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Skills of cloze Tests
完形填空解题技巧 授课教师:王春兰

Challenge yourself
hospital ? 1.Mr Black is a doctor.He works in the _______. ? 2.A nurse not only works in the day, but also wor

ks during the night _____. no ? 3.He is rather busy,so he has ____time to have lunch at home. ? 4. We have an English test this term,it’s very pass easy,most students can_____this test. ? 5.The whole class went to the zoo yesterday,they but were very tired_____happy.

旨在考查学生对各方面知识的灵活运用能力。既考查学 生对单词搭配、习惯用法、语法结构的掌握情况,又考查学 生的语篇理解和逻辑推理能力。

? ? ? ? 1、命题形式 四选一式,方框选词式 2。命题特点 1)选材方面 13江西卷 体裁 记叙文 话题 一次住宾馆 的经历 14江西卷 说明文 感冒的原 因,症状 和解决办 法 科普知识 15江西卷 说明文 食物危机 和解决办 法 日常生活

题材 人生百味

? 2)布空间距为1-3个句子
? 其中以动词和名词的布空较多。 其次是形容词、副词、代词和 连词。
近三年江 西中考卷 13年 v. 5 n. 3 adj. Adv. 2 1 Prep. Pron. 1 2 Conj. 1









1.解题步骤 (首句和尾句2’) ? 跳读全文,掌握大意。 ? 瞻前顾后,灵活答题。 (运用各种策略10’) ? 复读全文,核实答案。 (词汇、语法、惯用法是否合理?句型 结构是否完整,搭 是否有误?句子是 否流畅?2’)

? 2.解题策略 ? 1)Context利用上下文语境选择。 ? 例(1) ? Once a King, was walking around a pool with his ministers.Suddenly he came up with an idea. He asked,How many baskets of____are there in the pool?”…as big as the pool,there is one basket of water… A.fish B.flowers √ C.water D.pales

点拨:下文提到there is one basket of water... 因此答案为C.

1)Context利用上下文语境选择。 ? 活学活用

2)background knowledge and common sense根据文化背景和常识选择。
? 例(2) ? (immediately)the officers jumped into their cars and rushed to the ________hosital.
A.animal B.biggest C.plant √ D.nearest

? 点拨:在这样的紧急情况下,人们第一个反 应是到最近的医院就医,因此答案为D.

2)background knowledge and common sense根据文化背景和常识选择。 活学活用
...Many boys and girls learn English at school. It is one of their ___. A.books B.classes C.schools D. subjects √

3) words distinguishing and regular collocation单词辨义和固定搭。
? 例(3) ? Soon I heard a_____like that of a door burst in and then a climb of feet. ?√ A.sound B.cry C.voice D.shout ? 点拨:选项中的四个词都表示不同的声音, 但B、C、D项的三个词都是指从嗓子里发 出的声音,而sound则表示各种各样的声音。 因此答案为A.

? 3)word distinguishingregular collocation 单词辨义和固定搭。 活学活用 ...It costs 7 dollars for qdults,2 dollars for children and____for over sixties and school groups. ... A.little B.few C.less D.fewer √

4) sentence structure and logic句子结构和 逻辑推理。
例(4) ? It has been many years since I was last in london____I still remember something that hapened during that visit. ? A.and B.for √ C.but D.as
点拨:根据句前的many years 和句后的 still remember答案应选表示转择的连词 but.

? 4)活学活用 ? Is it the day when we were born or the day we _____ ?(2014,呼和浩特,27) A.miss √ B.die C.grow D.start

5)Grammar analysis (语法分析)

例(5) As a reporter,I think I will meet lots of people and I should be friendly to them. I think I’ll also make many good____and live with them,because I don’t like living alone. A.Friend √ B.friends C.friends’ D.friend’s

Tips to close test
? 1.注重首尾句。 ? 2.客服畏难,急躁情绪,耐心通读全文。 ? 3.切勿看到一个空格就急着选出一个答案, 必须众观全文通篇考虑。 ? 4.动笔时先易后难,注重从文中同样结构和 类似结构中寻找提示,大胆的猜测。 ? 5.如果选项从语法角度无法确定,则必须从 语篇(前提示后暗示)意义上加以辨别。

was a girl’s sport.But I never gave up my dream of becoming a dancing star.I practiced secretly, learning form books, movies, and shows.However, without my parents’ support, that ___1___ seemed all but impossible to reach. One summer, my little sister Maggie was going to dance lessons.I immediately asked __2___parents for permission(允 许)to take her to the lessons.What a __3___chance to learn dancing! One afternoon, I was practicing a new dance in my room, when Maggie walked __4___. “What’s the matter, Maggie?” I stopped ___5___. “Denis, you are a great dancer! Can you help me?” “What is it?”I wondered. “There’ll be a dancing performance in my school, __6__ the boys think I’m slow, and none of them wants to be my partner.__7__ you dance with me for it?” She looked at me anxiously. 1.A.line B.dream C.answer D.message 2.A.my B.your C.his D.her 3.A.similar B.funny C.good D.strange

In the following months, we __9__ every evening, hiding from my parents.I was having a fantastic time and __10__Maggie improved a lot. Finally came the big day.I became __11__ when I heard my parents would come to watch the performance.As the __12__began,I took a deep breathe and tried to ca lm down.We moved perfectly, shining with pride.From the cheering of the crowd, I was sure we had __13__. My heart was beating wildly when I saw my __14__ coming towards me.He put his hand on my shoulder.“Well done, son.Though it is hard for me to admit it, you really looked like you __15__ this stage(舞 台).Go for it and make us proud.” I’d been waiting for this moment for so long.I knew that the road ahead wasn’t going to be easy, but I wouldn’t give up.I wanted nothing more in life than to dance.

8.A.sad B.lazy C.sorry D.wrong 9.A.chatted B.rested C.slept D.practiced 10.A.first B.soon C.never D.seldom 11.A.shy B.bored C.nervous D.angry 12.A.music B.lesson C.meeting D.party 13.A.arrived B.finished C.succeeded D.regretted

√ √

√ √

? 你以前是如何解题的?其解题效果与今天 的方法相比如何? ? 今天学到的解题策略有哪几种?解题步骤 有哪几步? ? 你认为还要在哪方面加强,以提高解题效 率? 最后须提醒大家一点,做好完形填空题
并非一日之功。我们应从平日学习中做 起,多积累,勤学苦练,方可成功! Have a greater success in the future!

Home work
? 课后独立完成练习卷,然后与同学交流, 通过讨论得出最佳答案。



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