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1.(2010· 厦门质检)Following the girl, we went into a hall, on ________ walls hung a few pictures of some famous scientists. A. its B. Which C. whose D. those 2.(2010· 厦门质检)The UN offi

cials say it could be many weeks and even months ________ a deal is reached. A. before B. After C. when D. as。

3.(2010· 厦门质检)—How do you find Xiamen, Anna? —Fantastic! I've been planted here and this is ________ I'm going to grow. A. where B. Why C. how D. what 4.(2010· 龙岩质检)Remember that there is still one point ________ we must make clear at the conference tomorrow. A. where B. Why C. when D. that 5.(2010· 龙岩质检)—The rescue team are considering________ they can do more for the people suffering from the snow storm. —So they are. A. what B.Whatever C. if D. how

6.(2010· 南京模拟)I admire my English teacher. I can remember very few occasions ________ she stopped working because of ill health. A. that B. When C. where D. which 7.(2010· 南京模拟)—My son is addicted to drugs. He isn't hopeless, is he? —Yes, ________ he mends his ways and starts all over. A. if B. When C. even if D. Unless 8.(2010· 南京模拟)A big earthquake struck southern Haiti, knocking down buildings and power lines and causing ________ its ambassador to the United States called a catastrophe. A. what B. Which C. that D. why 9.(2010· 苏锡常镇调查)—Some Chinese students find it difficult to understand native speakers when in London. —Exactly, ________ they've learned a lot about grammar and known many words. A. if only B. now that C. as if D. even if 10.(2010· 苏锡常镇情况调查)Children are easily exposed to the Internet culture ________ violence increases to such a degree that parents don't allow them to go online. A. which B. Whose C. where D. that 11 . (2010· 京 调 研 )The Romans originally lived northwest India in ________ is now 南 southeastern Pakistan. A. what B. which C. that

D. where

12. (2010· 南京调研)The owner wanted to charge $5,000 for his car, ________ I managed to lower to $ 3,500. A. since B. what C. which D. that 13.(2010· 苏北四市调研)Most of us still wonder ________ it is ________ makes those honest peasant workers, without being paid at all, resign themselves to the bosses. A. what; that B. /; what C. that; what D. /; that 14.(2010· 宁波模拟)A warm thought suddenly came to me ________ I might use the pocket money to buy some flowers for my mother's birthday. A. if B. when C. that D. which 15.(2010· 长沙联考)Occasions are quite rare ________ I have time to spend a day with my kids. A.who B.which C.why D.when

16.(2010· 长沙联考)________ if you passed the exam you would receive a reward was telling lies. A.Whoever told you that C.No matter who told you B.Those who told you that D.Whoever told you

17.(2010· 陕西质检)If you want to do the experiment again, you'd better be more careful ________ you made a mistake. A. when B. why C. that D. where 18.(2010· 西安质检)After working on the maths problem for hours, he found ________ he thought was the key to it. A. what B. that C. where D. which 19.(2010· 西安质检)We all agree that the architect________ the National Grand Theater in Beijing was designed is most creative. A. for whom B. by whom C. with whom D. from whom 20.(2010· 宝鸡质检)Though it is 30 years ________ we last met, I still remember the scene ________ we got separated on a rainy day. A. before; where B. before; which C. since; when D. since; where 21.(2010· 宝鸡质检)These examples show that all individuals, ________ they are rich or poor, should be responsible ________ they are involved in law. A. if; when B. if; as long as C. whether; as long as D. whether; since 22. (2010· 金华十校联考)You will have to wait for one more week, ________ the manager will be back from his trip. A. after B. while C. when D. since

23.I still remember the story, believe it or not, ________ we got lost in the mountain picnic. A. which B. that C. what D. how

24.____________, I have to put it away and focus my attention on study this week.


A. However the novel is amusing C. However amusing the story is

B. No matter amusing the story is D. No matter how the story is amusing

25.(2010· 金华十校联考)________ made the school proud was ________ more than 90% of the students had been admitted to key universities. A. What; because B. What; that C. That; what D. That; because 26.(2010· 温州十校模拟)The news spread quickly through the village ________ the war had ended, ________ made villagers wild with joy. A. which; that B. that; what C. that; which D. what; which 27.(2010· 温州十校模拟)—Where do you plan to work? —I've made up my mind to go ________ I'm most needed. A. to the place B. to which C. that D. where 28.(2010· 皖南八校联考)Newton is shown as a gifted scientist with every human weakness ________ stood at the point in history ________ magic ended and science began. A. who; where B. which; where C. who; when D. which; that 29.(2010· 合肥质检)After graduation I'd like to find a job ________ I can use what I have learnt at school. A. whose B. Which C. where D. that 30. (2010· 合肥质检)When astronauts return to the earth's atmosphere, helicopters fly to ________ they would land, ready to collect them. A. what B. where C. which D. that 31.(2010· 芜湖模拟)Don't be afraid of asking your teachers for help ________ it is needed. A. as C. unless B. since D. when

