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上次小编为大家准备的高考常用的动词短语搭配同学们都看了吗?小编有收到同学们 的留言说这个很实用呢,看到同学们的留言小编顿时觉得一切的辛苦都是值得的。好了,废 话不多说,赶紧奉上第二弹。 十一、go 构成的动词短语 1.go ahead 继续;可以(做某事) ;先行 He went ahead with the work and got it

done. — May I use your phone? — Certainly. Go ahead. 2.go by(时间)过去;经过(地点) Don’t let the good chance go by. 3.go out(灯、火)熄灭 When they arrived,the fire had gone out. 4.go on(doing)继续做某事 Please go on with your work. 5.go on to do sth.接着做另外的事 He went on to watch TV after he had finished his homework. 6.go over 检查;复习 When I came into the teacher’s room, our teacher is going over our homework. 7.go through 仔细检查;通过;经历;用光 Mother went through the drawer looking for the sweater. She went through hard life in her childhood. I’ve gone through too much money this week. 8.go all out(=try/do one’s best)竭尽全力 They went all out to build the dam. 9.go about 着手(做某事) What’s the best way to go about it? 10.go against 违背 They are going against our wishes. 11.go back 回去;追溯 This festival goes back to Roman times. 12. go in for 对某事物有兴趣;爱好 She doesn’t go in for team games. 13.go with 相配 I want some shoes to go with these trousers. 14.go without 没有……而勉强应付;没有……也行 There wasn’t time for breakfast, so I had to go without. 15.go up 上升;上涨 The price of cigarettes is going up. 16.go down 落下;下沉;下跌 The moon has gone down. The price of oil is going down.

十二、have 构成的动词短语 1.have a word with sb.和某人说句话 Could you spare a few minutes? I want to have a word with you. 2.have words with 争吵 They’ve had words with her about money. 3.have(deep)effects on 对……有(深远)影响 The book has great effects on his life. 4.have/find difficulty in doing sth.做……有困难 We have/find difficulty in writing the composition. 十三、keep 构成的动词短语 1.keep on doing sth.继续做某事 Marx kept on studying English and using it when he lived in London. 2.keep up with 紧跟;跟上 Tom runs so fast that no one in the class can keep up with him. 3.keep away from 远离 Keep children away from fire. 4.keep out of 防止进入 In the ancient time, the Great Wall was built in order to keep the enemy out of country. 5.keep one’s word 遵守诺言 I am sure you will keep your word. 6.keep in touch with 与……保持联系 We have kept in touch with each other by writing letters. 7.keep silent 保持沉默 He kept silentabout the matter. 8.keep/prevent/stop…from doing sth.制止(防止)……做某事 The heavy rain kept us from going out. 9.keep off 使……不接触 Please keep off the grass. 十四、knock 构成的动词短语 1.knock at 敲(门、窗等) Yon should knock at the door before coming in. 2.knock down 撞倒 They make sure the cows not knock the young trees down or eat the leaves. 3.knock around 漫游 He spent three years just knocking around China. 十五、look 构成的动词短语 1.1ook up 拜访;查阅 You may look up the new word in a dictionary. 2.1ook out 小心 Look out! The pan is on fire. 3.1ook into 调查 We’ll further look into the matter. 4.1ook forward to 盼望 We look forward to knowing the results of the exam.

5.1ook through 翻阅 You have to look through the papers before you hand them. 6.1ook up to 尊敬 Young children should look up to the old. 7.1ook down upon 瞧不起 The days are gone when women were looked down upon. 8.1ook like 看起来像 You look like your father. 9.1ook on…as 把……看作 We look on our teacher as our good friend. 10.1ook after 照顾 When I am out, my husband looks after our baby. 11.1ook for 寻找 What are you looking for? 十六、make 构成的动词短语 1.make an apology to…向……道歉 Hemade an apology to her teacher. 2.be made up of 组成 Two thirds of the earth’s surface is made up of vast ocean. 3.make up 组成;化妆;弥补;编造 Great Britain and Northern Ireland make up the United Kingdom. It took her more than one hour to make up for the party. The whole story is made up. 4.make room for…给……腾地方 Would you please make room for the old lady? 5.make up one’s mind 下决心 I have made up my mind to work harder than before. 6.make up for 弥补 We must make up for the time wasted before. 7.make use of 利用 We should make full use of the books in the library. 8.make progress 进步 With the teacher’s help, I have made much progress. 9.make a promise 许诺言 Father made a promise to buy me a new computer. 10.make a living 谋生 He began to make a living by himself when he was ten. 11.make out 理解 I couldn’t make out what he was saying. 12.make it 成功;及时达到 After hardworking, we made it at last. It’s only ten till seven—we’ll make it. 十七、put 构成的动词短语 1.put away 把(某物)收拾起来

