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2015 届高考英语二轮专题复习小题狂做:完形填空 15
A poor farmer had a friend who was famous for the wonderful apples he grew. One day, his friend ___36__ him a young apple tree and told him to take it home a

nd __37__ it. Seeing the gift, the farmer was very__38____, and he thought he would also have a lot of wonderful apples, but when he got home, he had a(n) ___39__. He didn’t know___40___ to plant it. He thought over and over and __41___ every place he could think of. __42____ he decided to plant the tree in his woods. There were many high trees with thick leaves in the woods. With those trees around no one else could___43___ the young apple tree. He even felt proud of himself for finding so___44___ a place for the apple tree. Every day he went to take care of the tree, __45___ it. To his surprise and ___46___, the apple tree didn’t grow as he had __47___. It died without sunlight and good soil. Later the friend asked the farmer why he had planted the tree in such a __48__ place. “ What’s the difference?” the farmer said angrily, “ If I had planted the tree near the___49____, passers-by would have stolen the fruit. If I had planted the tree in one of my fields, my neighbors would have come at night and ___50___ some of the apples! If I had planted it near my house, my own children would have taken the ___51_. No matter where I plant the tree, I can’t have__52__ to enjoy the apples. So there is no difference where I planted it.” “ Yes,” said the friend, “but __53____ someone could have enjoyed the fruit. Now you not only have robbed everyone of the fruit, but also have __54___ a good apple tree! You don’t know the true meaning of ‘share’!” We should learn to __55___ in our life. The more you want to own something all by yourself, the less you get at last. 1.A. lent B. gave C. sold D. bought 2.A. study B. keep C. plant D. develop 3.A. tired B. sad C. angry D. happy 4.A. surprise B. worry C. accident D. question 5.A. where B. how C. when D. whether 6.A. practiced B. tried C. visited D. considered 7.A. Finally B. Generally C. Suddenly D. Recently 8.A. like B. see C. move D. hurt 9.A. beautiful B. secret C. unusual D. faraway 10.A. watering B. watching C. correcting D. appreciating 11.A. pleasure B. excitement C. disappointment D. satisfaction 12.A. known B. said C. expected D. heard 13.A. poor B. great C. suitable D. comfortable 14.A. park B. river C. hill D. road 15.A. borrowed B. stolen C. chosen D. collected 16.A. leaves B. flowers C. fruit D. tree 17.A. rights B. time C. chances D. interest 18.A. as a matter of fact B. in fact C. first of all D. at least 19.A. destroyed B. thrown C. pulled D. won 20.A. wait B. share C. gain D. enjoy Long time ago, there was a farmer who lived with his daughter. A young man fell

in love with the farmer’s beautiful daughter and wished to 36 her. One day, he went to the farmer to 37 his permission. The farmer looked at him and said, “ Guy, stand out in that 38 . I’m going to release (释放) 39 bulls, one at a time. If you can 40 the tail of any one of the three bulls, you can marry my daughter.” 41 , the young man got out and stood in the field, 42 the first bull. The barn(牛棚) door 43 and out came the biggest bull that he had ever seen. He 44 that one of the next bulls had to be a better 45 than this one, so he ran over to the side and let the bull 46 . A few 47 later, the barn door opened again. Unbelievable! The young man had never seen any bull so 48 and fierce as this one in his life. It stood there, pawing(扒) the 49 and eyeing the young man. “ What the next 50 was like ? It had to be a better choice than this one,” he thought. He let the bull pass through again. The door opened a third time. A 51 came across the young man’s face. This was the weakest bull that he had ever seen. “ This one was my bull,” he 52 to himself. As the bull came running by, he positioned himself just right and 53 at just the exact moment. He threw his hands to catch ...... But to his 54 , the bull had no tail. Life is full of opportunities. 55 catch the first one. 21.A. call B. recognize C. marry D. respect 22.A. remember B. ask C. copy D. answer 23.A. forest B. field C. river D. building 24.A. three B. two C. four D. five 25.A. see B. cut C. discover D. catch 26.A. Quietly B. Immediately C. Finally D. Proudly 27.A. talking about B. thinking of C. waiting for D. looking for 28.A. 29.A. 30.A. 31.A. 32.A. 33.A. 34.A. 35.A. 36.A. 37.A. 38.A. 39.A. 40.A. opened noticed rule get up days famous ground fish pity said Escaped anger Never B. moved B. decided B. choice B. go back B. seconds B. short B. house B. horse B. smile B. explained B. jumped B. joy B. Always C. broke suggested D. help D. C. pass through hours D. C. big C. wall bull D. shame D. C. sang stopped D. C. surprise C. Often D. closed learned reason D. fall down months D. beautiful D. door bird tear D. flew shouted D. excitement D. Seldom

