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高一英语课件:Unit8《Adventure》Lesson 2 & Lesson 3课件(北师大版必修3)

Unit 8 Adventure
Lesson 2 & Lesson 3


Extreme Sports

Warming up
Do you often do sports? What kinds of sports do you like?

Do you like extreme sports(极限运动)? Do you know any extreme sports?

bungee jumping

ice diving

sky surfing

snow rafting 动力雪橇滑降

snowboarding 单板滑雪

ice diving 冰潜

skiing 滑雪 white-water rafting 白浪漂流

canoeing 皮划艇

rock climbing攀岩

Guess the answers before listening!
1. People do extreme sports in order to (为了) feel a) excited. b) nervous. c) happy.

2. Extreme sports have become popular in the last a) 5 years. b) 10 years. c) 20 years.

3. People usually bungee jump from a) airplanes. b) high buildings.

c) bridges.

4. In sky surfing people do mid-air(空中)

a) gymnastics(体操).
b) dancing.

c) swimming.
5. Snowboarding has similarities(类似) with

a) skiing.
b) surfing. c) canoeing.

6. Snow rafting is

a) quite dangerous.
b) very dangerous.

c) not very dangerous.
7. For white-water rafting you need

a) a big river.
b) a warm river.

c) a mountain river.

8. Ice divers a) swim under the ice. b) walk on the bottom of lakes. c) walk upside down(上下颠倒地) under the ice.

Check your answer while listening.

1.People do extreme sports in order to feel
a. excited. b. nervous. c. happy.

2.Extreme sports have become popular in the last a. 5 years. b. 10 years. c. 20 years.

3.People usually bungee jump from

a. airplanes.

b. high buildings.

c. bridges.

4.In sky surfing people do mid-air a. gymnastics. b. dancing. c. swimming.

5. Snow boarding has similarities with a. skiing. b. surfing. c. canoeing. 6. Snow rafting is a. quite dangerous. b. very dangerous. c. not very dangerous. 7. For white-water rafting you need a. a big river. b. a warm river. c. a mountain river. 8. Ice divers a. swim under the ice. b. walk on the bottom of lakes. c. walk upside down under the ice.

Listen to two people talking about extreme sports. Complete the table. Sports likes doesn’t like would like to try sky surfing wouldn’t like to try snow rafting ice diving bungee jumping Carol bungee jumping tennis Jonathan


Listen again. Complete the Function File with the following words. quite like , ’d love, can’t stand, love, like, wouldn’t like, ’d quite like, prefer, hate, ’d prefer Preferences +v.-ing/noun +to+infinitive

1. I ______ like bungee jumping.

2. I ’d ______ love to try sky surfing.
3. I _____________ wouldn’t like to do snow rafting.

4. I _____doing boring sports. hate

’d prefer to stay at home. 5. I ________ prefer winter sports. 6. I ______ 7. I ______ love going skiing. quite like snowboarding. 8. I _________ 9. I __________ can’t stand slow sports. quite like to go ice diving. 10. I ’d __________

Use these words to write sentences about your preferences. skiing , rock climbing, playing basketball, bungee jumping, swimming, sailing, snowboarding, playing tennis, ice-skating

1. I love skiing.
(You have been skiing.) 2. I’d like to try skiing. (You have never been skiing.)

Complete the sentences in the correct form. turn up, be…into, take up, back out, go through with, put

on, set up, get across turn up 1.Ann waited for Tom for ages but he didn’t _______. 2.What kind of music ____you____? are into

taken up jogging in order to 3. A friend of mine ____ has just ________

get fit. set up 4. Why don’t we ______our computer in the study?
5. They were going to have a party last Saturday but __________ backed out at the last minute.

Comparing Cultures
Listen to a person talking about sports in the USA and
Britain and answer these questions. 1.What do American footballers have to wear? Why? They have to wear helmets and special protective clothes because it is a very physical game and they could get hurt.

