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colour & character

Connection between the colour we prefer and our character.

which color do you prefer?
white green blue purple yellow




People who prefer white may be a gentle,kind and sensitive one.They will easily feel lonely.And they are completists not only in love but also in undertaking. 喜爱白色的人文雅,和善,敏感。他 们很容易感到孤独。无论在恋爱中 或是事业上,他们都是完美主义者。

Titbit 关于白色的趣闻

Do you know the meaning of white flag? In fact, the loser use it to hint and say“I hint!you can draw your flag on it!” 你知道白旗的意思吗?实际上,失 败的一方用它来表达这样的含义: “我投降了!你可以在这上面画上 你的旗子!’’


Black is a colour which can make a feeling of dignity and mystery. And it can build a feeling of safety.People who like black are capable and experienced as well as sharp-sighted. 黑色能营造一种高贵和神秘的感觉。 它能制造一种安全感。喜欢黑色的 人干练而精明。


? People who prefer red ,the representative of warm colours,may be an active,energetic but a little capricious guy.

? 喜欢作为暖色系代表的红色的人,也许 是个活跃的,充满活力但有些小任性的 家伙。


The people who like yellow are highly creative and curious. Care more about social questions than personal problems, like pursuing the lofty ideal. Knowledgeable, and also proud of it. You look like a social worker, actually you are very lonely. You will never betray a friend, and never do things about which you are not sure
? 喜欢黄色的人富有高度的创造 力及好奇心。 ? 关心社会问题胜过切身问题, 喜欢追求崇高的理想, ? 学问渊博,你也引此为傲。 ? 看起来你好像社交家一样,其 实内心很孤独。 ? 你绝对不会背叛朋友,也绝对 不做没有把握的事

? Green

You are a man of peace, but fear of solitude, like group life, so you are good at keeping good harmonious relationships with the people around . Always give people kind impression, and the people around you is trusting and admiring you.

? 你是一个追求和平的 人,不过害怕独处, 喜欢群体的生活,也 因此你擅长与周围的 人保持良好的和谐关 系。总是给人亲切温 和的印象,而周围的 人也对你十分信赖跟 崇拜


The people who like blue, generally is easier to be sad, this kind of man is also very easy to be satisfied, designed to maintain balance and harmonious, often keep calm, stability, have a strong sense of security

喜欢蓝色的人,一般而言比较容易伤感, 这类人也很容易满足,能够保持平衡、调 和,经常保持沉着、安定,安全感比较强 烈


People who like purple usually are artists, easily to be sentimental. But tact with perceptual, particularly of sharp observation. Although avowed ordinary, but is quite a personality. Always keep silence and introverted in public. ? 喜欢紫色的人通常很 多都是艺术家,容易 多愁善感。 但机智中 带有感性,观察力特 别敏锐。 虽然自认平 凡,但相当有个性。 在公开场合中显得沉 默而内向

That’s all. Thank you for listening!



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