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高考英语一轮复习 模块. Language(测)(含解析)牛津译林版-课件

Unit 2 Language
一、用所给单词的正确形式填空 1. Medicine should not be kept where it is 2.Unfortunately, the research Carter spent (access)to children. five years doing had no

_________(practice) use. 3.You can treat the infected wound with a medical help arrives. 4.You should pay much attention to the ___________(distinguish) between formal and informal languages while learning English. 5. I wonder who makes this decision and how they come to their _________(conclude). 6.We should not judge a person by his/her _________(appear). 7.China ought to make a greater _________(contribute)to humanity(人类). 8. Some American kids laughed at me when I spoke. I was _________(embarrass). 9. In other words, they excite interest because of their _________(differ). 10. If so, you have some _________(mistake)ideas about the nature of happiness. 【答案】1. accessible 5. conclusion 6.appearance 10.mistaken 二、根据句意和汉语或首字母提示写出所缺单词的完全形式 1.The country has agreed to take part in the meeting to be held next week, _________(表示) that it’s willing to have peace talks. 7.contribution 8.embarrassed 9.difference 2. practical 3. mixture 4. distinction (mix) of salt and water until

2.The country was ___________( 占 领 ) by Germany in 1939 and didn’t win its independence until 1945. 【答案】occupied 【解析】那个国家于 1939 年被德国所占领,直到 1945 年才获得了独立。 3.With computers becoming so popular, typewriters have basically been _________(代


替)by them.

4.We can _________ (结合)my scientific knowledge and your business skills to start a company.

5.She was picked out from the whole class to _________(代表) them at the other school. 【答案】represent 【解析】从整个班级中所选出的代表。 6.The area has its own 【答案】unique 【解析】独特的语言。 7. Your v___________ is too small; you need to learn more words. (独特的)language.

8.Jimmy broke his leg and t________ could not play basketball with us. 【答案】thus/therefore 【解析】上下文为因果关系。 9.One of her s_________ is her bad temper, which keeps her colleagues away from her. 【答案】shortcomings 【解析】缺点之一是脾气坏。 10.The master ordered his s_________ to take some wine for him.

三、单项选择 1.(湖南省长沙市长郡中学等十三校 2015 届高三第二次联考)The boy, with his

school work every day, felt rather tired and uncomfortable wanted to have a whole day to relax. A. occupied B. occupying C. to occupy D.

being occupied 【答案】A 【解析】be occupied with?忙于??;本题使用了形容词短语 occupied with his school work 来修饰主语 the boy 就相当于=who was occupied with?.。句意:那个男 孩,整天忙着学校的作业。感觉很累,又很不舒服,想有一天的时间来放松一下。 故选 A。 2.(改编)He didn’t selfishly keep for himself the money inherited from his uncle. Instead, he made a generous ______ to help the community. A. convenience contribution B. coincidence C. characteristic D.

3.(改编)— Do you think the Internet will finally ______ newspapers? —No one knows for sure. A. move B. place C. replace D. remove

4.(2015 高考重庆卷)_______in the poorest area of Glasgow, he had a long, hard road to becoming a football star. A. Being raised B. Raising C. Raised D. To raise

5.The novel was concerned ______ the Second World War, while most readers are


more concerned _____ the hero's love story. A. with; about with B. with; at C. for; about D. about;

6.(原创)Even if SARFT completely

domestic TV stations from broadcasting

advertisements, they could still implant(植入)advertisements into TV shows. A. protected B. differed C. banned D. freed

7.(原创)The more you know about yourself, the more you’ll see and appreciate how you really are. B. similar C. original D. unique

A. contradictory

8. (2015 年浙江省高考英语模拟)Over one third of the population in that part of the country had no _______ to health care. A. passage B. way C. access D. approach


9.(安徽省 2015 届高考英语二轮复习高效课时检测)It’s hard to tell real Jingdezhen vases, and it’s a little more difficult for the untrained shopper to______. A. dismiss shelter B. distinguish C. seek D.

