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Unit 3 Life In The Future
1.impress v.使铭记;使钦佩 impression n.(c)印象;感想;印记;印数 ⑴ The first impression of this book was sold very quickly so two more impr

essions were ordered. ⑵ They produced a strong impression on me.

⑶ The way he talks is really impressive have/make/leave a/an …impression on sb. 给 某人留下· ·· 的印象 His speech left a deep impression on us. 他的演

(2) impress sth.on/upon sb. = impress sb.with/at/by sth. 某事/物给某人留下印象 sb be impressed by/with 被深深打动/感动, 使印象深刻 (3)impressive adj.给人深刻印象的 an impressive scene一次难忘的场面

2.take up拿起;接受;开始;继续 Take up your arms.拿起武器。 Take up a challenge.接受挑战。 Take up a new job.开始新工作。 Take up the same story.继续讲同一个故事。 Take up too much room/time.占据太多的空 间或时间。 take短语:take charge of 负责,主管 take notice of 注意 take hold of 抓住 take advantage of 利用 take care of 照顾

take off 起飞,脱掉 ,事业腾飞 take over 接管take on 呈现,雇佣 take place 发生 take back收回(说的话) take in 接受,理解,欺骗,吸收 take away 拿走 take it easy (心理上)别着急 take one’s time (时间上)不着急慢慢来 take part in 参加 take down 记下, 拆掉, take sth for granted 认为某事理当如此

3.previous adj.在前的,早先的 1)(时间上)稍前的 We had met on a previous occasion. 我们上次见过面。 2)先前的,以往的 Applicants for the job must have previous experience. 申请这份工作的人须先前有过这种工作经验。

? 知识拓展 ? 1)previous to prep. 在前,在先,在…… 以前 ? ①I had collected material previous to writing. ? 我在写作以前先搜集了材料。 ? ②Previous to this, she'd always been well. ? 这以前,她身体一向很好。

2)previously adv. 以前,先前;预先 I remember seeing him somewhere previously. 我记得从前在什么地方见过他。 4.guide 1)n.(c)指导,向导,导游 We hired a local guide to get us across the mountains. 我们雇了一名当地人做向导带领我们翻山越岭。

2)vt.带领,指引,指导 She guided us through the busy street to the school. 她带领我们穿过繁忙的大街去学校。 He was always guided by his religious beliefs. 他的言行总是以自己的宗教信仰为指导。

5.surrounding 1)n. [pl.]环境 This hospital is in beautiful surroundings. 这所医院环境优美。 2)adj. 周围的,附近的 The surrounding villages have been absorbed by/into the growing city. 周围的村庄已经并入了那不断扩展的城市。

surround vt. 围绕,包围 be surrounded by... 由……围着/包围 Trees surround the lake. The lake is surrounded by trees . 湖的四周环绕着树。
词语辨析 surroundings, environment, circumstances 这三个名词均含“环境”之意。 1)surroundings指人所在的周围地区或事物;或指 围绕着某物的周遭环境,注意是复数。

2)environment指人与自然界生存的环境,或是 指对人的感情、品德思想等产生影响的环境。 Many people are concerned about the pollution of the environment. 许多人都关心环境污染问题。 3)circumstances指人生存的客观环境,还可以 指“境地;境遇”,尤其指经济状况。 He was forced by circumstances to do this. 他做这件事是为环境所迫。

6.tolerate vt. 容忍,忍受(n/doing) I don't know how you tolerate that noise!

We simply cannot tolerate cheating in exams.

1)tolerance n.(u) 容忍; n.(c,u)忍受力
Many old people have a very limited tolerance to cold.许多老人耐寒能力有限。

2)tolerant adj. 宽容的,容忍的 She is a tolerant mother.她是一位宽容的母亲。

7.lack vi,vt 缺乏;没有 n(c,u)缺乏;短缺的东西 lacking adj.缺乏 be lacking in缺乏 for/through lack of因缺乏 lack (for) nothing没有欠缺 I haven‘t finished the painting for lack of time.由于时间不够,我的画还没有完成。 They lacked for nothing.他们什么都不缺少。 We are lacking in money.

