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语法专题八 情态动词(8)



1.(四川卷 13)—I don’t care what people think. —Well, you _______ A. could B. would C. should D. might 2. (江苏卷 28) He did not regret saying what he did but felt that he it differently. A. could express B. would express C. could have expressed D. must have expressed 3.(全国卷 I 25)What do you mean, there are only ten tickets? There be twelve. A. should B. would C. will D. shall 4. (湖南卷 30) — It’s the office! So you know eating is not allowed here. — Oh, sorry. A. must B. will C. may D. need 5.(辽宁卷 29)The traffic is heavy these days. I arrive a bit late, so could you save me a place? A can B must C need D might 6.(全国卷 II 20)I can’t leave. She told me that I _____ stay here until she comes back. A. can B. must C. will D. may 7.(浙江卷 13)The doctor recommended that you swim after eating a large meal. A wouldn’t B couldn’t C needn’t D shouldn’t 8.(重庆卷 32)—Hi, Tom . Any idea where Jane is? — She _____in the classroom . I saw her there just now. A. shall be B. should have been C. must be D. might have been 9. (北京卷 25) One of the few things you ___ say about English people with certainty is that they talk a lot about the weather. A. need B. must C. should D. can 10.(天津卷 15)This printer is of good quality. If it _______ break down within the first year, we would repair it at our expense. A. would B. should C. could D. might

情态动词 一、定义 情态动词表示说话人对某一动作或状态的态度。 二、特点 1.有一定词义; 2.不受主语人称和数的变化影响; 3.与主要动词的原形(或称不带 to 的不定式)一起构成谓语(除 ought to 作固定词组看待)。 情态动词无人称和数的变化, 情态动词后面跟的动词需用原形,否定式构成是在情态动词 后面加 “not”。 个别情态动词有现在式和过去式两种形式, 过去式用来表达更加客气, 委 婉的语气, 时态性不强, 可用于过去,现在或将来。情态动词属非及物动词,故没有被动 语态。 基本助动词与情态助动词最主要的区别之一是, 基本助动词本身没有词义, 而情态助动词则 有自己的词义,能表示说话人对有关动作或状态的看法,或表示主观设想。 三、用法 1.can (could) Everyone here can speak English. (表能力) He can't / couldn't have seen her there. (表猜测) He could have gone home. (表猜测) Could / Can I use your pen? Yes, of course you can. (表允许) How can you be so careless? (表怀疑、惊异,主要用于否定、疑问句) Can / Could you lend me a hand? (表委婉发表观点) 2.may (might) You may take whatever you like.(表允许,证据更委婉) 注: 在回答以 may 引起的问句时, 多避免用这个词, 而用其他方式, 如 Yes, please. / Certainly. / Please don't. / You'd better not. / No, you mustn't.等,以免显得太严谨或不客气。 They might be having a meeting, but I'm not sure. (表可能) 3.must

You must buy a ticket. (表义务,意为“必须”) 注: 回答 Must...? 引出的问句时, 肯定回答用 must; 否定回答不能用 mustn't, 而要用 needn't 或 don't have to。 —Must I finish my homework now? —Yes, you must.(No, you needn't / don't have to.) This must be Lucy's. (表猜测,意为“想必;准是;一定”等,用于肯定) “must have + 过去分词”表示“想必”之意,表示对过去的事情的推测。 4.shall Shall I play soccer after supper? May I play soccer after supper? If you don't behave yourself, you shall be punished. 5.will I will do anything for you. 我愿为你做任何事。 (表意愿,用于各种人称陈述句) Will you give me a cigarette? Or I will tell the boss.(表请求,用于疑问句) She will stand there sleeping for hours. (表示某种倾向或习惯性动作) 6.should You shouldn't be so careless. (表义务,意为“应该”,用于各种人称) They should have arrived in Beijing by this time. (表推测,意为“想必一定、照说应该、估计” 等) It is simply a miracle that rice should grow in such a place. (表示语气较强的意为“假设;万一; 竟然”) 7.would I said I would do anything for you. (表意愿) Would you please tell me the way to the nearest bus stop? (表委婉地提出请求、建议或看法) When he had a problem to solve, he would work at it until he found an answer. (表过去反复发生 的动作或过去的一种倾向) 8.ought to I really ought to phone my mother.(表义务,意为“应该”,口气比 should 稍重) There's a fine sunset; it ought to be a fine day tomorrow. (表推测,暗含很大的可能,语气较弱) 9.used to

