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完形填空 1 I?ll never forget Christmas 1946. My dad had died five years before and left Mom several school kids to ___16___.A month before Christmas our church said they were ___17___ a special offering(捐赠) to help a poor family. We ___18___ decided to help without thinking. That month was one of the ___19___ of our lives. We?ll remember it forever. We took any job that we could ____20___ and saved each penny. We ___21___ the money every day to see how much we had got. We talked about how ___22___ the poor family would be when they had the money. The day before Christmas we ___23___ all our coins for three $20 bills and one $10 bill. We felt we were very rich. Then came the exciting Christmas morning.___24___, late that afternoon the minister (牧师) brought us a(n)___25____. Out of it fell some money—three $20 bills, one $10 and seventeen $1 bills.___26___, we were sad because we felt we had nothing. That week I felt so ___27___ that I even wanted to leave school. Mom __28__ us to church on Saturday ___29___ we didn?t want to see anyone. A speaker was saying $100 would save a poor family in Africa. We became ___30___ for the first time in a week. Mom reached into her purse and ___31___ out the envelope. After a while the minister said excitedly that the offering was over $100.He hadn?t ___32___ such a large offering from our small ___33___.He said, “There must be some ____34____ people here.” Suddenly it hit us! We had given $87! We were the rich family! Form that day on I?ve never been ___35___ again. 16. A. teach B. lead 17. A. planning B. accepting 18. A. quickly B. usually 19. A. most difficult B. best 20. A. afford B. offer 21. A. paid B. counted 22. A. thankful B. nervous 23. A. saved B. exchanged 24. A. However B. Also 25. A. box B. note 26. A. Possibly B. Actually 27. A. relaxed B. brave 28. A. took B. showed 29. A. since B. although 30. A. sick B. sad 31. A. kept B. pulled 32. A. heard B. spent 33. A. class B. church 34. A. good B. smart 35. A. angry B. healthy C. change D. raise C. enjoying D. bringing C. finally D. certainly C. most comfortable D. certainly C. find D. create C. got D. borrowed C. worried D. bored C. gave D. returned C. Therefore D. Instead C. envelope D. gift C. Specially D. Suddenly C. hopeless D. surprised C. sent D. followed C. if D. as C. happy D. famous C. turned D. put C. expected D. seen C. family D. town C. honest D. rich C. quiet D. poor

diving board. As I am thinking, another girl dives into the__23__.Then it's my little brother Travis' turn. I __24__ my eyes, and then open them just in time to see him jump off the __25__. He comes out of the water and smiles. I can?t help __26__ too. Nothing scares that kids. Then I realize it's my __27__ I climb onto the diving board. (28) re diving at the other end of the pool. Everywhere, everyone is __29__. Except me. "What are you __30__ asks the kid after my turn. I step forward. Then I __31__ avis standing by the pool. “You can do it!” he shouts. That?s what I?ve __32__ ld him when he was __33__o tie his shoes or write his name. I take a deep breath and step out into nothing. My body (34) and hen I feel the water. I swim in the water for a while before I pull myself to the (35)where my face finds the sun. I DID IT! 16. A slow B right C ready D tired 17. A answer B mind C plan D role 18. A climbs B jumps C kicks D walks 19. A nervous B strange C surprised D angry 20. A Because B Unless C But D Though 21. A argues B doubts C decides D understands 22. A same B next C last D only 23. A sea B river C lake D pool 24. A close B wipe C cover D hurt 25. A roof B line C board D ladder 26. A dancing B smiling C opening D stopping 27. A way B hope C mistake D turn 28. A Parents B Kids C Classmates D Teachers 29. A moving B laughing C studying D changing 30. A looking for B waiting for C paying for D caring for 31. A imagine B remember C see D watch 32. A never B seldom C sometimes D always 33. A offering B agreeing C learning D refusing 34. A drops B shakes C breaks D rests 35. A surface B door C beach D sky