10. My house is very the station. A. comfortable

for getting to work as it is only a few minutes from

B. suitable

C. convenient

D. available

11.Food particles, along with the moistness,______ an idea environment for bacterial growth. A. finds discovers B. creates C. invents D.

12.(2015年安徽省高考英语模拟)—What do you think of my new skirt? —It looks wonderful on you! I’m sure it will make you ______ in a crowd. A. stand by stand out B. stand aside C. stand for D.


13.As we all know, the English language ________ the grammar and vocabulary that people from different countries and cultures brought to Britain. A. consists of makes up B. is consisted of C. makes up of D.

14.________the technological requirements of the new system , other important problems have to be resolved A Next to Contrary to B Aside from C Rather than D.

15.Human facial expressions ________those of animals in the degree to which they can be controlled on purpose. A. prevent from result from B. protect from C. differ from D.

16.(2015 届高三高考备考必备专题精选训练 )You have made a few pronunciation mistakes in your oral exam, but ______, it is fairly good. A. above all hand 【答案】C 【解析】句意:你在口语考试中犯了几个发言错误,但是,总的来说,是很好的。above all 首要的是,最重要的是;generally speaking 总体上;on one hand 一方面,故选 C 项。 17.(2000 高考上海卷)An awful accident________, however, occur the other day. A. does B. did C. has to D. had to

B. generally speaking

C. on the whole




一般来说; on the whole

18.(改编) ________certain that their only child will take over the big business when the couple get old. A. That’s What’s B. It's C. There’s D.

19. (2015 届高考英语一轮强化检测)Try to be independent, for your parents can't do __________for you all your life. A. something B. nothing C. everything D. anything

20.The economics of national growth governments. A. is of B. are

the greatest importance to all modern

C. is

D. are of

21.(2015 高考福建卷)

the students came from different countries, they got

along quite well in the summer camp. A. While B. Unless C. Since D. Until

22.(2012 高考浙江卷) No matter how bright a talker you are, there are times when it’s better ______ silent. A. remain remain B. be remaining C. having remained D. to

23.(2010 高考上海卷) When changing lanes, a driver should use his turning signal to let other drivers know A. he is entering which lane C. is he entering which lane 【答案】B 【解析】which 引导的句子做 know 的宾语,句子用陈述语序。句意:改道时,驾驶员应 该打开转向灯, 好让其他驾驶员知道他要走那条道。 24.(2015 高考北京卷)_____we understand things has a lot to do with what we feel. A. Where B. How C. Why D. When . B. which lane he is entering D. which lane is he entering

25.(2015 高考重庆卷)We must find out _______Karl is coming, so we can book a room for him. A. when B. how C. where D. why


26.(2015 高考安徽卷)A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not ______ ships are built for. A. what B. whom C. why D. when

27.(2015 高考湖南卷)You have to know ________ you’re going if you are to plan the best way of getting there. A. what B. that C. where D. who

28.(2015 高考陕西卷)Reading her biography, I was lost in admiration for Doris Lessing had achieved in literature. A. what 【答案】A 【解析】句意:读完了她的自传后,我对多丽丝·莱辛在文学上做出的贡献非常敬佩。介 词 for 后面是宾语从句,从句中缺少宾语,所以选 A。 29.(2015 高考四川卷)The exhibition tells us air pollution. A. where B. why C. what D. which we should do something to stop B. that C. why D. how


30.(2015 高考浙江卷 )If you swim in a river or lake, be sure to investigate is below the water surface. Often there are rocks or branched hidden in the water. A. what 【答案】A B. who C. that D. whoever