2.How many baseball leagues are there in the USA? Two. 3. Are basketball players well paid? Yes. 4. Is football very popular in the USA? No.

5. What is the most popular winter sport in Britain?
Football. 6. Name another winter sport played in Britain. Rugby. 7. How long can a game of cricket be? Five days.

Language Points
1.in order to do sth. 为了 ? People do extreme sports in order to feel excited.(P24)为了感到兴奋,人们做极限运 动。 ? In order to keep people healthy,our government is taking tough measures to ? prevent illegal cooking oil.为了人民的健康, 我们的政府正在采取严厉的措施制止“地 沟油”。


in order to 后只能接动词原形,用作目的状 语。其否定形式为:in order not to do 。例 如: He is on a diet in order not to gain pounds. 为了减肥他在节食。
so as to do和so that一般不能放在句首;in order that和so that引导的目的状语从句一般有can/ could/ may/ might/ will/ would等情态动词。




不定式(to do)


为了,以便(目 的状语)
如此??以 致??(结果状 语)

in order to do so as to do so …as to do such…as to do

in order that so that so… that such…that

【即学即练】完成句子。 (1)我没有愚蠢到会相信你的话。 so foolish as to I am not ____________________believe you. (2)为了天黑前到达,我们早早地动了身。 We started early in order to /so as to/in order _____________________________ ___________________________________arrive that we could/so that we could before dark.
to后是动词原 形,that后是从 句啊!

2.risk vt. 冒险;风险n.冒险;危险的人或物 I don't think they will risk holding an election. 我想他们是不会冒风险举行选举的。 ? The brave man risked his life in trying to save the child. 那位勇敢的人冒着生命危险试图救那孩子。 ? He saved my life at the risk of losing his own. 他冒着生命危险救了我的性命。

【拓展】 ?risk one‘s life 冒着生命危险 ?risk doing sth. 冒做某事的危险 ?reduce/increase the risk of sth. 降低/增加…… 的危险 ?at risk 处境危险;遭受危险 ?at the risk of doing sth. 冒着做某事的危险 ?run/take the risk of doing sth.冒着做某事的危险

? ?





【即学即练】 risked her life (1)She trying to save the drowning child. 她冒着生命危险去救那个溺水的儿童。 (2)You havetake/run to a lotrisks of if you want to make success in business. 如果你想在生意上取得成功,就得冒许多风险。 (3)If there hadn't been a ship sailing on the sea that day, at risk he would have been . 若是那天海上无船航行,那他就处于危险中了。

3. various adj.


Everyone arrived late at the party for various reasons. 由于种种原因,每个人赴会都迟到了。
【拓展】 variously adv. variety n. a variety of varieties of 以各种方式;不同地 种类;多样化,变化 各种各样 各种各样

完成句子: ? (1)There are various /all kinds of/varieties of flowers (各种各样的花) in the garden. ? (2)He refused us for varieties of/various reasons (以各种理由).

3.turn up 出现

back out决定不履行


When I turned up for my first bungee jump I was so nervous that I tried to back out, but my friends persuaded me to go through with it. (P25)当我 第一次参加蹦极时, 我太紧张了以致我想退出,但 是我的朋友最终说服我完成这次尝试。 We arranged to meet at the cinema at 7∶30,but he failed to turn up.我们约定7点30分在电影院见 面,但他没来。

turn in ① 归还 ② 就寝 ③ 将某人交给警方 拘押 ? turn up ① 出现,到达 ② 开大音量 ③ 被发 现或找到 ④ 查(字典等) ? turn on ① 打开 ② 依赖 ③ 突然攻击某人 ? turn off 关掉 (煤气、水、电、 收音机、电 视机等) ? turn out ① 证明是,结果是 ② 关掉 ③ 生 产 ④ 赶走

—What are you reading,Jim? —I’m not really reading,just________the pages. A.turning off B.turning around C.turning over D.turning up 【解析】选 C。turn off关上;turn around转过身;turn over翻阅;turn up 出现。

