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Unit9 SectionⅢ Car Culture

Unit 9 Wheels
Section Ⅲ
新课导学 自主探究 板块
Step 1 Step 2

Car Culture
语言点二 短语荟萃 板块 语言点三 句型解构 板块

语言点一 单词集释 板块
Step 3

识 记 . 掌 握

理 解 . 拓 展

应 用 . 落 实

识 记 . 掌 握

理 解 . 拓 展

应 用 . 落 实

识 记 . 掌 握

理 解 . 拓 展

应 用 . 落 实

课 时 跟 踪 检 测




True (T) or False (F).
(1)In Britain the number of cars in the last ten years has increased very quickly. (T) (T) (F ) (T)

(2)The average global temperature 100 hundred years ago was about 0.5 degree centigrade lower than it is today.

(3)Many people refuse to use cars because they think cars are
bad for us. (4)Regular exercise can help avoid heart attack.

(5)Sharing journeys with someone else by car is more

environmentally friendly and less expensive.
(6)New car will make you more attractive.

(F ) (F ) (F )

(7)You can always drive your new car on an empty country road. (8)Human can do nothing about the noise, pollution and danger of traffic.


Read the text again and choose the best answers. (1)The A10, the M11 and the M25 are ________. A. roadworks B.roads C.traffic cones

(2)The reason for our being stressed out, tired and angry is

A.that we often hear those conversations B.the real cost of the motor car C.getting stuck in traffic jams

(3)We carry on using our cars so much because ________. A.we are addicted to our cars B.we know cars are bad for us

C.we want to make ourselves healthy
(4)Jenny Trowe advises me not to ________. A. walk or cycle in a short journey B.use my car as often as possible C.travel in buses

(5)Which of the following best summaries the writer's

attitude to cars?
A.He thinks cars have more advantages than disadvantages. B.He knows what he should do, but uses his car because it is convenient.

C.He thinks it would be easy for all of us to use our
cars less. 答案:(1)B (2)C (3)A (4)B (5)B

Jenny Trowe's Advice on How to Solve Traffic Problems
What to do What you get ?Save you □ 1 ______. Walking ?Keep you □ 2 ______. ?Help you live □ 3 ______. ?Cut the risk of heart disease by □ 4 ______. ?□ 5 ______on the bus or train. Taking buses ?Read a book. ?Talk to someone. ?Maybe meet the love of your life.

What to do

What you get

6 ______. Thinking twice ?Make your decision □ Sharing cars ?Cheaper and kinder to the environment. ?Avoid wasting your money on a car that Not believing won't make you more □ 7 ______.

advertisements ?Don't have to drive on □ 8 ______roads. ?Don't have to get □ 9 ______in a traffic jam.


What to do ?Talk to your □ 10______about it. ?Write to the papers. ?Go to the city government.

What you get

?Improve your environment. ?Reduce the noise, pollution

?Ask for a pedestrian area and a and danger of traffic. speed limit.

答案:□ 1 money 6 wiser □

2 fit / healthy □

3 longer □

4 50% □

5 Relax □

7 attractive □

8 crowded / busy □

9 stuck □ 10neighbours □



A.根据所给词性和汉语意思写出下列单词 1. highway n. 2. pavement n. 公路 人行道

3. crossroads n.
4. physical adj. 5. motor n. 6. engine n. 7. somehow adv.

身体的,物质的 马达,发动机 发动机,引擎 以某种方式

8. whichever pron. 无论哪个 9. construction n. 建造,建筑业→ construct v.构筑; 建造

10.addicted adj.沉溺于??的→ addict vt.使沉溺,使沉迷
B.根据英文释义和首字母提示写出下列单词 11. suit : to be right or good for sb./ sth.