8.adjustment n.(c,u)调整,调节 I've made a few adjustments to the plan. 我已对计划作了几处调整。 adjust 1)vt.调整,调节 This button is for adjusting the volume. 这个钮是调节音量的。 2)vi.适应,习惯 adjust to sth./adjust oneself to sth.使适应 You'll quickly adjust(yourself)to student life. 你将很快适应学生生活。

9.be back on one's feet (困境后)恢复, 完全复原;(病后)痊愈 She's back on her feet again after her operation.她手术后又恢复健康了。 The new chairman hopes to get the company back on its feet within six months. 新董事长希望在六个月以内使公司恢复元气。

10.press vi.vt按;压;逼迫 pressing adj. 紧急的,紧迫的pressure n.压力,压强 N(C)按;压;印刷;新闻 Press sb to do sth逼迫某人做某事 Press the buttons.按按钮 She pressed her face against the window. 她把脸贴在窗户上 He pressed his father to buy him a car. 他逼着父亲给他买一辆汽车。 the Press 新闻 the freedom of the Press 新闻自由

11. lose sight of 看不见 Because of the thick fog we lost sight of the road in front of us.因为大雾我们看不见前面的

sight的短语 :at first sight乍一看,初看时 in the sight of sb.| in sb‘s sight从某人的观点 看,在某人看来 at the sight of...一看见……就…… lose one's sight失明 catch sight of看到;发现 Out of sight , out of mind.眼不见,心不烦。

12.sweep up打扫,横扫

swept , swept sweeping sweeps She was left to sweep up after the party. 聚会结束后她被留下来打扫。 The wind swept up the sand into a mound. 风把沙子吹拢成一个小丘。

13.flash n. [C]闪光,(想法的)突现 vt.vi (使)闪光; (使)闪现 Flashes of light were followed by an explosion.阵阵闪光后就是一声爆炸的巨响.
A flash of grief came upon her when she heard the news.她听到这消息时内心感到一阵悲伤。

The train flashed by at high speed. 火车疾驶而过。 A little light flashed on the wall. 墙上的一个小灯亮了。

? ? ? ? ? ?

常与flash构成的短语有: a flash in the pan 昙花一现 in a flash 即刻,一瞬间 as quickly as a flash 快如闪电般地 flash by/past 一闪而过 flash upon(思想、意念、回忆等)闪现心头, 掠过心头,忽然想起

14. slide into(快捷而悄声地)移动;溜进 slid slid sliding slides It‘s easy to slide into the bad habits like smoking and drinking,but it’s hard to quit . The thief slid into the room. 小偷溜进房间.

15.optimistic adj. 乐观(主义)的 optimist n.(c)乐观主义者 optimism n.乐观,乐观主义 Those optimists are optimistic about their future. be optimistic about对……乐观 pessimistic adj. 悲观(主义)的 pessimist n. (c)悲观主义者 pessimism n.悲观,悲观主义

16.speed up加速 Sped sped Once these difficulties were got over, the work would speed up. 一旦克服了这些困难, 工作进展就快了。 He pushed a lever that speeded up the car. 他挂挡加快了速度。

17. desert n.(c,u) 沙漠;荒漠 vt. 抛弃;遗弃 注意:拼写相似的词 dessert (饭后 的甜点心) 理解下列句子中desert的词性和词义。 ⑴ Some rich husbands often desert their wives. vt. 抛弃 ⑵ If you go to the countryside,you will find there are a lot of deserted houses. adj.废弃的 ⑶ Once an Arab was travelling in the desert on his camel. n.沙漠

18.instant n.瞬间;片刻adj.立即的;立 刻的 instantly adv. 立即;马上conj. 一……就 the instant一……就(用作连词,引导时 间状 语从句) for an instant一会儿;片刻 in an instant一会儿之后 Please tell me instantly he arrives. The instant he opened the door he saw the thief.

instant coffee速溶咖啡 instant noodles方便面 19.dispose vt.布置;安排 disposal n.(u)清除;清理 dispose of 处理;摆脱;清除
at one’s disposal 供某人使用/支配

I must dispose of the trouble. 我必须摆脱麻烦。
My knowledge is at your disposal.我的知识由你安排。 If I lose, I will be at your disposal.如果我输了,任凭你处置。

20.swallow vt.吞下;咽下n(c)燕子 swallowed swallowed swallowing swallows at a swallow一饮而尽 The swallow swallowed a worm at a swallow. 燕子一口吃掉了一条虫子。

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