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2011 学年第一学期高三英语学科期末练习卷 (满分 150 分,考试时间 120 分钟) I. Listening Comprehension(30 分) Section A Directions: In Section A, you will hear ten short conversations between two speakers. At the end of each conversation, a question will be asked about what was said. The conversation and the question will be spoken only once. After you hear a conversation and the question about it, read the four possible answers on your paper, and decide which one is the best answer to the question you have heard. 1. A. Chef and customer. B. Professor and student. C. Mother and son. D. Doctor and patient. 2. A. In a furniture store. B. In a hospital. C. In a nursery. D. In a classroom. 3. A. 1 dollar. B. 3 dollars. C. 9 dollars. D. 10 dollars. 4. A. He is always considerate and helpful. B. He admires superman. C. He is unable to carry another box. D. He is glad to do the woman a favour. 5. A. 2 days. B. 3 days. C. 4 days. D. 7 days. 6. A. He once heard Charlotte speak English. B. He used to meet Charlotte at an English meeting. C. He used to do sports activities with Charlotte. D. He doesn’t know Charlotte well. 7. A. The service there is poor. B. He has to catch a flight. C. He is not allowed there. D. He has to do exercise. 8. A. Because the website staff are not working. B. Because the Internet is not working well. C. Because something is wrong with the computer screen. D. Because the school doesn’t have a website. 9. A. By bicycle. B. On foot. C. By plane. D. By car. 10. A. He is a dog-walker. B. He loves his wife very much. C. His dog is very important to him. D. His wife doesn’t like dogs. Section B Directions: In section B, you will hear two short passages, and you will be asked three questions on each of the passages. The passages will be read twice, but the questions will be spoken only once. When you hear a question, read the four possible answers on your paper and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard. Questions 11 through 13 are based on the following passage. 11. A 16 pounds. B. 30 pounds. C. 40 pounds. D. 50 pounds. 12. A. They may be attacked by fierce animals. B. They may lose weight. C. They may lose fight with strong dogs. D. They may become skinny like old men. 13. A. They will give him a new cage.

B. They will show his pictures to different newspapers. C. They will feed him with vegetables and fruits. D. They will give him a birthday cake. Questions 14 through 16 are based on the following passage. 14. A. Because food is the best seller in supermarkets. B. Because it’s an order from the government. C. Because it makes customers hungry and buy more. D. Because it’s a food store. 15. A. To enable customers to compare prices of the goods. B. To help customers to make friends with each other. C. To make shopping interesting to customers. D. To help to sell these products. 16. A. They provide the list of products which sell best. B. They charge less for some products. C. They offer free shipping service. D. They work closely with shops like Amazon. Section C Directions: In section C, you will hear two longer conversations. The conversations will be read twice. After you hear each conversation, you are required to fill in the numbered blanks with the information you hear. Blanks 17 through 20 are based on the following conversation: Complete the report form. WRITE ONE WORD for each answer. Housing Insurance Report Form Company: 17 Insurance, Inc. Type: Broken window Accident Date: January 18 Accident Room: 19 Possible accident reason: 20 Blanks 21 through 24 are based on the following conversation: Complete the form. WRITE NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. Where did John go yesterday? 21 . What could be seen during the drive tour? 22 . What did the 3D films impress John for? 23 . How much is an adult ticket? 24 . II. Grammar and Vocabulary Section ADirections: Beneath each of the following sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence. 25. Mrs. Jolie has taken the responsibility of caring for the kids and running the house because for two-thirds of a year her husband is ______ business trips. A. in B. at C. with D. on 26. The US president Barrack Obama hopes that, for the eventual benefit of the states, ______ citizen with a little common sense will agree to his new tax bill. A. any B. one C. each D. either

