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江苏省如皋中学高一牛津英语期末复习模拟测试卷 第一部分 选择题(共 80 分) Ⅰ . Choose the one answer that best completes each of the sentences below. (45×1’=45’) 1. He looked around and caught a man ___ his hand into the pocke

t of a passenger. A. put B. to be putting C. to put D. putting 2. A cook will be immediately fired if he is found ___ in the kitchen. A. smoke B. smoking C. to smoke D. smoked 3. ----Why did you go back to the shop? ----I left my friend ___ there. A. waiting B. to wait C. wait D. waits 4. The lady observed a boy ___ in and ___ upstairs. A. come; go B. to come; to go C. come; to go D. coming; going to 5. I couldn’t help ___ the computer because I was not free at the moment. A. repairing B. repair C. to repairing D. repaired 6. ---- Did you meet Jack at the station? ---- No, he ___ by the time I ___ there. A. was left; arrived B. has left; reached C. was leaving; got D. had left; got 7. People near the sea ___ fishing. A. feed on B. feed with C. live by D. live on 8. ___ is mentioned above, the number of the students in senior schools ___ increasing. A. It; is B. Which; are C. As; is D. That; are 9. ----Do you often get someone ___ your clothes? ---- Yes, I often get them ___. A. wash; to wash B. to wash; washed C. washed; wash D. wash; washed 10. The cake ____ very good indeed, but what does it taste like? A. eats B. feels C. tries D. smells 11. The Americans and the British not only speak the same language but also ___ a large number of customs. A. join B. take C. share D. spare th 12. There is ___ furniture in that old house, which was built in the 17 century. Which is wrong? A. various B. a variety of C. varieties of D. a large number of 13. If only people all over the world ___! A. live a peaceful life B. led a happy life C. had a hard life D. are living happily 14. ___ is know ___ Thomas Edison invented the electric light. A. As; that B. Which; that C. It; / D. It; that 15. Be careful! The slightest touch can ___ the bomb. A. set out B. step out C. set off D. step off 16. Some people cannot remember something ___ they have seen it. A. before B. until C. when D. by 17. Reading is to Jack ___ football is to other boys. A. that B. which C. as if D. what 18. It seems that it is ___ to snow than to rain today. A. probably B. more possibly C. more likely D. more perhaps 19. At the sound he rushed out at once, with books ___ on the desk. A. lying open B. to lie open C. to lie opened D. lying opened 20. The quality of this kind of paper is really poor for it ___ easily. A. tears B. is torn C. tore D. is tearing

21. You should have followed his advice. ___, we should respect people older than us. A. In addition B. As well C. On the contrary D. After all 22. Tom always draws pictures quite ___ the others. A. different from B. different with C. differently from D. differently with 23. These flowers developed from those ___ in the forest. A. once grew B. that once grew C. once grown D. that were once grown 24. He will ___ a ___ doctor in the future. A. become; promised B. make; promising C. make; promised D. do; promising 25. The visit of the US president, George W. Bush, will increase the ___ between China and the USA. A. understanding B. peace C. help D. knowledge 26. The river that runs through the city is polluted. It must be ___ waste into it. A. prevented pouring B. kept to pour C. stopped from pouring D. prevented to pour 27. The noodles and rice they offered on the plane ___plain. A. is B. was C. are D. were 28. It ___ me suddenly that I had left my key at home. A. struck B. happened C. occurred D. came 29. Some people wound run the risk of being punished ___ admit they don’t know how to mend the lamp that has gone wrong. A. in place B. other than C. instead D. rather than 30. At first, Polly was not sure ___ or not she should trust the old man. A. if B. that C. whether D. whose 31. Is this the watch you wish to ___? A. have it repaired B. repair it C. have repaired D. have repaired it 32. ___ his students were interested in his class was ___ the teacher wanted to know. A. How; that B. Whether; what C. If; what D. Why; that 33. The smallest continent in the world is Oceania, which ___ two countries, Australia and New Zealand. A. is mainly made up by B. is mainly made up C. is mainly made up by D. is mainly made up of 34. The history of ___ English language can be divided into three parts, ___ Old English, Middle English and Modern English. A. the; / B. /; the C. the; the D. /; / 35. ----Are you ___ that our football team will win the match? ----___. We play much better, and it is ___ that we’re going to win. A. sure; Surely; sure B. sure; Sure; certain C. certain; Certainly; sure D. certain; Surely; sure 36. I like the paintings which ___ the artist’s early style. A. represent B. show C. express D. describe 37. His plan is not appreciated by all the members in the company ___, though part of it is not bad. A. originally B. as a whole C. eventually D. finally 38. Not only I but also David and Iris ___ fond of playing basketball. A. am B. is C. are D. was 39. ___ was wrong.