3. get across使理解(某事)
It’s difficult to get across how exciting it is (P25)很难理解它是多么令人激动! The little boy isn’t very good at getting his ideas across. 这个小男孩不善于表达自己的思想。 It took a long time to get across to the workers the way the system worked. 花了很长时间才使工人们明白了这个系统运 作的方法。

get across to ?sb.?/get sth.across to ?sb.? 被传达、理解;把??讲清楚 get down to sth./doing sth.开始做某事 get on/along进展,进步;对付;应付 get over sth.解决,克服,控制 get through消耗掉;耗尽;设法处理,完成,通过 get into陷入;养成某种习惯

I used to quarrel a lot with my parents,but now we________fine.【2012温州高一检测】 A.get over B.stay up C.get away from D.get along 【解析】选D。根据前面的“争吵”和转折词 but判断,此处意为“现在我们相处得很好”。 get along (with sb.)(与某人)相处。

Lesson 3

Marco Polo

Warming up

The land Silk Road

The Chinese cities Marco travelled

The line that connecting East to West

Seeing the picture, what things will you think about?

When talking about the silk road, who will occur into your mind?


Have you heard about Marco Polo? Which of the following
do you think is true? A. He was a French traveller(旅行者) who lived in Italy for some time. B. He was an Italian traveller who lived in China for some time.

Kublai Khan

— the Yuan Dynasty Emperor



The map of China during the Yuan Dynasty

Marco Polo seeing Kublai Khan 马可?波罗晋见忽必烈汗

Marco Polo telling stories about China in the prison

Warship (战船)
in Marco’s time

Books talked about Marco Polo in China

Fast reading

Read through the text quickly, and match the paragraphs with the main ideas.

Para.1 Para.2 Para.3 Para.4

Marco Polo's early life. Marco returned to Italy.

Inventions and developments in China.
Kublai Khan welcomed Marco. Marco was amazed at China.

Para.5 Para.6

People’s reaction to Marco’s stories.

The second reading

Read through the text quickly, and find out the information
about Marco Polo and fill out the following form.

Name: Born (when/where): Came to China (when): Languages (how many):

Marco Polo 1254, Italy 1271 4 17 1291 70 The Description of the World

Worked in China (how many years):
Returned to Italy (when):

Age of his death:
The name of his book:

The third reading

Read the passage again and answer the following questions.

How old was Marco when he travelled across Europe and Asia? He was 17 years old at that time. Why did Marco and his father travel to China? Because they wanted to do trade with the Chinese.

Was Kublai Khan happy to meet Marco and his father? Yes, he was very happy to meet them. Why was the Emperor impressed by Marco? Because Marco was very clever and could already speak

four languages, although he was young.

Language points

trade (n.) & (v.) 贸易;商业(Para. 1)

…,who wanted to do trade with the Chinese.(P26)……他们 想和中国人做生意。 Our country does trade with a lot of European countries. 我们国家和欧洲许多国家有贸易往来。 【拓展】 do ~ with sb. ; ~ with sb. 与某人做生意 trade sth. for sth.用某物交换某物

2. serve (v.) 服务;侍候;供应(Para.2);服役

He asked Marco to serve in his court and sent him to do
many important tasks across the country. (P25) 他请求马 可留在朝廷服务,并派他去做全国各地的许多重要任务。

Children must be educated to serve their country when they grow up. 必须教育孩子长大后为国家服务。
【拓展】~ (sb.) as sth. 为(某人)工作 ~ sb. (sth.) with sth. 为某人(某物)提供某物 serve in the army 在军队中服役

serve the people heart and soul 全心全意为人们服务

【真题在线】 ? Your house is always so neat—how do you ______ it with three children? 【2010 山东,31】 ? A.manage B.serve ? C.adapt D.instruct

【解析】选A。句意:你的房子那么整洁,你带 着三个孩子是怎样做到的?考查动词辨析。 manage成功地做某事;serve服务;adapt采纳; instruct指导。根据题意选A。

3. in turn 依次, 轮到(Para.3)

Marco,in turn,was amazed by how beautiful and
powerful China was.(P26)马可,反过来,惊讶于中国 是多么美丽和强大。 The boys were summoned in turn to see the examiner. 男孩子们依次被召入见考官。

【拓展】in return
in advance in danger in debt

提前 有危险 负债

? ? ?


