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Unit 3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived ? Name:________________ I.A.把下列短语译成英语 1 在...的前面________________ 2 在厨房里___________________ 3 在浴室里____________________ 4 从 ...... 中出来____________

___ 5 理发 _______________________ 6 飞行博物馆__________________ 7 沿着....走____________________ 8 打电话报警_________________ 9 起飞________________________ 10 在中心街着陆_______________ B.词型转换现在分词 形容词形式名词形式副词形式对应 词 1 buy(过去式)________________ 2 get(过去式)________________ 3jump(现在分词)_______________ 4 cut(过去式)_________________

5 run (过去式)______________ 6 run(现在分词)________________

II.用 when 或 while 填空 1________ Tom was eating supper, it began to rain outside. 2 Don't use your phone________ you are driving a car. 3 What were you doing ________ Mr. Zhou came in ? 4 Jim is good at math _____ Mary is good at English. 5 We were watching TV _____ the electricity was off.. 6 ________Peter was sleeping; a thief broke into his house. 7 It snowed ________ we arrived in Tokyo. 8 She left her hometown________ she was five. 9 I was studying in the library__________ the UFO landed. III.用所给动词的正确形式填空 1 ---Did you hear the noise?----No. we_______________(play) the piano then. 2 I didn't hear you, I______________________(make) a phone call then. 3 Some girls ___________________(sing) in the park at eight o'clock last night.

4 We_________________(listen) to the radio when someone knocked at the door. 5 Of course you couldn't see me, I__________________(take) a bath at that time. 6 When they came into the room, Ben and Jim __________(do) their homework. 7 Her mother ____________________(cook) at home at noon yesterday. 8 While I ________________(read) a book, he _____________(come) home. 9 I first saw Lisa two years ago. She____________(work) in a shop at that time. 10 I don't think Tom saw me, he ____________(look) at a new dress at that time. IV.按要求完成句子 1 The girl was shopping when the alien got out of the UFO.(对划线部分提问) _______________________________________________________ __________ 2 The old man was walking down the street. I met him. (合并为一个复合句) _______________________________________________________

__________ 3 What was he doing? The plane took off.(合并为一个复 合句) _______________________________________________________ __________ 4. was, while, walking, I, saw, to, I, a, in, cat, school, a, tree (连词成句) _______________________________________________________ _________. 5 我希望你的英语能说得和美国人一样好。 _______________________________________________________ __________ V. 根据短文及首字母提示完成所缺单词 I had a very u __________ expensive on Sunday. At a___________ ten o'clock in the morning. I was w____________ down the street when a UFO L____________ right in front of me. You can i______________ how strange it was! An alien got out and walked down Center Street. I f____________ it to see where it was going, and was very s______________ when it went into a souvenir shop. W______________ it was looking at the souvenir, the shop assistant c______________ the police. Before the police

arrived, the alien left the shop. I called the TV station .Isn't that a______________ ! VI.选择填空 1.Linda was just going out shopping ________ the telephone rang., A. while bridge. A. before B. after C. until D. while 3. When his mother got home, Jimmy ________ the toys together busily. A. put game. A. have watched was watching 5.Would you please drive faster? My flight is ________. A. taking off off 6.She is ________ in English. A. interested B. interesting C. interests D. interest 7.The doorbell rang, and mother ________ the door B. getting off C. turning off D. putting B. had watched C. am watching D. B. was putting C. puts D. to put 4. –Did you notice him come in? –No. I ________ a football B. when C. after D. because 2. I met Mr Green ________ I was walking across the

A. stopped open C. stopped to open A. put on A. wear A. cry

B. stopped opening D. stopped opened C. try on C. have on C. crying D. take off A D. dress D. cries

8. It’s hot here. Why not ________ your coat? B. dress up B. put on B. to cry 9.The child isn’t old enough to ________ himself. 10. Listen! Can you hear a baby ________? VII.翻译下列句子 1. 当我在厨房做饭的时候,我听见有人敲门。 ____________________________________________________ _____________ 2. 那时,我正站在图书馆前面。 ____________________________________________________ _____________ 3. 当那个女孩正在买东西的时候,外星人出来了。 ____________________________________________________ _____________ 4. 你能想像到,它是多么奇怪呀! ____________________________________________________ _____________ 5. 上周日,我有一次不寻常的经历。

