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Unit 4 Wildlife protection


hunting (打猎) tomorrow. 1.We’ll go _______ 2.I would really appreciate ________ (感激) it if you could turn the music down. 3.After a _

______ fierce (激烈的) battle,the enemy was forced to retreat (撤退). 4.One of the phenomena that attracted my attention _______(注意力) was the structure of the human body. 5.The rise in the price of bread will affect (影响) all the people in that _______ small town.

ildlife is very important 6. Protecting the w______
for keeping the balance of nature.

7. When she died, I was filled with a

sense of l_____. oss
8. The teacher walked around

i________ nspecting their work.
9. Information must be stored so that

it is s______ from accidental deletion. ecure
10. For the past three years he has been e_______ mployed as a firefighter.

Ⅱ.重点短语再现 1. _______________ 根据…… according to 2. _______________ come into being in relief 3. _______________ burst into laughter 4. _______________

in peace 5. _______________
6. _______________ die out 7. _____________ protect…from… 保护……不受…… 8. _______________ pay attention to in danger (of) 9. _______________

1. loss n. 损失 遗失 丧失 _____ vt. 过去式 ______ 过去分词 _____ sufffer a a great loss 遭受重大损失 at a loss 不知所措 the loss of sth. 损失/丢失/输掉… make up for the loss 弥补损失 这个公司因为失误遭受了重大损失。 suffered a a great loss as a The company __________________ result of that mistake.

他将努力弥补损失。 He will try his best to __________________. make up for the loss 我丢了狗,十分难过。 the loss of my dog. I was very sad at _______ Tom一时不知怎么回答是好。 at a loss For a moment Tom was __________ how to reply to it.

2. affect 观察思考: Their opinion will not affect my decision. All the people in the room were affected to tears. 屋里所有的人都感动得流了泪。 Her lungs were affected by cancer. She was affected with lung cancer. 她患有肺癌。

归纳总结: affect vt.影响;感动;(疾病)侵袭 affect sb.to tears be greatly/deeply affected by… be affected by heat/cold 中暑/ be affected with high fever/cancer 发高烧/


have an effect/influence on 对……有影响

in effect ? side effect ? take effect ? without effect ? come into effect ? bring/carry...into effect 使……

(1)The disease is beginning
________________ to affect her eyesight (侵袭到她的视力). (2)Does television _____________ have an effect on (对……有影响) children’s behaviour?

3.contain 观察思考:

This drink doesn’t contain any alcohol. The hall can contain /____ /_____ /_____ 3000 people. 这个大厅可容纳3000人。 She was too angry to contain herself. 她气急了,无法控制自己。



vt.包含,包括; 容纳 ; 控制 __________

contain,include,including,included (1)contain意为“包含,含有;容纳;里面装 有”,指的是包含的全部内容或容量,也可指里 面 所含的成分,不用于进行时态。此外,contain 还有“控制,克制”之意。

(2)include 意为“包含;连……在内;计入,算入; 包括”,只能用于表示所包含之物中的一部分,其后的宾

(3)including可以作介词连接介词短语,放在所包括的 (4)included是过去分词性质的形容词,放在所包括的


herself She was too angry to contain __________.

Many people like tennis,

including me / me included ________________________.

4. attention

n. 注意力;注意 ; 留心 ______________

pay attention to

attract/catch/draw one’s attention fix/focus one’s attention on… devote one’s attention to…
turn one’s attention to… 将注意力转向


A great deal of attention has been paid

to ________(protect) the environment. protecting

You speak English well,but you’d

better _______________ pay more attention to your written

即学即用: (1) An article in the newspaper caught my attention ______________. (2) We listened what he said. with attention ______ to

(3) With his attention ____ on the book he was reading, he didn't notice what had happened. A. focuses B. focused C. to focus D. focusing

4. appreciate 观察思考:
Her boss appreciated her talent very much. I would appreciate it if you could take care of my dog. I’d like to show/express my appreciation

for everything you’ve done.



vt. 欣赏,赏识;感谢

appreciate+ n./doing

I would appreciate it if…
grateful if… = I would be _____


I would very much appreciate

receiving an invitation/being invited _________________________________.
(2)若是你肯帮那个忙,我会非常感激的。 ______ I would appreciate it if you could do me that favor. (3)如有任何问题,请告诉我们。 letting (let) We would appreciate you/your ______ us know of any problems.

