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2004 年全国中学生英语能力竞赛(NEPCS)决赛 高二组试题 I.选择填空(Multiple-choice)(共 20 小题,计 20 分) A)从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。(答案涂在答题纸上) 1.—Did the medicine make you feel better? —No._____ ,the worse I feel. A.Taking more medicine B.More medicine taken C.When I take more D.The more medicine I take 2.The Rolls Royce,_____ in almost every country,is one of the most expensive cars. A.buy and sell B.having bought and sold C.buying and selling D.bought and sold 3.—Alice looks sad.Did you tell her about the accident? —Yes,but I _____ her just before as her final examinations. A.shouldn't have told B.should have told C.ought to have told D.must have told 4.To carry out this plan will cost you _____ money. A.a large number of B.a large sum of C.a good many D.large quantity 5._____ ,so the sports meet has to be put off. A.Because of the bad weather B.As it has been raining for days C.As the bad weather D.It has been raining for days 6.Computers that once took up entire rooms are now _____ to be put on desktops and into watches.

A.as small as B.small enough C.smaller than D.so small
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7._____ must be no more time wasted. A.It B.That C.There D.They 8.If too many of these rare animals are killed,they will _____ . A.shorten B.disappear C.lose D.increase 9.Mr.Cox lost his job;_____ ,he was unable to support his family. A.what's more B.as a result C.by this means D.by the way 10.—How beautiful your garden looks in this dry weather! —Well,we've just had the flowers a short time ago. A.of being watered B.watering C.watered D.to be watered 11._____ temperature at which air holds as much water vapor as it can is called the dew point. A.As the B.The C.It is the D.It is 12.After the teacher gave an explanation,Jim,_____ his mistake,corrected his answer. A.realizing B.realized C.having been realized D.he realized 13.—How many times have you seen the actor? —Oh,_____ ,I think. A.hundreds of times B.a hundred of times C.hundred times D.hundreds times 14.There will be plenty of activities here tonight because the French delegates have just hit town. The underlined phrase means _____ . A.arrived in town B.made speeches in town C.gone on strike D.given performances

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15.He has worked hard all year,and should be able to make light work of passing the exam. The underlined phrase means _____ . A.to burn the midnight oil B.to make all lights bright C.to do something easily and without much effort D.to know the answers beforehand B)下列 5 题中的句子可以组成一篇小短文,请从所给的四个选项中选出可以填入空白处的 最佳选项。(答案涂在答题纸上) 16.I then took the train to St Petersburg.No one was _____ at the station to meet me,although the theatre I was visiting was going to send someone. A.just B.liking C.however D.waiting 17.I later learnt that the director didn't recognise me because I was wearing a fur hat and looked _____ a Russian. A.about B.like C.for D.at 18.So I took a taxi to the theatre.Before I could find a hotel one of the actresses, Natasha, invited me to stay with her.She lived in a flat which she was sharing with six other people.Natasha couldn't _____ me on her salary because she was only earning about £3.00 a month,so I tried to find food during the day. A.feed B.advise C.give D.depend 19.Old women stood in the bitter cold and sold pastries which they kept warm in large pots with steaming cloths sealing them from the falling snow.I never knew what was going to be inside them and ate cabbage pastries for breakfast _____ I discovered a woman in front of the Winter Palace selling apple pies. A.did B.then C.until D.after 20.They were the best I had ever tasted,and by the end of the week she had two apple pies ready when she saw me approaching .I had a very real _____ of what life is really like in Russia. A.idea B.knowledge C.exercise D.information II.阅读理解(Reading comprehension)(共 30 小题,计 30 分)