C. C. C.

C. C. C.

A year ago, August, Dave Fuss lost his job driving a truck for a small company in west Michigan. His wife, Gerrie, was still working in the local school cafeteria, but it was for Dave to find work, and the price of everything was rising. The Fusses were at the risk of joining the millions of Americans who have their homes in recent years. Then Dave and Gerrie received a timely —$7,000, a legacy(遗产 ) from their neighbors Ish and Arlene Hatch, who died in an accident. “It really made a difference when we were meeting

difficulty.” says Dave. But the Fusses weren’t the only folks in Alto and the neighboring town of Lowell to unexpected legacy from the Hatches. Dozens of other families were by what the Hatches had done. In some cases, it was a few thousand dollars; in , it was more than $100,000. It nearly everyone that the Hatches had so much money, more than $3 million—they were an elderly couple who lived in an old house on what was left of the family farm. Children of the Great Depression, Ish and Arlene were known for their habit of . They preferred comparison shopping and would go from store to store, checking prices before making a new purchase. Through the years, the Hatches paid for local children to attend summer camps when their parents couldn’t it. “Ish and Arlene never asked if you anything,” says their friend Sandy Van Weelden, “They could see things they could do to make you happier, and they would do them.” Even more extraordinary was that the Hatches their farmland. It was the Hatches’ wish that their legacy—a legacy of kindness as much as one of dollars and cents—should the whole community and last for generations to come. Neighbors helping neighbors—that was Ish and Arlene Hatch’s story. 41.A. happy B. hard C. easy D. nice 42.A. lost B. bought C. left D. wanted 43.A. gift B. money C. encouragement D. package 44.A. accept B. defeat C. win D. receive 45.A. amazed B. excited C. upset D. touched 46.A. the other B. another C. other D. others 47.A. surprised B. frightened C. pleased D. encouraged 48.A. kind B. generous C. living D. saving 49.A. afford B. buy C. offer D. keep 50.A. suffered B. enjoyed C. needed D. did 51.A. put away B. put up C. gave up D. gave away 52.A. enrich B. bless C. brighten D. expand “Big boys don’t cry.” I heard those words a lot 36 up in America in the late sixties and early seventies. In those days men were expected to be 37 and rugged and never shed a tear no matter what. Our 38 were all stone faced cowboys who were too 39 to cry. Believing this then I tried my best 40 to cry at all during my teenage and early adult years. All that changed, 41 , as I was driving home alone one night shortly after my Mom 42 . It was dark and raining outside. I was struggling to 43 the car on the road while at the same time 44 to hold the tears back in my eyes. I remember almost going off the road twice as I blinked back (眨眼控制) the salty water that was burning my 45 and blurring (使模糊) my vision. My hands shook, my heart 46 , and my soul felt dead. 47 I could do it no longer. I stopped, pulled over, lay my head on the steering wheel, and 48 . I cried until the tears couldn’t fall anymore. I cried until the pain that I was holding onto so 49 finally fled my heart. After that night I 50 something. Big boys do cry. 51 , it is the biggest hearts that cry the most. I realized too that it is our 52 that can release

us from our anger and our grief while 53 us to our love and our God. Tears help us to embrace this often bittersweet life. They help us to keep growing 54 to each other in love and joy instead of 55 ourselves up in dull, aching, and lonely hearts. 53.A. hurrying B. growing C. rising D. getting 54.A. tough B. cold C. independent D. active 55.A. leaders B. neighbors C. heroes D. fathers 56.A. strict B. strong C. stubborn D. eager 57.A. still B. always C. hardly D. never 58.A. otherwise B. therefore C. however D. instead 59.A. left B. died C. returned D. disappeared 60.A. keep B. hold C. fix D. move 61.A. hopping B. learning C. managing D. struggling 62.A. arms B. feet C. eyes D. hairs 63.A. hurt B. sank C. froze D. stopped 64.A. Actually B. Finally C. Naturally D. Immediately 65.A. faded B. slept C. rested D. cried 66.A. secretly B. carefully C. strongly D. firmly 67.A. realized B. picked C. gained D. lost 68.A. At least B. In fact C. In all D. As usual 69.A. love B. sweat C. tears D. relation 70.A. helping B. changing C. removing D. reconnecting 71.A. closer B. higher C. richer D. shorter 72.A. catching B. shutting C. picking D. wrapping