? ?

in return 与 in turn (1)in return意为“作为回报”。如: He was always ready to help others; in return, he was liked by everyone. 他总是乐于助人,作为回报,大家都喜欢他。 (2)in turn意为“反过来”,在句中多作状语,还 有“轮流地, 依次地,一个接一个地 (=by turns)”的意思。如: She asked the same question of everyone in turn. 她依次向每一个人问同样的问题。



People try to avoid public transportation delays by using their own cars, and this_____ creates further problems.【2012 蚌埠高一检测】 ? A. in short B. in turn ? C. in doubt D. in case

【解析】选B。句意:人们为了避免交通而使 用自己的小汽车,而这又会产生进一步的问题。 in short简言之;in turn反而;in doubt怀疑;in case万一。

? ?

? ? ?

? ? ?

4.amaze (vt.) 吃惊,使惊奇(Para.3) The end results will amaze you as you become a new person, healthier and more alive! 最后的结果震惊了你,你会脱胎换骨了,更加健康活 着! They were amazed at the amazing finish. 他们对那个令人吃惊的结局感到很惊讶。 【拓展】 be amazed that 对……大感惊讶 be amazed by 对(因)……大感惊讶 be amazed to do…… 很惊讶做某事

? ? ? ? ?

? ?

amazing adj 令人吃惊的 amazed adj 感到吃惊的 amazement n 吃惊 【即学即练】 His answer was so _________ that I was ______ and didn’t know how to fight him back. 【2012滨州高一检测】 A. amazed, amazing B. amazed, amazed C. amazing, amazing D. amazing, amazed 【解析】选D。句意:他的回答是如此惊人, 我很惊讶,不知道怎么还击他。amazing令人 吃惊的;amazed感到吃惊的。

5. seat (n.)座位;(v.) 使坐下;容纳(Para. 3) …the Hall was so large it could easily seat 6,000 people for dinner.(P26)大厅是如此之大,它可以容纳6000人同时进餐.

The auditorium seats 3,000 people. 这个礼堂可坐三千人。
He seated himself in a chair. 他在椅子上坐下。

seat作动 词可是第 一次见到 啊!

His party has one third of the seats in Parliament. 他那个党在议会中占三分之一席位。

? ? ?

【拓展】 take one’s seat 就座 be seated 坐着 【真题在线】

Ladies and gentlemen, please remain __________ until the plane has come to a complete stop. 【2009四川,4】 A. seated B. seating C. to seat D. seat 【解析】选A。考查非谓语的用法。remain后可 接adj, v-ing, v-ed和to be done 等多种形式做表语, 在该题中可以把seated视为一个形容词,所以正 确答案为A。

6. available (adj.) (Para. 4) 可得到的;可用的;可看见的 e.g. Is the library available during summer vacation?

These shoes are not available in your size. 这双鞋不适合你的尺寸。 The doctor is not available now. 医生现在没空。

【真题在线】 ? Compared with his sister, Jerry is even more ____ to, and more easily troubled by , emotional and relationship problems. 【2009江苏,27】 ? A. skeptical B. addicted ? C. available D. sensitive

【解析】选D。 be sensitive to对什么敏感。Jerry is even more sensitive to emotional and relationship problems. more sensitive to与more easily troubled by 并列。