5. succeed vi. 成功;继承 vt. 接替;继任
_______ n. ______ adj. _______ adv. succeed in doing sth. 成功…… =be successful in doing sth. succeed to sth. 继承……
Obama succeed Bush as president in the USA. 奥巴马继布什后担任美国总统。 a success _______ a failure __________

1) After many years of hard work, the in sending the scientists finally succeeded ____________________ manned space ship to the Moon.
经过多年的努力,科学家终于将载人飞船成功发 送到月球。
succeeded to (继承) the 2) His eldest son _____________ title after he died. 3) 2008 奥运会取得了巨大的成功。 a great success The 2008 Olympic Games was ___________.

6. employ vt. 雇佣; 利用(时间、精力) employ sb. 雇佣某人 employ time 利用时间 employ sb. to be/as… 雇佣某人担任 employ sb to do sth. 雇佣某人做某事 sb. be employed in doing sth. = sb. employ oneself in doing sth. 忙于做某事

[题组训练] (1)For the past five years he assistant. 过去五年他受雇当店员。 (2)A number of people the work.

has been employed as

a shop

have been employed to deal with

已雇了一些人来处理这项工作。 (3)She done. 她忙着把要做的所有工作列一个清单。

was employed in making

a list of all the jobs to be

7. protect...from... 观察思考: He put on the sunglasses to protect his

eyes from the strong sunlight.

归纳总结: 保护……不受……(危害/伤害) protect...from/against... _________________ stop doing sth. prevent + sb. /sth. from + being done keep

(1) protect against 和protect from意思相似,有时可


常用protect… against…,对于较小的事情常用
protect… from…. (2) 主动句中prevent/stop...from...中的from可省 略,在被动句中from不可省略,而keep...from...中 的from无论在主动句还是在被动句中都不能省略。


(1)Something must be done to ______ our B
environment from being further polluted. Which is wrong? A. protect C. stop A. stop B.hold D.prevent B. prevent C. protect D. keep

(2)The umbrella can C you from the rain.

用所给动词的适当形式填空 (3)We young people should do something we can to _______ (keep) the sea keep _________________ from being polluted (pollute).

8. die out 观察思考: As a result, these endangered animals

may even die out.

Many traditional customs have died out
because they are out of date.


灭亡,灭绝;逐渐消失 die out意为:_______________________ die away die down die off(家族、种族等)相继死亡;(草木等) die of/from 死于…… be dying for sth./to do sth. 极想得到某物/


(1)现在的英语与500年前的英语已大不相同,有一 The English of today is very different from the English of 500 years ago. In time, some even ____________ will die out completely. (2)

died away as the The sound of the engine ___________
car drove into the distance.

9.come into being
观察思考: We don’t exactly know when the universe came into being. The Irish Free State came into being in 1922. 爱尔兰自由邦成立于1922年。


come into being:形成;产生

come into effect come into existence

come into fashion
come into action

come into office
come into sight come into use come into blossom come into power 掌权,上台


(1)没有人知道,世界是何时形成的。 No one knows when the worldcame into being . (2)A
into fashion again. A-line skirts are coming _______________

came into power The present government ________________ a

year ago. (4) 这方法在这一地区已被广泛使用.
come into wide use this area. This method has ________________

Ⅰ.品句填词 1.Almost all the animals have their special ways to protect enemies. themselves from their

2.As is known to all,a cow has four stomachs. 3.If you want to set up a company,first you
must a pply to the government for

4.The hotel bill c ontains every fee, including the broken glass.

5.Mosquitoes are the kind of insect can be easily found in summer.


6.He was affected by the story of the hero. 7.While reading,please pay much attention to your pronunciation. 8.Like bees,butterflies also like beautiful fresh flowers. 9.He may look fierce,but he means no h arm . 10.The medicine has a great e ffect on that disease.


in peace,as a result,in danger,protect... from,die out,have an effect on,set up,too much,get dressed,pay attention to
1.I have taken this medicine for three days,but it doesn’t seem to have an effect on me. 2.You should pay attention to your pronunciation

so that you can make yourself understood.
3.Because of human activities,many animals are dying out .