完形填空 2 Three kids to go until my turn to dive. At the front of the line a girl in a pink swim suit is __16__ and climbs onto the diving board. Will she change her __17__, like I did last week, I wonder? Encouraged by the teacher, the Pink Girl __18__.Only two kids to go. I feel very __19__.You don't have to do this, I tell myself.__20__next week is the pool party, my brain __21__.You will be the __22__one who can't go on the

完形填空 3 The store was beginning to close. Young Alfred, who worked there, was ready to go home. Mr. Carr, the owner of the store, stooped him, “Alfred, one moment before you go.” “What is it, Mr.Carr?” “Maybe you should take some things out of your _16_,” said. Mr.Carr. “What things?” “You?ve got_17_two toothbrushes in your pockets, Alfred.” “What do you_18_?” Alfred?s face got red.

Mr. Carr kept looking at Alfred__19__.Alfred tried to keep his eyes from meeting the eyes of his__20__. After a few moments, he put his hand into his pockets and took out the things he had__21__. “I?ve never taken__22__before.” “What kind of fool do I look like? __23__ your mother,” Mr. Carr answered. Minutes later, Alfred?s mother came in, calm (平静的), quiet and__24__. “Is Alfred in trouble?” she asked. “He is. He has been taking things from the__25__.” Mrs. Higgins looked at her son and said__26__, “Is it so?” “Yes.” “What?s your next__27__, Mr. Carr?” “Call the__28__to punish him.” She answered, “Yes, I think so. __29__,I sometimes think a little good_30_is the best thing for a boy at certain times in his life .” After some hard thinking, Mr.Carr__31__. “Tell your son not to come back here again and let it go at that.” “I?ll never forget your__32__.” Mother and Son left. When they got home, Mother went for a cup of tea, her hands__33__. Her face, as Alfred saw, was a frightened face. She looked very__34__. This picture made Alfred want to__35__. It seemed to him that this was the first time he had ever really seen his mother. 16. A. pockets B. bags C. hands D. packages 17. A. at all B. at last C. at least D. At first 18. A. want B. mean C. like D. know 19. A. happily B. warmly C. carelessly D. coldly 20. A. boss B. friend C. enemy D. partner 21. A. bought B. caught C. stolen D. brought 22. A. anything B. something C. everything D. noting 23. A. Send B. Help C. Remind D. Call 24. A. hurried B. friendly C. angry D. Excited 25. A. firm B. room C. store D. group 26. A. directly B. sadly C. suddenly D. simply 27. A. step B. game C. chance D. part 28. A. owner B. Family C. Parent D. police 29. A. However B. Therefore C. Besides D. Instead 30. A. knowledge B. news C. advice D. luck 31. A. returned B. refused C. came D. Agreed 32. A. behavior B. kindness C. action D. Courage 33. A. shaking B. lifting C. waving D. beating 34. A. ugly B. interesting C. excited D. old 35. A. shout B. fight C. cry D. jump

完形填空 4 There once was a tailor. He was known for his fine sewing and great __16__.One day, he heard that people in the town of Pacanow were in danger, so he __17__to go and help that town. He__18__needle and thread and started his __19__. When he reached Pacanow, he__20__that when the king of the town died nine days ago, a terrible __21__staeted. Later that day, the princess appeared in the town square and said, “I am sad about my father?s __22__, but I also fear for the town.I__23__a bag of gold to the person who stops the rain. All of the townspeople were __24__.Watching the rain falling, the tailor though there must be a big hole in the __25__, so he asked the townspeople to bring all of the ladders and tied them together into one __26__ladder.Then he climbed up and __27__he reached the hole in the sky He sewed and sewed. When he was almost __28__with repairing the hole, he realized that he was not __29__enough to reach the very top corner ! “Don?t lose __30__,” shouted the princess. She climbed up and up and she just tall enough to sew the __31__part of the sky .Soon the sun shone brightly and the townspeople cheered. At the bottom of the ladder, the princess said, “thank you, tailor, for__32__ our town. I will gladly give you the big of gold.” “Thank you, princess, for __33__ me .” said the tailor ."But what I__34__is worth more than gold .Will you marry me?” The princess smiled. “Of course, I will.” Thus the tailor received __35__ more golden than golden than gold. 16. A. ideas B. tools C. kindness D. power 17. A. managed B. agreed C. remembered D. decided 18. A. picked B. packed C. borrowed D. provided 19. A. dream B. work C. journey D. show 20. A. imagined B. realized C. believed D. learned 21. A. rain B. fire C. noise D. war 22. A. death B. disease C. trouble D. mistake 23. A. return B. differ C. sell D. lend 24. A. angry B. tired C. lazy D. silent 25. A. square B. palace C. earth D. sky 26. A. long B. beautiful C. safe D. heavy 27. A. because B. until C. but D. unless 28. A. busy B. satisfied C. bored D. finished 29. A. brave B. smart C. tall D. strong 30. A. speed B. balance C. hope D. face 31. A. final B. bright C. same D. wet 32. A. building B. saving C. warning D. loving 33. A. greeting B. knowing C. helping D. watching 34. A. get B. want C. choose D. discover 35. A. nothing B. anything C. everything D. something