There used to be a building at the street corner, but it has been pulled down. (表示过去的习惯动 作或状态,现在不再发生或不复存在) I usedn't / didn't use to smoke. (否定式) Used you (Did you use) to go to school on foot? (疑问式)

三.考点强化 情态动词和虚拟语气
(2011全国卷I) 32. They ________ have arrived at lunchtime but their flight was delayed. A. will B. can C. must D. should (2011全国卷II)8. If you _______ smoke, please go outside. A. can B. should C. must D. may (2011北京卷)24. - I don’t really like James. Why did you invite him? - Don’t worry. He __________ come. He said he wasn’t certain what his plans were. A. must not B. need not C. would not D. might not (2011北京卷)30. Maybe if I _______ science, and not literature then, I would be able to give you more help. A. studied B. would study C. had studied D. was studying (2011北京卷)28. - Where are the children? The dinner’s going to be completely ruined. - I wish they _________ always late. A. weren’t B. hadn’t been C. wouldn’t be D. wouldn’t have been (2011上海卷) 28. I _____ worry about my weekend—I always have my plans ready before it comes. A. can’t B. mustn’t C. daren’t D. needn’t (2011天津卷)15. I ______ sooner but I didn’t know that they were waiting for me. A. had come B. was coming C. would come D. would have come (2011江西卷)23. It ______ be the postman at the door. It’s only six o’clock. A. mustn’t B. can’t C. won’t D. needn’t (2011江西卷)28. We ______ John’s name on the race list yesterday but for his recent injury. A. will put B. will have put C. would put D. would have put (2011江苏卷)34. —I left my handbag on the train, but luckily someone gave it to the railway officials. —How unbelievable to get it back! I mean, someone_______ it. A. will have stolen B. might have stolen C. should have stolen D. must have stolen (2011安徽卷)26. — What do you think of store shopping in the future? —Personally, I think it will exist along with home shopping but _____. A. will never replace B. would never replace C. will never be replaced D. would never be replaced (2011浙江卷)11.—How’s your new babysitter? —We ______ ask for a better one. All our kids love her so much.

A. should B. might C. mustn’t D. couldn’t (2011福建卷)25.—Shall I inform him of the change of the schedule right now? —I am afraid you _______ , in case he comes late for the meeting. A.will B.must C.may D.can (2011福建卷)34.—Pity you missed the lecture on nuclear pollution. —I____ it, but I was busy preparing for a job interview. A.attended B.had attended C.would attend D.would have attended (2011四川卷)20. The police still haven’t found the lost child, but they’re doing all they ______. . A. can B. may C. must D. should (2011辽宁卷)21. If you __ go, at least wait until the storm is over. A. can B. may C. must D. will (2011陕西卷)22.I__________through that bitter period without your generous help. A. couldn’t have gone B. didn’t go C. wouldn’t go D. hadn’t gone (2011陕西卷)24.—Will you read me a story ,Mummy? --OK. You________ have one if you go to bed as soon as possible. A. might B. must C. could D. shall (2011重庆卷)25.——Why didn’t you come to Simon’s party last night? —— I want to, but my mom simply _________ not let me out so late at night. A. could B. might C. would D. should (2011湖南卷)28 .---No one _______ be compared with Yao Ming in playing basketball. ---Oh, you are really his big fan. A. can B. need C. must D. might

(2012 全国卷 I)30. I ___ use a clock to wake me up because at six o'clock each morning the train comes by my house. A. couldn't B. mustn't C. shouldn't D. needn't (2012 全国卷 II)17. I’m going to Europe on vacation together with John if I ___ find the money. A. can B. might C. would D. need (2012 北京卷)33. We ______ the difficulty together, but why didn’t you tell me? A. should face B. might face C. could have faced D. must have faced (2012 北京卷)35. Don’t handle the vase as if it ____ made of steel. A. is B. were C. has been D. had been (2012 上海卷) (2012 上海卷)28. The new law states that people ______ drive after drinking alcohol. A. wouldn't B. needn't C. won't D. mustn't (2012 天津卷) 8. It’s quite warm here; we __________turn the heating on yet. A. couldn’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. wouldn’t (2012 天津卷) 15. We wouldn’t have called a taxi yesterday if Harold __________us a ride home. A. didn’t offer B. wouldn’t offer C. hasn’t offered D. hadn’t offered (2012 江苏卷) 28. Days later, my brother called to say he was all right, but ________ say where he was.

