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Unit4 Body Language 专题练习

Book4 Unit 4 Body Language
Section I Warming Up, Reading
I. 重点单词 1. _ ___ (n.)陈述;说明 _ ____ (vt.) 2. _ ____ (vi../vt.)迎接;问候_ ___ (n.) 3. _ ____ (adj.)好奇的 _ ____ (adv.) 4. _ ____ (vt.)/ (vi.)/(n..) 接近;靠近;方法 5. _ ___ (vt.)代表;象征 6. _ ___ (adj.) 主要的 7. _ ____ (vt.)误解 (pp.________________ _________________) __________________(n.) 8._ ____ (adj./n. )成人的;成熟的;成人 9._ ____ (adj.)口语的 _ ____ (adj.)非口语的 10. _ ____ (vt.)保护;保卫_ ____ (n.)防御;保卫 11. _ ____ (n.)十字路口 12._ ____ (n.)宿舍 II. 重点短语 1_ ____ 防御;保卫...免受... 2. _ ____ 很可能... 3. _ ____ 总的来说;通常 4. _ ____ 学生食堂 5. _ ____ 第一个到达的人 6. _ ____ 吻某人的脸颊 7. _ ____ 一个主要的误解 8. _ ____ 把手伸向某人 9. _ ____ 朝某人点头 10. _ ____ 和某人握手 Ⅲ. 重点句子

1. 她后退了几步,看上去有些吃惊,并举起了手,好像是在自卫。 (as if) _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________.2. 各 种 文化背景下的人互相问候的方和相互间距的程度也不尽相同。 (部分否定) _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________. 3. 这些行为无所谓好与坏,只不过是文化发展的不同方式。 (not...or...) _________________________________________________________________

ⅳ. 单项选择 1. Susan, __________ university student from Europe, teaches me_________ art in her spare time. A. an; / B. a; the C. an;/the D. a;/ 2. , most teenagers now listen to rock music. However, John likes classical music better. A. In a word B. In general C. In time D. In total 3. People are encouraged to speak openly, but careless words are_______ to hurt others’ feelings. A.possible B. probable C. likely D. sure 4. Coffee England from the continent. A. introduced to B. was introduced to C. introduced into D. was introduced into

5. He is wearing his black glasses in order to avoid _________ by others. A. being recognized B. to recognize C. recognizing D. to be recognized 6. ---What do you mean by saying that? ---I think you _______ what I said. I meant no harm. A. understood B. understand C. misunderstood D. misunderstand 7. ---Which of the two computer games did you prefer? ---Actually i didn;t like _______. A. both of them B. either of them C. None of them D. neither of them 8. Not until the motorbike looked almost new _______ repairing and cleaning it. A. he stopped B. did he stop C. Stopped he D. he did stop 9. Bill wasn’t happy about the delay of the report by Jason, and _______. A. i was neither B. neither was i C. i was either D. either was i 10. ---How was the debate last night?---Super! Rarely _____ so much dedia attention. A. a debate attracted B. did a debate attract C. a debate did attract D. attracted a debate 11. At the meeting they discussed 3 different to the study of maths. A. approaches B. means C. methods D. ways 12. He when he was at university, but worked as an English teacher after graduation. A. majors in B. majors on C. majored in D. majored on 13. ---Why can’t i smoke here?---At no time in the meeting room. A. is smoking permitted B. smoking is permitted C. smoking permitted D. does smoking permit 14. Mary never does any reading in the evening,________. A. so does John B. John does too C. John doesn’t too D. nor does John 15. Don’t stand to the broken wall. Keep ______ from it. A. closely; some distance B. closed; some distance C. close; a certain distance D. closed; a distance 16. —The first one ________ will get a beautiful gift.—All right. A.Arrived B.arrives C.to arrive D.arriving 17. Liu Xiang, who ______ the Chinese team, took part in the competition held in Korea in 2011. A.signed B.compared C.represented D.presented 18. They are building the dam in ________ with another firm. A.comparison B.association C.touch D.construction 19. (2013· 秦皇岛高三检测)________ by others when you do nothing wrong at all is quite a bad experience. A.Having been misunderstood B.Being misunderstood C.Having misunderstood D.Misunderstood 20. We hold a meeting every year in honour of those people who lost their lives in ________ our motherland. A.defending B.fighting C.preventing D.struggling Key:1-5 DBCBC 6-10CBBBB 11-15ACADC 16-20CCBBA

Section II Learning about language

I. 重点短语 1_ ____ 代替 3. _ ____ 相反地 5. _ ____ 留下深刻印象 7. __________________预订航班 II. 介、副词填空

2. _ ____ 冲向某人 4. _ ____ 处于关键时刻; 在紧要关头 6. _ ____ 在一个招聘会上 8. __________________ 笑脸