4.The old prefer to live in peace in the countryside. 5.The factory has set up a night school to

provide the workers with more chances to be
educated. 6.The diet contains too much sugar and fat. 7.Tom,it’s late for school.Get up and get dressed quickly. 8.In order to protect his men from hunger and disease,Captain Cook loaded his ship with everything necessary.

Ⅳ.单项填空 1.We had tried everything,but it made little

D. A.good
C.result 解析


make a difference有影响;起重要作用;

make no (little) difference没有(几乎没)影 响,没有(几乎没有)起重要作用。句意为:我


2.With the water in the lake rising fast, villages around are A.in danger A . B.dangerous


D.in dangerous


庄处于危险之中。表示“在危险之中”,用in danger。dangerous是形容词,表示“危险的”, 指带来或导致危险,本题的主语是village,带来 危险的是洪水,而不是村庄,村庄是处于危险之 中,故用in danger。

3.My parents had to use A.what


they had to buy

the house in which we are now living. B.what that

C.all what



能与all或that连用。what相当于all that。句意 为:我父母亲不得不用他们所有的积蓄来买我们 现在住的那幢房子。根据句意what是正确选择。

4.—The housework is too much for me,Jack. —Sorry,but I can’t help A it,Joan. I’ve got something important to do,you

A.do C.to be doing 解析 做” B.doing D.having done can’t help do或to do意为“不能帮助

做”,而can’t help doing则意为“禁不住要

5.Although he had to spend lots of money for going to the ball,he accepted the invitation. A him. A.After all C.First of all 解析 the ball was important to B.In all D.Above all

after all毕竟,终究;别忘了;in all总

共;first of all首先,第一;above all最重要 的。根据此句句意,我们可以判断出最佳选项。 句意为:尽管他不得不花费大量的钱来参加舞 会,他还是接受了邀请,毕竟这次舞会对于他来


6.—How many passengers were in the plane? —It A 100, 20 Japanese A.contained;included .

C.included;contained D.contained;containing 解析 contain容纳,包含;include包括。句意 为:飞机里有100名乘客,包括20名日本乘客。第 二个空可用sb./sth.included或including sb./sth.。

7.Obama being elected president has a great
C on the history of the USA. A.affection B.affect




重大影响。affection情感;affect v.影响; 感动;result结果。have a great effect on... 对……有重大影响。

8.You should teach your son how to himself from fire. A.do C.protect B.care D.make




的危害。protect...from/against...保护……免 受……的危害。

9.If we don’t take steps,the Tibetan antelopes and pandas will A some day just as dinosaurs,which is terrible.

A.die out
C.die down 解析

B.die away
D.die off


熊猫总有一天会像恐龙一样消失,这是很可怕的。 die out渐渐消亡;die away (声音、光线、风声 等)逐渐消失;die down (火、情绪、风暴等)由 强变弱;die off (家庭、种族等)相继死亡。

10.This is a place where children can play without

B ,but if you are really


please call the number 9919919.

A.in danger;dangerous
B.danger;in danger C.dangerous;dangerous D.in danger;in danger 解析 句意为:这是一个孩子们可以安全玩乐的 地方,但如果你真有危险,请拨打9919919。in danger处于危险中;dangerous危险的。

11.—I wonder if you can go shopping with me together. —Sorry.I D a letter all the morning and haven’t finished it yet. A.am writing C.have written 解析 B.was writing D.have been writing

考查时态。从all the morning以及

haven’t finished it yet可知应用现在完成进

12.I appreciated
with my work. A.you to call C.your calling 解析


back and helping me
B.you call D.you’re calling



13.After a heated discussion at the meeting,a new plan came great effect D being,which would have a the culture life of the B.to;to D.into;on

A.into;for C.from;at 解析


人们未来生活具有巨大影响的计划形成了。come into being形成,产生;have a great effect on对……有巨大影响。

14.It is our hope that the two countries will live B for ever. B.in peace A.in a peace

解析 peace和平地。

D.in peacefully


15.Hearing the boring news,I was too distracted to D my attention on my homework.

C.pay 解析



消息,我心烦意乱,无法做作业。attract/draw one’s attention吸引某人的注意力;pay attention to注意;concentrate one’s attention on注意,集中于……。


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