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英语:Module6 Unit2教学设计(外研版七年级上)

Module 6 An invitation to the cinema Unit2 Let?s go to the cinema on Friday? Teaching aims : 语言知识目标: 语法;1.用在时间前的介词 in. 地点前的介词 at. 2. Where is ------? It?s at/in-----. When is-------? It?s in/

on----. 语音:/s/ /z/ 能够正确朗读和听辩/s/ /z/. 词汇:show ,garden, day, place, price, theatre, swimming. Studying aims : 1. To get the necessary information from the reading material 2. To get a brief idea of entertainment adverts 3. to get to know the format of an email 知识目标:生词及 where when 开头的特殊疑问句及答语 It?s in/on/at------能力目标:能发出邀请和提出建议,并能用 where /when 句型,训练学生听说能力,进行大量 的语言实践。 情感目标:在用英语交流中要礼貌,尊重对方。 为达成目标采用的教法与学法: 在本单元的教学过程中,我运用了“任务型”教学方法,这是一种以学生为主体,活动为 重点的教学方法。我主要采取了从 Reading by themselves ,Work in groups ,Pair work 分角色阅 读和 Writing 等形式来练习,以讨论的形式来纠正听力答案和 1,2 两部分。 学生以分角色阅读,到教室前面表演对话,调查探究学习,小组合作学习的方法,激发 了学生的热情,提高了学习的兴趣,使学生真正成为课本的主体,提高了课堂效率。 Teaching steps 一、warming-up Teachers? Activity : 1. 在黑板上写上单词:cinema ,stadium, football match, morning , evening, afternoon, Monday, Saturday 等, 让学生同桌复习第一单元所学句型: Would you like to go to ------? Let?s go in/on -----2. 把单词 show ,garden, day, place, price, theatre.写在黑板上,让学生看他们是否会读这 些词,是否知道词义。 3. 如有疑惑,教师点拨。 Students? Activity: 1. 同桌用黑板上的单词就第一单元学的句型进行对话问答练习。 2. 自己读黑板上的单词,后四人一组讨论一下是否会读知道意思了。 二、In put Teachers? Activity : 1. Ask Ss to open the book at page 38 and look and read the adverts ?THIS WEEK? .Then complete Activity 1 and 2. 2. Let Ss check the answers in groups. 3. 答案如有疑惑,教师点拨。让学生四人小组讨论后总结出 Activity 2 中出现的句型: Where is the football match /the Taijiquan class ? It?s at -------. 和 When is the ------ ? It?s in the afternoon ------/on Friday ------.
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Students? Activity: 1.Ss read the adverts complete activity 1 and 2. 2.Check the answers in groups of four students. 3.小组讨论,然后进行总结。如不全面其他小组作补充。 三、Practice Teachers? Activity 1. Ask Ss to work in pair .Ask and answer questions about the adverts (Activity 3) .Using When/where is -----? It?s in/on/at----- . 2. Get Ss to work in pairs . Ask and say when and where things are (Activity 4) . Then let them work in groups of four . Students? Activity: 1. Ask and answer in pairs . ----Where is ------ ? It?s at ------. When is ------? It?s in /on -----. 2. Ask and say when and where things are in pairs. Then in groups . 四、Out put Teachers? Activity: 1. Let Ss read the email and fill in the blanks with these phrases by themselves (activity 5).Then get them check the answers in groups of four .Ask Ss read the email again .然后 让学生说出电子邮件的格式,教师给予补充。让学生学会用电子邮件写邀请函。 2. Ask Ss to write their own email invitation (Activity 6).Then read it in groups.(提醒学生 注意电子邮件的格式) Students? Activity: 1. Read the email and fill in the blanks by themselves .Then check the answers in groups .再 读一遍电子邮件,后说出电子邮件的格式。 2. 了解电子邮件的格式后,写出自己的电子邮件邀请涵,然后在小组内交流,评出最 好的。 五、Summing-up Teachers? Activity: 1. 让学生口头或在黑板上总结一下本单元所学的知识,其他同学或教师作补充.(when /where 引导的特殊疑问句及回答,介词 in on at 的用法,及电子邮件的书写格式。 ) Students? Activity: 1. 总结出本单元所学到的知识。 六、Feedback (见达标题) 七、Homework 1. Do Activity 3 and 4 in Unit 3 2. Do Exercise 8 and 13 . Teaching Reflection: 本节课 Module 6 Unit 2 是一节读写课,目标是能读懂简单的广告类文体,并从中获得重 要信息和学习电子邮件的写作方式;掌握时间地点的表达方式。在教学过程中,让学生自己 理解语言点和语法,不足的地方,小组互助或者教师进行补充。目的是培养学生的自学能力 和小组互助意识。