A. Not the teacher but the students B. Both the students and the teacher C. Neither the teacher nor the students D. Not the students but the teacher 40. One-third of the area ___ covered with green trees. About seventy percent of the trees ___ been planted. A. are; have B. is; has C. is; have D. are; has 41. The murder was bought in, with his hands ___ behind his back. A. being tied B. having tied C. to be tied D. tied 42. Mrs. Smith warned her daughter ___ after drinking. A. never to drive B. to never drive C. never driving D. never drive 43. ----Do you mind if I smoke here? ---- ___, but it will be bad for your health. A. Not at all B. I’m sorry C. Certainly D. You are welcome 44. I’d like to know how tsunamis(海啸) ___ other water waves. A. differs from B. is different in C. differ from D. are different for 45. The River Nile ___ flood large areas, but now its water ___ produce electricity. A. was used to; is used to B. used to; is used to C. was used to; is using to D. used to; uses to Ⅱ. Fill in each of the blanks with the word of phrase that best fits the context. (15×1’=15’) Students who are learning English are often puzzled: 46 England is often called by other names. If you look at a map of Europe, you will see a 47 of islands—one larger island off the northwest coast of the main land, one smaller and many very small ones. These 48 up what is called the British Isles. The 49 island of the British Isles is Britain, which is also called Great Britain. The 50 island is Ireland. Britain is divided into three parts: Scotland is the 51 , Wales is the west and England in the southeast. But sometimes the word “England” is 52 instead of “Britain”. Why so? In 53 times, what is Britain now used to be three different countries? People in these different countries spoke 54 languages. Over many, many years the three countries were 55 into one. England is the largest and 56 of the three and it has the most people. So the English people take it for granted that their own name 57 the whole island. There is another thing also 58 people; sometimes you may hear people say “the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island”. That is the 59 name of the country. Northern Ireland is 60 one sixth of the island of Ireland. The rest of the island is an independent state called The Republic of Ireland. 46. A. how B. why C. what D. that 47. A. group B. lot C. few D. team 48. A. take B. come C. make D. bring 49. A. smallest B. farthest C. nearest D. largest 50. A. smaller B. larger C. richer D. poorer 51. A. south B. north C. east D. west 52. A. spoken B. said C. changed D. used 53. A. usual B. modern C. ancient D. special 54. A. the same language B. different languages C. another language D. a foreign language 55. A. united B. reunited C. founded D. caused 56. A. most beautiful B. most important C. richest D. greatest 57. A. indicates B. refers to C. reflects D. represents

58. A. interesting B. confusing 59. A. real B. true 60. A. only B. even Ⅲ. Reading comprehension. (10×2’=20’)

C. frightening C. other C. already

D. surprising D. official D. also

Like many lovers of books, Mary and her husband, Richard Goldman, seldom walked past a bookstore without stopping to look inside. They often talked of opening their own store one day. When Mary was hospitalized with heart trouble in 1989, they decided it was time to get serious. Richard, who worked for a business company, was eager to work for himself, and Mary needed to slow down from her demanding job. They started by talking to bookstore owners and researching the industry. “We knew it had to be a specialty store because we couldn’t match the big chains dollar for dollar,” says Mary. One figure caught her attention: She’d read somewhere that roughly 20 percent of books sold were mysteries (推理小说) , and many buyers spent more $300 a year on books. She and Richard were themselves mystery readers. On Halloween 1992, they opened the Mystery Lovers Bookshop and Cafénear their home. With three children in college, the couple could not spend all the family’s money to start a shop. To cover the $100,000 cost, they drew some of their savings, borrowed from relatives and from a bank. The store merely broke even in its first year, with only $120,000 in sales. But Mary was always coming up with new ways to attract customers. The shop had a coffee bar and it offered gifts to mystery lovers and served dinners for book clubs that met in the store. She also invited dozens of writers to discuss their stories. Today Mystery Lovers makes sales of about $420,000 a year. After paying taxes, business costs and the six part-time sales clerks, Richard and Mary together earn about $34,000. “The job you love may not go hand in hand with a million-dollar income,” says Richard. “This has always been about an enjoyable life for ourselves, not about making a lot of money.” 61.When Mary was in hospital, the couple realized that ____. A. they had to put their plan into practice B. health was more important than wealth C. heart trouble was a serious illness D. they both needed to stop working 62.After Mary got well from her illness they began _____. A. to study industrial management B. to buy and read more mystery books C. to do market research on book business D. to work harder to save money for the bookstore 63.How did their bookstore do in the first year? A. They had to borrow money to keep it going. B. They made just enough to cover all the costs. C. They succeeded in earning a lot of money. D. They failed though they worked hard. 64.According to Richard, the main purpose of running the bookstore is _____.

