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2016步步高高考复习一轮 外研版必修1 book module 1

1.province n.省;省份 2.website n.网址;网站 3.method n.方法 4.attitude n.态度 5.previous adj.从前的;以前的 6.technology n.技术 7.system n.制度;体系;系统 8.cover vt.包含 9.enthusiastic 10.amazing adj.热心的→enthusiasm n.热情;热心

adj.令人吃惊的; 令人惊讶的→amaze v. 使惊讶;

使吃惊→amazed adj.吃惊的;惊讶的→amazement n.惊异;吃惊 11.information 12.instruction n.信息→inform v.通知;告知 n.指示;说明→instruct v.指导;指示;说明 adj.令人厌烦的;令人

13.bored adj.厌烦的;厌倦的→boring 重点识记单词

厌倦的→bore v.使人厌烦→boredom n.厌烦;厌倦 14. embarrassed adj.尴尬的; 困窘的; 难堪的→embarrassing adj.

令人尴尬的;令人困窘的;令人难堪的→embarrass vt.使尴尬;使 困窘;使为难→embarrassment n.尴尬;为难;困窘 15.behaviour n.行为;举动→behave v.举动;表现 16.description n.记述;描述→describe vt.描述;描写 17.impress vt.使印象深刻→impression n.印象→impressive adj. 令人难忘的;给人印象深刻的 18.correction n.改正;纠正→correct vt.改正;纠正→correct adj. 正确的→incorrect adj.不正确的 19.encouragement n.鼓励;激励→encourage vt.鼓励;激励 →encouraging adj.鼓舞人心的→encouraged adj.受到鼓舞的

20. enjoyment n. 享受; 乐趣→enjoy vt.享受; 喜欢→enjoyable adj. 使人快乐的;有乐趣的 21.fluency n.流利;流畅→fluent adj.流利的;流畅的→fluently adv.流利地;流畅地 22.misunderstanding n.误解;误会→misunderstand vt.误解;误 会(过去式、过去分词 misunderstood) 23.disappointed adj.失望的→disappointing adj.令人失望的 →disappoint vt.使失望→disappointment n.失望 24.disappear vi.消失→appear vi.(反义词)出现,露面 →disappearance n.消失 25. assistant n. 助手, 助理→assist vt.帮助; 援助→assistance n. 帮 助;援助 1.by oneself 单独地;独自地 2.in other words 换句话说 重点识记短语 3.be divided into 被(划)分成?? 4.be similar to...和??相似 5.take part in 参加 6.at the start of 在??开始的时候 7.at the end of 在??结束的时候 8.look forward to 盼望;期望 1.We’re using a new textbook and Ms Shen’s method of teaching is nothing like that of the teachers at my Junior High school. 我们正在使用新的教科书,沈老师的教学方法与我们初中老师 的教学方法完全不同。 2.I don’t think I will be bored in Ms Shen’s class! 我认为,上沈老师的课我是不会感到厌倦的! 必背经典句式 3.In other words, there are three times as many girls as boys. 换句话说,女生人数是男生的三倍。 4.Oh really?So have I. 噢,真的吗?我也是。 5. The school year is divided into two semesters, the first of which is September through December... 这个学年被分成两个学期,第一个学期从九月份到十二月份?? a- arise /?′raIz/ vi.(arose,arisen)发生;出现;产生;起来; 构词记忆 站起 asleep /?′sli? p/ adj.[常作表语]睡着的;睡熟的

awake /?′weIk/ vt.叫醒;唤起;vi.醒来;adj.[作表语或补语]醒着 的;警觉的

1 amazing adj.令人吃惊的 [应试指导] (1)amaze 相关派生词的用法 (2)活动类写作高频词汇

amazed adj.吃惊的;惊讶的 be amazed at 对??惊讶 be amazed to do...做??很惊讶 in amazement 惊讶地 to one’s amazement 使某人惊讶的是 It is amazing that the English test will be removed from China’s College Entrance Exam by 2020. 让人吃惊的是,英语考试将在 2020 年前退出中国的大学入学考试。 We were amazed to learn that she had left the hospital 18 million.

