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高中英语必修 5 词组、重点句型总结
Unit 1 Great scientists

I. Phrases 1. put forward 提出 2. draw a conclusion 得出 结论 3. be under control 在……控制下 be out of control 失去控 制,不能操纵 4. be absorbed in 专心 5. be to blame 应该受责备 (用主动形式表示被动)

blame sb. for sth. 因某 事责备某人 6. in addition 也,另外, 此外 7. link...to... 将…和…连接 或联系起来 8. die of 因…而死亡(内 因) die from 因 … 而 死 亡 (外因) 9. lead to 导致,通向 10. make sense 有意义, 说 得通 11. apart from 除…之外,

此外 12. contribute to 为 … 作 贡献或捐款,导致,有助 于 13. be enthusiastic about 对…热情 14. be curious about 对… 好奇 15. cure sb. of illness 治好 某人…病 16.(be)strict with sb. 对 某人要求严格 II. Sentences

1. John Snow was a well-known doctor in London – so famous, indeed, that he attended Queen Victoria as her personal physician. 约翰· 斯诺曾经是伦敦一位 著名的医生 ―― 他的确太 负盛名了,所以他成为了 维多利亚女皇的私人医 生。 2. But he became inspired when he thought about helping ordinary people

exposed to cholera. 但当他一想到要帮助患病 的普通老百姓,特别是那 些得了霍乱的患者时,他 就感到很振奋。 3. Neither its cause, nor its cure was understood. 人们既不知道它的病源, 也不了解它的治疗方法。 4. He knew it would never be controlled until its cause was found. 他知道,在找到病源之前, 疫情是无法控制的。

5. He got interested in two theories explaining how cholera killed people. 霍乱之所以能致人于死, 当时有两种看法,斯诺对 这两种推测都很感兴趣。 6. The second suggested that people absorbed this disease into their bodies with their meals. 第二种看法是在吃饭的时 候人们把这种病毒引入体 内的。 7. It seemed that the

water was to blame. 看来要归罪于饮用水了。 8. Only if you put the sun there did the movements of the other planets in the sky make sense. 只有当你把太阳放在中心 位置上,天空中其它行星 的运动才能说得清楚。 Unit 2 Kingdom I. Phrases The United

1. consist of 由……组成 2. divide…into… 把 …… 分成 3. break away ( from… ) 挣托(束缚) ;脱离 4. have a good / bad influence on … 对……有 好/ 坏影响 5. take the place of 代替 6. break down (机器)破坏, 损坏; (人)身体出毛病; (计划等)受挫,失败 7. leave out 省去;遗漏; 不考虑

8. quarrel with sb. about/ over sth. 9. at your convenience 在 你方便的时候 10. under construction 在 建设中 II. Sentences: 1. There is no need to debate any more why different words are used to describe the four countries. 对于用来描述这四个国家 的词语,现在已经没有争

辩的必要了。 2. To their surprise, the three countries found themselves united peacefully instead of by war. 这三个国家惊奇地发现他 们是和平地而没有通过战 争联合起来了。如果你想 要使你的英国之旅不虚此 行,你就必须把眼睛睁得 大大的。 3. Worried about the time available, Zhang Pingyu

had made a list of the sites she wanted to see in London . 由于担心时间不够,张萍 玉早就把她想在伦敦参观 的地点列了一张单子。 5. What interested her most was the longitude line. 她最感兴趣的是那条经 线。 6. Come and see me whenever it is convenient to you.

只要你方便,随时都可以 来。 Unit 3 Life in the Future

I. Phrases 1. make a deep impression on sb. 给某人留下深刻印 象 impress sb. with sth.= impress sth. on sb.使人记 住某事 2. take up 拿起/占用/接受 /开始/从事/继续/选修

speed up 加速 sweep up 打扫 / 横扫 /掠 过 turn up 出现 / 开大 ( 音 / 水量) 3. remind sb. of sth. 使某 人回想起某事 / 提醒某人 某事 remind sb. to do sth. 提醒 某人去做某事 remind sb. that … 提醒某 人…… 4. as a result (of…) 结果 5. suffer from 遭受

6. be similar to 和…相似 7. keep doing sth. 一直做 某事 8. in no time 很快,立刻 9 .be back on one’s feet (从病痛或挫折中)复原 10. lose / catch sight of …. 看不见 / 看见 be in / out of sight 看得 见 / 看不见 at first sight 第一眼 at the sight of… 一 看 见……就…… 12. provided sb. with

sth. 向某人提供某物 II. Sentences: 1. Think about how many changes there have been in the last one thousand years . 想想近一千年来有多少变 化。 2. Neither of these creatures is easy to talk to . 这两种生物都不容易 与之交谈。 3. Everyone will get twice as much personal space as

in flats on land. 每个人都将得到陆上公寓 两倍的个人空间。 Unit 4 Making the News I. Phrases 1. be curious about 对……感到好奇 2.be to do 必将 / 将要 / 应该 3. on one’s own 独自,*自 己 of one’s own 自己的……