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A)阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。(答案涂在 答题纸上) (A) Do you want something different for dinner?Try some space food.Scientists are experimenting with ways to grow food in space.Scientists think that in 20or 30years, astronauts will be able to live in space colonies (聚居地) off the planet. It's too expensive to carry food to feed people living in space colonies.People in space colonies will need to grow food for them selves.But how can they grow food without soil and sunlight? Today, we already have hydroponic (无土栽培) vegetables. These are vegetables you can grow without soil.This kind of food can grow in an artificial(人工的) environment.In addition to sunlight,hydroponic farms can use artificial lighting. Instead of soil, hydroponic farms can use special material, such as mixtures of chemicals, to feed the plants, and in addition to a natural climate, most hydroponic farms often use greenhouses.Farmers know how to grow a few kinds of hydroponic vegetables.In winter,when it is too cold to grow vegetables outdoors,hydroponic farmers can grow such vegetables as lettuce,tomatoes,and cucumbers and many different herbs and spices.These products are in many superm arkets. However, in space,people will need to eat more than salad and spices.So scientists are learning how to grow hydroponic rice,beans,potatoes,and wheat.Scientists can even grow hydroponic melons and strawberries. Nutrition(营养)scientists at Cornell University in New York State are experimenting with recipes (食谱) that use these hydroponic vegetables. The National Aeronautics and Space Agency(NASA)is paying for this nutrition research.Some of the Cornell experiments are unusual.They make imitation meat dishes,such as carrot drum sticks made from carrots, peppers,onions,garlic,herbs,and breadcrum bs instead of chicken.They make dishes made from tofu and seitan(a wheat protein (蛋白质))instead of meat.How do these unusual foods taste?The scientists invite a group of taste testers into their laboratories.Every week,twenty-five people come to taste five different dishes.So far,they have tested 200 different recipes.The carrot drum stick dish was a hit.It rated an 8out of 9.Perhaps soon, people will eat meals m ade from hydroponic vegetables that are truly out of this world. 21.Scientists are experimenting with ways to grow food _____ . A.in space colonies B.in cold weather C.in expensive restaurants D.in the sunshine 22.It takes too much _____ to bring food to space colonies.
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A.time B.money C.work D.water 23.To grow hydroponic vegetables,you need _____ .

A.chemicals to feed the plants B.sunlight and warm weather C.soil to grow the plants in D.nothing to feed the plants 24.You can find hydroponic vegetables in _____ . A.space laboratories B.outdoor gardens C.many supermarkets D.the countryside 25.Scientists are experimenting with recipes that use _____ . A.vegetables instead of meat B.chicken instead of tofu C.chicken drum sticks D.garlic and breadcrumbs only 26.Scientists invite _____ to try out their unusual recipes. A.taste testers B.NASA C.farmers D.astronauts 27.The most popular dish was _____ . A.tofu and seitan B.breadcrumbs C.meat dishes D.carrot drumsticks (B) Ice cream is rated as America's favorite dessert. Annual production amounts to 15 quarts a year for every man, woman and child in the US, and if ice, sherbet, sorbet, frozen yogurt and gelato are added, the figure jumps to 23 quarts per person. Ice cream has been a dessert phenomenon since its creation 4 thousand years ago. Surprisingly, ice cream was developed in a country not known for its milk products, China. At that point in history, the milking of farm animals had recently begun in China and milk was a prized conmmodity. A favorite dish of the nobility was made of a soft paste of overcooked rice, spices and milk packed in snow to solidify. This milk ice was regarded as a symbol of great wealth. Next. the Chinese turned to importing snow from the mountains and adding fruit juices to create fruit ices.

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Ice milk and fruit ice made their way to Italy, probably through Marco Polo. The Italians carried ice cream across Europe, improving it over time, making it with cream and perfecting its production. Eventually the popular dessert made its way to America. 注:dessert 甜食,annual 每年的,phenomenon 现象,commodity 商品,solidify 使固化 28.Which of the following statements is true? A.Only wealthy people around the world eat ice cream . B.Rich and poor alike now eat ice cream. C.Ice cream is available only in cold countries. D.Ice cream was developed in America. 29.Which ingredient(成分)is in contem porary(现代的)ice cream that was not originally present in ice cream ? A.Cream .B.Snow.C.Spices.D.Rice. 30.What is unusual about ice cream's creation? A.It took a long time to get to America. B.It was created in a country that didn't produce a lot of dairy products. C.It was developed in winter when it was too cold to eat ice cream. D.It was created to celebrate special holidays and events. B)阅读下列短文,然后回答问题或完成句子。(答案写在答题纸上) (C) Every day,we have messages to give people.Do you want to tell people about an important meeting?Do you have to leave your office for 5minutes?Do you want to remember something important?Write the information on a Post-it Note.Post-it Notes have special glue on the edge of the paper.They are sticky so that you can leave them anywhere—on a door or on a wall or in a book—and they won't fall out.You can reuse the notes because they have special glue on the back—if you take off the note and put it back down,it will stay in place.

