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The Internet Real-name System In recent years, the Internet real-name system has aroused a heated debate. Some people believe that the real-name system is very beneficial to the netizens. However, others argue that this kind of system may bring new troubles. (提出观点段) Those who hold the first opinion believe that people should be responsible for their speech and statement. In addition, they point out the advantages in terms of fraud prevention and network security protection. However, still others do not agree to this. In their opinion, the complete real-name system invades people’s legal rights of making comments and expressing ideas freely. Besides, the real-name system may put net users’ privacy in danger. (对比论证段) Weighing up these two arguments, I am inclined to the latter opinion. Surely, the real-name system of the Internet is necessary in some fields. But for some netizens like blog writers and BBS users, the real-name system is impractical. Taking the above-mentioned factors into consideration, I think the real-name system should be carried out in a flexible way. (表明观点段) On the Young Fans Nowadays, there is an increasing number of young people who take singers, movie stars as their idols. To know more about their idols, they would rather spend a lot of money and energy in collecting information related to them and attending their concerts and shows. Some fans even give up their study due to the obsession about the celebrities. (描述现象段) Why are the young people so crazy at their stars? Firstly, lack of faith is an important factor. Today’s young people mostly have no faith to rely on. To some degree, they worship the stars as their “gods”. Secondly, celebrities tend to lead the fashion and trend, which is a big attraction to the young. Finally, in modern society, young people are faced with too much pressure. Chasing their idols can help them release their burden temporarily. (说明原因段) As far as I am concerned, being fans does not always bring bad effects. Instead, if young people can find a positive idol, it will be helpful to their studies and growth. Therefore, schools and parents should not always object young people’s chasing idols but should give them necessary instructions to help them find beneficial idols. (阐述观点段)

Restricting the Use of Mobile Phones in the Library As mobile phones become increasingly popular, the misuse of them has aroused widespread attention. Problems arise that many people talk loudly on mobile phones or set them in audible ringing mode. This kind of behavior has seriously disturbed other readers’ normal study. (描述问 题段) It is very clearly that those poor manners of using mobile phones have a negative impact on library users. For one thing, mobile phones distract the readers’ attention and make them hardly focus on reading. For another, such behavior causes disturbance to other library users and may give rise to a dispute. What’s worse, it also breaks the quiet environment of study and research. (说明危害段) Considering the seriousness of this problem, it is an urgent thing for bother the library users and the library staff to take effective measures to restrict the use of mobile phones. Firstly, all the library users should set their mobile phones in silence or vibration mode. Secondly, they should make sure to make phone calls in designated areas, such as restrooms and the elevator area.

Thirdly, the library manager ought to provide some special space for phone users to speak without disturbing others. Only through these ways can the problems be solved. (说明方法段) Learn to Love Others Love is of utmost importance to us humans. Everybody, whether miserable or happy, needs others’ love and also should give love to others. Love is like a lamp in the dark. It can give people in trouble hope and courage and help them step out of the trouble. (提出观点段) There are many examples which can prove the significance of love. A case in point is the “Hope Project”. Every year, thousands of poor children are forced to quit school because of lacking of money. The “Hope Project” calls for people to show their love for these children. Nowadays, there have been millions of children who get supports to finish school. For another example, in the 5.12 earthquake in Sichuan, it is just all Chinese people’s love that helps Sichuan people get through the difficulties and gain the courage and confidence to rebuild their homeland. (论证观点段) Love, I think, can be shown anytime and anywhere. A smile to a sad person or an offer of seat to an old person on the bus is full of love and can bring others happiness. I believe that with love, the relationship between people will be more harmonious and our society will be a better place to live in. (总结观点段)

Self-Drive Tourism In recent years, an increasing number of people like to drive out of the city to get close to nature. Many people enjoy self-drive tours in spite of the distance and tiredness. The popularity of self-drive tourism is mainly due to the following reasons. Firstly, the introduction of the seven-day holiday policy acts as an important promoter. People have time to drive to more remote places for vacation. Secondly, the rapid development of highways is another factor. In recent years, China’s extensive highway network has shortened the distance between cities greatly. Thirdly, more people own private cars. Nearly 90 percent of the new car buyers in Beijing are private owners. As far as I am concerned, self-drive tourism is a wise choice of traveling. Freed from fixed route and schedule, travelers can have their own choices and have a better chance to appreciate the amazing scenery. However, in self-drive tourism, the tourists should pay more attention to safety problems. Besides, fatigue driving is quite dangerous. All in all, drivers should keep it in mind that safety first.

