from the over-exploitation of natural resources that may jeopardize domestic food security in the long term? How to ensure that imported food products are of acceptable quality and safe to eat? 资料 The world grain market has been witnessing speculative fluctuations these days. Russia's decision to extend its ban on wheat exports from end of this year to virtually the end of 2011 to tide over the severe crop loss and the reported panic hoarding of staple foods is causing global food prices to rise further. There's more bad news: farm outputs in other countries across Europe and Asia (and in Australia) are declining. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization has called a special meeting in Rome later this month to discuss how the global food supply problem should be addressed. Given the global situation, the Chinese government had to act fast. That is precisely what the State Council, or China's Cabinet, has done. Earlier this week, the State Council vowed to strengthen regulations to control food and grocery prices. This is a welcome move to help consumers, especially during the festival season. In all likelihood, the government plans to take further action, if needed, at least till the beginning of next year. Such actions could include financial commitment. Besides, lawmakers are expected to urge the government at their national session in March to intensify its efforts further. Earlier this year, the government took the very important decision to import more grains. From January to July, the overall trade in farm products showed a deficit bigger than the previous year's. Much of this, however, should be seen as a precautionary move to capitalize on generally low food prices rather than an emergency measure to meet any shortage in the domestic market. China, as a matter of policy, has basically relied on its own resources for staple food supplies. The country's agricultural specialists usually pride themselves for being able to

feed more than 20 percent of the world's population despite having less than 10 percent of its arable land. To be precise, the country meets about 95 percent of its food demand from domestic sources. China cannot shirk its responsibility simply because there is no alternative. And the responsibility to stabilize the domestic and global markets has increased manifold because of climate change and freaky weather. According to forecasts, this year's global grain output is likely to fall by more than 5 percent from last year's 681 million tons to 646 million tons. In contrast, China's summer crop this year, which mainly comprises wheat and makes up roughly one-fourth of its total yearly farm output, was 123.1 million tons, slightly less than last year's 123.5 million tons. But National Development and Reform Commission officials say that wheat production this year was actually 1 million tons more than last year. As for the autumn crop, specialists have said corn production could increase by 4 million tons from last year's record output to 168 million tons this year. This year's food security may be ensured, but it would take much greater efforts to ensure food security in the coming years. The national grain reserve system has to be strengthened and, hopefully, expanded to cover some non-staple but financially important products. New investments have to be made to overcome the devastation that floods in the last two months have caused. The waters have not only washed away crops, but also destroyed farm waterworks across extensive areas. China cannot yet afford to relax in its efforts to ensure its food security

最近袭击中国的一系列食品安全丑闻引起了对监管措施进行改革的呼吁。第三届中国 食品安全论坛期间,与会者决心实施更加严格的执法确保中国的食品安全问题。

The recent series of food safety scandals to hit China has prompted calls for a revamp to supervision practices. During the 3rd China Food Safety Forum, participants committed to implement stricter law enforcement to assure food safety in China.

To buy or not to buy, it is a question many have to ponder now, as a wave of food safety scares has renewed fears in China over continued problems. Shoppers told us they hope food safety violations will be resolved in a more effective and timely manner.


买还是不买,这是许多人现在要考虑的问题,随着中国持续出现的问题,食品安全 恐慌的风波引起新一轮的担忧。 顾客告诉我们, 他们希望违反食品安全的问题以更加有效和 更加及时的方式得以解决。

A Beijing resident said, “I often buy food and other products that are popular and have a good reputation.“


During the 3rd China Food Safety Forum, about 10 governmental departments related to food safety vowed to implement stricter enforcement to assure the quality of food.

第三届中国食品安全论坛中,约有 10 个跟食品安全有关的政府部门立誓实施更加 严格的执法确保食品质量。

Yu Jun, vice director general of Department of Food Safety of State Council of China, said, ”We will improve our monitoring system. We are urging the local governments to standard enterprises. Companies and handed severe penalties if they break food safety or other laws pertaining to the qua(更多外语考试资讯尽在 http://waiyu.kaoshibaike.com)lity of food.“

中国国务院食品安全部副部长俞军说:“我们会改善我们的监督系统。我们强烈要 求标准化。公司和个人如果违反食品安全或其他与食品质量有关的法律,将受到严厉的惩 罚。”

In China, there are about 500 thousand food production companies. But for many of them, a weak food value chain is the main problem. When a scandal emerges, the public interrogates not only supervisory agencies, but also blames the food company at the center of the controversy.


在中国,有大约 50 万家食品生产公司。但是的主要问题是食品营养价值链太低。 当发生丑闻后,公众质问的不仅仅是监督部门,争论的品公司。

Huang Qitai,chief scientist of Synutra International,Inc,said ”I think the food safety problem depends on the people in the company. We should raise our company‘s culture to a new level in order to win the respect of consumers, the illegal additives in our food today. “

圣元国际股份有限公司主要科学家黄启泰说:“我觉得食品安全问题取决于公司的 员工。我们应该将公司的文化提升到新的水平,来赢得顾客的尊重,那么今天我们就不会看 到食品中含有非法添加剂了。”

A publicity week on China Food Safety around the country. The aim is to make people know more about the State’s standard of food safety and the knowledge of additives in food.

