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Read the quotations about food. Check the ones you agree with.

Everything you see I owe to spaghetti. 你所看到的一切,我都归功于意大利面。
Eat little , sleep well. 吃得少,睡得好。 What is food to one man may be poison to another . 一个人的食物可能为另一个人的毒药。 (萝卜青菜,各有所爱)

Cookery is not chemistry. It is an art. 烹饪不是简单的物质组合,它是一门艺术。 If you’re going to America, bring your own food. 你要去美国的话要带上自己的食物。 (人们都有自己的饮食习惯) You should eat to live, not live to eat.


Do you know the following?
a piece of cake hot potato put all eggs in one basket
bread and butter apple of one’s eyes

小菜一碟 烫手的山芋 把所有鸡蛋放在一篮 里(比喻风险很大) 孤注 一掷 面包和黄油(比喻谋生的 手段) 掌上明珠(比喻某人最喜 欢的)

Passage 1

Chinese food

sense of beauty and style

Match the words with the correct meanings.
1. obsess 2. banquet 3. appetising 4. appetite 5. dessert 6. fabulous 7. fellow guests 8.greedy
(a) the feeling of wanting to eat (b) other people at a party or dinner with you (c) a very large meal for a lot of people (d) looking and smelling nice to eat (e) to think too much about something (f) a dish of sweet food (g) wanting to eat more than you need (h) wonderful

1. The writer of Passage 1 _______. A. doesn’t like Chinese food B. hasn’t got used to most Chinese food C. likes most Chinese food D. thinks Chinese people waste a lot of food 2. The first two paragraphs are mainly about _______. A. the writer’s understanding of Chinese culture B. the strange things people eat in China C. table manners in China D. the quantity of food

3. What are the two aspects the author mentions about Chinese food? (1) The Chinese think a lot about food. (are obsessed with) (fabulous) (2) The Chinese seem to eat almost every part of every animal.

Careful-reading: Work in pairs and answer

the questions.

1. What surprised the writer at the banquet? There were so many dishes served. (enough to feed an army)
2. Could he buy pigs’ ear in the American supermarket? No.

Ture or False
1. When the first six or seven dishes came to the table the writer started eating greedily because he had a very good appetite and could not wait for the rest of the dishes. F 2. Many westerners cannot understand why Chinese people eat almost every part of an animal. T 3. When the writer asked the seller at the meat counter if they sold pig ears, the guy didn't really understand

what he wanted.

4. The writer hasn’t got used to all the Chinese food yet.



Passage 2 unrecognisable British food


Match the words with the correct meanings.
1. make out 2. leftovers 3. mash 4. admire 5. requirement 6. manner 7.unrecognisable 8. filling
(a) to respect and approve of something or someone (b) food put inside sandwiches, cakes, etc. (c) not easy to recognize (d) the way something happens (e) food left from an earlier meal (f) something that someone needs (g) to see or understand what something is. (h) to press into small pieces

1. The writer of Passage 2 ________. A. doesn’t like British food. B. doesn’t like the way British food is prepared and C. doesn’t like the way the British eat. D. can’t remember the names of English food served.

2. Passage 2 mainly focuses on _______. A. the writer’s experiences in England B. some differences between Chinese food and English food C. good table manners of English people D. English food

Careful-reading: answer the following questions. 1. What ’s British food look like? It was colorful mixture. ( unrecognisable) 2. What does the writer think about eating cold food? It made him feel cold inside. 3. What is the one thing that the writer admire? He admires the polite manner in which British people eat. It was very easy and graceful.

True or False 1) It is not formal for people to eat in a sofa.

2) The writer considered it hard to find out what


the food boxes contained at the food counter.
( )


3. The author thinks that sometimes British food
goes against the Chinese sense of beauty and style at the dinner table. T

4) English people like to mix food before

serving it to the table, as is also the case
with Chinese people. ( F ) 5) The writer thinks it hard to remember the names of English dishes. ( T )

Say something
? Chinese food many kinds of food They eat all parts of animals. Carefully prepared Sense of beauty British food cold food Choose what they want Only washed before serving They mash food into an unrecognisable shape.

? In our daily diet what should we do to keep healthy?

Small tips
1. Don't skip breakfast ,we’d better eat an egg at breakfast 2. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables. 3. Eat more fish 4. Cut down on fat and sugar

5. Try to eat less salt - no more than 6g a day
6. Drink plenty of water 7.Eat less rubbish food, snacks or fast food

Useful phrases
be obsessed with 让我吃惊的是 难怪,怪不得 让...大为震惊 最终,以...告终 变得习惯于... 对...吃惊 被...迷惑 辨认出 残羹冷炙 违背 而且
对...着迷 to my surprise no wonder much to the horror of end up get used to be amazed at be confused by make out cold leftovers go against what’s more

I. be obsessed with; be amazed at; go against 1. Many students are ___ _______ _____ with computer obsessed games. 2. I ___ am_______ amazed_____ at his knowledge of English literature.

go against 3. Those who ___ _______ nature will be punished by nature sooner or later.

II. Complete the sentences according to the Chinese meaning. 1. _____ _____ (难怪) you’ve got a No wonder

headache; you drank a lot last night. 2. She is fortunate enough to find a job she loves and what’s _____ _____ more (而且), she gets well paid. 3. ____ ____ ______ (让……大为 Much to _____ the horror
恐惧的是) of the girl, she found a snake running past her quickly.

4. It’s impolite to serve a guest with ______ ______ (残羹冷炙). cold leftovers 5. At first they hated each other, but they ____ _____ ended up (结束) getting married. 6. I could hear voices but I couldn’t make____ out (听清,弄懂) what they ____ were saying.

Fill in the blanks according to the passage ? There are many aspects ofChinese food culture that I found very impressive:the fabulous amount of dishes served at a banquet ,almost every part of every animal eaten. British people like being servedwith cold food and mixing food together. ? British food goes against the Chinese sense of beauty and style at the dinner table, but I do admire the polite manner in which the British people eat, even when eating something as simple as a potato.


Passage 1

1.I had eaten Chinese food often, but I could not have imagined how fabulous a real Chinese banquet could be.
我以前经常吃中餐,但从没有想到真正的中餐宴席 会那么丰盛。 2. Everyone else just taste a bit of of each dish and then put their chopsticks down, continuing to chat. 但是其他的人都只是对每个菜简单尝了几口,然后 放下筷子继续谈话。

3. No wonder my fellow guests had had only a few bites of each dish; they knew what was still to come. 怪不得跟我一起的客人每道菜也就浅尝几口;他 们知道还有菜要上呢。 4.The first time I saw a three-year-old kid cheerfully chewing a chicken’s head I had bad dreams for weeks. 我第一次看到一个三岁的小孩欢快地嚼着一只鸡头 后,连续几周都做噩梦。 5.He must have thought I was joking. 他肯定以为我在开玩笑。 They can’t have very big appetites. 他们可能胃口不好。

1. It was quite hard to make out what they contained.


2.It seemd to be just a bowl of gray liquid and it was only after I had tasted it that I know it was actually cooked with mushrooms. 看上去那只是一碗灰色的液体,只有当我尝了一下 后才知道那确实是用蘑菇做的。

3.The food here goes against the Chinese sense of beauty and style at the dinner table. 这里的饮食跟中国人在餐桌上的美学原则大相径 庭。 4.But one thing I do admire is the polite manner in which British people eat, even if it is just a potato. 但是让我非常佩服的是英国人吃饭的举止,哪怕 仅仅是一个土豆,他们也会吃得斯斯文文。

Write a passage about your experience at an unforgettable banquet.

Thank you!


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