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There has been a heated discussion about whether firecrackers should be set off or not. Some people think that setting off firecrackers is good because it is one of the Chinese traditional cu

stoms, which should be preserved. What’s more, it can also make the holidays more festive. However, others think setting off firecrackers not only makes noises, causes the fire easily but also wastes money. Furthermore, firecrackers contribute to the environmental pollution. Therefore, it should be banned. In my opinion, we should preserve the old custom. We should limit the amount of firecrackers and the places where we set them off. In this way, people can better enjoy themselves.

Nowadays, there are a lot of pressures on high school students. We often feel ourselves under great pressure because of the endless homework, the fierce competition among classmates and also high expectations from out teachers and parents. How can we face the challenge and deal with the pressure properly? Firstly, we should make a scientific study plan. As the saying goes, “Success prefers prepared mind.” Besides, we should get along well with our classmates. When we share happiness and sorrows together, it can reduce the pressure. Last but not least, it is also important for us to have a heart-toheart communication with our parents and teachers. So don’t be depressed. Believe in ourselves and we can overcome all difficulties.

Dear Simon, I’m delighted that you are planning to visit me during the Spring Festival. Welcome to my hometown. I’m sure you will have a good time. Actually, the Spring Festival is the most important celebration for us just like Christmas Day in your country. We can do lots of things. For instance, on the eve of the Spring Festival, we will eat dumplings and various kinds of delicious food. After dinner, we will watch the Spring Festival Gala. People often set off fireworks and children can get lucky money. The next morning, you can go with me to visit my relatives and friends. There are plenty of things for you to experience. I can’t wait to see your joyful smile and surprised look!

With the development of science and technology, more and more students are addicted to computers. Many students like computers so much that they seem to develop a good relationship with the computer. When they feel depressed, instead of talking to parents, teachers and friends around them, they tend to express their feelings and thoughts on QQs, blogs, and so on. They are seldom seen chatting with others. Thus, the relationship between people is becoming colder. To my understanding, they spend too much time online and it does harm to their activities in reality. They will be in danger of losing communication skills in real life. It is high time that we paid more attention to this phenomenon and took some actions to make a change.

As we all know, literature is a cultural heritage. It plays a key role in the development of human history. Reading literature can not only bring a great deal of entertainment but also a strong sense of happiness. It can help us understand people around us and in different parts of the world by recognizing the diverse points of view. Secondly, it can provide us with different ways of thinking, enlarge our knowledge and broaden our horizon, which leads to our wisdom. Last but not least, reading literature can expose us to a lot of native, beautiful language knowledge. Gradually, our language ability can be improved and cultural awareness can be strengthened. So enjoy reading, and it won’t let you down!

There is an old saying, “Haste Makes Waste.” It means if people are eager to finish a task in a hurry, the result may be less satisfactory and even goes to the opposite. I think it is quite true. Firstly, quick speed is at the expense of high quality. When doing things hurriedly, we are likely to be careless and ignore something important. What’s more, more accidents may take place when we hurry. Take reciting English words for example. Someone will try to recite them in a short time. However, the result may be quite disappointing, for he forgets them easily. However, if he slows down, and divides the words into five parts, one part at a time and review them frequently, they can be kept more and longer in our mind. So haste makes waste. If we understand it, we can make more progress.

Dear friends, Today I would like to share my experience with you about the students’ exhibition held by our English club. The amazing and interesting inventions attracted a lot of students, and it offered us a great chance to learn about amazing ideas from our classmates. Among all the inventions, Quizlet impressed me most. It makes memorizing English words fun. I also communicated with the inventors, from whom I learned about their creative thoughts and how they made their dreams true. At the same time, I got experience of organizing an activity, and my problemsolving abilities are likely to improve. It is invention that makes us bright, our life easy and the society develop. Let’s pay attention to and participate in invention. Thank you for your attention.

Dear Li Yue, I’m sorry to know you are at a loss. I’m writing to offer you some advice. It is natural that you feel great pressure. But you should face it bravely and find effective ways to relieve it. Firstly, have confidence in yourself, believing you can achieve your goal. Secondly, make a schedule for your studies so that you can make full use of your time. Thirdly, you can set aside some time for physical exercise every day to relax. Listening to light music can also help you to relieve stress. More importantly, if you put your heart into your studies and work hard, you will make greater progress, which will help you pass the exam. I hope my advice will be of help to you. Yours sincerely, Editor

Nowadays, as a report suggests, senior middle school students spend less and less time having heart-to-heart talks with their parents. There are two reasons for this. Both parents and children are too busy working or studying, and there aren’t many topics of common interest for them to talk about. In my opinion, children should let their parents know more about what they are interested in. At the same time, parents should spend more time talking with children and sharing opinions with them. I am sure they can better understand and get along well with each other in this way.



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