_______________________________________________________ __________ VIII. 完形填空: Mr. White lives in a small town. He works in a factory. There he __1___a truck(卡车). He's busy all the time and can't look after his three-year-old son. And his wife does all the__2___ and she takes good care of the boy. Bad luck! Once the young man was very __3___ after he had worked for over twenty hours. His truck hit a big tree and turned over(翻车). He was hurt and the policemen sent him to a hospital. The doctors tried their best to save him. After the operation he couldn’t do anything and his wife had to look after him there. She had to __4___ the boy at home in the daytime. And she took him to the hospital at night. When Mr. White felt a little __5___, he said to his wife, ―Robert __6___ feel lonely at home. You'd better buy a toy(玩具)for him. ‖ Mrs. White __7___with her husband. But she didn't know what to buy. One afternoon, when she was passing the market, she saw a farmer __8___a little dog there. Suddenly she remembered her son liked the little animals very much. So she bought it. Later Mr. White came out of hospital. They thought

___9__ of his friends would go to see him. And it would be __10___ for the little dog. So they put up a notice(告 示) the door, ―BE CAREFUL OF THE DOG!‖ at (吓唬)the It frightened visitors. One of their friends saw the dog

and asked, ―Why do you put up the notice since your dog is so small?‖. ―Just for it we're afraid it'll be stepped on (踩)!‖ ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1. A. makes B. watches C. drives D. mends ) 2. A. homework B. exercises C. cleaning D. ) 3. A. tired B. sorry C. ill D. hungry ) 4. A. leave B. lose C. take D. lock ) 5. A. well B. bed C. better D. worse ) 6. A. need B. must C. may D. can ) 7. A. was angry B. played C. was strict ) 8. A. sell B. selling C. beat D. beating ) 9. A. some B. few C. none D. neither ) 10. A. good B. safe C. helpful D. dangerous D. agreed


IX. 阅读理解 Before you go to another country, it is a great help if you know the language and some of the customs of the country.

When people meet each other for the first time in Britain, they say ―How do you do?‖ and shake hands. Usually they do not shake hands after they haven’t met for a long time or when they will be away from each other for a long time. Last year a group of German students went to England for a holiday. Their teacher told them that the English people hardly shake hands. So when they met their English friends at the station, they kept their hands behind their backs. The English students had learned that the Germans shake hands as often as possible. So they put their hands in front and got ready to shake hands with them. It made both of them laugh. 1. It is______ if you know the language and the customs of the country. A. not useful B. not helpful C. very helpful ________. A. meet every time other 3. Usually the English people don’t shake hands ________. A. when they won’t be away for a long time B. meet for the first time D. say hello to each C. say goodbye to each other D. very sad 2. The English people usually shake hands when they

B. when they say ―How do you do?‖ C. when they just meet or say goodbye D. after they haven’t met for a long time 4. Which is right? A. German people shake hands as often as possible. B. English people like shaking hands very much. C. German people hardly shake hands. D. Neither the English people nor Germans like shaking hands. 5. This story is about ________. A. shaking hands 交大二附中导学稿 Unit 3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived ?(2) Name:________________ I. 词汇练习: A.将下列短语译成英语 1 爬山_____________________ 2 跳下来 ___________________________ 3 拍照_____________________ 4 逃跑 ____________________________ 5 火车站____________________ 6 寻找 B. languages C. customs D. languages and customs

____________________________ 7 警察局___________________ 8 电视台 __________________________ 9 紧挨着的__________________ 10 在通电话 ________________________ B.词型转换现在分词 形容词形式名词形式副词形式对应词 1.fly (现在分词)________________ 2. fly(名词形式)________________ 3. ride(过去式)_______________ 4. final(副词形式)______________ 5.surprise(形容词形式)__________ 6. usual(对应词)_______________ C.用所给词的适当形式填空 1 A UFO landed while I was__________(sleep) 2 He was ________(jump) and___________(run) with another dog. 3. Linda___________(walk) around the station and called its name. 4 I couldn't see my watch____________ (some where) 5 She followed it ____________(see) where it was going. 6 Tory might find it difficult to plan things

for____________(their). 7 While Alice was ____________(shop), it began to rain. 8 I had a very ____________(usually) experience on Sunday. 9 We saw her ____________(enter) the hall just now. 10 Don't ____________(are) late again. II.选择填空 1 –You want ________ sandwich? –Yes, I usually eat a lot when I’m hungry. A. other B. another C. others D. the other 2.–Excuse me, would you please tell me ________? –Certainly. Go straight along here. It’s next to a hospital. A. how we can get to the post office to the post office C . how get to the post office to the post office 3. All of us felt _______ when we saw such a little girl speak very good English. A surprise surprise 4.―They are filling the bags with clothes.‖ means they’re ________ B. surprised C. surprising D. in D. how could we get B. how can we get