完形填空 5 The Duck Decision “Hurry up, Chris,” my dad said in a low voice. “He?s gonna get away. You need to 36 him now.” I was pointing my 37 at a duck. It was a(n) 38 day for me. Shooting those ducks would make my father 39 , but I just couldn?t. My father 40 fishing and hunting ducks. I thought fishing was boring, 41 Dad hardly ever asked me to go with him. I had gone hunting with Dad before but 42 brought a gun, because I didn?t own one, and his were too big for me. The gun was a present for my birthday. I?d been 43 almost every evening. I 44 I could hit that duck, but I didn?t want to. I had never 45 killing things, and I hated people who killed animals for no reason at all. I liked 46 . I didn?t want to hurt it. I pointed the gun at the duck. He was trying hard to find food and had to keep a careful eye on his 47 at the same time, and now my dad asked me to kill him so we could have one nice 48 . I hated myself for 49 pointing the gun at the duck, but I hated to 50 my father?s feelings too. “I… I can?t tell which is the duck,” I explained. “Just try, Chris. I know you can do it,” Dad 51 me. “Thanks, Dad.” I 52 to myself. “Your words just make it harder for me.” My eyes filled with tears as my brain had made a(n) 53 —I wouldn?t shoot the duck. “You really don?t want to shoot him, do you?” Dad quietly cut in on my 54 . I was too choked (哽咽的) to say anything. 55 , a nod was enough. 36. A. stop B. shoot C. follow D. cover 37. A. camera 38. A. difficult 39. A. angry 40. A. started 41. A. but 42. A. never 43. A. watching 44. A. knew 45. A. hated 46. A. success 47. A. children 48. A. dream 49. A. even 50. A. share 51. A. persuaded 52. A. listened 53. A. decision 54. A. time 55. A. Sadly B. finger B. exciting B. fresh B. allowed B. so B. seldom B. working B. explained B. enjoyed B. truth B. behavior B. idea B. still B. hurt B. warned B. promised B. difference B. thought B. Quickly C. knife C. special C. proud C. tried C. and C. sometimes C. practicing C. realized C. seen C. nature C. weight C. meal C. again C. hide C. reminded C. cried C. effort C. action C. Suddenly D. gun D. busy D. sad D. loved D. for D. ever D. performing D. imagined D. missed D. peace D. enemies D. day D. almost D. consider D. encouraged D. lied D. mistake D. plan D. Luckily