27. What every student really needs is fair treatment and attention from the teacher, ______? A. doesn’t he B. does he C. isn’t it D. is it 28. According to the NBA regulation, the new season won’t start ______ an agreement is reached between players’ Union and team bosses. A. before B. until C. while D. when 29. The song “Happy Birthday” is ______ simple in rhythm that children as young as three can sing it without difficulty. A. such B. so C. as D. rather 30. The closeness of Standford to San Francisco, a city two miles to the north, ______ the university a decidedly worldly attraction. A. was giving B. gives C. gave D. had given 31. Up till now, the passengers who had close contact with the three sick people ______ in hospital under medical observation. A. put B. have put C. had been put D. have been put 32. The queen bee appears ______ well in the comb built by the diligent worker bees. A. to nurse B. to be nursed C. to have nursed D. being nursed 33. The US Food and Drug Administration, ______ the safety of food and drugs, has defended American people in hundreds of food and drug crises. A. to monitor B. monitored C. monitoring D. having monitored 34. Sam promised to hand in the term paper before this June, ______, personally I doubted much. A. when B. that C. which D. what 35. ______ feeling the global Apple fans had when word came that the legendary(传奇的) former CEO Steve Jobs passed away! A. How sorrowful B. How a sorrowful C. What sorrowful D. What a sorrowful 36. In order to drag Greece out of the current economic hardships, the newly-elected premier(总理) is ready to overcome ______ might face the country. A. whichever B. whoever C. however D. whatever 37. Only after he consulted his parents ______ to choose teaching as his lifelong career. A. decided he B. he decided C. did he decide D. was he decided 38. EQ, ______ as an important indicator for future success, is justly valued by educators and parents. A. having viewed B. viewing C. views D. viewed 39. Any country which ______ not or will not pay due attention to the environmental protection is not entitled to the world club membership. A. must B. should C. can D. might 40. Doctors warn people that _____ anger through unnatural methods is much more harmful to a person’s health than the anger itself. A. controlled B. to be controlled C. controlling D. having controlled Section B Directions: Complete the following passage by using the words in the box. Each word can be used only once. Note that there is one word more than you need. A. cross B. gesture C. finally D. successful E. necessarily F. nervous G. victim H. blank I. supply J. strike

You’re making a PowerPoint presentation to a group of professors, for which you have stayed overnight. Even though your knees knock together, you try really hard to pretend to be confident on the site. All of a sudden, however, your mind goes 41 , for one of the professors shoots a glance at you, and he whispers something to another professor beside him. All kinds of questions 42 your mind at the same time. Did I say something wrong? Am I making a bad impression? Such uncomfortable feelings totally 43 you. If you once found yourself trapped in this nightmare situation, you fit the typical model of a shy person. Shy people, as many experts define in their studies, usually fall 44 to what is simply a careless glance or a meaningless 45 . What’s more, because of their low self judgement rooted deeply in their mind, they often cannot take friendly comments like “If you are not so 46 , you’ make a better performance.” But being shy doesn’ 47 mean being ll t lacking in ability or competence. Rather, many shy people are capable professionals. And what distinguishes between a 48 communicator and a shy sharer is just that the latter needs to build up his self confidence. Despite the terrible situations shy people are usually involved in, there’s definitely hope for them. According to experts, 40 percent of the shy population can 49 overcome shyness if given enough encouragement and support. III. Reading Comprehension Section A Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. Remains of ancient civilization are places which were designed and built as a lasting tribute(致敬) to some individuals or events. By visiting these 50 monuments, you are sure to be amazed by how 51 the ancient civilization that existed centuries before you was. Some of the facilities which could be dated back hundreds of years ago are still in use today. Besides, you will also 52 at the mysterious stories behind it. The Great Wall, 53 , is probably the best-known monument of China, which consists of a network of walls and towers through which the attack warnings could be received within minutes. 54 then had enough time to prepare. Estimates of the total length of the monument 55 , depending on which sections are included and how they are measured. One of the 56 mysteries is that, although some of the wall is 57 in special radar images taken by satellites, astronauts have confirmed that the existing wall is not several thousand years old, nor is it, as many people had 58 , visible to the human eye from outer space. Even older than the Great Wall of China is the Great Pyramid(金字塔) of Giza. Over a 20-year period, thousands of workers made the vision become 59 with numerous blocks, each weighing more than two tons. It’s still a(n) 60 to modern people how ancient men handled 61 of these giant stones in a time when cars or boats never existed some 4500 years ago. The pyramid served not only as a tomb for King Khufu, but also a place of 62 activity. The number of the God’s servants at that time showed the importance of such activities. After Khufu died, his body was carefully treated with various medicines and materials and was wrapped in order to be 63 for long. According to ancient Egyptian belief, the pyramid, where the mummy was placed, provided a place for the king to pass into the afterlife. Then his servants performed rituals(仪式) to bring 64 to the dead king’s soul, removing all the unrest and