1.________ half an hour of waiting for their flight to arrive,I saw several young people enter the waiting area looking ________ curiously. 2.Tony approached Julia,touched her shoulder and kissed her ________ the cheek. 3.She stepped ________ appearing surprised and put ________ her hands,as if ________ defence. 4.Then Akira Nagata ________ Japan came ________ smiling,together ________ George Cook from Canada. 5.As they were introduced,George reached his hand _______ to the Japanese student. 6 .When Darlene Coulon from France came dashing _______ the door , she recognized Tony Garcia’s smiling face. 7.Ahmed Aziz,________ the contrary,________ nodded ________ the girls. 8. ________ the same way that people communicate ________ spoken language, they also express their feelings using unspoken “language” __________ physical distance,actions or posture. 9.However,people from places ____________ Spain,Italy or South American countries approach others ________ and are more likely to touch them. 10.________ general,though,studying international customs can __________ help avoid difficulties in today’s world of cultural crossroads.
Ⅲ. 根据汉语完成句子 1.She _________________________ (有可能赢得这场比赛). 2.He talks about Hong Kong_________________________there before!(好像他以前去过似的) 3.The child _____ _____ _____(感到好奇) everything around him. 4. _______ ______ _____ ___ ___________(从窗户望出去),i saw some friends playing there. 5. There __________ _______ ________ association (密切联系)between the two countries.

ⅳ. 单项选择 1. I first met Mr Smith in America. He ____ at Stanford University then. A. studied B. had studied C. is studying D. was studying 2. Our bodies are strengthened by taking exercise. ____ , our minds are developed by learning. A. Possibly B. Likely C. Similarly D. Generally 3. _____ we move the picture over there? Do you think it will look better? A. If only B. What if C. As if D. Even if 4. _____ different kinds of pianos, the factory is sure they can satisfy people’s needs. A. To produce B. Being produced C. Produced D. Having produced 5. After graduation they still _____ touch with each other _____ sending e-mail. A. stay in; with B. keep in; by C. get in; by D. close; by

6. The Big6 Model is one _____ to teaching information literacy skills. A. attitude B. appearance C. approach D. altitude 7. How _____ I was when I heard the _____ news! A. disappointing; disappointed B. disappointed; disappointing C. disappointing; disappointing D. disappointed; disappointed 8. —When was it that you got home last night? —It _____ around nine o’clock when I drove back home, for it was very dark. A. must have been B. had to be C. was to be D. must be 9. —It’s a very interesting book. —_____. —And thank you very much for letting me keep it so long. A. I’m glad you like it B. That’s all right C. Don’t mention it D. I hope you like it 10. People have always been________about exactly how life on earth began. A.curious B.excited C.anxious D.careful 11. Come________.I want to tell you that she is________related to him and that you must study it________. A.close;close;close B.closely;close;close C.close;closely;closely D.closely;closely;close 12. You’d better take something to read when you go to see the doctor________you have to wait. A.even if B.as if C.in case D.in order that 13. The performance _______ nearly 3 hours, but few people left the theatre early. A. covered B. reached C. played D. lasted 14. American Indians ________ about 5 percent of the US population. A. fill up B. make up C. bring up D. set up 15. Some foreigners felt they knew a lot about China, but their views don’t often _____ the real thinking of the Chinese people. A. relate B. reply C. represent D. research ⅴ.句型转换 1.Water is playing a vital role in agriculture. =Water is playing a ________ role in agriculture. 2.If the dog comes close to you,you should not run away quickly. =If the dog ______________ you,you should not run away quickly. 3. When you read the passage, first you should get the main idea of it, then grasp and some details. =When you read the passage,first you should get the __________ idea of it,and then grasp some details. 4.It is quite possible that a heavy rain is on its way. =It is ________ that a heavy rain is on its way. 5.The looks on her face suggested that she was unwilling to go with us to the cinema.=The ______________ on her face suggested that she was unwilling to go with us to the cinema. Key: I. 重点短语 in place of; dash over to sb; on the contrary; at a crossroads; be impressed with; at a job fair; book a flight; a smiling face

II. 介、副词填空


After around 2.on 3.back up in 4.from in with 5.out 6.through 7.on simply at 8.In with through 9.like closely 10.In certainly

Ⅲ. 根据汉语完成句子

1. is likely to win the match; 2. as if he had been 3. was curious about; 4. Looking out of the window; 5. has a close ⅳ. 单项选择 1-5DCBDB 6-10 CBAAA 11-15CCDBC ⅴ.句型转换
1.major 2.approaches 3.general 4.likely 5.expressions


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