A. mustn’t B. shouldn’t C. wouldn’t D. mightn’t (2012 安徽卷)31. Grace doesn’t want to move to New York because she thinks if she ________ there, she wouldn’t be able to see her parents very often. A. lives B. would live C. lived D. were live (2012 湖南卷)29. Sorry, I am too busy now. If I ________ time, I would certainly go for an outing with you. A. have had B. had had C. have D. had (2012 福建卷)31.We lost our way in that small village, otherwise we ____ more places of interest yesterday. A. visited B. had visited C. would visit D. would have visited (2012 陕西卷)17. If may car _________ more reliable, I would have driven to Lhasa instead of flying last summer. A. was B. had been C. should be D. would be (2012 陕西卷)23. I______ thank you too much for all your help to my son while we were away from home. A. won’t B. can’t C. can D. will (2012 山东卷)30. If we _______ adequate preparations, the conference wouldn’t have been so successful. A. haven’t made B. wouldn’t make C. didn’t make D. hadn’t made (2012 重庆卷)25. — ________ you interrupt now? Can’t you see I’m on the phone? — Sorry Sir, but it’s urgent. A. Can B. Should C. Must D. Would (2012 四川卷)19. I got close enough to hear them speaking Chinese, and I said “Ni Hao” just as I ___ do in China. A. must B. might C. can D. should (2012 江西卷)22.We have bought so much food now that Suzie won’t be with us for dinner. A.may not B.needn’t C.can’t D.mustn’t (2012 浙江卷)19. Had they known what was coming next, they_______ second thoughts. A. may have B. could have C. must have had D. might have had (2012 辽宁卷)24. One of our rules is that every student wear school uniform while at school. A. might B. could C. shall D. will (2012 辽宁卷)33. Jack is a great talker. It’s high time that he something instead of just talking. A. will do B. has done C. do D. did (2013 新课标 1 )The door ______ open, no matter how hard she pushed. A. shouldn’t B. couldn’t C. wouldn’t D. mightn’t (2013 课标卷 II)6. Since nobody gave him any help, he own. A. can (2013 北京卷)34.If we B. must C. would D. need have done the research on his

a table earlier, we couldn’t be standing here in a queue.

A. have booked

B. booked

C. book

D. had booked

(2013 北京卷)35.—You needn’t take an umbrella. It isn’t going to rain. —Well, I don’t know. It A. might (2013 天津卷)9. No one A. could do. B. need C. would D. should

be more generous, he has a heart of gold. B. must C. dare D. need able to

(2013 天津卷)14. If he had spent more time practising speaking English before, he speak it much better now. A. will be been (2013 重庆卷)26. — What are you doing this Saturday? — I’m not sure, but I go to the Rolling Stones concert. A. must B. would C. should D. might B. would be C. has been D. would


(2013 重庆卷)29. — It rained cats and dogs this morning. I’m glad we took an umbrella. — Yeah, we would have got wet all over if we A. hadn’t (2013 安徽卷)28.I A. went (2013 安徽卷)34.It you know a lot of words. A. may B. couldn’t C. should D. needn’t B. haven't . C. didn't D. don't

to my cousin’s birthday party last night, but I was not available B. had gone C. would go D. would have gone

be the vocabulary that caused you the problem in the exercise because

(2013 福建卷)30.—Do you think George has passed the driving test? —No. If so, he ______ his car to our college yesterday. A. would drive B. drove C. would have driven D. had driven

(2013 湖南卷)26. If nothing ________, the oceans will turn into fish deserts. A. does B. had been done C. will do D. is done

(2013 湖南卷)32. He ________ sleep, although he tried to, when he got on such a hunt for an idea until he had caught it. A. wouldn’t B. shouldn’t C. couldn’t you were serious. D. mustn’t

(2013 江苏卷)30. I should not have laughed if I

A. thought (2013 江西卷)29. A. should

B. would think

C. had thought

D. have thought

When I was a child, I ______ watch TV whenever I wanted to. B. could C. must D. need