4. concentrate on 集中精 力于…… 6. depend on 依赖 7. accuse sb. Of(doing) sth.= 指控某人做某事 8. so as to do sth.(句中) 为 了…… 9. be eager to do sth. /for sth. 渴望做……/…… 10. ahead of 在……前头 11. set (out)to do/ set about doing 着手做某事 12. make an appointment with sb. 与某人约会, 预约

13. do some research on… 对……做调查 II. Sentences: 1. (倒装)Never will ZY forget his first assignment at the office of China Daily. 周阳永不会忘记他在《中 国日报》报社当记者的首 次任务。 2.(倒装)Only when you have seen what he or she does, can you cover a story by yourself. 3. (倒装)Not only am I

interested in photography, but I took a course at university, so it’s actually of special interest to me. 对摄影我不仅感兴趣,在 大学我还专修过摄影,因 此,我的确对摄影特别感 兴趣。 4.Have you ever had a case where somebody accused your reporters of getting the wrong end of the stick? 你是否有这样的情况:有

人控告你手下的记者的报 道完全失实? Unit 5 First aid I. Phrases 1. give / offer / do first aid to sb. perform / carry out first aid on sb. 对某人实施急 救 2. fall ill 生病 3. get injured / infected / burned 受伤 / 感染 / 烧

伤 4. save one’s life 挽救某人 的生命 5. sense of touch 触觉 6. electric shock 触电;电 休克 7. take off 脱下; (飞机) 起飞 8. squeeze out 榨出;挤出 9. over and over again 反 复;多次 10. in place 在 适 当 的 位 置;适当 11. put one’s hands on 找

到 12. present sb. with sth. present sth. to sb. 赠予/ 给予某人某物 13. cause / do damage to…. 使……受到危害/ 损害 14. a number of +n. (pl. ) 若干;许多 15. stick sth. to… 贴 在…….上 16. make a difference 区 别 II. Sentences:

1. Burns are called first degree, second degree or third degree burns depending on which layers of the skins are burnt. 根据皮肤烧伤的层次而有 一度烧伤、二度烧伤和三 度烧伤。 2. John was studying in his room when he heard screaming. 约翰正在房里学习,突然 听到一声尖叫。 3. There is no doubt that

Jon’s quick thinking and the first aid skills he learned at school saved Ms Slade’s life. 毫无疑问,是敏捷的思维 和在学校学到的急救技 术,使得斯莱德女士的生 命得救了。 4. It shows that a knowledge of first aid can make a real difference . 这说明了急救知识的确能 发挥重要的作用。 5. If burns are on arms or

legs, keep them higher than the heart, if possible. 如果烧伤的部位在臂部或 腿部,可能的话,就要把 他们抬高到高于心脏的位 置。 6. assist sb. in /with sth. = assist sb. in doing sth. = assist sb. to do sth. 帮 忙,协助某人去做某事 7.explain to sb. sth.= explain sth. to sb. 向某人 解释某事 8. get / be caught in … 被

困在……中 9. be supposed to do 应该 10. be equipped with … 装备有…… 2013 年 高 考 范 文 经 典 句 型: 1. Learning from what has been described above, I can draw a conclusion that only by our own efforts can we harvest the result of rebuilding ourselves.(非谓语动词和 倒装句)

2. Hearing this, the whole class burst into laughter and my deskmate’s face turned red.(非谓语动词) 3. Not until then did I realize words could be powerful in both positive and negative ways.(倒装句) 4. These days, breaking traffic rules and littering are not uncommon, causing serious harm to life

and the environment. (非谓语动词) 5. Not only will I keep from littering and spitting anywhere, I will also help clean up the roadside litter wherever possible.(倒装句) 6. Only in this way can they grow up to be independent and become truly successful.(倒装句)

7. Amazed at how skillful they were, I was determined to be just as good. (非谓语 动词) 试着翻译下列句子: 1. 除英语外他还会讲汉语 (apart from/in addition to ) 2. 担心钱不够用,我只好 从事一份兼职工作来挣些 钱

3. 直到这条河里的鱼都死 了村民们才意识到污染有 多么严重(倒装句) 4. 只有这样我们才能解决 这个问题(only in this way…) 5. 我觉得算出这道数学题 是如此难以至于我决定向 老师求助 (so…that, turn to sb. for help, find it difficult to do sth.用倒转 句)

6. 毫无疑问我们的计划会 被批准(There is no doubt that…) 7. 正是他所说的话使我感 到失望(强调句)



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