一、填入适当的词,使其意思完整 1. The basketball match is ____Friday.
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2. The magic show is_____ the evening . 3. The Taijiquan class is ______ Garden Hotel . 4. The piano lesson is ______Sunday afternoon . 5. Daming invites Tony______ the cinema . 二、句型转换 1. Let?s go at six pm .(改为否定句) Let?s____ _____at six pm. 2. The film is in the afternoon .(对划线部分提问) _____ is the cinema ? 3.The football match is at Beijing Stadium.(对划线部分提问 _____ is the football match ? 4.you ,like ,would , to , to come , cinema , the ,me ,with (?)(连词成句 __________________________________________________________ 参考答案 一.1. on 2.in 3. at 4. on 5. to 二.1. not go 2. When 3. Where 4. Would you like to come the cinema with me ?

时间:45 分钟 分数:100 分 一、 根据句意和所给词首字母完成单词(10 分) 1. W______you like some dumplings? 2. W______is the fourth(第四) day of the week. 3. Tom?s P______invite us to Tom?s birthday party at their home. 4. Do you like to play computer g______ on Sunday? 5. There is a football m______in the UK on Saturday. 6. We see films at the c_____. 7. Tony i_____ me to his birthday party. 8. There is a m_____ show at the theatre(戏院). 9. There are 11 people in a football t_____. 10. Are you going to Shanghai w______ Tony? 二、 单项选择(15 分) 1. ---Would you like a glass of coffee? ---_______. A. I don?t know B. Yes,I could C. Sorry,I would not D. No,thanks 2. The film is _____Sunday afternoon. A. on B. in C. at D. on 3. ---Do you have an eraser? ---Yes,I have _____. A. it B.eraser C. one D.a one 4. Let him _____ there near the window. A. to sit B. sit
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C. sits D. sitting 5. There _____ some rice in the bowl. A. am B. is C. are D. be 6. ---Would you like to go to cinema with me tonight? ----_____. A. Yes,I?d like B. Yes,like C. Yes, I?d like to D. Like to 7. ---Let?s stay at home and watch TV. ---_____. A. OK B. That?s all right C. That?s OK D. Right 8. The food is very ____. A. nice B. badly C. well D. fine 9. ---Can you swim? ---_____. A. Yes,he can B. Yes,I can?t C. No,I can D. No,I can?t 10. Would you like _____ food and drink? A. health B. healthy C. bad D. well 11. _____ Tony _____ a twin brother? A. Do,have B. Have,got C. Has,got D. A and C 12. The twims can?t _____ A. play football B. play a basketball C. play ping-pong D. A and C 13. Tony asks Daming _____ to a basketball match. A. go B. goes C. to go D. not go 14. ---_____ is your English teacher? ---Under the tree. A. Who B. How C. This D. Where 15. I?m thirteen,______ he is thirteen,too. A. and B. but C. so D. or 三、完形填空(15 分) Watch me play basketball Do you ___1__Home With Kids(《家有儿女》)?Do you __2__ the lively brother Liu Xing in the __3__? He is always so funny.Liu Xing?s actor is __4__ Beijing?s bit player Zhang Yishan. You can see him in his new __5__Slam(《扣篮对决》)now. Playing __6__ is Zhang Yishan?s __7__ sport. His role in the film is a child called “Monkey”
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who is fond of basketball.Monkey __8__ two best friends.The three boys take in(参加)a basketball competition together. Because of non-stop playing basketball when he was filming the movie, Zhang Yishan is six centimetres taller than before. He is 1.73 meters tall now . “I love this movie,:says Yishan.”I make two good __9__ in it. And I __10__ play basketball much better now.” ( )1.A.watch B.see C.look D.stare ( )2.A.liking B.likes C.like D.liked ( )3.A.family B.life C.story D.film ( )4.A.16 year old B.16- years -old C. 16 years-old D.16-year old ( )5.A.TV B.movie C.comdy D.opera ( )6.A.basketball B.football