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Unit 5

Part Ⅰ Warming Up, Prereading,Reading & Comprehending

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.People all over the world love to live a p________ life; they hate wars. 答案:peaceful 2. is an a________ member of this club and takes part in every performance organized by the club. He 答案:active 3.It was g________ of her to contribute so much money. 答案:generous 4.Under his g________, we finished the work in time. 答案:guidance 5.He has d________ his whole life to protecting wild animals. 答案:devoted 6.He is always w________ to help anyone who is in trouble. 答案:willing 7.In some countries, especially in some poor countries, women are not really e________ to men. 答案:equal 8.These beds are made of wood and are of high q________. 答案:quality 9.Lots of people have no right to v________ in that country. 答案:vote 10.I like to use tanks to a ________ the enemy's base in the PC game Red Alert 3. 答案:attack Ⅱ.短语填空 put in prison, in trouble, out of work, be willing to, be active in, be equal to, believe in, blow up, turn to, as a matter of fact 1.He always ________________ us so you shouldn't have told him a lie. 答案:believes in 2.He broke the window on purpose and now he was ________________. 答案:in trouble 3.Nobody forced me to do it. I________________ do it. 答案:am willing to 4.If you have any problems, please ________________ me for help. 答案:turn to

5.________________, the twins were played by one person. 答案:As a matter of fact 6.The thief will be ________________ soon. 答案:put in prison 7.He didn't obey the rules of the company so now he's ________________. 答案:out of work 8.He ________________ the bridge and was caught by police. 答案:blew up 9.You must ________________ all kinds of sports to keep healthy. 答案:be active in 10.You should believe in him. He ________________ this task. 答案:is equal to Ⅲ.单项填空 1.It's no use asking him for any money—he's much too ________. A.straight C.reliable B.grateful D.mean

解析:题意:向他要钱是没有用的——他小气极了。mean“吝啬的;小气的”,符合题意。 straight“直的;正直的”;grateful“感激的;表示谢意的”;reliable“可靠的”。 答案:D 2. When the bank was ________, it really was the only source of capital(资本来源) for many poor countries. A.put up C.built B.turned on D.founded

解析: 题意: 当银行成立的时候, 它确实是许多贫困国家唯一的资本来源。 found“建立; 建设”, 符合题意。put up“提供;建造;举起”;turn on“打开;发动”;build“建筑;建立”。 答案:D 3.Everybody present at the meeting agreed to stick to the ________ that everyone should be treated fairly. A.purpose C.principle B.point D.level

解析:题意:与会的每一个人都同意坚持人人平等的原则。principle“原则”,stick to the principle“坚持原则”,符合题意。purpose“目的”;point“要点;得分”;level“水平”。 答案:C 4.Everyone has periods in their lives ________ everything seems very hard.

A.when C.which

B.where D.that

解析:题意:每个人的一生中都会有这样的时候:一切都变得很艰难。这是一个定语从句,先 行词是 periods,引导词在从句中作时间状语,所以用 when。where 常作地点状语;which 和 that 不 作状语。 答案:A 5.Can you tell me when he was ________ and what he is doing at present? A.out of order C.out of question B.out of work D.out of season

解析: 题意: 你能告诉我他什么时候失业和他目前在干什么吗?out of work“失业”, 符合题意。 out of order“次序颠倒;不整齐”,一般指事物;out of question“没问题”;out of season“过时; 不合时令”。 答案:B 6.—Where did you find your wallet? —It was in the shop ________ I bought the shirt. A.that C.where B.which D.there

解析:题意:“你在哪里找到你的钱包的?”“在我买衬衫的那家店里。”where 引导定语从 句, 在从句中充当状语。 本题为强调句型的省略, 补充完整为: was in the shop where I bought the shirt It that I found my wallet. 答案:C 7.There were 16 ________ in favor of my suggestion, and 15 against. A.votes C.fares B.bills D.fees

解析: 题意: 支持我的建议的有 16 票, 反对的有 15 票。 vote“投票; 选票”, 符合题意。 bill“账 单;票据;议案;钞票”;fare“费用;票价”;fee“酬金;小费;费用”。 答案:A 8.The governor was ________ by the press for failing to keep a campaign promise. A.destroyed C.fought B.beaten D.attacked

解析:题意:统治者因未遵守竞选时的诺言而被新闻界攻击。attack“攻击;抨击”,符合题意。 destroy“破坏;毁灭”;beat“敲打;跳动;打败”;fight“打仗;搏斗”。 答案:D 9.In the opinion of many people, they are forced to do so but ________ most of them are willing to.