听说她把 1 800 万美元留给了医院,我们感到很惊异。 [夯实基础] (1)用 amaze 的适当形式填空 ①Isn’t it amazing how the human body heals itself after an injury? ②The world watched London in amazement. ③I was amazed to learn she was still writing her stories. (2)使他惊奇的是,这只蜜蜂开始跳起舞来。(一句多译) ①To his amazement the bee began to perform a dance.(to one’s amazement) ②What amazed him was that the bee began to perform a dance.(what 主语从句) ③He was amazed to find the bee began to perform a dance.(be amazed to do...) 2 instruction n.用法说明;操作指南;指示;命令;教授 [应试指导] 写作类常用词汇:用 under+n.代替 be being+v.ed
follow the instructions 遵照说明 carry out one’s instructions 执行某人的命令 instruct v.指示;吩咐;命令;讲授;指导 instruct sb.to do...命令某人做?? as instructed 按照指示 instructive adj.有益的,有教育意义的

Follow the instructions on the packet carefully. 仔细按照包装上的说明操作。 She arrived at 10 o’clock as instructed. 她按照指示在 10 点钟到达。 [特别提醒] instruct 后跟从句时,从句常用虚拟语气,即动词用(should) do。 [夯实基础] (1)用 instruct 的适当形式填空 ①It is the most instructive lecture that I have attended since I came to this school. ②All children are instructed in the use of the library. ③All schoolchildren must now receive some religious instruction. (2)按要求改写句子 ①My boss instructed me to type the letters quickly. My boss instructed me that I (should) type the letters quickly.(用复合句改写句子) ②We’re standing at a distance following the instructions. We’re standing at a distance, as instructed.(用 as 改写句子) 3 bored adj.厌烦的;不感兴趣的
be bored with 对??厌烦 be bored to death 烦死了 bore sb.with 用??使某人厌烦 be fed up with/be tired of 对??厌倦

I’m bored;let’s go to the cinema. 我闷了,咱们去看电影吧。 I’ve heard all his stories before;they bore me. 他的事我以前都听说过了,那些事真使我厌烦。 [夯实基础] (1)用 bore 的适当形式填空 ①You can have a pet dog,but suppose you get bored with it in a few days.Then what? ②Student life is never boring,is it? ③Life in the country bores me. (2)He was bored with that boring speech and left the lecture hall. Bored with that boring speech,he left the lecture hall.(用过去分词短语作状语改写句子) 4 embarrassed adj.窘迫的;尴尬的



(2)写作高分句式:What embarrassed sb.is/was that...

替换 to one’s embarrassment
be embarrassed by/about 对??感到尴尬 embarrassing adj.令人不安的;令人尴尬的 embarrass v.使不安;使尴尬 embarrassment n.尴尬;难堪;惹麻烦的人或事 to one’s embarrassment 令某人尴尬的是

It embarrassed him that he had no idea of what was going on. 对所发生的事情一无所知,这让他很难堪。 [夯实基础] (1)用 embarrass 的适当形式填空 ①I was surprised and embarrassed. ②That was an embarrassing situation for me. (2)按要求改写句子 ①To her embarrassment,she couldn’t remember his name. What embarrassed her most was that she couldn’t remember his name.(用 what 从句改写句子) ②He felt embarrassed about his mistakes,so he locked himself in his home. Embarrassed about his mistakes, he locked himself in his home.(用过去分词短语作状语改写句 子) 5 cover v.盖,覆盖;包括,涉及;报道;足以支付;行走?一段路程?;占?一片面积? [应试指导] 熟词新义的考查
be covered with/by 覆盖?? from cover to cover 从头到尾