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Who invented Post-it Notes?Art Fry was a scientist who worked for the famous 3M Company.He needed a bookm ark that stayed in place but didn't tear the page.A friend at the company was making special glue.Fry took some of the glue and put it on the back of a piece of yellow paper.Then he wrote a report to his boss and put the yellow sticky paper on the top page.His boss took off the note,wrote an answer,stuck the paper back on, and sent it back.The two men met for coffee in the cafeteria that afternoon.Fry's boss congratulated him on his invention.This was the beginning of Post-it Notes. Today,everyone uses them for many different purposes.One man used it to write a marriage proposal.He wrote,“Will you marry me?”and put the Post-it Note on his girlfriend's front door.She wrote her answer and put the note back on his door.One mother put a note on the back of her son's car before he left on a long trip.When he arrived,he found the note.After 3,000 miles,it was still on the car.There are Post-it Notes to suit everyone's tastes.You can buy Post-it Notes in eighteen different colors, twenty-seven different sizes, and fifty-six different shapes.Post-it Notes are popular around the world. 31.People use Post-it Notes for _____ . 32.You can put a Post-it Note _____ . 33.Post-it Notes can be _____ . 34.Post-it Notes _____ when you stick them back down. 35._____ used the glue made by _____ and put it _____ . 36.Today _____ come in many colors,sizes and shapes. (D) Janet Jackson,the youngest of nine children,was born in 1966.She became a child star in American soap operas after being spotted(发现)in a television appearance with her brothers, The Jackson Five. In the past ten years she has recorded five albums, the last two of them providing her with twelve American Top Five singles. As a female singing star,only a handful of other artists—Madonna,Whitney Houston and Gloria Estefan, for example—provide her with serious competition. Janet has managed to create a new art form ,a mixture of music,dance and fashion which is perfect for the m usic video age.She is small and rather shy which makes her seem vulnerable(脆弱的).She also has much more natural talent than many of today's stars.

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Janet was born in Gary,Indiana,but moved with her family to the West Coast when she was two.She was brought up in the Jackson compound in Encino,California, with its own zoo and private cinema.She would turn on the TV to find cartoon copies of her brothers dancing to“ABC” and“I want you back”. By the age of seven she was performing in the fam ily's live stage act.Janet and her brother Randy would do im pressions of Sonny &Cher,W.C.Fields and Mae West.Then came her enrollment(录取)in Valley Professional,a school for children in the entertainment business,as well as small parts in TV series and a recording contract with A&M Records. At the age of eighteen she moved away from the family to live in New York.She then secretly married Motown singer James DeBarge.The marriage only lasted sixty days.“All my life I had people telling me what to do.I wanted to do something on my own.So I ran away to get married.” 37.How did Janet Jackson become a TV star? 38.Why was her childhood unusual? 39.How old was she when she began perform ing in the family's live stage act? 40.Why did she move away and get married? (E) Whether it's the melodic(旋律优美的)sound of an Eric Clapton solo or the growl(隆隆声)of a heavy metal band,the electric guitar has influenced popular music and culture more than any other instrument.Rock's greatest musicians have always been closely identified with their guitars, but the instruments being designed for tomorrow's pop stars may look and sound rather different from today's familiar electric and acoustic guitars(原声吉他). It has been only sixty years since the electric guitar was invented.Since then there have been incredible changes to the technical design of the instrument.From what was once a rounded wooden box with a hole in the front,the guitar has evolved(发展)into the smooth solid body of the rock guitarist's“axe”.The most modern guitars are really computer-controlled synthesisers(音响合成器). Adolph Rickenbacker's Electro String Company produced the world's first electric guitar.It was made of wood and played on the user's lap.The first real breakthrough in design came in 1950when Leo Fender,a Californian radio repairman, made the first solid-bodied electric guitar,the Fender Telecaster.Soon afterwards the inventor Les Paul made the famous Gibson Les Paul.Fender launched his stylish
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Stratocaster two years later.These guitars became standard instruments against which newer guitar designs are measured. All sorts of different materials have been used to make guitars.Acoustic guitars are made from wood,which gives the sound a soft tone.Wood is also a popular material in electric guitar manufacture,but more modern materials such as glass and carbon fibre are also used.There have also been guitars with metal bodies and necks,though these were never popular with players,who claim metal feels cold in the hand. Plastics,on the other hand,have been used more and more in guitar bodies.A company that makes parts for the aerospace industry has begun to use a kind of fibreglass that was originally used in helicopter blades to make the bodies for its electric-acoustic instruments.Other makers have begun to experiment with graphite, a material that is ten times stiffer(硬的)than wood but much lighter.It doesn't expand or contract as the temperature or humidity(湿度)changes either.This makes it particularly suitable for guitar necks and for tennis rackets,for which it is also used. 41.According to this passage,what is likely to change in the future? 42.The first electric guitar was played on _____ . 43.Leo Fender from _____ in the U.S.made the first solid-bodied electric guitar. 44.What kinds of guitars are made from wood? 45.Which material was disliked by musicians? 46.Why is graphite a good material for guitar necks? (F) There's no such thing as a non-smoker. Over 70% of Australians today don't smoke!But you don't have to buy cigarettes to be a smoker. The fact is, none of us can avoid breathing in second-hand smoke. There are two types of cigarette smoke: Mainstream Smoke which the smoker breathes in. Sidestream Smoke which drifts from the end of the cigarette into the air. Other people's smoke.
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What's in it for you? Compared with mainstream smoke,sidestream smoke is unfiltered so it's three times more deadly than mainstream smoke.It contains far higher concentrations of poisonous chemicals. For example: ·One and a half times as much tar. ·Two and a half times as much nicotine(an addictive drug). ·Ninety eight times as much ammonia(floor and toilet cleaner). Other people's smoke also contains 40 known cancer-causing substances (carcinogens) and around 4,000 chemicals. The Hazard's of inhaling second-hand smoke Second-hand smoke is far more than anirritant,it's a killer.It can increase the risk of lung cancer and heart disease in non-smokers by as much as 30%. Each year,it is estimated that second-hand smoke causes 140 lung cancer deaths and 1,400heart disease deaths .That's four Australians every day. For the young Children and infants are especially at risk.Non-smoking women exposed to second-hand smoke during pregnancy are more likely to deliver underweight babies.This can lead to complications in pregnancy which increase the risk of still-births and deaths from Respiratory Distress Syndrome,pneumonia and prematurity. Children with a parent who smokes have more chest, ear, nose and throat infections than non-smokers'children. They run a greater risk of suffering from bronchitis,pneumonia and asthma attacks. There is even evidence to suggest that second-hand smoke is a risk factor in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS). For people living with smokers