To Tell a White Lie or Not? As most people know, a white lie refers to a lie that one tells in order to protect others or avoid hurting their feelings. But since it is a lie, it has always been a controversial topic. Many people take it for granted that a white lie is a kind of protection for both the teller and the receiver. In their opinion, if the truth might be a great hurt to others, they should cover it. However, still others hold the opposite view. They argue that telling a lie to others, in fact, invades their rights to know. Besides, they insist that being informed of the truth, one can make proper decisions according to his own will.

Weighing up these two arguments, I am inclined to the latter one. On the one hand, nobody can guarantee that hiding the truth from one person is best to him. On the other hand, people have rights to know the truth and make their own decisions. But it is worth noting that the truth should be conveyed in a humane way if it might hurt others.

Something I Admire about the Western Culture It is common knowledge that there are conflicts between Western and Eastern cultures. However, for both sides, having complementary advantages is of great importance. No doubt some admirable ingredients do exist in the Western culture, which is worth learning. There are many facts which can support this argument. First and foremost, the equality between parents and children should be admired by Chinese parents. In the west, the parents are not always superior to their children, and they are more like close friends. However, Chinese parents are used to putting their children under total control. The second ingredient I admire is that, western children are independent enough to begin earning their pocket money at a very young age. In contrast, many Chinese children rely on their parents’ support even after college graduation. Considering the above-mentioned, we can reasonably come to the conclusion that many aspects in western culture are worth learning. But it is worth noting that worshipping western culture blindly is doomed to cause undesirable results. Therefore, we should evaluate western culture reasonably.

How to Relieve Tension in Exams It is generally accepted that many students feel nervous when taking exams. Some students may fail to fall asleep in the night before an important exam. Additionally, some students’ minds even go blank, which directly result in their failure in the exam. Therefore, how to relieve tension in exams is worth paying more attention to. Some effective measures can be taken to relieve tension in exams. Above all, taking deep breath for several times may help you relax. Moreover, you should keep telling yourself that you are the best. Last but not the least, you should spare no effort to make preparation for the exam so as to be more confident. As for me, I have never emphasized any exam too much. What I value is the collection of knowledge in every single day, so that I can face every exam in a calm manner. Besides, parents’ support and encouragement is also of great importance. All in all, the key point of relieving tension in exams is to have faith in yourself.

A letter of Gratitude Mar. 9, 2011 Dear Mrs. Sun, I am writing these few lines to express my sincere thanks for you generously taking me to the place where I was going to have an interview. I’d like you to know how much your help meant to me. Thanks for your help, I reached the company in time, so that I could have a lot more time to prepare myself for the interview. I shall always remember you as one of the most respectable

people in my life. Since you have done me such a great favor, I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to repay your generosity. I wonder if I can have the honor to invite you to dinner in my house. And if there is something I can do for you, please feel free to let me know. I wish our friendship can be long-lasting. Again, I would like to thank you for your generous help. Please accept my kind regards and give them to your family. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Yours truly, Feng Yuan

The Benefits of Joining College Associations Nowadays, there are various associations on campus, such as English club, photographic society, chorus and so on. Students can choose to join in different associations according to their preferences. No doubt joining college associations moderately is meaningful to college students. Joining college associations can be beneficial to college students in many aspects. First of all, the associations provide students with good chances to develop their talents and be more versatile. Secondly, by attending association activities, students can have chances to get to know more schoolmates and make more friends. Considering the above-mentioned reasons, I think we college students should join in some college associations which are beneficial to our all-round development. But it is worth noting that we have to balance the relationship between association activities and study. All in all, joining college associations moderately will make our college life colorful and fruitful.

