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Unit5 同步检测 Ⅰ.阅读理解

If you see a group of people dancing and singing on the street or in the railway station,you don’ t need to feel surprised.They are a flash mob(暴民). Who are they?

Are they mobs? Don’t be confused by their name.Actually, a flash mob is a group of people who gather suddenly in a public place,do something unusual for a brief period of time,and then quickly disappear. They are usually organized with the help of the Internet or other digital communications networks.The messages may be sent to friends,who send to more people.At a pre?determined time,they gather and perform some activities such as exchanging books,coming together to look at the sky, waving their hands and yelling something at the top of their voice for 30 seconds.Then, they quickly disappear before the police can arrive.Using mobile phones,the flash mob can change its place if the first one has been cancelled for any reason. Bill Wasik,senior editor of Harper’s Magazine,organized the first flash mob in Manhattan in May 2003 and the first successful flash mob gathered on June 3,2003.Wasik claimed that he created the flash mob as a social experiment designed to laugh at fashion seekers and stress the cultural atmosphere of wanting to be an insider or part of “the next big thing”. Flash mob gatherings can sometimes shock people.Such an activity might seem amusing and magical, but it also might frighten people who are not aware of what is taking place.Undoubtedly, flash mob can serve as good political tools and have great potential,such as using to advertise a product. The flash mob is now becoming more and more popular.People use it to do many things.Flash mobs give people from all walks of life an opportunity to come together to create a memory. 【文章大意】 随着网络的快速发展,出现了一种新型人群:快闪族。本文对其进行了 介绍。 1.What is NOT the feature of the flash mob? A.It can get together quickly. B.It can change its place freely. C.It can do activities suddenly. D.It can injure people seriously. 解析:选 D。细节理解题。根据文章的第一段最后一句“Actually,a flash mob is a group of people who gather suddenly...and then quickly disappear.”和第二段最后一句: “Using mobile phones,the flash mob can change its place if the first one has been cancelled for any reason.”可知,D 项不是快闪族的特点,故答案选 D。 2.How do flash mobs inform one another? ①By using the Internet ②By writing letters ③By yelling ④By waving hands ⑤By using mobile phones ⑥By holding a meeting A.③④ B.①⑤ C.②⑥ D.⑤⑥ 解析: 选 B。 细节理解题。 根据文章第二段第一句“They are usually organized with the help

of the Internet or other digital communications networks.”和第二段最后一句 “Using mobile phones...”可知,答案 B 符合文意。 3.Why did Bill Wasik create the flash mob? A.To advertise some products. B.To help people make friends. C.To laugh at fashion seekers. D.To create some memories. 解析: 选 C。 细节理解题。 根据文章第三段最后一句“Wasik claimed that he created the flash mob as a social experiment designed to laugh at fashion seekers...”可知,答案 C 符合文意。 4.What can we learn about the flash mob from the passage? A.Bill Wasik organized the first successful flash mob in May,2003. B.People are encouraged to take a more active part in an activity. C.Flash mobs tend to do something illegal for a short time. D.Flash mob gathering can frighten all the people present. 解析:选 B。推理判断题。根据文章最后一段最后一句“Flash mobs give people from all walks of life an opportunity to come together to create a memory.”可推知:人们由此被鼓励积极 参与活动,故答案 B 符合文意。 Ⅱ.七选五补缺题 People will feel excited when it comes to holidays.But holidays can also be a very lonely time,particularly for those who spend the holidays alone.Here are some tips to keep yourself balanced and productive over the holidays. Plan your time in advance You’ll have several days to fill up,so plan ahead.Find books and movies you have always wanted to read and watch and make a list of events that you’d like to attend.1.________ Make a list of things you have always wanted to do but never had the time for. See this time alone as a gift:a stretch of time where you have total control to do whatever you want.Use it wisely. Find support 2.________ Note that scheduling time to talk with friends and loved ones makes contact more likely to happen.Introverts who tend to avoid social contacts get support from the inside,so keeping journals and taking some time for personal reflection are a good idea. Don’t wallow (沉溺) Holidays alone tend to be times when beating yourself up and getting depressed are more likely to happen.3.________ Be grateful-some people who are enduring family dinners wish they were in your place.Do something fun,instead! Volunteer Food banks,shelters and crisis centers are short?staffed during holidays when the demand is greatest.Helping out those in need will make you feel good,and will brighten other people’s holidays in turn. 4.________ Do something kind.It might be feeding birds or squirrels in the park or buying a sandwich for a homeless person.It will make you feel lighter and more grateful for what you have. Have faith If you are religious,find a church service to attend,or seek out something you regard as

spiritual such as meditation, yoga, exercise, a walk in the park, or being around animals.Use this as an opportunity to fill your spiritual juice. 5.________ A.Random Act of Kindness B.Accept Invitations C.Extroverts can reach out to others during the holidays. D.Avoid solo holiday depression by considering it as an opportunity to grow. E.Following those advice on having a holiday,you shall get a wonderful holiday whether you are extroverted or introverted. F.Holiday is a nice thing for all the people whether you are successful or not. G.Without a plan,you might find yourself being alone and bored,which will lower your spirits. 答案:1~5 GCDAE Ⅲ.完形填空 (创新题)Obama’s Re?election Celebrated Around World