四、完形填空 (改编自 2015 届安徽省合肥市高三第二次教学质量检测)While I was waiting in line at a coffee shop earlier, a woman drove alongside the queue in a mobility scooter (踏板车). There was only a which she 2 1 space between the line of people and the tables, 3 saying

to drive along. She drove over my foot and didn't

nothing at all. I got annoyed and expected she would have 4 , but then I just decided to 5

it and got down to selecting which pastry (点心) to go with my coffee. The lady and I ended up sitting at adjacent (邻近的) tables. She was on the end of a row so that she could park her 6 . After about half an hour, when she had 8 7 her coffee,

she got up and back onto her scooter. It several times An engineer 11 9 10

start. She tried to turn the key

she telephoned the place she purchased it from. within 5 minutes. The place must have been local. I couldn't 12 the 13

overhearing their conversation, and it turned out she had just

scooter that morning. This was her very first outing in it. She felt really about driving it 14 , she wasn't used to its speed, nor its

15 , and this


combination made it quite Suddenly, I felt 17


to drive it through narrow gaps. 18 me at all that

for the lady. It really didn't

she'd driven over my foot. I had made an assumption, that should apologize. Next time you're about to 20

19 , that a person doing

someone, pause for a second and remind yourself

that people have judged you without knowing what was going on in your mind or your life. 试题分析:这篇文章主要讲述了作者在被一个第一次骑踏板车的女性压到脚之后,又目睹 了对方骑车的不安和无法启动车子的遭遇后,变得同情对方并原谅了对方的故 事。 1. A. private narrow 【答案】D 【解析】根据句意可知在人群与餐桌之间的空间很“窄”(narrow)。private 意思是“私 人的” ;vast 意思是“巨大的,广阔的” ;public 意思是“公共的” 。 2. A. attempted B. promised C. declined D. guaranteed B. vast C. public D.

3. A. call back cheer up

B. give up

C. look back


4. A. ignored forgiven

B. apologized

C. explained



5. A. dismissed

B. made

C. replaced

D. inspected

6. A. truck 【答案】D

B. bike

C. car

D. scooter

【解析】根据第一段第一句中的 a woman drove alongside the queue in a mobility scooter 可知,此处应选 scooter。 7. A. poured purchased B. finished C. ordered D.

8. A. needn't mustn't 【答案】C

B. shouldn't

C. wouldn't


【解析】根据后一句可知,此处指她的电动踏板车发动不起来了。wouldn’t 用在此处表 示意愿,意为“不能” 。needn’t 意思是“没有必要” ;shouldn’t 意思是“不 应该” ;mustn’t 意思是“禁止,不许” 。故选 C。 9. A. so before B. until C. unless D.

10. A. broke in

B. turned up

C. ran away


settled down

11. A. tolerate postpone 【答案】C

B. allow

C. resist


【解析】根据后面的内容可知,此处指作者“忍不住”(couldn’t resist)听到了他们的 谈话。can’t resist doing 相当于 can’t help doing,意思是“忍不住做某 事” 。tolerate 意思是“容忍,忍受” ;allow 意思是“允许” ;postpone 意思是 “推迟,拖延” 。 12. A. collected abandoned B. stolen C. fixed D.

13. A. concerned nervous 【答案】D

B. excited

C. confident


【解析】根据句意可知既然是她第一次骑着它外出,必然会感到“紧张” (nervous) 。 concerned 意思是“关心的,挂念的” ;excited 意思是“兴奋的” ;confident 意 思是“自信的,有把握的” 。 14. A. Doubtfully Surprisingly B. Certainly C. Fortunately D.

15. A. width

B. length

C. weight



height 【答案】A 【解析】要通过狭窄的空间,需要考虑的是车子的“宽度”(width),而不是车子的“长 度”(length)、 “重量”(weight)或“高度”(height)。故选 A。 16. A. cool desperate B. convenient C. stressful D.

17. A. pleasure sympathy

B. regret

C. appreciation


18. A. strike motivate 【答案】B

B. bother

C. satisfy


【解析】由于作者理解了这位妇女的处境,所以她骑着电动踏板车轧了自己的脚这件事也 就不再“困扰”(bother)作者了。strike 意思是“打,击” ;satisfy 意思是“使 满意,满足” ;motivate 意思是“激发,激励,促进” 。 19. A. otherwise besides B. therefore C. however D.

20. A. judge

B. hug

C. persuade

D. tease



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