12. occupy : to live or work in a room, house or building 13. amount : a quantity of sth. 14. figure : a symbol rather than a word representing one of the numbers between 0 and 9

15. admit : to agree, often unwillingly, that sth. is true


1.amount n.数量
(一)背诵佳句培养语感 (鲜活例句)He owed me £50, but could only pay half that amount. 他欠我五十英镑,但只能还总数的一半。

(鲜活例句)English learning needs a large amount of
memory work. 学习英语需要大量的记忆工作。


a large amount of? ? ?许多 large amounts of ? ? in large / small amounts 大量地/少量地

①A large amount of money was spent on the bridge. = Large amounts of money were spent on the bridge.



②Water exists in large amounts on this planet. 这个星球上存在大量的水。 [点津] a large / good amount of和large / good amounts of 都表示“许多的”,后面接不可数名词。该结构作主语时, 谓语的数与amount的数保持一致,而与所修饰的名词的数 无关。


形 象 记 忆


2.figure (教材原句)Here are some figures.

(1)n.数字,数目;身材;人物;图形 形

记 忆


①My uncle has an income of seven figures a year. 我叔叔一年的收入有七位数。 ②There is a group of figures on the left of the painting.

(2)vt.认为;估计;计算 ③We figured the sensible thing to do was to wait. 我们认为,明智的做法是等待。


figure out
figure on


④He's trying to figure out a way to solve the problem. 他正在努力找出解决问题的方法。 ⑤I hadn't figured on getting home so late. 我没有预料到这么晚回家。



admit doing sth. admit that ... 承认做了某事 承认??

①Rose admitted taking my dictionary by mistake.

②You may not like her, but you have to admit that she is good at her work. 你可能不喜欢她,但你得承认她工作很出色。

(2)vt.让??进入;允许??进入 admit sb.to / into ... 允许某人进入??

③I cannot admit you into the theatre yet, because the performance hasn't started. 我还不能让你进入剧场,因为演出还没有开始。 (3)vt.容纳;接受 be admitted into / to ... 被??录取,加入?? the WTO in December 17,

④Russia was admitted to /into 2011.

俄罗斯于 2011 年 12 月 17 日加入世贸组织。

4.addicted adj.沉溺于??的
(一)背诵佳句培养语感 (教材原句)I'm addicted to my car. 我沉溺于汽车难以自拔。 (鲜活例句)People who often smoke are likely to be addicted to nicotine. 经常抽烟的人很可能对尼古丁上瘾。


(二)归纳拓展全析考点 be / become addicted to ...
addict vt. n. addict oneself to ...

使沉溺;使上瘾 (吸毒)成瘾者;有瘾的人 沉溺于??

①Zhang Mo, the son of Zhang Guoli, is addicted to

drugs, and he can't give up.
张国立的儿子,张默沉溺于毒品而无法戒掉。 ②The young man addicted himself to alcohol after the failure of his marriage. 自从婚姻失败后,那个年轻人沉溺于酒精难以自拔。

addiction n.

(毒 )瘾

addictive adj.
使忙于(做某事) (一)背诵佳句培养语感


5.occupy vt.居住;占有;占据(时间、空间、某人的头脑等);

(鲜活例句)How much memory does the program occupy?

(鲜活例句)The Smiths occupy a large house in the town and live a happy life.


(二)归纳拓展全析考点 occupy oneself in (doing) / with sth. 忙于(做)某事 be occupied with / in doing sth.(=be busy with / in doing sth.) 从事某事,忙于做某事

①The workers occupied themselves in building new houses.
=The workers were occupied in building new houses. 工人们正在忙着盖新房子。 ②Only half of her time is occupied with politics. 她只用自己一半的时间从事政治活动。

6.suit vt.适合

(教材原句)Do whichever of these things that suit you. 做任何适合你的事。 (鲜活例句)If you want to go by bus, that suits me fine. 如果你想乘公共汽车去那儿,那也适合我。 (鲜活例句)It suits me to start work at a later time. 对我来说,最好晚一点开始工作。


suit sth. to sth. suitable adj. be suitable
? ?for sb. / sth. ? ? ?to do sth.