A.as a matter of fact C.on purpose

B.as usual D.as a result

解析:题意:在许多人看来,他们是被迫这样做的,但事实上他们当中大多数人是自愿的。as a matter of fact“事实上”。as usual“像往常一样”;on purpose“故意地”;as a result“结果”。 答案:A 10.They broke into ________ prison and set free the soldiers who had been imprisoned. A./ C.the B.a D.any

解析:题意:他们闯进监狱将被监禁的士兵们救了出来。此处 prison 表示“监狱”这一地点, 前面应加冠词 the。 答案:C 11.He is a man who lacks experience and determination, and I think he is not ________ the job. A.able to C.concerned about B.equal to D.fond of

解析:题意:他是一个缺乏经验、意志薄弱的人,所以我认为他不能胜任这份工作。equal 意为 “能胜任的”时,常与介词 to 连用。be able to do sth.“能够做某事”,to 后跟动词;be concerned about“关心;挂念”;be fond of“喜爱”。 答案:B 12.I am ________ to overlook your mistakes, however, some others won't. A.anxious C.kind B.willing D.unwilling

解析:题意:我愿意宽恕你的错误,然而,有些人却不愿意。willing“乐意的;自愿的”,符 合题意。anxious“担忧的”;kind“仁慈的;和蔼的;亲切的”;unwilling“不愿意的”。 答案:B 13.If you are in trouble with the law, ________ a lawyer for help. A.look at C.turn to B.go to D.turn on

解析:题意:如果你陷入法律纠纷,请找律师帮忙。turn to“求助于;致力于”,符合题意。look at“朝??看”;go to“去(某个地方)”;turn on“打开”。 答案:C 14.I think everyone should be kind to others, for kindness is a human ________ which everyone admires. A.quality C.activity B.quantity D.courage

解析:quality 在该句中的意思是“品质;特性”。句意:我认为每个人都应该对别人表示友善, 因为友善是一个大家都钦佩的人类的优秀品质。 答案:A 15.People who are ________ don’t like to talk in public. A.generous C.social B.shy D.brave

解析:句意:腼腆的人不爱在公共场合讲话。generous“慷慨的”;shy“腼腆的,害羞的”; social “社会的”;brave “勇敢的”。 答案:B 16.In history,many famous women ________ bravely ________ equal rights ________ men. A.fought; for; with B.have fought; for; with C.fought; for; to D.had fought; for; to 解析:根据本题题意,结合 fight 的用法,第二个空应填介词 for,又因句中用了 in history 这一 过去时间状语,时态只宜用一般过去时,故排除 B、D 两项;最后一个空表“与??”的含义,应 用介词 with。 答案:A 17.His son was put in ________ prison.He went to ________ prison to see him yesterday. A./; / C./; the B.the; the D.the; /

解析:考查冠词的用法。第一空表示“坐牢”的概念,不加冠词;第二空表示“具体的监狱”, 需加冠词。 答案:C 18.Activities all take place under the ________ of an experienced teacher. A.guide C.help B.guidance D.demand

解析:考查名词辨析。句意为:所有活动都在富有经验的老师的指导下进行。under the guidance of sb.“在某人的指导下”。guide“向导”,C、D 项无此搭配。故只有 B 项正确。 答案:B 19.Though the city came ________ attack,the people of the city never ________. A.in; gave up C.under; gave in B.in; gave in D.under; gave out

解析:表示“受到攻击”要用“under attack”,故可排除 A、B。give in 屈服,投降;give out 发

出。故 C 符合语境。 答案:C 20.Last night a garage in our city________,and several workers died. A.blew off C.blew up B.was blown up D.blew out

解析: 此句中 blow up 意为“爆炸, 炸毁”, 为不及物动词词组, 因此没有被动式。 blow out“吹 灭(灯、火),轮胎(爆裂)”;blow off “吹出,吹掉”。句意:昨天晚上我们市里的一个车库爆炸了, 死了几个工人。 答案:C Ⅳ.完形填空 There was a man who played the piano in a small bar. There were not too many he was a good piano player, some people 2 1 , but because

came in every night just to hear him play.