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Non-smokers who live with smokers are more likely to suffer from diseases,such as: ·Lung cancer ·Heart disease ·Heart Attacks ·Asthma attacks ·Respiratory problems ·Coughing ·Eye and throat irritations ·Headaches 注:unfiltered 未经过滤的,concentration 浓缩物,ammonia 氨,pregnancy 怀孕, respiratory 呼吸的,syndrome 综合症状,pneumonia 肺炎,bronchitis 支气管炎,asthma 哮喘 47.What percentage of Australians smoke today? 48.Sidestream smoke is more dangerous than mainstream smoke because _____ . 49.How many non-smokers die from heart disease caused by second-hand smoke each year? 50._____ have a risk of suffering from bronchitis,pneumonia and asthma attacks. III.完形填空(Cloze)(共 20 小题,计 20 分) A)用所给的词填空,每空一词,词形根据语义要有变化,其中有多余选项。(答案写在答 题纸上) physics,luck,simple,nature,danger,able,success,instruct,agree,enjoy value,defend,develop,vary,medicine The word“radar”stands for Radio Detection and Ranging and was(51)_____ by a(52)_____named R.A.Watson Watt.But how does radar work? It (53) _____sends out radio waves and an echo returns from solid objects. By 1935 Watt had(54)_____built a long range system that could be used to detect approaching storms which might(55)_____aircraft.Radar was also used in World War II primarily because of its(56)_____to identify aircraft long before they could be seen or heard.The radar proved(57)_____to the British during the war.They set up radar stations as a(58)_____along the south and east coasts of England.These days,radar is used in(59)_____ ways but most importantly in airports by air traffic controllers who give(60)_____ to airline pilots.Without this,aeroplanes would risk having mid-air collisions.Today radar is used in many more places than you would think. B)阅读下面短文,在空白处填入适当的单词,使短文语义完整。每空一词。(答案写在答 题纸上) Does the idea of sitting for an exam(61)_____you anxious?There is(62) _____doubt that during the exam period stress levels tend to rise. Exams are certainly important but they're not(63)_____getting into a state over.In(64)_____,stress
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has a negative effect on your performance.Below are some simple ways of overcoming stress. Firstly,it is important to know the date and place of each exam beforehand.This will remove the initial worry(65)_____what time the exam begins and when you have to go.Secondly,your physical state is particularly important during the exam period.Therefore, a good night's sleep before each exam is highly advisable.In addition,it's necessary that you(66)_____plenty of exercise while studying,as sitting down all day can make it harder to get to sleep at night. Another important factor is your diet.A balanced diet is necessary;a breakfast high in protein and fibre will see you(67)_____the day.However,if you don't feel(68)_____ eating first thing in the morning,take some fresh fruit with you and eat it before the exam. Finally,it goes without saying that in(69)_____to do well in exams and avoid stress,revise well in advance and don't leave studying till the(70) _____minute. IV.翻译(Translation)(共 5 小题,计 10 分) 阅读下面短文,然后把划线处的句子译成汉语。(答案写在答题纸上) Terry Young cannot walk,and Yanagida cannot see,but they have managed to get around a big university,to study and make money by becoming partners.Young is part Chinese; Yanagida's parents are Japanese. Both are students at the University of Hawaii. (71)Unable to walk,and with only limited use of his arms,the nineteen-year-old Young needed someone to push him in his wheelchair.A local programme which provides help for the handicapped informed him the student who would come to help was blind. Yanagida,the twenty-year-old blind student,had applied for a job because he needed money.(72)Both he and Young had doubts about how the arrangement would work when they first met, but the partnership has developed into a warm friendship. It has provided them with money they needed and a good example of how handicapped people can help one another. Learning to help each other required patience and a sense of humour. “I knew the routes from one building to another just fine when I was walking alone,” Yanagida said.(73)“My main concern was whether I could make it with a person in a wheelchair without pushing the chair into everything.”