答案与解析:D 句意:如有需要,不要害怕向老师问问题。此处 when 相当于 if,表 示条件,其他不符合语意。 32.(2010· 江南十校联考)You are certain to live your dream ________ you make great efforts and lay emphasis on improvements in efficiency. A. on condition that C. even though B. as far as D. in case

答案与解析:A on condition that 表示“只要??”;as far as 表示“就??”;even though 表示“即使??”; in case 则表示“万一,以免”。根据句意:只要努力??你肯 定能实现梦想,可知选 A 项。 33.(2010· 江南十校联考)The film started to get boring, at ________ point I left the cinema accompanied by my twin sister. A. this C. the B. that D. which


答案与解析:D 定语从句的先行词是前面整个句子,当先行词为句子时,用关系代词 which 或 as,此处关系词前有介词 at,只有 which 符合条件。 34.(2010· 长春调研)________ you have picked up, you must give it back to ________ it belongs to. A. Whatever; whoever B. What; no matter who C. No matter what; no matter who D. Whatever; no matter who 答案与解析: A 从句子的结构和语意可以看出前一部分是让步状语从句, 可以使用 no matter what 或 whatever 来引导;to 是介词,后面接的是宾语从句,因此引导词只能使用 whoever,而不能使用 no matter who。 35.(2010· 长春调研)________ was expected, he broke his promise once more, ________ left his friends down. A. It; which C. It; as B. As; which D. Which; which

答案与解析: as 表示“正如, B 就像”, 引导非限制性定语从句, 通常位于句首。 which 也引导非限制性定语从句,在句中指前面提到的事“他再一次失信”。 36.(2010· 东北三校联考)The Changbai Mountains have a huge variety of scenery, some of the best of ________ can only be reached on foot. A. that B. which

C. what D. where 答案与解析:B which 引导定语从句,修饰先行词 scenery,在从句中作 of 的宾语。句 意:长白山上有很多美景,其中一些好的景色只能走着去看。 37.(2010· 东北三校联考)________ the activities might seem childish, in reality they require a lot of strength and determination. A. When B. As C. While D. Once 答案与解析:C while 在句中表示“尽管”。句意:尽管这些活动可能看上去有些幼

稚,但事实上它们需要很大的毅力和决心。 38.(2010· 东北三校联考)________, as long as I'm with nature, I don't care. A. However tough the voyage is B. Whatever tough the journey is C. However the voyage is tough D. Whatever the journey is tough 答案与解析: 句意: A 无论旅程多么艰难, 只要我能亲近大自然, 我都不在乎。 however 表示“无论怎样”,修饰形容词或副词,本句的前半句相当于“No matter how tough the

voyage is”。 39.(2010· 黑龙江适应性考试)________ matters much ________ the headmaster supports our activity. A. It; whether C. As; that 答案与解析:A B. What; whether D. That; if It 是形式主语,真正的主语是 whether 引导的从句,句意表示:校长

是否支持我们的活动很重要,选 A 项。 40.(2010· 海南五校联考)Mother's love is true love! She's never stopped loving you ________ you become or you do. A. whichever C. whatever 答案与解析:C B. however D. whoever whatever 引导状语从句并在从句中作宾语。句意:母爱是真正的爱。

无论你做什么,变成什么样,她都会一如既往地爱你。 41.(2010· 海南五校联考)The moment ________ John will never forget is ________ Mr. Smith gave him a lot of valuable advice on how to improve his writing. A. that; that C. when; that B. that; when D. when; when

答案与解析: 第一空用 that 引导定语从句, B 修饰先行词 The moment; 第二空用 when 引导表语从句,并在从句中作时间状语,故答案为 B 项。 42.(2010· 宁夏质检)—The patient looks much better. ________ is it that has made him ________ he is today? —Perhaps the special medicine and his family's patient care. A. What; that C. What; what B. That; that D. That; what

答案与解析: 解决本题的关键是将句子结构理清楚, C 还原成陈述句为“It is ________ that has made him ________ he is today”。再结合句意:病人好多了,是什么使他成为现在 这个样子可知,选 C 项。 43.(2010· 福建四地六校)I don't like the way ________ he often uses to speak to me. A. in which C. which B. how D. what which 引导定语从句,修饰先行词 way,而且 which 在从句中作 uses

答案与解析:C 的宾语。

44.(2010· 金华十校联考)American women usually identify their best friend as someone ________ they can talk frequently. A. who C. as B. about which D. with whom


with whom 引导定语从句,修饰先行词 someone, with 与 talk 构成固定

搭配,表示“与??交谈”。 45.(2010· 温州测试)The Foreign Secretary is on a four- visit to China, ________ he will day meet Premier Wen. A. in that C. from where B. during which D. for whom

答案与解析:B 这里表示的是“在访问期间”,所以用 during which。




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