A. to pay for their children’s education B. to get to know more writers C. to set up more bookstores D. to do what they like to do

THEATRE City Varieties The Headrow, Leeds.Tel.430808 Oct10-11only, A Night at the Varieties. All the fun of an old music hall with Barry Cryer, Duggle Brown, 6 dancers, Mystina, Jon Barker, Anne Duval and the Tony Harrison Trio. Laugh again at the old jokes and listen to your favorite songs. Performances:8pm nightly. Admission:£5;under 16 or over 60:£4. York Theatre Royal St Leonard's Place, York.Tel.223568 Sept23-Oct17 Groping for Words - a comedy by Sue Townsend. Best known for her Adrian Mole Diaries, Townsend now writes about an evening class which two men and a woman attend. A gentle comedy. Admission: First night, Mon:£2:Tues-Fri:£3.25-5.50;Sat:£3.50-5.75. Halifax Playhouse King's Cross Street, Halifax.Tel.365998 Oct 10-17 On Golden Pond by Ernest Thompson. This is a magical comedy about real people. A beautifully produced, well-acted play for everyone. Don't miss it. Performances:7:30p.m. Admission:£2. Mon: 2 seats for the price of one. Grand Theatre Oxford Street, Leeds.Tel.502116 Restaurant and Café . Oct 1-17 The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13. Sue Townsend's musical play, based on her best-selling book. Performances: Evenings 7:45 October 10-17, at 2:30 p.m. No Monday performances. Admission: Tues-Thurs:£2-5;Fri&Sat:£2-6. 65.Which theatre offers the cheapest seat? A. Halifax Playhouse. B. City Varieties. C. Grand Theatre. D. York Theatre Royal. 66. If you want to see a play with old jokes and songs, which phone number will you ring to book a seat? A.502116 B.223568 C.365998 D.430808 67. We may learn from the text that Sue Townsend is ____. A. a writer B. an actress C. a musician D. a director

When someone has deeply hurt you, it can be extremely difficult to let go of your anger. But forgiveness is possible and it can be surprisingly helpful to your physical and mental health. In-

deed, research has shown that people who forgive report more energy, better appetite (胃口) and better sleep patterns. "People who forgive show less anger and more hopefulness," says Dr. Frederic Luskin, who wrote the book Forgive for Good. “So it can help save on the wear and tear, and allow people to feel more energetic." So when someone has hurt you, calm yourself first. Take a couple of breaths and think of something that gives you pleasure: a beautiful scene in nature, someone you love. Don’t wait for an apology. "Many times the person who hurt you may never think of apologizing," says Dr. Luskin. "They may have wanted to hurt you or they just don't see things the same way. So if you wait for people to apologize, you could be waiting a very long time.” Keep in mind that forgiveness does not necessarily mean accepting the action of the person who upset you. Mentally going over your hurt gives power to the person who brought you pain. Instead, learn to look for the love, beauty and kindness around you. Finally, try to see things from the other person' s perspective(视角). You may realize that he or she was acting out of ignorance(无知), fear even love. To gain perspective, you may want to write a letter to yourself from that person’s point of view. 68. The text is mainly written to explain _______. A. how to keep yourself from being hurt B. how to stay mentally healthy C. how and when to remain calm D. why and how to pardon others 69. According to the writer, what is the right way to calm down after being hurt? A. Try to figure out why you get hurt. B. Write a letter to the person who hurt you. C. Persuade yourself to accept what others have done to you. D. Think about pleasant things and forget about the hurt. 70. Dr. Luskin advises us not to wait for an apology after being hurt because ______. A. we are not patient enough B. we’d feel worse accepting others' apology C. people seldom want to apologize D. people don’t mean it when they apologize 第二部分(共 40 分) Ⅳ. Fill in each of the blanks with one word according to the Chinese given in the brackets or the first letter provided. (20× 1’=20’) 71. It’s very hard for a senior student to d a TV show about an animal’s senses. 72. He has made great a even if he has lost hearing. 73. The principle of the high school welcomed us (亲自), which made us very happy. 74. It is said that the c that people are attacked by a shark are very small. 75. The graduate had to work in the hotel (暂时) before he found a better job. 76. The (治疗) plan made by several famous doctors will surely work. 77. The dead-end street was the only a to her home. 78. Our state leaders prefer to use Chinese for all official o . 79. Smoking is b in this building. 80. He has a lot of (困难) in making himself understood in English.