But one night, a patron(常客) told him he didn't want to hear him play but sing a song. The man said, “I have never piano. ”But the customer 3 that before in public. I think I'm 6 4 at playing the 5 . He told the waiter, “I'm

listening to the piano day after day. I 8 , sing a song. The

want to hear something new and I want that guy to sing.” The waiter 7 across the room, “Hey, buddy! If you want to get

patrons are asking you to sing!” 9 in order to bring some money home that night, the piano player who had never sung in 10 had ever heard the song Mona Lisa sung before 12 himself! 11

public did so for the very first time. And

that night by Nat King Cole, and it surprised all, including the He had talent he was 13

on! He may have lived the rest of his life as a no-name piano player in 14 to become one of the best-known entertainers in

a no-name bar, but because he had to sing, he America. You, too, have skills and 15

. You may not feel as if your “talent” is particularly

16 , but it

may be better than you think! And with persistence(坚持), most skills can be have no ability at all if you sit on whatever talent you have that is useful?” It is Just think a minute ... 1.A.waiters C.singers B.players D.customers 20 18 ! The 19

17 . Besides, you may is not “What ability do I

“How will I use whatever ability I have?”

解析:小酒吧里顾客不太多,此处 customers 与下文的 some people 相呼应。 答案:D 2.A.never C.ever B.still D.only

解析:根据上下文语境:顾客不多,但因为他钢琴弹得不错,所以仍然有人来专门听他演奏。 still 仍然。 答案:B 3.A.practiced C.done B.shown D.dreamed

解析:done 在此替代 sung,钢琴弹奏者说他以前从未在公众面前演唱过。 答案:C 4.A.better C.easier B.richer D.sooner

解析:钢琴弹奏者认为和唱歌比起来,自己更擅长弹钢琴。 答案:A 5.A.agreed C.insisted B.confused D.charged

解析:insist 坚持。老顾客执意要让钢琴弹奏者唱歌。 答案:C 6.A.familiar with C.used to B.fond of D.tired of

解析:从下文的“I want to hear something new”可以看出,老顾客厌倦了每天听钢琴弹奏者演奏。 be tired of 厌烦,厌倦。 答案:D 7.A.served C.explained B.shouted D.complained

解析:从下文 across the room 可知,侍者从酒吧的那头说话,所以要大声喊才能让人听得到。 答案:B 8.A.changed C.paid B.broadcast D.drunk

解析:从下文的“in order to bring some money home that night”可知,如果钢琴弹奏者不唱歌,他 当晚就赚不到钱,所以选 get paid(获得薪水)。 答案:C 9.A.But C.Because 解析:上下文有因果关系,所以选 so。 答案:D 10.A.nobody B.anybody B.And D.So



解析:从下文“it surprised all”可推测出,直到那晚之前从未有人听过《蒙娜· 丽莎》这首歌,所 以它让每个人都很吃惊。 答案:A 11.A.since C.until 解析:until 表示“直到??”,符合语境。 答案:C 12.A.waiter C.patron B.singer D.owner B.after D.when

解析:此处表示连歌手(即钢琴弹奏者)也没有想到自己会唱得那么好,下一段中的第一句“He had talent he was ________ on!”也是一个线索。 答案:B 13.A.sitting C.depending B.waiting D.playing

解析:从下文第 18 空前可以找到答案。他身怀绝技自己却浑然不知。 答案:A 14.A.went up C.went off B.went on D.went away