pain from his next life. 50. A. modern B. historic C. official D. commercial 51. A. advanced B. technical C. overlooked D. energetic 52. A. stare B. wonder C. aim D. call 53. A. in addition B. in other words C. however D. for example 54. A. Mechanics B. Workers C. Astronauts D. Soldiers 55. A. extend B. remain C. vary D. progress 56. A. long-standing B. widely-used C. carefully-chosen D. clearly-stated 57. A. recognizable B. reasonable C. reliable D. responsible 58. A. proved B. claimed C. threatened D. requested 59. A. reality B. tradition C. mansion D. civilization 60. A. burden B. secret C. solution D. fortune 61. A. finance B. storage C. transportation D. production 62. A. sports B. religious C. fighting D. family 63. A. preserved B. recovered C. buried D. restored 64. A. leadership B. peace C. honour D. inspiration Section B Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read. (A) The glass window shook and Matthew placed a hand roughly through the opening to lift the latch(插销) slowly. He then climbed into the room, landing on his feet with a soft step. A sudden rush of cold air swept into the room after him. Matthew trembled and he quickly tightened his clothes. Glancing down, he saw the deep cut on the back of his hand. Sighing over his rotten luck, he tore off a piece of cloth from his coat sleeve and bandaged it. With his heart beating fast, he inched his way forward, hardly able to see anything in front of him. “Mmmm?,” came the muffled sound. Was it just his imagination? Ignoring the thought, he began to move slowly forward again. Then, without any warning, the next thing he knew was that he had kicked something soft. Matthew took out his torch. Switching it on, he found a pair of round eyes staring at him. They belonged to a little girl! Cloth in mouth, she had been bound so tightly that movement was strictly out of the question. As he was about to turn away, her tear-streaked face stopped him. Feeling sorry for the girl, Matthew used his pocket knife to cut her loose. The girl started to cry as she believed Matthew to be the rescuer who was there to end her ordeal(折磨). She leaned on Matthew tightly. This confused him further. What was he to do? After a few seconds, Matthew spoke in a gentle voice. “What happened, little girl?” From her mumbled reply, Matthew could only make out that the girl had been there for two days without food and water. It seemed that her captors had totally neglected her. Almost immediately, Matthew carried the little girl back to the window from which he had entered. As he climbed out with the girl, Matthew smiled and whispered under his breath, “I can’t believe what I’ve just done. Neither will the police.”

65. Why was Matthew trembling? A. He had survived a cut. B. His head ached. C. He found that a policeman followed him. D. He had just entered the room from the cold. 66. In the third paragraph, why did the girl start to cry? A. She hadn’t eaten anything for long. B. She was hurt by Matthew. C. She was in pain. D. She was relieved. 67. According to the passage, which of the following statements is TRUE? A. One foot of Matthew’s was wounded when he entered the room. B. Matthew found the little girl as she kicked him to catch his attention. C. Matthew set the girl free with a pocket knife. D. Matthew left the girl in the room at last. 68. From the passage, it’s known that Matthew was a kind thief because ______. A. he gave her food and water immediately. B. he treated the girl gently and helped her escape. C. he climbed in on the purpose of saving the girl. D. he decided to take revenge for the girl. (B)

You may read the questions first: Amazon is presenting to you our bargains for the year! Steve Jobs In Steve Jobs, based on more than forty interviews with Jobs conducted over two years—as well as interviews with more than a hundred family members, friends, competitors, and colleagues—Walter Isaacson has pictured an appealing up-and-down life and strong personality of a creative man whose passion for perfection revolutionized six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, and digital publishing. Living History Hillary Rodham Clinton is known to hundreds of millions of people around the world. Yet few beyond her close friends and family have ever heard her account of her extraordinary journey. She writes with humor and passion about her upbringing in suburban and her transformation from Goldwater Girl to controversial First Lady. Thinking, Fast and Slow In the highly anticipated Thinking, Fast and Slow, Kahneman takes us on a groundbreaking tour of the mind and explains the two systems that drive the way we think. System 1 is fast, and emotional; System 2 is slower, and more logical. In the book, Kahneman also