All the furniture was covered with dust. 所有家具都落满了灰尘。 We needed to cover another 30 miles before it got dark.天黑以前我们需要再走 30 英里。 [夯实基础] 写出下列句子中 cover 的汉语意思 (1)Her lectures covered the subject thoroughly.涉及 (2)The exhibition covers an area of 1,000 square metres.占?? (3)Those figures might not even cover the cost of breakages.足以支付 (4)It would not be easy to cover ten miles on that amount of petrol.行走(一段路程) (5)Much of the country is covered by forest.覆盖 6 in other words换句话说


in other words,that is,that is to say,namely

break one’s word/promise 违背诺言;食言 keep one’s word 守信用;履行诺言 eat one’s words 收回所说的话 get in a word 插话 in a/one word 总之 have a word with sb.与某人谈一谈 have words with sb.和某人吵架,word came that...传来消息说??

They asked him to leave—in other words, he was fired.他们请他走人, 也就是说, 他被解雇了。 I’ll keep my word,and I’ll tell him everything. 我会守信,我会将一切告诉他。 [夯实基础] 选词填空 eat,have,get,break

(1)The little boy listened to the older students and finally got in a word. (2)I said that my wife would never pass her driving test,and when she did she made me eat my words. (3)He broke his word and did not repay the loan. (4)Why did you have words with her last night? 7 look forward to期望;期待;盼望?expect?
look forward to 中 to 为介词,后跟名词、代词、动名词作宾语。类似的短语还有: belong to 属于 be used to 习惯于 add to 增加 be addicted to 沉溺于 stick to 坚持

be accustomed to 习惯于 be devoted to 贡献 object to 反对 adapt to 适应

refer to 谈到 lead to 导致 turn to 求助;转向

get down to 开始做 contribute to 有助于

Look forward to your reply.盼望你的来信。(新课标全国· 书面表达) [夯实基础] 语法填空 (1)Considerable resources have been devoted to proving(prove) him a liar. (2)Get down to discussing(discuss) my workload. (3)They also may contribute to preventing(prevent) severe disease and death.

1 The teacher is a very enthusiastic woman called Ms Shen.老师是一位姓沈的热心女士。 句型公式:过去分词短语作后置定语
called Ms Shen 是过去分词短语作后置定语,修饰前面的 woman,与 woman 是被动关系,相当 于定语从句 who/that is called Ms Shen。除此之外,过去分词?短语?还可作前置定语。

Most of the artists invited to the party were from South Africa. 被邀请来参加聚会的大多数艺术家来自南非。 [夯实基础] (1)语法填空 ①The producer comes regularly to collect the cameras returned(return) to our shop for quality problems. ②The roads are covered with fallen(fall) leaves now. ③They had a talk at the appointed(appoint) time. ④Prices of goods bought(buy) through computers can be lower than store prices. (2)同义句改写 Do you agree to the suggestion put forward just now? Do you agree to the suggestion that/which was put forward just now? 2
In other words,there are three times as many girls as boys.换句话说,女生人数是男生的三倍。

倍数的表达方式: ?1?倍数+as...as... ?2?倍数+比较级+than ?3?倍数+the size/height/length/width...+of... ?4?倍数+what 从句 ?5?倍数+that of...

He earns twice as much as he used to. 他比往常多赚二倍的钱。 In our county now the grain output is six times that of before liberation. 现在我们县的粮食产量相当于解放前的六倍。 [夯实基础] (1)语法填空

①It’s said that the powerplant is now twice as large as what it was. ②The production is ten times that of ten years ago. ③The river is twice the length(long) of that one. (2)The red ruler is three times as long as the yellow one. ①The red ruler is twice longer than the yellow one.(用“倍数+比较级+than”改写句子) ②The red ruler is three times the length of the yellow one.(用“倍数+the+n.+of...”改写句 子) 3
单元语法 ——语法填空

(1)Light travels(travel) faster than sound. (2)The train arrives(arrive) at 10:30.There’s plenty of time. (3)There was a surprised look on his face when he saw the surprising result.(surprise) (4)Some impolite football fans, disappointed(disappoint) at the game result, expressed their anger and sadness by throwing bottles and other things into the football field. (5)He is very popular among his students as he always tries to make them interested(interest) in his lectures.