7. confuse (vt.) 使人困惑,使弄错(Para. 4) He was confused by the black stones people used to burn for fuel.(P26)他困惑不解的是人们用做燃料的黑色石头。 People were confused by a lot of information. 人们被大量的信息搞糊涂了。 【拓展】 be confused by … 对(因)??感到困惑 confused adj 感到困惑的 令人困惑的

confusing adj


8. break out(坏事)突然发生;爆发
Not long after his return,a local war broke out near his town.(P26)他回来不久以后,在他家乡 附近,当地爆发了战争。 Trouble may break out at any monent. 灾难在任何时候都可能突然发生。 【拓展】 break away (from)逃脱;挣脱;脱离 break down出故障,抛锚;(身体、精神)垮掉, (关系或讨论)破裂,中止,停顿;分解;砸破, 打倒


? ? ?

break in闯入;打断;插嘴 break into闯进;开始做……;打断 break off停止;断绝(关系);中断(讨论); 折断;使断开 break through冲破;突破 break up打碎、粉碎;使(关系)破裂;终止, 结束;制止,驱散;放假

【真题在线】You can’t predict everything. Often things don’t ____ as you expect.【2011江西,35】 A.run out B.break out C.work out D. put out.
【解析】选C。句意:你不能预测的一切。事情往往 不像你所期待的那样解决。run out用尽;break out爆发; work out结果,解决;put out扑灭。

8. stand by 忠于,坚守,坚持(Para. 6) But Marco stood by his stales.(P26)但是马克坚持自己的故事。 e.g. I still stand by what I said yesterday. 我坚持我昨天说的话。 I stand by my principles. 我坚持我的原则。

Have you taken down all the language points?

Attributive Clause:

?1. The girl who / that is singing is my sister.

先行词 主语
谓语 作定语修饰--the girl

The girl


my sister.

… who / that is singing… __________ 主语

?The student who / that didn’t do the homework is Tom.

?Anyone who / that breaks the rules will be punished.
?It sounds like a train that/which is going under the ground. ?I watched all the glasses that/which are on the table fall onto the ground. 2. The book (that/which) he is reading is funny. ________

… ___________ (that/which) he is reading…
宾语 The book he is reading is funny. 可以省略

?The boy (that/who/whom) we saw yesterday was John’s
brother. ?The house (that/which) they built last year was destroyed. ?Tomato is another plant (which/that) early travellers took to Europe. ?The plant (that/which) Columbus discovered in America is called corn. 3.People who/that were killed in the accident were mainly children. … who / that were killed in the accident… 关系代词 + be done (被动) 不可以省略 __________

4. The pen (that/which) I write with is very good. ______

… (that/which) I write with… _____________ 作介词 with 的宾语

… with which I write…
The pen with which I write is very good.

The man (who/whom/that) my brother is talking to is a
policeman. The man to whom my brother is talking is a policeman. The games (which/that) the young men competed in were difficult. The games in which the young men competed were difficult.

5.The year (which/that) ___________I was born in is 1979.
作介词 in的宾语

The year in which I was born is 1979. ________ … ________ in which I was born…

in the year


The year when I was born is 1979.

6.The place in which I was born is Jiangsu.

in the place


where The place where I was born is Jiangsu.

This is the house where _____ Lincoln was born. in which
This is the farm ______ where Lincoln worked. on which This is the theatre where _____ Lincoln was shot. at which

The year _____ when Lincoln was born is 1809. in which
_____Lincoln’s mother died is 1818. The year when in which The year _____ when Lincoln became the president is 1860. in which

Fill in the blanks with “which”,“when”,“where”:
1.This is the factory _______ which we will visit. 2.This is the place _______ which he was born in. where he was born. 3. This is the place _______ which we spent. 4. I remember the days_______ 5. This is the factory ______ where we work. 6. This is the place _______ which we live in . 7. This is the place _______ where we live. 8. This is the time ______ when he died.

Time is money.



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北师大版英语高一下册Module 3《Unit 8 Adventure》(le...

北师大版英语高一下册Module 3Unit 8 Adventure》(lesson2)word同步测试_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 8 Adventure Lesson 2 1. would like to do would ...


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