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(74)Remembering the first day with a laugh,Young said,“We went out the first door,and right away we hit something.I said‘Quick!Turn left,left!’and we hit a girl's heels.” Soon Young learned to give more helpful directions, saying“Turn left, ”when he meant a sharp,ninety-degree turn,or just,“Left,”when he meant a slight turn. (75) Yanagida learned to go slower, and Young says that today they can sometimes go quite a long distance without a word from him. V.短文改错(Error correction)(共 15 小题,计 15 分) Dear Michael, Thank you for your letter.It was nice to hear from you.Sorry I have not written for so long,but I had exams and I was too busy studying. Anyway,I want to tell you something that happened in my neighbourhood.76._____ As you may have been heard on the radio,the forest on the outskirts of the 77._____ town was set in fire last week.To make matters worse,a strong wind was 78._____ blowing.Firefighters soon arrived on the scene,but they were able to 79._____ prevent the fire from spread.Lots of people,including me,volunteered 80._____ to help and we tried to put the fire using branches,blankets and buckets 81._____ of water.After an agonising night,we finally extinguished(扑灭)the fire.Sad 82._____ many acres of tree had been burnt down.Luckily,however,not our homes.83._____ The police have promised to look into what caused the fire.As a matter 84._____ of fact,they are questioning two man,who were seen wandering around 85._____ the area.It is hoped that if they were indeed arsonists,they would be seriously 86._____ punished for breaking up the law and destroying the environment.In any 87._____ case,the mayor plans to have the whole area be replanted in about a month's time. 88._____

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That's my news the time being.Everything else is pretty much the same. 89._____ Anything excited happening in your town?Write back soon and tell me your news.90._____ Your friend, David VI.智力测试(Intelligence)(共 5 小题,计 5 分) 用英语回答下列问题。(答案写在答题纸上) 91.Twelve is to dozen as twenty is to _____ . 92.A very important organ of the body that rhymes(押韵)with part is_____ . 93.What word can be placed in front of the other five to form five new words? Each dot represents a letter.

94.What number should replace the question mark?


