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一.Words 1. warn v. n. warning warn sb. for sth. e.g.:I warned him of the danger. warn sb. to do sth./warn sb. not to do sth. e.g.:I warned him not to buy old car. 2. luck n. adj. lucky 反 unlucky adv. luckily e.g.: I was lucky enough to get a good job. Luckily, she was in when I called. They think 13 is an unlucky number. 3. direction n. e.g.: In which direction does the river run? direct v. 指向 adj. 直接的 4. instruction n. 指示,说明 v. instruct 教导,指导 e.g.: The instruction are on the bottle. He instructs his students in English. 5. silence n. adj. silent e.g.: We should keep silent at the library. 6. use n./v. use sth. to do use sth. for doing adj. useful e.g.: We use wood to cook food. We use wood for cooking food. Wood is very useful in our life. 7. break the rules follow the rules 二.Lauguege 表示许可 We can have a picnic here 表示一切可能性 Where can we find this sign? 表示能力 He can swim well. Must (用于规则)必须 We must keep quiet in the library. 表示非常有把握的肯定猜测 He must be waiting for us Have to (客观原因)不得不 I couldn’t get a taxi, so I had to walk home. 另:Must 的否定回答 needn’t 表示非常有把握的否定猜测用 can’t He can’t be sixty years old. Can


WORDS 1. health n. adj healthy 反 unhealthy e.g.: Having a lot fried food is bad for our health. We need plenty of healthy food every day. Healthy camp 2. enough 名前形后 e.g.: We should have eough water every day. The square is big enough to hold 2 thousannd people. little-less3. little-less-least e.g.: We should eat less fried food. At least 反 at most 4. stay, keep, become link v. + adj. e.g.:The shop stays open until 11 o’clock. The boys become excited. 5. regular adj. 反 irregular

adv. regular e.g.: He is strong and his eating hobirs are regular 6. neither 代词(两者都不,谓语动词用单数) e.g.: Neither of the cars is made in China. He answered neither of the letters. 连词 e.g.: Neither he nor I am healthy (既不…也不,就近原则) 二. PHRASES too… 1. too…过于 too many 过多+可数名词 e.g.: too many crisps/soft drinks/sweets too much 过多+不可数名词/修饰动词 e.g.: too much fried food; eat too much meat/coffee too little 过少+不可数名词/修饰动词 e.g.: too little fruit; exercise too little too few 过少+可数名词 e.g.: too few vegetables 和 not…enough 是同义句 e.g.: You eat too little fruit. You don’t eat enough fruit. 2 . 更…


more 更多 fewer 更少+可数名词 less 更少+不可数名词 LANGUAGE

eat more fruit eat fewer crisps eat less meat

do(其他助动词 其他助动词, 动词, 或情态动词)+ )+另一主语 意为也一样) 1. so + do(其他助动词,be 动词,或情态动词)+另一主语 (意为也一样) I like swimming.---------So do I. I can swim. ------------So can I. I will go to Beijing--------So will I. I went to Beijing last month.--------So did I . do(其他助动词, 动词,或情态动词)+另一主语(意为也不) )+另一主语 2. Neither + do(其他助动词,be 动词,或情态动词)+另一主语(意为也不) I don’t like swimming.----------Neither do I . I didn’t go to Beijing last month.------------Neither did he. I won’t go to Beijing.------------Neither will I . 3. 表示建议 Shall we(do)…? Let’s (do)… Why not (do)…? Shall we have a picnic? Let’s have a picnic. Why not have a picnic?

引导的时间状语从句(意为如果) 主将从现。 ,主将从现 4. if 引导的时间状语从句(意为如果) 主将从现。 , e.g.: I will call you if he comes back tomorrow. We should go to bed early if we want to stay healthy. 5. used to do 过去习惯做 used to be + adj./doing

e.g.: He used to have a walk after supper. He didn’t use to have a walk after supper. Did he use to have a walk after supper? What did he use to do after supper? There used to be a bridge. use 使用 use sth. to do/ use sth. for doing.

一.Words 1. mix v. n. mixture e.g.: Shake the mixture before taking. Add the salt and sugar and mix them.

2. wide

adj. adv. n. v.

widely 广泛 width widen 拓宽 e.g.: The soldiers cames to a wide river. We hope to widen this road next year. 3. home homeless care caeless use useless (强调结果) 4.hearheard heard ??G (区别)listen to (强调过程) e.g.: I listened to the teacher carefully,but I heared nothing. I heared that he was ill. hearfrom=get a letter from 5. Chinese food American food English food Thai food 6. cost

Take it 作主语 Spend 人作主语,后加介词 on Pay 人作主语,后加介词 for e.g.: The book cost me ten yuan. It took me ten yuan on the book. I spent ten yuan on the book. I paid ten yuan for the book.

一.Words 1.系动词——感官动词 1.系动词——感官动词 系动词—— sound, feel, look, smell, taste

Sound 看起来 e.g.: The story book sounds interesting. Look 看起来 e.g.: She looks happy after hearing the news. Feel 摸上去 e.g.: The water fells warm. ——变得 get, become, grow Grow healthy ——keep, make 2. decorate v. n. decoration e.g.: we decorated the Christmas tree. The decoration was really nice. 3. look forward to doing to 是介词,后面加名词或动名词。 e.g.: Children always look forward to big parties. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. 4. prepare v.准备 v.准备

Prepare for 为…做准备 n. preparation e.g.: I have an exam to prepare for tonight. She did little preparation for her exam. 5. ice 冰 Icing 糖霜 6. play chess 不加冠词 add… 7. add…to e.g.: Add more hot water to the mixture. 二.Languare structure like 1.would like = want 后面加 to do 情态动词, 2. would rather 情态动词,后面加动词原形

e.g.: would like to watch TV at home. I would rather drink orange juice than lemonade. 3.电话用语中你用 that, 3.电话用语中你用 that,我用 this. e.g.:This tom. What’s that speaking? 时间短语中的介词。 4. 时间短语中的介词。 In 年份,月份,季节,一天中的某一个时段 in the morning On 具体日期,星期几,某一天的某个时段 on Saturday evening 节日(一天) on Dragon Boat Festival At 具体时刻,某些节日(一段时间) at christmas ,at Chinese New Year 固定搭配 at the end of /at night / at noon 5. need to do need 作为行为动词 e.g.: We need to get np early. We don’t need to get up early. Do you need to get up early?



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