完形填空 6 “Look what I found,” Sophie said, picking up a bracelet(手镯) from the grass. She tried to put it on, but the clasp(扣环) was __1__. “We should turn it in to the office,” Veronica said. Sophie thought for a minute. Dad would __2__ how to fix the clasp. The bracelet would match most of her __3__. Maybe it had been lying in the __4__ for a year and the owner had forgotten all about it. __5__ it didn?t even belong to anyone from school. “Finders keepers(谁找到归谁),” Sophie said and put the bracelets into her pocket. The next day, Sophie __6__ that Maggie was digging through the lost-and-found box in the lunchroom. Then she remembered that one time, her baby brother, Jack, had __7__ his favorite toy. At bedtime Jack cried for it, and Sophie kept __8__ that someone would call and say they?d __9__it. Sophie walked over to Maggie. “What are you __10__?” Sophie asked, hoping the __11__ wasn?t what she guessed. “A bracelet,” Maggie said. “My sister made it for me before she left for college __12__ I wouldn?t feel so sad.” Sophie felt her face get hot. “Is this it?” she asked, reaching out her arm. “You?re __13__ my bracelet!” “I?m really sorry,” Sophie said. She __14__ took it off. “I should have turned it in before.” “Thank you,” Maggie said softly. “__15__ are you giving it back?” “It?s yours,” said Sophie. “It __16__ belonged to me. Want me to __7__ you to put it on? My dad fixed the clasp.” “Yes. Thank you. It looks __18__,” Maggie said, “When I wear this, I think of my __19__. Now I?ll think of you, too.” Sophie __20__. The bracelet was shining on Maggie?s arm, right where it belonged. 1. A. ugly B. dirty C. broken D. small 2. A. realize B. remember C. decide D. know 3. A. toys B. clothes C. presents D. books 4. A. street B. box C. grass D. sun 5. A. Besides B. Instead C. Naturally D. Maybe 6. A. noticed B. believed C. recognized D. imagined 7. A. lost B. thrown C. sold D. lent 8. A. suggesting B. wishing C. doubting D. guessing 9. A. bought B. fixed C. stolen D. found 10. A. looking at B. looking after C. looking for D. looking up 11. A. idea B. grade C. memory D. answer 12. A. so B. though C. unless D. until 13. A. sharing B. wearing C. making D. designing 14. A. angrily B. nervously C. suddenly D. quickly 15. A. Where B. When C. Why D. How 16. A. never B. still C. also D. hardly 17. A. advise B. help C. allow D. teach 18. A. expensive B. suitable C. perfect D. interesting 19. A. dad B. sister C. friend D. brother 20. A. refused B. waited C. promised D. smiled

完形填空 7 Ten years ago, my husband lost his job. With three little children and one to be born, we __1__ his pay completely. Several days later, while in the __2__ with my children. I noticed a young box boy __3__ overly ripe(成熟 的) fruit and vegetables into boxes. I asked how he would __4__ the food. “We sell it real cheap, and whatever isn?t __5__ is thrown away,” he said. “We have a rare(珍贵的) rabbit,” I said, looking at my three __6__ children. “I?d be interested in __7__ the food for the rabbit.” He replied quickly, “__8__ it?s just a rabbit, you can get the food for free.” Later, I learned his name was Jeff and this job __9__ to pay for his college education. Weeks went by, and Jeff started phoning me every time he had a box of “rabbit food” __10__. Sometimes, he even brought the boxes to our house, but he never asked about the __11__. Shortly after our fourth daughter was born, my husband got a very exciting __12__. But it turned out while I?d been __13__ with the birth of our new baby. Jeff no longer __14__ at the supermarket. Over the next ten __15__ I tried to repay the kindness of all who had helped us throughout that difficult time. But my thanks were __16__. Then one day, there was Jeff working as a manager in a store?s office. I was not __17__ Jeff had risen up the ranks(职务等级) since he offered me help without hurting my __18__ years ago. “Mrs. Nunn,” he said happily, “__19__ think of you and your family. How is the rabbit?” Taking Jeff?s hands into mine. I whispered, “Thanks for __20__. The rabbit moved on long ago, and we couldn?t be better.” 1. A. looked into B. gave up C. depended on D. talked about 2. A. hospital B. supermarket C. house D. park 3. A. folding B. packing C. pushing D. rolling 4. A. treat B. grow C. protect D. examine 5. A. stolen B. discovered C. sold D. hidden 6. A. hungry B. nervous C. excited D. lonely 7. A. bringing B. making C. accepting D. buying 8. A. Though B. While C. Unless D. Since 9. A. helped B. failed C. started D. happened 10. A. clean B. undamaged C. ready D. correct 11. A. children B. rabbit C. money D. goods 12. A. idea B. holiday C. prize D. job 13. A. familiar B. busy C. bored D. patient 14. A. worked B. waited C. shopped D. studied 15. A. days B. weeks C. months D. years 16. A. unusual B. natural C. incomplete D. different 17. A. proud B. worried C. sad D. surprised 18. A. pleasure B. faith C. pride D. interest 19. A. ever B. nearly C. never D. often 20. A. asking B. agreeing C. visiting D. staying