From his old school in Indonesia to a Japanese beach town that happens to share his name, people around the world cheered President Barack Obama ’ s re ? election Wednesday.They expressed their hope that he will help __1__ global conflicts and economic dilemma. At Jakarta’s Menteng 01 Elementary School, which Obama __2__ attended, students happily marched with a poster of the__3__ from one classroom to another after hearing that he had defeated Romney to win a second term.“Obama wins...Obama wins again,” they __4__. A statue of a young “Barry” Obama, as he was called as a child, __5__outside the school. “I want to be like him,the president, ” student Alexander Ananta said. British Prime Minister David Cameron posted his__6__ on Twitter: “Warm congratulations to my friend Barack Obama,__7__forward to continuing to work together.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu , who has had a__8__relationship with the American president over his policies on Iran and the IsraeliPalestinian conflict, __9__ the president in a text message to reporters. “I will continue to work with President Obama to preserve the strategic __10__ of Israel’s citizens, ” he said. In China,Obama’s re?election was good news for people __11__about Romney’s vow(誓 言) to label China a currency manipulator __12__ elected.Some feared that would arouse a trade war between the world’s two __13__ economies.China’s Foreign Ministry said President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiaobao__14__Obama to congratulate him. “His re?election is in__15__ with what the Chinese people want, ” said Hong Zihan,a graduate student who monitored the results at a U.S.Embassy __16__in Beijing. “It is __17__ that President Obama is reelected.President Obama is very flexible and international relations have __18__ during his term.” another graduate student said. For Obama, Japan, the president’ s re?election means more opportunity to capitalize on their __19__name.Obama __20___ “little beach” in Japanese.

【文章大意】 本文是一篇记叙文, 主要叙述了世界各地对奥巴马再次成功竞选为美国 总统的祝贺。 1.A.advance B.remove C.relieve D.prevent 解析:选 C。“他们希望奥巴马的连任将有助于缓解全球冲突和经济困境”,relieve 表 示“缓解, 减少”, 符合语境; 而 advance 表示“提前, 提高”, remove 表示“去除, 除去”, prevent 表示“预防”。 2.A.never B.sometimes C.seldom D.once 解析:选 D。“奥巴马曾经就读过的小学”,故选择 once 表示“曾经”。 3.A.headmaster B.teacher C.president D.pupil 解析:选 C。“学生们拿着一张关于奥巴马总统的海报快乐地从一个教室到另一个教 室” ,故选择 president。 4.A.decided B.whispered C.shouted D.screamed 解析:选 C。由上文语境“Obama wins...Obama wins again”可知,此处表示“孩子们大 声喊叫着”, 故选择 shout 表示“喊叫, 大声说”, 符合语境; 而 decide 表示“决定”, whisper 表示“低语”,scream 表示“尖叫,惊呼”。 5.A.walks B.exists C.stands D.settles 解析:选 C。“一个年轻的‘巴里’奥巴马的雕像矗立在学校外面”,故选择 stand 表 示“位于,矗立”。 6.A.comments B.regards C.pleasure D.expectations 解析: 选 B。 由后文语境可知, 此处表示“在微博上发表自己的致意”, regard 表示“致 意,问候”,符合语境;comment 表示“评论”,pleasure 表示“高兴”,expectation 表示 “期望”。 7.A.look B.see C.watch D.act 解析:选 A。“期望继续合作”,look forward to...表示“期望??”。 8.A.hateful B.outstanding C.favorable D.stressful 解析:选 D。由 relationship 可知表示“关系紧张”,故选择 stressful 表示“紧张的”, 而 hateful 表示“痛恨的”, outstanding 表示“优秀的, 突出的”, favorable 表示“支持的”。 9.A.celebrated B.welcomed C.congratulated D.honoured 解析:选 C。“以色列首相发短信祝贺奥巴马总统连任”,congratulate 表示“祝贺”, 符合语境;celebrate 表示“庆祝”,其宾语多为物或事件;welcome 表示“欢迎”,honour 表示“尊重”。 10.A.interests B.satisfaction C.achievement D.intention 解析:选 A。“保护以色列人民的战略利益”,interest 表示“利益”,符合语境;而 satisfaction 表示“满意”,achievement 表示“成就”,intention 表示“目的”。