VII.写作(Writing)(共 1 题,计 20 分) The following comment was printed recently in a local magazine: A great deal of what students learn in schools these days is a waste of time. Your teacher has asked you to write a composition to express your opinions on this subject whether you agree,disagree,or only agree partly with the above comment, based on your own learning experiences.
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Write your composition in 120—150 words in an appropriate style. 答案 A)1.D2.D3.A4.B5.D6.B7.C8.B9.B10.C11.B 12.A 13.A 14.A 15.C B)16.D 17.B 18.A 19.C 20.AII.阅读理解(Reading comprehension)(共 30 小题, 每小题 1 分,计 30 分) A)21.A 22.B 23.A 24.C 25.A 26.A 27.D B)28.B 29.A 30.B

C)31.writing short messages 32.almost anywhere 33.reused 34.will stay in place 35.Art Fry;his friend;on the back of a piece of yellow paper 36.Post-it Notes D)37.She was seen(spotted)performing on TV with her brothers. 38.She lived in a big house with its own zoo and cinema and her family was famous.39. Seven.40. She wanted to be independent.E)41.The guitars themselves. 42.the user's lap 43. California. 44. Acoustic guitars. 45. Metal. 46. Because it is ten times stiffer than wood but much lighter.It doesn't expand or contract as the temperature or humidity changes either. F)47.30%. 48.the smoke is unfiltered and contains far higher concentrations of poisonous chemicals 49.1,400. 50.Children with a parent who smokes III.完形填空(Cloze)(共 20 小题,每小题 1 分,计 20 分) A)51.developed 52.physicist 53.simply 54.successfully 55.endanger 56.ability 57. valuable 58. defence 59. various 60. Instructions B) 61. make 62. no 63. worth 64. fact /exams 65. about 66. get /take /do 67. through 68. like 69. order 70. Last IV.翻译(Translation)(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,计 10 分)71.19 岁的杨不能走动, 手臂活动也受到限制,需要有人帮他推轮椅。72.当他们首次碰面时,他和杨都心存怀疑, 这样的安排是否可行。但是合作关系发展成了亲密的友谊。73.“我主要担心的是,我是否 能够推着一个坐轮椅的人而不撞上每一样东西。”74.想起第一天,杨笑着说:“我们走出 第一扇门,马上就撞到了什么。我说,‘快!向左拐,左面!’我们就撞到了一个女孩的脚 跟。”75.Yanagida(柳田)也学会了走得慢些。杨说现在他们有时可以走很长一段路,而 不需要他说一个词。V.短文改错(Error correction)(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,计 15 分) Dear Michael, Thank you for your letter.It was nice to hear from you.Sorry I have not written for so long,but I had exams and I was too busy studying. Anyway,I want to tell you something that happened in my neighbourhood.76.?√ As you may have been heard on the radio,the forest on the outskirts of the 77.been town was set in fire last week.To make matters worse,a strong wind was 78.on blowing.Firefighters soon arrived on the scene,but they were ∧able to 79.not 注①
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prevent the fire from spread. Lots of people, including me, volunteered 80. spreading to help and we tried to put ∧the fire using branches,blankets and buckets 81.out 注② of water.After an agonising night,we finally extinguished(扑灭)the fire.Sad, 82.Sadly many acres of tree had been burnt down.Luckily,however,not our homes.83.trees The police has promised to look into what caused the fire.As a matter 84.have of fact,they are questioning two man,who were seen wandering around 85.men the area.It is hoped that if they were indeed arsonists,they would be seriously 86.?√ punished for breaking up the law and destroying the environment.In any 87.up case, the mayor plans to have the whole area be replanted in about a month's time. 88. be That's my news ∧the time being.Everything else is pretty much the same.89.for Anything excited happening in your town?Write back soon and tell me your news.90.exciting Your friend, David 注①:第 79 题的另一种改法为将 able 改成 unable。注②:第 81 题的另一种改法为在 fire 后加 out。VI.智力测试(Intelligence)(共 5 小题,每小题 1 分,计 5 分) 91.score 92.heart 93.HALF 94.148 95.

VII.写作(Writing)(共 1 题,计 20 分) I think that most of what we learn at school is useful.The problem is that we do not always know this from the start.
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Take Science,for example.I hated Chemistry lessons when I was younger.I couldn't see the point in doing boring experiments and learning tables.Now that I want to be a doctor,I appreciate how important Chemistry is.I realise that we had to learn the basics first.I used to think learning English was pointless too, but now it really helps me a lot in communicating with foreign friends and gaining knowledge. In conclusion,I would say that most of what we learn at school is quite useful.I just wish all teachers would make it clear how the subjects we study can really help us later on in life.

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