完形填空 8 Every night, I watched for Miss Ellen?s lights to go off. She lives next door and we are best friends__1__, I?m young and she?s old. We both like dogs, cats and birds. Miss Ellen has anther best friend, her__2__, Imogene. Soon as her lights were off, I went into our kitchen and got a(n)__3__ to say good-night to Imogene . “Imogene?” I kept my voice__4__ because Imogene is old and I didn?t want to__5__ her. Imogene looked at me__6__ I put the egg under her. She seemed to __7__ sitting on that egg. I guessed it must __8__ her of good old times. Every morning, I went to Miss Ellen?s home to _9__ her bread while she ate Imogene?s egg. “I should let you eat the egg too, but it?s Imogene?s _10__ to me,” she said. When Imogene stopped laying eggs last year, Miss Ellen became __11__ and quiet. That was before I started __12__ giving her one of Mom?s every night. One morning when I got to Miss Ellen's kitchen, something was _13__. Miss Ellen seldom allowed Imogene in the house, but that day she was on the table. Miss Ellen was __14__, holding two eggs in her hands. “Can you __15__ it?My Imogene laid this herself! It?s not one of your mother?s. Oh!Oh!” She __16__and put her hand over her mouth. I looked at her in __17__. “You knew?” “Yes. I?m sorry. To tell the truth, Imogene __18__ that you come to visit her every day. She didn?t want you to stop. So we decided to keep __19__.” It took a minute for me to __20__. Then I figured it out. Both of them wanted me to come. I touched Imogene?s head and smiled at Miss Ellen. 1. A. for B. yet C. though D. because 2. A. dog B. cat C. bird D. hen 3. A. egg B. apple C. cake D. drink 4. A. firm B. soft C. loud D. pleasant 5. A. lose B. hurt C. keep D. frighten 6. A. unless B. since C. as D. if 7. A. like B. consider C. regret D. mind 8. A tell B. remind C. warn D. convince 9. A. mix B. cut C. borrow D. share 10. A. promise B. choice C. gift D. job 11. A. sad B. calm C. boring D. strange 12. A. slowly B. secretly C. mainly D. simply 13. A. important B. funny C. wrong D. different 14. A. busy B. angry C. excited D. shocked 15. A. believe B. feel C. make D. see 16. A. remembered B. stopped C. smiled D. nodded 17. A. peace B. disappointment C. surprise D. confidence 18. A. hopes B. prefers C. suggests D. loves 19. A. quiet B. happy C. honest D. friendly 20. A. start B. understand C. cry D. notice