Put the books away after reading. 2.put down 记下;平息 Put down the gentleman’s address. 3.put out 扑灭 It took the firefighters four hours to put out the fire. 4.put up 举起;建造;张贴 Many new high buildings have been put up in our city. 5.put up with 忍受 I cannot put up with all this noise. 6.put on 穿上;上演;增加 We will put on the new play next month. 7.put off 延期;拖延 The sports meet will be put off because of the bad weather. 8.put through 完成;(打电话)把……接通 Can you put me through to this number? 9.put forward 提出建议;拨快(时钟指针) ;将……提前 Our English teacher put forward some advice that we should read and speak more. Remember to put your clocks forward tonight. 十八、take 构成的动词短语 1.take up 占用(时间、空间);从事 The piano takes up too much space in the room. 2.take…out 拿……出去 We don’t allow taking books out of the reading room. 3.take place 发生 The strike took place just before liberation. 4.take the place of 代替 Now cotton can be taken the place of by many other materials. 5.take one’s place 就座;代替某人职位 They took their places before the meeting began. 6.take it easy 别着急 Take it easy. You are not badly ill. 7.take off 脱掉;起飞 Take off your coat please and roll up your sleeve. The plan takes off at eight. 8.take part in 参加 Anyone who likes the game can take part in it. 9.take pride in 以……而自豪 He took pride in being a student in Peking University. 10.take in 理解;被骗 I need some time to take in what you had told me. 11.take on 接受(工作);呈现(品质、面貌) If you agree to take on this project, it will mean a lot of pressure. His voice took on a deeper tone as he began the prayer. 12.take over 接管

He will take over my job while I’m on holiday. 十九、turn 构成的动词短语 1.turn up 出现;开大(音量);发生 He didn’t turn up until two o’clock yesterday afternoon. 2.turn on 打开(自来水、煤气等)的开关 When you want a bath, you turn on the tap. 3.turn off 关闭(电视、电灯等) Please turn off the light before you 1eave. 4.turn down 开小(音量) Would you mind turning down the radio? 5.turn in 交回 Jane turned in the wallet found at the school gate. 6.turn to 求助于;翻到 They always turn to me when they are in trouble. 7.turn into 变成 It turned into a nice day. 8.turn out 结果是;关上(电灯) ;生产 Don’t worry —I am sure it will all turn out fine. The factory turns out 300 units a day. 二十、help, hand, lead 和 die 构成的动词短语 1.help sb. with sth.帮助某人做某事 I often help my mom with housework. 2.help oneself to sth.自便;随便吃 Jim,help yourself to some cakes. 3.hand in 交上来 You have to hand in your compositions before this weekend. 4.hand out 分发 Would you like to help me to hand out the books to your classmates? 5.lead to 导致 Hardwork can lead to success. 6.1ead a…1ife 过……的生活 The old man led a simple life in the country. 7.die of 死于……(内因) The old man died of old age. 8. die from 死于……(外因) Many old people died from air pollution in winter. 9.die out 灭绝 This kind of bird is dying out. 二十一、talk, speak, hear 和 answer 构成的动词短语 1.talk with sb. 和某人谈话 The woman I talked to just now is in charge of the department. 2.speak up 大声点说;自由而清楚地发表意见 If anyone is against the plan, now is the time to speak up. 3.hear of 听说

I don’t know him, but I have heard of him. 4.hear from 接到某人的书信 I haven’t heard from him for nearly a year. 5.answer for 对……负责 Everyone should answer for his own activities.



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