中国食品安全宣传周也在整个国家进行。 目的是让人们了解更多关于国家食品安全 的标准和食品中添加剂的知识。

Tainted food scandals have caused nationwide concern. As, it is urgent for related departments to more strictly enforce laws and regulations to resolve the country‘s food safety problems, which concern everyone’s health.

污染食品丑闻已经引起全国的关注。 因此, 有关部门更加严格地实施法律和规章来 解决涉及每个人健康的国家食品安全问题是很急迫的。

The Safety of Food Despite the decline in the number of cases related to fake foods and foods of poor quality, problems remain serious in the market.

Food-born diseases remain responsible for high levels of sickness and mortality in the general population, particularly for at-risk groups, such as infants, young children, and the elderly. The most notorious case involved low-quality milk powder in Fuyang, in east China’s Anhui Province, whih caused the death of a dozen babies. In my personal opinion, I think the responsibility goes for the most part to the food produces especially those who fail to meet safety standards. In order to sell more products, some food producers may even intenionally use various chemical, such as pesticides, animal drugs etc., during manufacturing and processing just to make food look or taste good without taking people’s life into consideration. As we all know, food additives and contaminants can adversely affect the health. In this regard, in order to reduce the incidence and economic consequences of food-born diseases, the supervision of food production should be stepped up. What’s more, it is important to drastically increase penalties on those who neglect food safety statutes. After all, the Food Safety Department in our country should educate consumers about the risks presented in food and the safe food handling behaviors that can help minimize those risks. Nevertheless, it is our own awareness of good life style and hygiene habit that a healthy life relies on.
For years experts have argued that poor households are consuming less nourishing food than the rest of the population.But a survey of some of the lowest earners in Britain shows the nutritional value of what they eat is little different to everyone else.In fact, the same deficiencies in diet were shared by all the population and the findings suggest that poor eating choices are far more widespread than previously suspected - affecting many wealthier families.These included low fruit and vegetable consumption, not eating enough oily fish and eating too much saturated fat and sugar.'This is a large and significant study and it shows we are all eating just as bad a diet as each other,' said Tim Lang, professor of food policy at City University. The poorest families were eating only slightly more sugar and slightly less fruit and vegetables, according to the study of 3,728 respondents in the bottom of the population.

Nowadays, more and more people are in poor health. If we want to keep healthy we should go on a healthy diet.

First, we should have a balanced diet.Though we may not like eating vegetables, the vegetables have a lot of nutrition. They are very good for our health. Second, we'd better eat regular meals. We need to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Because regular meals throughout the day can give us enough energy to carry out our daily activities. Third, we should get away from fast food, for it may cause a lot of disease. In recent years, food safety has been the focus of attention, but food safety problems emerge in endlessly, from the previous SanLu melamine to

Mongolian cow and Erie poison of the milk events, between now and then to remit ham added essence, more let the people of lean lean the heart in my mouth, I think, traders should take the quality as the goods have to master the premise, do a knowing knowing law-abiding conscience entrepreneurs, can not be carried away by interests to make anything illegal, mustachioed themselves and in the end.

This summer has been brutal. More than 1,200 people have lost their lives in China as a result of torrential rain and landslides; millions more have lost their homes and seen their farms inundated - and this on top of the worst drought in the south-west of the country earlier this year. We (World Food Programme China) extend our sincere condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones. And we understand the despair that farmers must feel as they watch their harvest disappear. Sadly, the suffering is being felt across the globe. In Pakistan, 20 million people have been affected by massive flooding. In Russia, wildfires have cost countless lives and together with drought, reduced the harvest by up to 20 percent. In West Africa, drought has ravaged Niger and other countries of the Sahel, with as many as one in four young children acutely malnourished. China's response has been exemplary. Not only has it mounted several massive simultaneous rescue and relief operations for its own people, but also it has been swift in sending relief to Pakistan, Russia and Niger, including $1 million through the World Food Programme (WFP). Ominously, the effects of these natural disasters may be felt long after the immediate danger passes. Their impact on global grain prices is already being felt. Countries are beginning to introduce export restrictions on grain in an effort to control domestic prices. Expectations of higher prices to come may be causing some producers to hold onto their stocks. Speculators are rediscovering agricultural commodities. News that China has imported more grain so far this year than in recent years has also attracted attention. Are we on the cusp of another "global food crisis" like the one seen in 2008? In many ways, the global food crisis never abated, it was simply overshadowed by the financial crisis. In many developing countries, food prices have stayed high. In Tajikistan, wheat

prices started out this year more than 100 percent higher than the average before the crisis. In Sri Lanka, even the poorest of the poor are expected to pay more than twice as much for rice, and the same goes for Benin, where the price of sorghum has more than tripled compared to the average price over the previous five years 本文来自作文地带:http://www.joozone.com/news/9844.html





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