完形填空 9 A young woman went to her mother. She told her mother that she was__16__of fighting. She wanted to give up. Her mother took her to the__17__.She placed three pots(锅)on a high fire after filling each with__18__.Soon the pots came to a boil. In the first, she placed carrots, in the second she placed eggs, and in the last she placed coffee beans. She turned the burners__19__about twenty minutes later. She took out the carrots and egg and poured out the__20__.Turning to her daughter, she asked, “Tell me, what do you__21__?” The daughter asked, “What does it__22__, Mom?” Her mother explained that each of these objects had faced the__23__difficult situation---boiling water---but each reacted(反应)__24__. The carrots which were hard and strong became __25__ and weak. The eggs had been easy to break.__26__, after sitting in the boiling water, they became hard! The coffee beans were special.__27__they were small, they were powerful. After they were in the boiling water, they had__28__the water, hadn?t they? “__29__are you?” the mother asked her daughter. “When difficult situations__30__,how do you react? Are you a carrot, an egg, or a coffee bean?” Hearing the words, the daughter __31__what her mother was trying to tell her.She__32__to react like a coffee bean. If you are like the bean, when things are at their worst, you get better and change the__33__around you. When the hours are the darkest, do you__34__yourself to another level? How do you__35__difficult situations? Are you a carrot, an egg, or a coffee bean? 16. A. afraid B. fond C. proud D. tired 17. A. kitchen B. market C. restaurant D. bedroom 18. A. milk B. soup C. water D. food 19. A. on B. off C. down D. up 20. A. juice B. sugar C. coffee D. tea 21. A. see B. know C. want D. like 22. A. achieve B. prove C. need D. mean 23. A. main B. same C. only D. first 24. A. differently B. immediately C. interestingly D. happily 25. A. strange B. soft C. ugly D. short 26. A. Besides B. Instead C. Therefore D. However 27. A. When B. If C. Though D. Because 28.A.held B. changed C. cleared D. ruined 29.A.Which B. Where C. Who D. How 30.A.return B. continue C. improve D. come 31.A.missed B. remembered C. understood D. repeated 32.A.started B. decided C. refused D. seemed 33.A.look B. space C. people D. situation 34.A.connect B. add C. raise D. compare 35.A.deal with B. think about C. turn to D. give up

完形填空 10 It happened a number of years ago. One day, my six-year-old son and I had gone shopping at one of those big _16_ stores. While we were picking and _17_ toys , a long-haired bearded man in a wheelchair(轮 椅) came into the store. I _18_ that he must have been in some _19_ accident because both his legs were missing and there was a scar(疤痕) on his _20_. Just then my six-year-old saw him too. He _21_ him and said in a loud voice, “Look at the that man, Momma!” I felt _22_ and asked my son to keep _23_ . I told him it was not _24_ to point , but my son broke free from my hand, and ran to the man in the wheelchair. He _25_ right in front of him, and said in a loud voice, “What a _26_ earring, man! Where did you get such a cool thing? ” The young man was _27_ the scar on his face with one of his hands when my son ran to him. But he could not help _28_ after hearing what my son said. Clearly, he hadn?t _29_ that my son would run to him for his earring and there was a _30_ look on his face. The two of them stood there talking about his _31_ and other “cool stuff” for a while. I would never _32_ it in wheelchair ,_34_ my six-year-old saw a man with a cool earring. At that time, I _35_ a saying : As a child I understood how to give; I have forgotten it since I became civilized. 16. A. food B. toy C. candy D. clothes 17. A. changing B. buying C. cleaning D. choosing 18. A. heard B. learned C. guessed D. predicted 19. A. mysterious B. careless C. terrible D. special 20. A. face B. leg C. hand D. arm 21. A. agreed with B. played with C. laughed at D. pointed at 22. A. embarrassed B. annoyed C. relaxed D. excited 23. A. happy B. quiet C. busy D. awake 24. A. polite B. normal C. interesting D. diffcult 25. A. sat B. stood C. lay D. shook 26. A. strange B. traditional C. cool D. colorful 27. A. examining B. touching C. wiping D. covering 28. A. smiling B. worrying C. shouting D. nodding 29. A. expected B. believed C. hoped D. realized 30. A. sad B. nervous C. funny D. surprised 31. A. wheelchair B. earring C. scar D. accident 32. A. know B. forget C. see D. doubt 33. A. also B. again C. only D. still 34. A. or B. so C. and D. but 35. A. remembered B. received C. read D. repeated