参考答案 1.B 2.C 3.D 4.B 5.A 6.D 7.A 8.B 9.B 10.A 11.C 12.C 13.A 14.D 15.B 16.C 17.C 18.D 19.A 20.B 【解析】 试题分析:本文通过苹果树的故事告诉我们在人生中要学会与人分享,只有与人分享,我们 才能得到真正的幸福和快乐。 1.B 动词辨析。A 借出 B 给 C 卖 D 买;指这个朋友给了他一颗苹果树并让他回家种起来。 2.C 动词辨析。A 研究 B 保持 C 种植 D 发展;朋友给了他一颗苹果树并让他回家种起来。 3.D 上下文串联。这个有名的朋友给了他一颗苹果树这让他很开心。 4.B 名词辨析。A 惊讶 B 担心 C 事故 D 问题;回家以后他有了一件担心的事情。 5.A 上下文串联。根据下文内容可知他很担心自己吃不到苹果,不知道该把这棵树种在哪 里。 6.D 动词辨析。A 训练 B 尝试 C 参观 D 考虑;指他考虑了所有可以种植苹果树的地方。 7.A 副词辨析。A 最后 B 一般,通常 C 突然 D 最近;最后他决定把苹果树种在树林里。 8.B 动词辨析。A 喜欢 B 看见 C 移动 D 伤害。因为周围有很多高高的树,所有没有人能看 见。 9.B 动词辨析。A 美丽 B 秘密 C 不同寻常 D 遥远;他为自己能找到这样秘密的地方自豪。 10.A 动词辨析。A 浇水 B 注视 C 纠正 D 欣赏;他为苹果树浇水,照顾得很好。 11.C 上下文串联。苹果树没有结出果实,这让他很失望。最后这棵苹果树死了。 12.C 动词辨析。A 知道 B 说 C 预料 D 听见;苹果树没有向他预料的那样结出果实。 13.A 形容词辨析。A 贫瘠 B 伟大 C 适合 D 舒服;为什么要把树种在如此贫瘠的地方? 14.D 上下文串联。根据下文的 passer-by 过路人说明他是想把树种在路边。 15.B 动词辨析。A 借入 B 偷 C 选择 D 收集;邻居会在晚上过来把苹果偷走。 16.C 上下文串联。这里的指苹果树的果实也就是长的苹果。 17.C 名词辨析。A 权利 B 时间 C 机会 D 兴趣;我没有机会享受果实了。
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18.D 介词辨析。A/B 实际上 C 首先 D 至少;但是至少有人可以享受到果实啊! 19. A 动词辨析。 A 毁掉 B 扔掉 C 拉 D 赢得; 现在你不仅剥夺了别人的权利还毁掉了这棵树。 20.B 主旨大意题,本文讨论的就是人要学会分享。在生活中我们要学会分享。故 B 正确, 考点:考查哲理类阅读 点评:本文讨论了要想得到幸福,要学会与人分享。本篇完形设空科学合理,考生很容易从 中领会大意,从而下手会比较顺利,从选项中可以看出,本大题主要还是考查了词汇的辨析 与运用,但更加注重综合语言能力的运用,需要根据故事情节,了解词汇用法的同时,结合 语境,做出准确的判断。 21.C 22.B 23.B 24.A 25.D 26.B 27.C 28.A 29.B 30.B 31.C 32.B 33.C 34.A 35.C 36.B 37.A 38.B 39.C 40.B 【解析】 试题分析:本文叙述了很久以前有一个年轻人喜欢上了一个农民的女儿,就去求婚,结果农 民要他答应一个要求就把女儿嫁给她,他放出三次牛,只要有一次抓住牛的尾巴就可以了。 但是年轻人看见前两头的牛都体格特别壮, 不敢去抓尾巴, 就放弃了, 就想等最后一次机会, 但是最后的一头牛虽然身体弱小,但是没有尾巴,这里告诫人们不要放弃任何一次机会。 21.考查动词及上下文的呼应。call 打电话; recognize 认出; marry 结婚; respect 尊敬。这位年轻人希望和他结婚,故选 C。 22.考查动词及上下文的呼应。remember 记得; ask 问,要求; copy 复制; answer 回 答。他去请求农民请求允许,故选 B。 23.考查名词及上下文的呼应。forest 森林; field 地里; river 河流;building 楼房。 小伙子,站在地里,故选 B。 24.考查数词及上下文的呼应。根据 of any one of the three bulls 可知应是三次放牛 过来,故选 A。 25.考查动词及上下文的呼应。see 看见; cut 切割; discover 发现; catch 抓住。 如果你能抓住牛的尾巴,就把女儿嫁给他,故选 D。