How to Make the Best Use of Time in College Life It is beyond doubt that we enjoy more free time in college than in middle school. But as for how to make use of our spare time, different students hold completely different views. In order to earn money, a good number of undergraduates are busy doing part-time jobs. In this way, they can relieve their families’ financial burden to some extent. Besides, they can become more independent through their work. Meanwhile, others are confronted by countless exams and they often attend guidance lectures in the hope of improving their performance in these tests. They believe that a record of good exam results will be useful when they look for jobs in the future. As for me, I will live my college life in a different way. On the one hand, I will give priority to the accumulation of my knowledge and skills, so I am determined to spend most of my spare time studying hard. On the other hand, I think it is necessary for me to join one or more student associations to improve my communicating skills and make my life colorful. In conclusion, I do believe that my college life will turn out to be colorful as well as fruitful. How to Build a Harmonious Dormitory Life Dormitory life is an indispensable part of college life. But sometimes the harmony in the dormitory will be disturbed. For example, some students do not pay much attention to sanitation,

which affects the overall environment in the dormitory. What’s worse, some members listen to music or chat very loudly and influence others’ study and rest. Therefore, it is necessary for college students to try to build a harmonious dormitory life. Firstly, we have to get rid of our unhealthy living habits since the dormitory is a public place. Secondly, we should learn to be tolerant and considerate so as to avoid quarrels. Thirdly, more communication is essential to maintain the harmony. Undoubtedly, a harmonious dormitory life is very important to college students. In harmony, we can have a good rest and concentrate on our study. What’s more, a good relationship with dormitory members helps us keep a good mood. On the contrary, an unharmonious life will be depressing and affect our normal study and life seriously. To conclude, every dormitory member should make efforts to maintain a harmonious dormitory life.

Military Training Nowadays nearly all college students in China are required to attend military training, which has aroused a heated debate. Most people hold the positive view. They believe that the training can not only build up students’ bodies but also temper their willpower. Besides, through the training, students can develop their teamwork spirit and sense of discipline. Some others, however, hold the opposite view. They argue that such a short period of training has little effect on building up their bodies or strengthening their will. Instead, we should lay emphasis on their daily exercise and activities. What’s more, a sudden increase of intense physical exercise, especially during summer, does harm to students’ health and may even cause deaths. Weighing up the pros and cons, I am inclined to the former one. In my opinion, military training is not only a means to strengthen students’ physique and willpower, but also an effective way to enhance their awareness of national defense and foster their patriotism. Though some incidents happened during the training, we should not give up eating for fear of choking. Besides, the incidents are also evidence showing that students need more such training. Of course, necessary measures should be taken to ensure that the least harm is done to the trainees.

Craze to Vie with Each Other on Campus In recent years, more and more college students have become keen on fashion, going after the famous brands and vying with each other in clothing, costumes, accessories and other luxury goods. The phenomenon of craze to vie with each other can be explained by many reasons. Among all the reasons, parents’ spoiling plays an important role. Nowadays, most students are the only child in their families, who tend to be the apple of their parents’ and grandparents’ eyes. This makes their desire to excel over others out of control. Besides, fashion has a big attraction to young people. They hope, by pursuing fashion and famous brands, to show and advertise their personality and taste. From my point of view, the craze to vie with each other is very unfavorable to students’ mental health. For one thing, it wastes much money and burdens their family. For another, paying too much attention to pursuing fashion unavoidably results in the distraction from study. Therefore, we should compete with our peers on academic achievements instead of expensive items.

Opening Speech for a Sports Meeting Ladies and gentlemen, Good morning! I am Oscar, the spokesman of the students’ union. On behalf of the students’ union, the main organizer of today’s sports meeting, I welcome you all to the beautiful stadium. After two months’ preparation, our annual sports meeting is held on schedule. Here I want to express my sincere gratitude to the support and help from our distinguished school leaders and teachers, for that they have taken time off their busy schedule to take part in our sports activities. Let’s give them a big hand. Through sports, we can not only develop our physical power but also promote social and emotional skills, and even intellectual skills, which will matter in our future lives substantially. So it is our sincere hope that everybody here cherishes this opportunity and enjoys it. At last, best wishes for the success of the sports meeting and best wishes for our athletes to achieve their higher goals. It is my pleasure to announce the open of the sports meeting. Thank you and good luck!