A putting their clothes away into the bags C. putting down their clothes clothes

B. putting their clothes D. putting on their

5.He is ________ as one of the greatest men in the history . A. thought of A. at A. we A. did A. early A. because III.句型转换: 1. I will play football with my friends this Sunday. (对划 线部分提问) ________________________________________? 2. You should write him a letter. (对划线部分提问) ______ ______ ______ do? B. think of C. with C. our C. thought D. for D. ours D. does D. the earliest D. think 6.Don’t be angry ________ me. B. to B. us 7.Jim will give ________ a short talk tomorrow. 8.She ________ her homework at five yesterday. B. is doing B. earlier B. so C. was doing C. very early C. but 9.She didn’t come home as _______ as you. 10.She was ill, ________ she didn’t go to school. D. or

3. The boy was walking down the street when the UFO landed. (对划线部分提问) ______ ______ the boy ______ when the UFO landed. 4.He spent five days reading the book.(同义句) ______ _______ him five days ______ _______ the book. 5. I don’t know what I should do.(改为简单句) I don’t know ______ _____ _____. IV.根据所给内容提示编写对话(用过去进行时) 1. 9:30am, Davy, go shopping --____________________________________________________ ___________ --____________________________________________________ ___________ 2. 11:30am, mother, cook _______________________________________________________ __________ _______________________________________________________ __________ 3. 4:00pm, boys, play football _______________________________________________________ __________ _______________________________________________________

__________ 4. 7:15pm, my, family, watch TV _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ ____________________ 5. 5:45pm, barber, cut hair _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ ____________________ V.汉译英 1 当 Linda's 的狗逃走时,她在干什么? __________________________________________________ _______________ 2 当外星人正在买纪念品的时候,那个女孩报了警。 __________________________________________________ _______________ 3 当 Linda 在寻找 Dave 时,它在哪里? __________________________________________________ _______________ 4 当 Linda 在打电话时发生了什么事?

__________________________________________________ _______________ 5 最后当 Linda 看到 Dave 时,它在干什么? __________________________________________________ _______________ VI. 动词填空 When I am walking in the street, I often see a group of students in school uniform. I am surprised 1________(see) that the girls' skirts are very short, and they 2 _________(wear) a lot of make- up. The boys look very untidy, some even 3_________(make) their shirtfronts open and listen to music wearing the earphone, which I don't think should 4 _________(allow) at school. The other day, I 5_________(sit) on the bus when I saw some boys from a local school. Instead of 6 ________(sit) quietly, these boys were making noises, chewing gum in an ugly manner, and 7_________ (speak) bad language. All the other passengers were looking at them and wondering how it was possible for these boys not 8________ (have) any self respect.

They were also giving their school a very bad image, which is shameful. I think all students should 9__________(teach) how 10________(be) polite to raise our national quality. VII.读短文判断句子正误。)(正确写 T,错误写 F。(10 分) The police in a big city were looking for a thief. At last they caught him. But while they were taking photos of him—from the front,from the left,from the right,with a hat,without a hat—he suddenly hit the policemen and ran away. They tried to catch him,but he got away. Then a week later,the telephone rang in the police office,and someone said,―You are looking for Bill Cross,aren’t you?‖ ―Yes.‖ ―Well,he left here for Waterbridge an hour ago.‖ Waterbridge was a small town about 100 kilometers away from the city. The city police at once sent for different photos of the police in Waterbridge. ―We have caught three of the thieves to the

men.‖They said proudly,―and we think we’ll catch the fourth this evening.‖ ( ( ( ( ( ) 1.The police in the city took five photos of the )2.The police was told that the thief had gone to )3.Bill Cross was the name of the policeman. )4.The town police caught three people. )5.From this story we know that the police in thief. Waterbridge a week before.

Waterbridge did a good job. 预习 Reading: I.将下列短语译成英语。 1 象、、、、、(一样)_________ 2 发生___________________ 3 听说__________________ 4 在这一天_______________ 5 在那时_________________ 6 沉默的__________________ 7 在太空__________________ 8 在世界__________________

9 在月球上行走____________ 10 重大历史事件___________ 11 当今美国历史___________ 12 一位民族英雄___________ II.汉译英 1 那是当代美国历史上最重大的事件之一。 This was________ ________the ________ ________ events________ ________ American history. 2 大部分的日常活动看起来很重要。 The ________ ________ ________ can ________ important. 3 那天学校放假,Robert 和他的朋友一起沉默地走回家。 ________ ________ ________ ________ ________, Robert and his friends ________ ________ together ________ ________. 4 并非历史上所有的事件都这样可怕。 ________ ________ ________ in history are ________ ________ ________ this. 5 扬力伟成了一名民族英雄并闻名世界。 Yang Liwei ________a ________ ________ in China and ________ ________ _________ ________the world.

Ⅱ.动词填空(10) 1. to see 2.are wearing 3. make 4. be allowed 5.was sitting 6.sitting 7.speaking 8. to have 9. be taught 10.to be



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