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26.考查副词及上下文的呼应。quietly 安静地; Immediately 立刻; Finally 最 后 ; Proudly 自豪地。那位年轻人立刻出去站在地里,故选 B。 27.考查动词短语及上下文的呼应。talking about 谈论; thinking of 想起; waiting for 等候; looking for 寻找。他站在地里等候牛出来,故选 C。 28.考查动词及上下文的呼应。open 打开; move 移动; break 打破; clos 关闭。牛棚的 门开了,故选 A。 29.考查动词及上下文的呼应。notice 注意到; decide 决定; suggest 建议; learn 学 会。他决定下一个可能比这个更好的选择,故选 B。 30.考查名词及上下文的呼应。rule 规则; choice 选择; help 帮助; reason 原因。他 决定下一个可能比这个更好的选择,故选 B。 31. 考查动词短语及上下文的呼应。 get up 起床; go back 回去; pass through 通过; fall down 跌倒。所以他就跑过,让牛过去了,故选 C。 32.考查名词及上下文的呼应。days 日子; seconds 秒; hours 小时; months 月。根据 上下文可知几秒钟中之后,故选 B。 33.考查形容词及上下文的呼应。famous 著名的; short 短的; big 大的; beautiful 漂亮的。在他的一生中从来没有想到会有这么大的牛,故选 C。 34.考查名词及上下文的呼应。ground 地面; house 房子; wall 墙;door 门。牛站在地 上,扒着地面,看着年轻人,故选 A。 35.考查名词及上下文的呼应。fish 鱼; horse 马; bull 牛; bird 鸟。下一头牛会是 什么样子,故选 C。 36.考查名词及上下文的呼应。pity 同情; smile 微笑; shame 羞耻;tear 眼泪。微笑 出现在年轻人的脸上,故选 B。 37.考查动词及上下文的呼应。say 说; explain 解释; sing 唱歌;fly 飞。这个可能是 最弱的牛吧,他自言自语地说,故选 A。 38.考查动词及上下文的呼应。escape 逃离; jumpe 跳; stop 停止; shout 大叫。他在 那一时刻跳了起来,故选 B。 39.考查形容词及上下文的呼应。anger 生气; joy 高兴; surprise 吃惊;excitement 兴 奋。令他吃惊的是牛没有尾巴,故选 C。 40.考查副词及上下文的呼应。never 从不; always 总是; often 经常;seldom 很少。 不要错过第一次机会,故选 B。 考点:故事类短文。 点评: 依据首句提供的启示,快速阅读文章,从整体感知全文, 掌握大意。 这是第一遍阅读, 读时要跳过空格,不看选项,困难肯定是有的,不懂之处不要停留,力求把注意力集中在文 章的主线上。要注意文中的暗示,努力找出关键词。如果是故事性文章,关键词就是时间、 地点和人物。抓住了关键词就抓住了故事的线索,进而理解全文。然后根据文章的大意进行 第二遍阅读,此时可边阅读边粗选答案,这是为了尽量减少空格,帮助更透彻地理解全文。 41.B 42.A 43.A 44.D 45.D 46.D 47.A
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48.D 49.A 50.C 51.D 52.A 【解析】 试题分析: 本文讲述了一对老夫妇在死后把自己的财产分给了他们的邻居, 在生前他们也经 常帮助一些有需要的人,并希望他们的邻居也能这样继续下去。 41.考查形容词:A. happy 快乐的,B. hard 困难的,C. easy 容易的,D. nice 好的,从 后面的 and the price of everything was rising.可知 Dave 找工作太难了,选 B 42.考查动词:A. lost 失去,B. bought 买,C. left 离开,留下, D. wanted 想要,Fusses 夫妇有加入美国很多失去家园的人的危险,选 A 43.考查名词:A. gift 礼物,B. money 钱,C. encouragement 鼓励,D. package 包裹, 从后面的—$7,000, a legacy(遗产) from their neighbors Ish and Arlene Hatch, 可知 Dave 和 Gerrie 及时的收到一份礼物,money 是不可数名词,不能用 a,选 A 44.考查动词:A. accept 接受,B. defeat 击败,C. win 赢得,D. receive 收到,Fusses 不是 Alto 和附近的 Lowell 镇上唯一的收到预料之外的遗产的人,选 D 45.考查形容词:A. amazed 惊讶的,B. excited 兴奋的,C. upset 不安的,D. touched 感动的,很多其他的家庭都被 Hatches 夫妇做的事情感动了,选 D 46.