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Teaching aims

本单元的课文以“农业”为话题,介绍了中国著名的农业科学家袁隆平 和他的巨大贡献。全文分四段,第一段讲袁隆平的成就,第二段讲袁隆 平的生平及科研情况, 第三段讲袁隆平淡泊名利无私奉献的高尚品质第 四段讲袁隆平的理想和目标。在学习过程中,学生不仅要学习袁隆平的 生活态

度,而且还要学习使用恰当的阅读技能老把握课文内容。 高一学生在初中阶段的学习中已经积累了一定的词汇基础, 并掌握了一 些简单的阅读策略和技巧,具有初步的英语听说读写的能力,但教学既 要进一步培养尖子生的学习能力,又要保证差生能听懂,所以阅读过程 中设置问题时要难易适度,能调动学生积极性,在学习过程中享受到乐 趣。 1. Review words and phrases to let students understand the meaning of the reading ; 2. Do some reading to further develop students’ reading abilities like skimming,scanning,(fast reading), detail reading and summarizing,etc.

3. Help Ss have a better understanding of the great value of the scientific
research done by Dr Yuan Long ping and cultivate Ss ’ sense of sympathy and humanism. Help students to understand the passage better

Important point Difficult point

How to help the students improve their reading ability and understand the passage better Fasting reading to get the general idea of the text; Detail reading to understand the passage better; Discussion to help students understand better what they’ve learned and use the knowledge they’ve learned in this period. A multimedia

Teaching methods Teaching aid

Teaching procedures
教师活动 Step I Greeting and review Ask students the words and phrases one by one. Words:sunburnt,struggle,decade,super,outpu t,hunger, disturb,expand,circulate,grain, therefore,export; Phrases:rid…of…,thanks to , rather than,would rather Step II Lead-in Using an advertisement,let students 学生活动 设计目的

Spell the words and phrases one 再 现 本 课 单 词,加深记 by one.

Read “refuse to waste,treasure 由 一 则 广 告 引入,引起学 the food”.

think over it,,remember its slogan “refuse to waste,treasure the food”. Show some pictures about some hungry people,and tell the fact that some people in the world still die of hunger. Ask students to discuss one question “If you had the chance to do something to help end hunger in the world,what would you do?”

What would you do ? Prevent the pest from eating our 激活学生已 crops Develop the technology to ……. 有知识,引导 学生思考。 Improve the quality of the soil Make good use of the waste land Invent a new kind of food

生注意力与 好奇心。

StepIII Pre-reading Ask students to read the title ,look at He is Yong Long ping. the picture and guess: He is a farm . Who is he ? what does he do ?how old He is about 80. is he ? StepIV Fast reading Give students some minutes to read the passage as fast as possible,and finish the exercises.students can discuss the answer with his /her partner. Exercise 1. Name ___________ Age ____________ Nationality _____________ Occupation____________ Education _________ Hobbies ___________

激活学生相 关背景知识, 使其产生阅 读兴趣。

Name Yuan Long ping Age 85 Nationality Chinese Occupation farmer and scientist Education graduated from Southwest Agricultural College Hobbies violin music, mahjong, swimming, reading

使学生获取 文章的结构, 培养快速阅 读能力,养成 整体阅读的 习惯。

Exercise 2 Para1 A. Dr Yuan’s dreams. Para1 Para2 B. Dr Yuan’s attitude towards Para2 life. Para3 C. Dr Yuan’s experience. Para3 Para4 D. Dr Yuan’s appearance and his achievement. Para4

Step V Detail reading Let students read each paragraph more carefully,and go through for specific information, don’t worry about the language. Para 1 Answer questions Q1: What does Dr Yuan look like? He has a sunburnt face and arms 设 置 难 度 适

A. Dr Yuan’s dreams. B. Dr Yuan’s attitude towards life. C. Dr Yuan’s experience. D. Dr Yuan’s appearance and his achievement.

and a slim, strong body. Q2: What is his achievement? He grows what is called super hybrid rice, which makes it possible to produce 20%more of Q3: How much of the rice produced in the crop in the same fields China each year is from Yuan Long ping's Now more than 60% of the rice hybrid strain? produced in China each year is from this hybrid strain. Para 2 put sentences in right order. Para 3 true or false Para 4 fill in the form. Step VI Consolidation 优化设计 page 18 C A A D D Step VII summary Get students to do this exercise by themselves,and then ask them to check their answers with the whole class. Step VIII Homework Finish the exercise on workbook.

中的问题,让 学生通过小 组活动解决 问题,充分调 动学生参与 课堂教学的 热情。

培养合作意 识,在文章中 寻找相关信 息。

The design on the Words:sunburnt,struggle,decade,super, blackboard


disturb,expand,circulate,grain, therefore,export; Phrases:rid…of…,thanks to , rather than,would rather

Reflection after class





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