使某物适合于某物 合适的;适宜的 适合某人/某物 适合做某事

①A good teacher should suit his lessons to the age of

his pupils.
一位优秀的老师应使他的课适合学生的年龄。 ②I don't have anything suitable to wear at the party. 我没有适合在聚会上穿的衣服。

比较 suit fit suit, fit, match 侧重“合乎条件、身份、口味、需要”等 侧重“尺寸、大小合适”,因而引申为“吻合”

match 指大小、色调、形状、性质等方面的搭配 用suit, fit或match填空
③This dress doesn't suit me. Have you got another style? ④This shirt doesn't fit me. Have you got a larger size? ⑤I don't think your red skirt matches your green blouse.



1.if so 2.be /get stuck in 3.go up 4.be related to

如果是这样 困入;陷入 上升,上涨 与??有关

5.be addicted to
6. on average 7.sit around 8. make excuses

通常,平均 闲坐 找借口

1.go up上升,上涨,增长
(一)背诵佳句培养语感 (教材原句)In the last ten years, the number of cars on the roads in Britain has gone up by 30%. 在过去的十年中,英国公路上行驶的汽车数量增加了30%。

(鲜活例句)The price of oil has gone up by over 50 percent in
less than a year. 油价在不到一年内就涨了超过50%.

(鲜活例句)Spending on research went up from $4 million to
$4.5 million. 研究的经费从400万美元增加到了450万美元。 (二)归纳拓展全析考点

go over
go against go without go with

反对;对??不利 没有??也可应付 相配


①He went over the plans again and discovered two mistakes.
他再次审查了计划,发现了两处错误。 ②He went against my wishes when he did that. 他那样做违背了我的意愿。 2.on average (= on the / an average) 通常,平均 (一)背诵佳句培养语感 (鲜活例句)On average, men smoke more cigarettes than


(鲜活例句)On average, we receive 5 emails each day.

(二)归纳拓展全析考点 above / below (the) average 在平均水平之上/下

up to (the) average
of year.


①Temperatures are above / below the average for the time

温度高于/低于此时的年平均温度。 ②Harry is below average in his lessons and Jim is about
up to the average.





How often do we arrive at work or school

stressed out, tired and angry?

或学校? [典例背诵] To our relief, the children returned home safe and sound at last.



On average, about forty people travel in one

bus, while the same number occupy thirtythree cars. 平均而言,大约40个人乘坐一辆公共汽车,而同样数量 的人要占据33辆小轿车。 [典例背诵] He likes coffee, while she likes tea. 他喜欢咖啡,而她却喜欢茶。


1.How often do we arrive at work or school stressed out, tired

and angry?
有多少次我们在极度焦虑、疲惫、恼怒的状态下到达办公室 或学校? (1)stressed out,tired and angry 为形容词作状语,表伴随情况。 ①He finally climbed up the mountain, tired but happy. 他最终爬到了山顶,很疲惫但很高兴。



②Afraid of being caught, the thief hid himself in the corner.
由于害怕被抓住,小偷藏在角落里。(表原因) ③Ripe, these apples are very sweet. 熟了时,这些苹果是很甜的。(表时间) ④The rabbit turned over, dead . 兔子翻了个身,死了。(表结果)


⑤Helpless, we watched half a year's food destroyed before us.
我们毫无办法,眼睁睁地看着半年的粮食在我们面前被毁掉 了。(表动作发生的情况或方式) 2.On average,about forty people travel in one bus,while the same number occupy thirtythree cars.

要占据33辆小轿车。 while为并列连词,连接两个并列句,表示转折、对比,意为 “而,却”;另外,while还可以用作从属连词,意为“只要; 当??时候;尽管”。

①You like sports, while I'd rather read. 你喜欢体育,而我却喜欢读书。 ②He took a bath while I was preparing dinner. 我准备晚餐的时候他在洗澡。

③While there's life there's hope.
只要活着就有希望。 ④While I understand what you say, I can't agree with you. 虽然我理解你的意思,但我还是不同意。






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