考查代词: A. the other 特指“另一个”,B. another 泛指“另一个”,C. other 其他的,D. others 其他,根据前面的 In some cases,可知使用的是:some?others?“一 些?其他的?”,选 D 47.考查形容词:A. surprised 惊讶的,B. frightened 害怕的,C. pleased 高兴的,D. encouraged 受到鼓舞的,从后面的内容:they were an elderly couple who lived in an old house on what was left of the family farm. 可知 Hatches 夫妇有这么多的钱让每 个人都很惊讶,选 A 48.考查形容词: A. kind 好心的,B. generous 大方的,C. living 活着的,D. saving 储蓄, 存款, 节约, 从后面的 They preferred comparison shopping and would go from store to store, checking prices before making a new purchase.可知他们有节约的习惯,选 D 49.考查动词:A. afford 买得起,B. buy 买,C. offer 提供,D. keep 保持,Hatches 夫 妇为当地的孩子付钱参加夏令营,因为他们的父母负担不起,选 A 50.考查动词:A. suffered 受苦,B. enjoyed 享受,C. needed 需要,D. did 做,从后面 的“They could see things they could do to make you happier, and they would do them.” 可知他们从不问别人是否需要什么东西,选 C 51.考查词组:A. put away 收好,储蓄,B. put up 张贴,C. gave up 放弃,D. gave away 赠送,最特别的是他们把他们农田送了出去,选 D 52.考查动词:A. enrich 丰富,使富裕,使富有,B. bless 保佑,C. brighten 变亮,D. expand 扩大,the Hatches 的愿望是他们的遗产每一分都要用来使社会富有,选 A 考点:考查故事类短文 53.B 54.A 55.C
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56.B 57.D 58.C 59.B 60.A 61.D 62.C 63.A 64.B 65.D 66.C 67.A 68.B 69.C 70.D 71.A 72.B 【解析】 男儿有泪不轻弹! 事实真是如此吗?本文通过一个故事告诉了我们男儿有泪不轻弹, 只是未到伤心处。 53.词义辨析。根据句意可知是在成长的过程中经常听见这样的话。 54.形容词辨析。A 坚强,粗糙;B 冷酷,寒冷;C 独立;D 积极;根据上下文可知男性被认 为是坚强的。不会流泪。 55.名词辨析。A 领导人;B 邻居;C 英雄;D 父亲;根据句意:我们的英雄都是那些非常坚 强而不会哭的牛仔们。 56.上下文串联。Too?to?太而不能?;解析同上。 57.上下文串联。我相信这句话,所以我努力的不哭。 58.副词辨析。根据上下文的意思可知这里是转折关系,所以使用 however. 59.上下文串联。根据下文我如此痛苦的情况可知推测妈妈去世了。 60.动词辨析。根据句意可知我努力保持车子在路上行驶,同时也要努力的控制住自己的眼 泪,不要让眼泪流下来。 61.动词辨析。解析同上。 62.上下文串联。根据上下文可知 the salty water 就是指留下的眼泪,眼泪让我的眼睛模 糊。 63.动词辨析。根据上文可知妈妈去世了,我非常难受,我的心在痛。 64.副词辨析。根据句意可知 B 正确,最后我无法再开车了。 65.上下文串联。我停车以后就大哭起来。 66.副词辨析。A 秘密地;B 细心地;C 强烈地;D 坚定地;根据上下文可知这里是指我一直 以来强烈控制的那种痛苦最终从我的心里消散了。 67.动词辨析。根据句意可知:那晚以后,我终于意识到了一些事情。 68.介词短语辨析。A 至少;B 实际上;C 共计;D 和平时一样;根据上下文可知 B 正确。 69.名词辨析。根据句意可知:正是我们的眼泪可以让我们从痛苦中解脱出来。 70.动词辨析。A 帮助;B 改变;C 去除;D 使再接合;根据句意可知当我们把自己与上帝再 次连接的时候? 71.固定词组.close to?根据句意可知:眼泪可以让我们相互更加接近而不是把自己关闭
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在一个相对狭小的心中。 72.动词辨析。解析同上。

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