高考题组 Ⅰ.短文改错(2014· 新课标全国Ⅰ) Nearly five years before,and with the help by our father,my sister and I planted some cherry tomatoes (圣女果)in our back garden.Since then—for all these year—we had been allowing tomatoes to selfseed where they please.As result, the plants are growing somewhere.The fruits are small in size,but juicy and taste.There are so much that we often share them with our neighbors.Although we allow tomato plants to grow in the same place year after year, but we have never had any disease or insect attack problems.We are growing wonderfully tomatoes at no cost! 答案 Nearly five years before by ,and with the help our father,my sister and I planted some cherry ago of year had —we been allowing years have

tomatoes(圣女果)in our back garden.Since then—for all these

somewhere ∧ tomatoes to selfseed where they please.As a result,the plants are growing .The everywhere fruits are small in size,but juicy and taste much .There are so that we often share them with our tasty many

neighbors.Although we allow tomato plants to grow in the same place year after year,but 或 we have never had any disease or insect attack problems.We are growing at no cost! Ⅱ.写作常用句翻译

but yet

wonderfully tomatoes wonderful

1. 总之, 在很短的时间内能够赢得他们的友谊是我一生中最为自豪的事。 (in a word)(2013· 浙 江· 书面表达) In a word,being able to win their friendship in a very short time is the thing that I am proud of most in my life. 2.我盼望收到你的来信。(look forward to)(2013· 山东· 写作) I am looking forward to hearing from you. 3.虽然我对破旧的校园和装备差的教室感到很失望,但是我发现那儿的老师既有耐心又体 贴学生。(disappointed)(2012· 湖北· 短文写作) Disappointed as I felt at the shabby campus and the poorlyequipped classroom,I found the teachers patient and considerate. 4.我学英语十年了,会说一口流利的英语。(fluent)(2012· 新课标全国· 书面表达) I’ve been learning English for 10 years,and I speak fluent English. 模拟题组 Ⅰ.语法填空 1.We had an amazing(amaze) time in Thailand. 2.I am bored with this job,doing the same thing all day long. 3. During the Olympic Games, journalists from all over the world came to cover(cover) the event. 4.—Will you show me how to download these songs? —Press “Enter” and follow the onscreen instructions(instruct). 5.I watched Lisa until she disappeared(disappear) from sight. 6. Your performance in the driving test didn’t reach the required(require) standard.In other words you failed. 7.Our city has experienced twice as much rain this year as it did last year. 8.The growing speed of a plant is influenced by a number of factors,most of which are beyond our control. 9. After completing and signing it, please return the form to us in the envelope provided(provide). 10.Every few years,the coal workers have their lungs Xrayed(Xray) to ensure their health. Ⅱ.单句改错 1.We surprised to hear the news when they told us about it.We 后加上 were 2.What was struck me most was his patience and perseverance.去掉 What 后的 was

3.Follow the detailing information on how to use it on the bottle carefully.detailing→detailed 4.Can you tell me what is like?what 后加上 it 5.Is this the book is recommended by the teacher?去掉 book 后的 is 6.There was a surprising look on his face when he saw the result.surprising→surprised 7.The teacher impressed the importance of English to me.to→on 或 upon 8.Word came the mayor would soon visit our school.came 后加上 that 9.The day they had been looking forward to come at last.come→came 10.The production now is three times it was ten years ago.it 前加上 what Ⅲ.写作句式升级训练 The important thing is to learn to control your temper in order not to do or say anything you’ll regret.(素材来源于 2014· 安徽· 书面表达) (1)The important thing is to learn to control your temper so that you may not do or say anything you’ll regret.(用 so that 改写) (2)What is the most important thing is to learn to control your temper so that you may not do or say anything you’ll regret.(用 what 主语从句改写)


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