11.A.concerned B.contented C.inspired D.confused 解析:选 A。“人们担心罗姆尼要将中国列为汇率操纵国的誓言”,concerned 为形容 词表示“担心的,担忧的”,符合语境;而 contented 表示“满足的”,inspired 表示“鼓舞 人心的”,confused 表示“困惑的”。 12.A.even if B.as if C.if D.though 解析:选 C。“如果罗姆尼当选的话”,故用 if。 13.A.weakest B.farthest C.biggest D.deepest 解析:选 C。此处表示“中美两个世界上最大的经济体”,故选择 C 项。 14.A.phoned B.recalled C.respected D.rewarded 解析:选 A。“胡主席和温总理致电奥巴马表示祝贺”;故选择 phone 表示“给某人打 电话”;而 recall 表示“使回忆”,respect 表示“尊重” ,reward 表示“回报”。 15.A.row B.line C.series D.string(串) 解析: 选 B。 “奥巴马连任与中国人民的想法一致”, in line with...表示“与??一致”。 16.A.accident B.event C.game D.journey 解析:选 B。此处表示选举事件,故选择 event 表示“事件,大事”之意,符合语境; 而 accident 表示“事故”,game 表示“游戏”,journey 表示“旅行”。 17.A.surprising B.exciting C.good D.discouraging 解析:选 C。由下文语境“奥巴马比较灵活而且国际关系在其任职期间得到了改善”可 知,此处表示奥巴马连任是比较好的事情,故选择 C 项。 18.A.extended B.improved C.increased D.enlarged 解析:选 B。“国际关系得到了改善”,improve 表示“改善,增进”,符合语境;而 extend 表示“延伸”,increase 表示“增加”,enlarge 表示“扩大”。 19.A.different B.strange C.familiar D.shared 解析:选 D。由原文首句“From his old school in Indonesia to a Japanese beach town that happens to share his name, ”可知,此处答案为 shared 表示“共同的名字”。 20.A.represents B.means C.explains D.expresses 解析:选 B。“在日语中 Obama 的意思是小海滩”,mean 表示“意思是”,符合语境; represent 表示“代表”,explain 表示“解释”,express 表示“表达”。 Ⅳ.语法填空 Mike:Cathy,where are you going this weekend? Cathy : I am going to the beach with some of my classmates.Do you feel like 1.________(join)us,Mike? Mike:Why not? Which beach? Cathy: Provence beach.I’ve always wanted to watch the sea boats there.Besides, it was there

2.________ my parents met 3.________the first time. Mike:Sounds great,4.________ the bus is 5.________(crowd)at the weekend. Cathy : I know , and that ’ s 6.________ some of us will take 7.________ train instead.8.________(lucky),I have my brother’s car. Mike:Do you have space for me? Cathy:Sure. Mike:When are we leaving? Cathy:Friday,at about 4∶30.Shall I pick 9.________up somewhere? Mike:Yes,please,I’ll go to Professor Wilson’s office at 3∶30 in the afternoon.We can meet half an hour 10.________(late)in front of the building. Cathy:OK.Then we can go to Jennifer’s place together to pick her up. 1.解析:考查动名词。 feel like doing 表示“想”做某事,所以填 joining。 答案:joining 2.解析:考查强调句型。此句为强调句,所以填 that。“我父母是在那里认识的。” 答案:that 3.解析:考查固定短语。 for the first time 为固定短语, “第一次”。 答案:for 4.解析:考查连词。听起来主意不错,但(but)周末出行不方便,公交车太拥挤。 答案:but 5.解析:考查形容词。 形容词 crowded:拥挤的;塞满的。 答案:crowded 6.解析:考查疑问副词。 公交车太拥挤这是一些人坐火车的原因(why)。 答案:why 7.解析:考查冠词。 take the train:坐火车(相当于 go to some place by train)。 答案:the 8.解析:考查副词。 副词 Luckily 放句首,修饰整个句子。 答案:Luckily 9.解析:考查代词。 上文 Mike 要搭车,所以 Cathy 问, “要不要我去接你(you)?” 答案:you 10.解析:考查副词。 他三点半去见教授,半个小时后(half an hour later)在楼前见。 答案:later Ⅴ.课文语法填空 阅读下面课文缩写材料,在空白处填入适当的内容或括号内单词的正确形式(不多于 3 个单词)。 My cousin and I traveled ______1______ Canada by train from west to east.______2______ saw many things from the train on the way across Canada,and in the cities of Toronto and Montreal. We passed through the Rocky Mountains ______3______ the train , and saw ______4______(wildly)scenery , a grizzly bear and some mountain goats.Canada ______5______(be)very empty in the centre, ______6______ is a wheat-growing area.The city of Thunder Bay is a port in the centre of Canada.Ocean ships can come all the way to the top of the Great Lakes. In Toronto, we went up the CN Tower and saw the mist from the Niagara Falls.We visited the covered stadium,which is ______7______ home of several famous basketball teams.We saw

Chinatown and had dinner at the Pink Pearl restaurant.______8______ we arrived in Montreal the next day , we saw many signs and ads in French.Then we went to Old Montreal , ______9______(sit)in a typical cafe beside the St Lawrence River.We spent the afternoon in shops and ______10______(visit)the artists in their workplaces. 答案:1.across 2.We 3.on 4.wild 5.is 6.which 7.the 8.When 9.sitting 10.visiting



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