C.soccer D.baseball ( )7.A.like B.love C.best D.favourite ( )8.A.have B.have got C.has got D.gets ( )9.A.friend B.friends C.boy D.boys ( )10.A.would B.wouldn?t C.can?t D.can 四、从 II 栏中选出与 I 栏相对应的答语(10 分) I II ( )1.Would you like some cakes? A.Foogball. ( )2.Can you ride a bike? B.Behind the library. ( )3.How many days are there in a week? C.That?s my mother. ( )4.Is he a student? D.Yes,please. ( )5.Where is the cinema? E.We can?t ride horse. ( )6.What?s your favourite sports? F.Seven. ( )7.May I speak to Mike? G.Yes,he is. ( )8.Have you got a ticket? H.Yes,I have. ( )9.What can you do? I.Yes,I can. ( )10.Who?s that? J.Speaking. 五、补全对话(10 分) A:What do you want __1__ __2__ this morning? B:I want to __3__ glof. A:Who do you want to play __4__? B:I __5__ know.Do you want to play with __6__? A:Sorry,I want to stay __7__ home .I like watching cartoons __8___ TV. B:I __9___ like cartoons,___10__I like golf best. 1._______ 2._______ 3._______ 4._______ 5._______ 6._______ 7._______ 8._______ 9._______ 10._______ 六、用所给单词的适当形式填空(20 分) 1.Li Lei invites us _____(join) his party. 2.They _____(see) their parents tomorrow. 3.The magic show _____(be) on in the morning. 4.Would you like _____(go) with us? 5.Tom asks me _____(play) basketball in the afternoon. 6.Daming and Tony _____(go) to a football match on Sunday.
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7.Let?s _____(eat) the chocolate together. 8.Manchester United _____(be) my favourite football team. 9.Tony with Li Ming and Lingling _____(be) at home. 10.Meat _____(be) my favourite food. 七、句型转换(10 分) 1.It is Sunday today.(对划线部分提问) ______ ______ is it today? 2.The film is on at the cinema.(对划线部分提问) ______ ______ the film on? 3.She has got three books.(改为否定句) She ______ ______ three books. 4.I?d like to see a film.(改为一般疑问句) ______ ______ ______ _____ see a film? 5.She comes from America.(对划线部分提问) ______ ______ she ______ from? 6.They can play table tennis.(改为一般疑问句并作肯定回答) ---______ they ______ table tennis? ---No,they ______. 7.He has got two sisters.(改为一般疑问句并作否定回答) ---______ he ______two sisters? ---______,he ______. 8.I?d like to go to the cinema with Tony tonight.(对划线部分提问) ______ ______ you like ______ ______ with Tony tonight? 9.Tony,Daming,to,to,invites,go,a match football(连词成句) __________________________________________________________________________ 10.it,in,in,is,the,the ,or,morning,afternoon(连词成句) ___________________________________________________________________________ 八、 根据所给的汉语完成英语句子(10 分) 1.你想去看魔术表演吗? Would you like ______ ______ a ______ ______? 2.Jackie Chen 是我最喜爱的电影明星 Jackie Chen is my ______ ______ ______. 3.请邀请你的朋友来参加生日聚会. Please ______ your friends _____ join your birthday party. 4.电影将在周日上演. The film _____ ______ on Sunday. 5.我写个电子邮件问问 Tony. I write ______ ______ and ______ Tony. 参考答案 一.1.would 2.Wednesday 3.parents 4.games 5.match 6.cinema 7.invites 8.magic 9.team 10.with 二.1---5 DACBB 6---10 CAADB 11---15CDCDA 三.1---5 ACDBB 6---10 ADCBD 四.1—5 DIFGB 5---10 AJHEC 五.1. to 2.do 3.play 4.with 5.don?t 6.me 7.at 8.on 9. don?t 10.but
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六. jion 2.are going to see /will see 3.is 4. to go 5.to play 6.are going/will go 7.eat 8.is 9.is 10.is 1.to 七.1.What day 2.where is 3.hasn?t got 4.Would you like to 5.where does come 6.can play ,can 7.Has go ,No hasn?t 8.What would ,to do 9.Tony invites Daming to go to a football match . 10.It is in the morning or in the afternoon . 八.1.to watch ,magic show 2.faviourite film star 3. invite ,to 4.is on 5.an e-mail ,ask

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