shows the extraordinary abilities—and the faults and errors—of thinking, and reveals the influence of personal impressions on our thoughts and behavior. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Greg Heffley is in big trouble. School property has been damaged, and Greg is the main suspect. But the crazy thing is, he has done nothing wrong. The authorities are closing in, but when a surprise storm hits, the Heffley family is trapped indoors. Greg knows that when the snow melts he’s going to have to face the music, but could any punishment be worse than being stuck inside with your family for the holiday? 69. About the book Steve Jobs, which of the following statements is NOT TRUE? A. The main contents of the book are mainly based on various interviews. B. The book is written by Steve Jobs. C. Steve Jobs has experienced both successful and difficult periods in his lifetime. D. Steve Jobs has totally changed six different industries. 70. What is the book Thinking, Fast and Slow mainly about? A.Two thinking types and thinking-related facts. B. Difference between two thinking systems. C. How to think fast and logically at the same time. D. The great power of personal impression on thinking system. 71. From the introduction of the Book Diary of a Wimpy Kid, it is implied that ______. A. Greg was caught damaging the school property B. Greg knew who really damaged the school property C. it was hot during the holiday D. Greg had a poor relationship with his family (C) With the death of congestion pricing (高峰期行车收费) which was aimed to charge drivers for driving private cars downtown to ease traffic, New York City is left with drivers still stuck in traffic and riders packed like sardines. How else can we ease traffic jams and provide decent and affordable bus and subway service? Gov. David Paterson took the first step yesterday by thinking of identifying new ways to improve mass transportation. With the income from congestion pricing gone, the city meets with heavy burden from its proposed $29.5 billion five-year capital program. In killing congestion pricing, the city acknowledged that the program is “severely underfunded” and that the shortfall has to be the first area of concern. Now we need other sources of funding or increases real estate and gasoline taxes that finance the authority. The state should now conduct a detailed environmental review of all choices for reducing traffic. Many legislators who opposed congestion pricing expressed concern that the previous plan had been given truncated environmental review, where sufficient study under the State Environmental Quality Review Act was called for. There’s time now for an all-out study of all traffic-reducing choices, from restrictions on driving days based on license plate numbers to mandated car pooling(强制共乘). Many parties of interests, however, argue that the measures, similar to the congestion pricing, make no better sense in solving the problem. The legislature should also give New York City the tools it needs to make buses go faster. New York has the most upsetting buses in America: it takes more time to take the M15 bus from New York’s Harlem to City Hall than to travel by “Amtrak” train from New York to

Philadelphia(费城). It doesn’t have to be this way. Other cities have demonstrated that buses go faster when more dedicated(专用的) bus lanes are provided, when cameras mounted on buses are used to issue tickets to keep cars out of bus lanes and when traffic signals are designed to give buses priority. Finally, the state should allow the city to issue residential parking permits. A study showed that 45 percent of traffic in Brooklyn New York, consists of cars looking for parking spots. Residential parking permits would discourage drivers from using neighborhood streets as a parking lot, which is definitely good news to the traffic. 72. “Congestion pricing” was mainly used to ______. A. increase fund to finance railway system B. reduce the prices for taking public transportation C. discourage driving private cars in New York city D. give more attention to environmental quality review 73. The underlined word “truncated” in the passage is closest in meaning to ______. A. incomplete B. outlined C. flat D. adequate 74. The author refers to “Amtrek” in order to demonstrate that ______. A. American railway system is very efficient B. Traveling by trains takes less time than by bus in America C. Bus transportation within New York city is slow D. Public traffic service in America is of poor quality 75. According to the passage, which of the following statements is NOT TRUE? A. The lack of financial support is an important problem the city faces. B. All cars are forbidden to drive on particular days to help relieve traffic. C. Fining private car drivers for taking bus lanes makes buses faster. D. Lack of parking spots contributed to traffic jams in Brooklyn. Section C Directions: Read the following text and choose the most suitable heading from the list A-F for each paragraph. There is one extra heading which you do not need. A. Training for certain skills for future jobs. B. The relationship between FFA and American companies. C. Job prospect and member information. D. Extension of FFA into different fields. E. Basic introduction of FFA. F. Membership request and daily operation. 76. Gamaliel Rizzo grew up in a brownstone apartment in Brooklyn and is studying to become a doctor. Still, he spent his high school years learning how to raise goats and cows and growing corns and sunflowers. He even worked on a dairy farm in the summer, all as a member of the Future Farmers of America. Although the nation has shifted ever further from its agrarian roots, the organization is flowering. Begun 83 years ago and now known simply as the FFA, it is the largest vocational student group in the country, with more than half a million members and still growing. 77. Although farm employment accounts for less than 1 percent of all jobs in the United States,