完形填空 11 In a class I teach for adults, I gave the class homework! It was to “go to someone you love within the next _16_ and tell them you love them.” At the beginning of our next class, I asked if someone wanted to _17_ what happened when they told someone they _18_ them. One of the men raised his _19_ .He said, “I was quite _20_ when I heard the homework last week. I didn?t feel that I had anyone to say those _21_ to. But as I was driving home I knew who I _22_ to say ?I love you? to. Five years ago, my father and I had some _23_ and since then we have avoided seeing each other _24_ we had to at family gatherings (聚会).So when I got home, I _25_ to tell my father I loved him. “At 5:30 the next afternoon, I was at my parents? house ringing the doorbell and my dad_26_the door. I took one step in the door and said, ?Dad, I just _27_ to tell you that I love you.? “My dad was _28_ and he began to cry. Then he hugged (拥抱) me and said ?I love you too, son, but I?ve never been able to _29_ it.? “It was such a _30_ moment, but that?s not even my point. Two days after that _31_ ,my dad had a heart attack (心脏病发作) and ended up in the hospital. I don?t know if he?ll _32_ it. “So my _33_ to all of you is: Don?t _34_ to do the things that you know need to be done. What if I had waited to tell my dad — maybe I will never get the _35_ again! So take the time to do what you need to do and do it now!” 16. A. year B. month C. week D. hour 17. A. enjoy B. accept C. write D. share 18. A. missed B. loved C. respected D. praised 19. A. hat B. bag C. hand D. eyes 20. A. excited B. relaxed C. bored D. ideas 21. A. words B. ideas C. names D. excuses 22. A. needed B. prepared C. promised D. tried 23. A. tasks B. disagreements C. doubts D. suggestions 24. A. until B. since C. though D. unless 25. A. pretended B. continued C. decided D. refused 26. A. painted B. fixed C. shut D. answered 27. A. came over B. looked around C. set off D. stayed up 28. A. patient B. surprised C. hopeful D. polite 29. A. read B. describe C. offer D. say 30. A. suitable B. strange C. special D. similar 31. A. visit B. memory C. choice D. holiday 32. A. know B. make C. work D. understand 33. A. reply B. reason C. message D. invitation 34. A. stop B. wait C. forget D. fail 35. A. feeling B. result C. advice D. chance

完形填空 12 Rheal Guindon is a twelve-year-old boy. He had gone on a __16__ trip with his parents to Ontario, Canada, where they __17__ camping out. The lake was in a __18__ area and there was no one else around. The nearest town was miles away. One day, Rheal __19__ on shore (岸) while his parents took a boat out on the lake to catch some fish. __20__ he watched from the shore, his parents? boat suddenly __21__ . They fought against the water but began to __22__ before their son?s eyes. He had no idea how to help them and could only watch __23__ , shouting from the shore. Then his parents? cries __24__ and all was silent. The boy felt very sad for his parents? __25__ ;he tried to find someone to help but it was becoming __26__ . He couldn?t see the road clearly. He realized he had to face a night __27__ in the woods. As night fell, he lay down on the freezing earth __28__ . Suddenly, as if an angle had heard his cries, he __29__ a furry baby come near him. Rheal couldn?t __30__ what it was, perhaps a dog, but just being next to something __31__ and breathing helped to stop his __32__ . He put his arms around the __33__ and, comforting himself in its warmth and closeness, fell asleep. In the morning, he woke up to find three wild beavers (海狸) lying against him and across his __34__ . They had kept him from being __35__ to death during the night when the temperature had fallen bellow zero. 16.A. hunting B. fishing C. boating D. hiking 17.A. kept B. hated C. enjoyed D. forgot 18.A. far B. poor C. small D. busy 19.A. came B. jumped C. arrived D. stayed 20.A. Though B. Since C. As D. If 21.A. turned over B. Turned back C. turned out D. turned up 22.A. swim B. sink C. leave D. complain 23.A. calmly B. angrily C. carelessly D. helplessly 24.A. continued B. followed C. stared D. stopped 25.A. decision B. luck C. death D. mistake 26.A. darker B. dirtier C. quieter D. colder 27.A. alive B. alone C. awake D. asleep 28.A. crying B. thinking C. listening D. preparing 29.A. saw B. let C. felt D. had 30.A. remember B. explain C. hear D. tell 31.A. kind B. warm C. clean D. beautiful 32.A. pain B. plan C. game D. disappointment 33.A. villager B. neighbor C. animal D. fisherman 34.A. head B. body C. ship D. fish 35.A. scared B. bored C. burned D. frozen




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