Dependence on Computers In recent years, the excessive dependence on computers is becoming more and more of a problem in computer users. One typical scene is that some white-collar workers chat by using computers even when they are in the same office. What’s worse, an increasing number of people are losing the communication ability in reality. It is very clear that the dependence on computers is bringing great harm to the computer users. Above all, these people are becoming indifferent of what is happening around them in the real world. More and more people are concerned that humans will no longer have to make communication face to face with one another for information because the computers can provide almost everything a person wants to know. Moreover, it is usually seen that a person cannot remember how to write a word just because he is used to typing it. Undoubtedly, it is quite urgent for us to be less dependent on computers. First of all, we should try to avoid being online all day. Besides, it is advisable to go outdoors to part in some social activities. Only by balancing the use of computer and interacting with other people can the problem of dependence on computers be solved.

The Delicate Resumes In recent years, some college graduates’ resumes are made colorful or even with hard covers, instead of the traditional ones printed in common white paper. There is no doubt that this kind of delicate resumes bring some benefits to these job-seekers. First of all, the delicate resumes can attract the interviewers’ eyes at the first sight. Furthermore, they may better indicate the job-seekers’ sincerity in seeking a job. As every coin has two sides, the delicate resumes also have some disadvantages. The most obvious one is that they result in a waste of natural resources. In addition, some interviewers may consider this kind of job-seekers to be luxurious, which is a rather negative impression. Weighing up the advantages and disadvantages, I will choose to make the traditional plain resumes. Undoubtedly, whether a resume is a satisfying one depends on its content. To conclude,

as long as the resume is written logically and can best display the job-seeker’s talent, it is a good one.

College Students’ Supporting Rural Construction In recent years many rural-focused, student-run volunteer societies have sprung up in colleges and universities across the country. Under these societies’ organization, more and more college students volunteer to visit rural areas during vacations. They utilize their knowledge to provide as many aids as they can to the construction of rural areas. College students’ supporting rural areas is of great significance. On the one hand, college students can bring advanced science and technology to the lagging rural areas. Also, by their spirit and vitality, they can inject new blood into rural areas. Under their influence, peasants will be more confident to shake off poverty. On the other hand, in rural areas college students may have a wider stage to make use of their talents and abilities. Besides, they can train themselves in the poor living condition. As far as I am concerned, the peasants’ lack of talents is the root of rural poverty. College students can act as peasants’ intellectual support. Therefore, I think more college students should be encouraged to make contributions to rural construction.

Don’t Hesitate to Say “Thank you” to Your Parents According to a recent survey involving over three thousand undergraduates, 55% university students have never said “thank you” to their parents. And most of them take it for granted that it is parents’ duty to devote their time and money to raising them. However, we should never hesitate to say “thank you” to our parents. Undoubtedly, those parents who have done all they could to bring their children up in the past score of years but have never received any sign of gratitude are a little miserable. Of course they don’t deserve this. Although parents never ask for any return, deep inside their hearts they need to be appreciated by their children. If we frankly express our thanks to them, they would probably be surprised or even overjoyed, which is very comforting. In my opinion, extending gratitude to our parents is a way of respecting them and paying back their love. We should express our feelings directly and bravely. But what’s more important is, we should do all we can to reward our parents.

American TV Series to Youngsters Nowadays, American TV series are gaining more and more popularity among us Chinese people, especially the youngsters. Many people download them from the Internet or watch them online. These TV series have even become an essential part in many youngsters’ daily life. The reasons for this kind of popularity are varied. Among all these reasons, the craze of learning English plays a critical role. By watching these series, we can learn the most idiomatic spoken English. Moreover, American TV series can provide the Chinese audience with the knowledge of foreign culture and up-to-date fashion trends.

Last but not the least, with the development of technology, these TV series can spread more rapidly and be shared by more and more people. As a college student, I am fond of American TV series because they can help me improve my English. But as every coin has two sides, the undesirable contents in them should be subtracted. Only in this way can youngsters enjoy the pure benefits brought by American TV series.



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