One in 12 jobs in the U.S. is agriculture-related. And during the deep economic downturn and rocky recovery, these workers have actually fared better than most. That gives the FFA a calling card as an organization that actually prepares students for potential careers. About 70 percent of its members live in rural areas, and 19 percent live in small towns. The fastest growing part, however, is in urban and suburban areas, now making up 10 percent of the membership. 78 Over the past years, the group has succeeded in part by expanding well beyond agricultural science while also broadening that field to include genetics, landscape gardening and alternative fuels. Now, the group’ chapters aim to teach students leadership and job readiness as much as the s finer points of cattle care or corn fertilization. 79. Now at a time when many employers complain about the lack of basic communication and interpersonal skills among job candidates, the FFA emphasizes work on group projects and old-fashioned presentations in essays and speeches at many of its events. Even in the purely agricultural contests like the judging of crops, students defended their positions before the judges as if they were trial lawyers in court. 80. In daily operation, FFA members must enroll in agricultural courses at school, but they also need to complete much work after school preparing for speaking and business competitions, or tending vegetable plots or animals. They also must take part in projects related to farms and other firms. The group draws many students whose parents and grandparents were members, even if they are no longer on the farm. Section D Directions: Read the passage carefully. Then answer the questions or complete the statements in the fewest possible words. What do you think of when you hear the word motherhood? You usually associate motherhood with warmth, selflessness, dutifulness, and tolerance. And though most women expect that motherhood will be happy and fulfilling, the reality is that motherhood had been given relatively low respect in our society. When children don’t succeed or develop problems, our society has had a tendency to turn to a single reason--- mothers. One of psychology’s most important lessons is that behavior is multiply determined. We have to admit that the long-standing images of mothers are spoiling and unprincipled. However, when child development goes wrong, mothers are not the single person to blame even though our society models them in this way. The reality of motherhood is that although fathers have increased their family responsibilities, the main duty still falls on the mother’s shoulders. Mothers do most family work, usually three to four times more than men do. Besides, the work mothers do is repetitive and routine, often involving cleaning, cooking, laundry, and straightening up. In result, it’s reported that women enjoy family life much less than men do. Family work is included in family relations. Most women feel that family tasks are mindless but essential. They usually enjoy tending to the needs of their loved ones even if they do not find the activities enjoyable and fulfilling. Family work is both positive and negative for women. They are unsupervised and rarely criticized. They play and control their own work. However, women’s family work is also worrisome, tiresome, repetitive, isolating and unfinished. In sum, the role of the mother brings with it benefits as well as limitations. Father-mother

cooperation and respect help the child to develop positive attitudes toward both males and females. It is much easier for working parents to deal with changing family circumstances and day-care issues together. Mothers feel less stress and have more positive attitudes toward their husbands when they are supportive partners. (Note: Answer the questions or complete the statements in NO MORE THAN TWELVE WORDS.) 81. Why isn’t mother the only cause of children’s problems? 82. What are the two factors that make family life less enjoyable for women? 83. Despite their personal dislike of family work, women do family work because they are willing to ______. 84. The kid learns to look on males and females positively with the help of ______. 第 II 卷 (共 45 分) I. Translation(20 分) Directions: Translate the following sentences into English, using the words given in the brackets. 多吃蔬菜和水果,你会保持健康。 (and) 玛丽是否参加这次英语晚会尚不得而知。 (remain) 交流时,我们可能会遇到与自己观点截然不同的人。 (likely) 正是通过远程教育,玛丽学会了如何进行个人投资。 (It?) 如今,很多机场使用电子设备来检查旅客携带的行李中的违禁物品。 (check)

参考答案 1-5 CBBCD 6-10 ACBDC 11-13 CAD 14-16 CDA 17. Luck 18. 2nd. 19. Kitchen 20. Storm. 21. Universal Studios 22. Special effects shows 23. Spirits 24. 77 dollars 25-29 DACBB 30-34 BDBCC 35-40 DDCDCC 41. H. 42. A 43. J 44. G 45. B 46. F 47. E 48. D 49. C 50-54 BABDD 55-59 CAABA 60-64 BCBAB 65-68 DDCB 69-71 BAD 72-75 CACB 76-80 E C D A F 81. Because behavior is multiply determined. 82. Women doing most work and the work being repetitive and routine. 83. tend to the needs of their loved ones. 84. father-mother cooperation and respect Eat more vegetables and fruits and you will be healthy/and you will (can) keep healthy. It remains unknown whether Mary will attend the English Evening. When communicating, we are likely to meet people who have totally different opinions with us. It was through distance education that Mary learned how to make personal investment. Nowadays, many airports use electronic equipment to check the forbidden items in the luggage passengers carry.



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