81. Have you visited the (古代的) Roman city of Pompeii. 82. Her health is (逐渐)improving. 83. The desert was once a green land with (巨大的) trees. 84. The thief escaped in the (混乱). 85. He is not in a c to make a long trip. 86. She is c about her mother’s health. 87. He carried out a series of simple e to test his theory. 88. Mr. Han sets high (标准) for every student in his class. 89. All his hopes were (破灭). 90. Lily (扫视) at the furniture in the room and found most was fashionable. Ⅴ. 短文改错(10×1’=10’) My sister found a bird on the roadside. We named him Jack and keep him for about three years. He would greet us 91.________ in a tree outside our bedroom, calling "Hello" as we lay in 92._______ bed in a morning. He also passed "Hello" to the cats when 93._______ they came into the room. We often played a trick on himself. 94._______ We'd throw a coin as far as possibly. Jack would fly away 95._______ and bring it back for us throw again. He would also catch 96._______ the food throwing to him from the other side of the room and 97._______ sing happily. But for the most wonderful thing about Jack 98._______ were his musical ability. Leaving him at home all day, we 99._______ would return at night to hear that he'd picked up from the 100._______ radio in the day. Ⅵ. Writing (20’) 面对中学生“出国热”, 社会对此有不同的看法. 请你以 Studying Abroad 为题,根据以下提 示信息,谈谈自己的看法. Advantage 1. 良好的语言环境,更利于语言学习. 2. 拓宽视野,学习国外先进的科学技术 3. 传播各民族间的不同文化 Disadvantage 1. 年纪小, 缺乏生活经验,自理能力差 2. 情感孤独,思乡 3. 生活,学习费用高

注意:1. 第一句已为你写好,不计入总词数. 2. 词数 120 左右 Studying Abroad In recent years, studying abroad has been popular. _______________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

Module Three 期末复习模拟测试卷(I) 2006-6-18 参考答案: 1-5 DBAAB 6-10 DCCBD 11-15 CDBDC 16-20 BDCAA 21-25 ACBBA 26-30 DDADC 31-35 CBDAB 36-40 ABCDC 41-45 DAACB 46-50 BACDB 51-55 BDCBA 56-60 CDBDA 61-65 ACBDA 66-70 DADDC 71develop 72achievements 73 personally 74 chances 75 temporarily 76 treatment 77 access 78 occasions 79 banned 80 difficulty 81 ancient 82 gradually 83 enormous 84 confusion 85 condition 86 concerned 87 experiments 88 standards 89 destroyed 90 glanced 91.将 keep 改为 kept 92. 正确 93.将 a 改为 the 94. 将 himself 改为 him 95. 将 possibly 改为 possible 96. 在 throw 前加 to 97.将 throwing 改为 thrown 98. 去掉 for 99.将 were 改为 was 100. 将 that 改为 what Studying Abroad In recent years, studying abroad has been popular. Tens of thousands of Chinese students have gone to foreign countries to study. Many people are trying their best to apply to go abroad. There are many advantages in attending schools abroad. First, students who have studies abroad can act as mediators between people of different cultures. Second, we can learn much more advanced knowledge of science and technology from foreign countries. Third, we can learn foreign languages more quickly. However, there are some disadvantages. Most of the students are too young to live alone without any living experience. Besides, being far away from their home country, they may feel lonely and homesick. Of course the costs are much higher there than at home. In my opinion advantages are more than disadvantages. So it is a good idea to attend schools abroad.



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