(2013 辽宁卷)31. Harry is feeling uncomfortable. He _______too much at the party last night. A. could drink drunk (2013 陕西卷)12.My mom suggests that we ________eat out for a change this weekend. A. should B. might C. could D. would B. should drink C. would have drunk D. must have

(2013 陕西卷)21.The children _____lost in the woods; otherwise, they would have been at the lakeside camp as scheduled. A. must have got B. must get C. should have got D. should get

(2013 四川卷)5. --Why are your eyes so red? You _______ have slept well last night. A. can't B. mustn't C.needn't D. won't

(2013 浙江卷)3. I ________ myself more—it was a perfect day. A. shouldn’t have enjoyed C. wouldn’t have enjoyed B. needn’t have enjoyed D. couldn’t have enjoyed

(2013 浙江卷) 8. Eye doctors recommend that a child’s first eye exam ________ at the age of six months old. A. was B. be C. were D. is

1. 尽管多数人都认为他的目标不切实际,他确信他可以通过努力达成目标。 (achieve; goal)

2. 由于新一轮抛售的波浪,股市出现了进一步的下跌。 (as a result of, there be, a further fall)

3. 随着社会和经济的发展,不可避免地会有新问题产生。(arise)

4. 她将会公开露脸,为她最新的小说签名。(appearance, sign)

5. 这个母亲正看护着她熟睡的孩子。(watch over)

11. Last summer I took a course ___________________________(有关如何应对) poisonous gases if any. (deal) 12. _______________________ (无论他处于多么困难的境地), he never lost confidence and was always optimistic about the future life. (difficult) 13. _____________________ (毫无疑问) the competition is fierce and challenging. (doubt). 14. The earthquake destroyed most houses in the village. How are they going to ________ (度 过)the winter? (get) 15. In 1769, James Cook ______________________________ (占据) New Zealand and since then great changes have taken place there. (possession ) 16. The sports meeting has to ______________________ (取消) because of the heavy rain. (call ) 17. The Chinese nation has ____________________________ (产生) many national heroes and revolutionary leaders. (birth) 18. Born in England, he ___________________ (有优势) her in spoken English. (advantage) 19. The other day I was walking along the beach when ______________________(突然) I heard someone calling for help.(sudden) 20. Whenever he was absorbed in reading books, nothing can ________________________ (吸引 他的注意力) . (draw)

71. The world is getting t_____, nothing is more important than starting saving water right now. 72. Helen cut the bread and gave me two p_________. 73. If we don’t take m_________ to save the wild camel, then it will be in far greater danger than the panda. 74. The p_______ and suitcases which were still waiting had to be translated to another plane. 75. Mozart was born m_________. 76. The sun sank lower and lower till it d________ beneath the horizon and left the world to darkness. 77. I have no sense of d_________, and can never tell east from west, north from south. 78. The newly-built overhead bridge adds up to the b_______ of the city. 79. We must help the people in t . 80. Though I am alone, I don’t feel l .

重点单词: 1. calculate v. 计算 2. calculator n. 计算器 3. common adj. 共同的;共有的 4. analytical adj. 分析的 5. simple-minded adj. 简单的;笨的 6. technology n. 工艺;科技;技术 7. technological adj. 科技的 8. revolution n. 革命 9. universal adj. 宇宙的;普遍的;通用的 10. mathematical adj 数学的 11. artificial 12. intelligence 13. anyway 14. totally 15. advantage 16. disadvantage 17. type 18. disagree 19. choice 20. material

21. personally 22. create 23. move 24. arise 25. mop 26. wander


最近,你班同学展开了一场讨论,主题是:Wealth & Health。请你根据下表提供 的信 息,写一篇 100 词左右的文 章,介绍一下你们讨论的情况。 一些人认为财富更重要 一些人认为健康更重要 1.没有钱万万不行 2. 想办法多挣钱 1. 健康是本钱 2. 要爱惜身体 个人看法:更看重健康。身体不好,钱再多也无济于事。 Wealth & Health Which is more important, wealth or health? Different people have different opinions.

As far as I am concerned, I love wealth, but I value health more. Everybody wants to live a happy life. So they try their best to earn money which can ensure they lead a comfortable life, but if happiness and comfort are achieved at the cost of their health, how can they be happy? Without health money becomes meaningless. In my opinion, no one agrees th at a wealthy person without good health can be happy. So, just do our best to keep healthy.



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