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把要点按照时间先后,空间顺序,逻辑 关系,因果关系整理,加以适当调整, 加入过渡词来串句成文。

Eg1. He works hard. He is not likely to have a successful caree

r. He will still be a useful person in the society. He works hard, but he is not likely to have a successful career. However, he will still be a useful person in the society.

Eg2. Because he helped me in time, I passed the exam. Thanks to his timely help, I passed the exam. As a result of his timely help, I passed the exam. He helped me in time, as a result, I passed the exam.

at first, at the beginning of, in the 开始 beginning, to begin with, first(ly), first of all after a while, afterwards, and then, 然后 later, after that, next, shortly after, the next moment at last, at length, finally, eventually, 最终 in the end

同时 at the same time, in the meantime, meanwhile 过去 at that time, before by that time, earlier, formerly, in the past 现在 at present, presently, right now, nowadays, up to now

其他 from now on , immediately, right away, right now, shortly, soon, until, when, as soon as, since then, for the time, the moment/minute, hardly...when, no sooner...than, sooner or later, gradually, before long, suddenly Eg. Then I will be happy to be your guide. The next moment the car hit him while he was crossing the road.

说明文和描写文中,表空间方位和顺序 before, behind, below, beneath, between, here, there, where, beyond, nearby, under, above, over, on the right/left, in (the) front of, in the middle of, at the back of, at the bottom of, opposite to, next to, on one side, on the other side, at the foot/end of, west/east of

Eg. Our library is in the center of the school. There is a beautiful garden in front of it and our classroom building is right behind it.

First of all, above all, so far, so far as, according to, to begin with, in my opinion

first of all, to begin/start with, first(ly)...second(ly)...third(ly), in the first place ... and in the second place..., for one thing... and for another..., in my opinion, according to, as far as I am concerned, as you know

Eg. There are three reasons why I like him: first, he is honest, second, he is kind, and third, he is handsome.

what’s more, moreover, furthermore, additionally, in addition, also, too, besides, as well ,still, not only... but also, what’s worse, to make things worse, worse still Eg. Charging entrance fees will no doubt keep some people away. What’s more, it will become necessary to build gates and walls.

(al)though, however, on the contrary, but, in spite of, nevertheless, yet, otherwise, despite, while, instead Eg. I covered my ears with hands, but it was no use.

Although the city is modern and convenient, there are still some problems.

because, for, for this reason, as, since, on account of, thanks to , for the sake of, due to, owing to as a result, thus, so, therefore, hence, accordingly, consequently, as a consequence (of),

for example, for instance, take...for an example, such as, that is, as follows, to illustrate, namely, in other words, and so on, believe it or not, to tell the truth, in this case, in particular, particularly, specially Eg. I can follow my own interests such as reading books, visiting museums and taking computer lessons.

similarly, likewise, like, unlike, just as, in like manner, in the same way, but, yet, however, nevertheless, on the other hand, on the contrary, in contrast, instead, at the same time, compared with, different from Eg. To my surprise, my father didn’t criticize me. He praised me instead.

表平行,对等或选择关系的关联 词
and, both...and, as well (as), neither...nor, or, either...or, not only... but also, besides, what’s more Eg. This will do a lot of harm not only to their Chinese learning but also to their future English learning.

do, indeed, actually, really, truly, especially, to be honest, to be frank, in particular, to repeat, above all, obviously

Eg. Above all, I can learn more about nature.

If, unless, so/as long as, on condition that

As, though, even if/ though, whoever, no matter what

as a result, finally, so, therefore, accordingly, thus, consequently, in conclusion, in short, in brief, in a word, to sum up, in general, on the whole, all in all Eg. In short, things have began to improve since schools were called on to reduce learning load.

I think/believe, to be honest, generally speaking, as far as I know, as we all know

1. 因为他充分利用时间学习英语, 所以 顺利通过高考。 Because he made good use of his time to learn English, he passed the college entrance exam. 2. 他有许多朋友,但没有一个富有。 He has many friends, none of whom are rich.

3. 因为他弄丢了钥匙,所以进不了房间。 Having lost his key, he couldn’t enter the room.

4. 李平是我的朋友,我很喜欢他。 Li ping is my friend and I like him very much.

1.John is clever, diligent and polite, in other words he is a good student. _____________, 2.Lucy is 12 and Lily is 11,_______, that is Lucy is one year older than Lily. becausehe treats his 3.He is a good master ________ servants well. 4.You must work harder,or ___ you will be put into another class. 5.He is poor,but ___ he is contented. while 6.Some people waste food_____ others don’t have enough.

Radio and television can be seen everywhere. ____ the TV set is more useful than the But radiobecause ________ on TV you can see and hear what is happening in the world. ________, However radio is not disappearing. It is still with us. _____ the number of listeners is becoming And larger. After _____ the transistor(晶体管) has been invented, a transistor radio is so sometimesthat ___ small ____it is easy to carry.

You can put it in your pocket and listen to it on the bus or on your bike when you go to work. Besides _______, radio broadcasts are better for blind people. And _____ many old people don’t have good eyesight. They can’t watch TV, but ____ they can listen to music or news over the radio. What’s ___________, more radio is much cheaper than a TV set.



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