解析:go on to do 继续干另一件事,指他继在酒吧唱歌之后成为美国最著名的歌手之一。 答案:B 15.A.advantages C.abilities B.characters D.principles

解析:可和技能相提并论的是能力。下文 18 空所在句的 ability 一词也是暗示。 答案:C 16.A.unique C.famous B.surprising D.great

解析:由下文“but it may be better than you think”可知,此处应该指“好”,所以用 great。 答案:D 17.A.improved C.recognized B.wasted D.impressed

解析:如果坚持,大多数技能都能得以提高。improve 改进,提高。 答案:A 18.A.imagine B.possess



解析:possess 与上文中“have skills and abilities”中的 have 相对应。 答案:B 19.A.decision C.question B.answer D.solution

解析:后面表语是以问题形式出现,所以选 question。 答案:C 20.A.even C.pretty B.rather D.fairly

解析:rather 在此表示不同的观点,意为“而是”。 答案:B Ⅴ.阅读理解 Alice Walker makes her living by writing. Her poems, short stories and novels have won many prizes for her. She was born in Eatonton, Georgia.She went to public schools there, and then to Spellman College in Atlanta before coming to New York to attend Sarah Lawrence College, from which she graduated in 1966.For a time she lived in Jackson, Mississippi, with her lawyer husband and small daughter.About Langston Hughes, American Poet, her first book for children, she says, “After my first meeting with

Langston Hughes, promised I would write a book for children someday. Why? Because I, at twenty-two, I knew next to nothing of his work, and he didn't scold me; he just gave me a pile of his books. And he was kind to me; I will always be thankful that in his warmth he fulfilled my deepest dream (and need) of what a poet should be.” “To me he is not dead at all. Hardly a day goes by that I don't think of him or speak of him. Once, just before he died, when he was sick with the flu, I took him a basket full of oranges. Thejoy I felt in giving that simple gift is undiminished(没有减弱) by time.He said he liked oranges, too.” 1.Before attending college, Alice Walker went to school in ________. A.Atlanta, Georgia B.Eatonton, Georgia C.Jackson, Mississippi D.Lawrence, Massachusetts 解析: 细节理解题。 从第一段的第三句话可知, 在去 Atlanta 上大学前, Alice Walker 是在 Eatonton, Georgia 上的公立学校。 答案:B 2. From the passage we can conclude that Alice Walker was twenty-two years old when ________. A.she moved to Jackson, Mississippi B.she moved to New York

C.she first met with Langston Hughes D.Langston Hughes died 解析:推理判断题。从第一段的后半部分中的“After my first meeting with Langston Hughes ... at twenty-two”可知,作者在二十二岁时第一次遇到兰斯顿· 休斯。 答案:C 3.Before Alice Walker first met with Langston Hughes, ________. A.she had already heard of him B.she promised she would write a book for children someday C.she hardly knew of his work D.he didn't scold her and just gave her a pile of his books 解析:细节理解题。从第一自然段中的“Why? Because I, at twenty-two, knew next to nothing of his work”可知“我”二十二岁去见他的时候,对他的作品几乎是一无所知。A 项没有提及;B、D 项是见面后发生的事情。 答案:C 4.What did Alice Walker mean when she says Langston Hughes “is not dead at all”? A.Langston Hughes believed in eternal life(永生). B.She hadn't been told of Langston Hughes' death. C.For her, Langston Hughes had never really existed. D.Langston Hughes is still present in her thoughts. 解析:推理判断题。Alice Walker 对 Langston Hughes 的印象非常深刻,是 Langston Hughes 给了 她创作的灵感,故她一定十分看重 Langston Hughes,此人物会不时地出现在她的思绪中。 答案:D 5.What is the main topic of the passage? A.Langston Hughes' books about Alice Walker. B.The childhood of Alice Walker and Langston Hughes. C.Langston Hughes, American poet. D.Alice Walker's reflection(印象) on Langston Hughes. 解析:主旨大意题。纵观全文,作者主要叙述了 Alice Walker 对 Langston Hughes 的看法。 答案:D



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