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Her boyfriend has a wandering eye.她的男朋友总是随便看别的人。 Don’t give me your lip.别顶嘴 She’s a big mouth. Why a long face?为什么不高兴? Let’s nose around the store.我们逛逛商店吧 She is always sticking her nose into others business. She’s so nosey.她总是多管闲事, 她想知 道一切事情 7. I can not remember people’s name. They go in one ear and out the other. 8. He’s so lazy. He never lifts one finger to help me at home. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. fall foliage 秋叶美景 ski lift 滑雪缆车 leafer 赏叶人 chainsaw carving.电锯雕刻 Candied Apple.苹果糖葫芦 I slammed my finger in the door.我夹到了我的手指。 I stubbed my toe.我踢伤脚趾头了。 I just got a paper cut.我的手被纸划到了。 Your sweater shocked me.你的毛衣电到我了。 My eyes are so sore.眼睛酸痛 Add insult to injury.雪上加霜 to do the heck out of sth. 很想做某事。 e.g.I want to wear the heck out of the shoes. 超级想穿这双鞋。

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21. wake up and sell the coffee. 别迷迷糊糊的了。 22. a cup of joe. 一杯普通过滤咖啡= drip coff 23. I usually order a medium soy latte with hazelnut syrup to go.我通常点一份外带中杯浓缩榛 果拿铁咖啡。 The more shots of Espresso, the more caffeine you have.浓缩咖啡加的越多,咖啡因也越多。 24.sth is epic.非常好! 25. cool beans. 好吧~ 26. I’m down with going shopping if you are. 如果你想逛街,我也想去。 I’m down 我愿意,我可以。 27. It’s a toss up. 这两个没法比较。 28. My bad.对不起 29. break the ice. 打破僵局。 30. This party is boring, let’s bounce.(走吧) 31. Hit me up.联系我~ 32. BRB=be right back. JK=just kidding LOL=laugh out loud.

NVM=never mind. THX=thanks 2nitht=tonight BBL=be back later 一会回来 BBF=best friend forever. BTW=BTDubs(很口语)=by the way G2G=got to go TTYL= talk to you later. XOXO=亲亲抱抱 美国嘻哈语: 33. Sup?= what’s up?怎么样?怎么了?你好 34.Yo!=Hey! 35. That’s my homie =That’s my dowg.(dog) 那是我的好哥们。 Yo dowg, sup homie? 36. shortie 辣妹 37. boo 男朋友,女朋友 38.mad skills.太强了,太厉害了~ 39. hook me up. 给我吧 Will you hook me up some bread? 帮我带点面包吧~ 40.sleepies 眼屎=eye gunk 41.earwax 耳屎 Q-tips 棉签 42. Hey, get the wax out of your ears.听我的话! 43.booger 耳屎 You are being such a booger.很烦人,很讨厌(很口语,可以和朋友说) 44.snot 鼻涕 My nose is so runny, so much snot! 45.drool=slobber 口水 46.zit=pimple 青春痘=blemish You got pop that thing>.<你应该把痘挤掉 47.bad apple 坏蛋 48.apple of someone’s eye 某人的掌上明珠 49.Thanks for helping, you are such a peach!.谢谢帮忙,你太好了~ 50.The car you just bought is a lemon.你买的车不合格! (lemon 有不合格的意思) 51. She said my new bag is ugly, I think it’s a case of sour grapes.我认为这是吃不到葡萄就说葡 萄酸的例子。 52.When I get to work, I bust my butt.努力工作 53.There is no time to goof around. 没有时间游手好闲 54.get some air.呼吸新鲜空气 55.See what my firends are up to. 看看朋友在做什么。 (指打电话或发短信联系) 56. hang out at my house. 呆在我家玩。

57.This sucks.这个很烂,很差 This party sucks, let’s bounce.派对很无聊,我们走吧。 58. Crappy. under the weather. That movie is crappy.很差(什么东西都可以用这个词) 59.So not cool.太不酷了。 What? She’s filerting with your boyfriend? That’s so not cool. 60. Bad form.粗鲁的,不良的表现 61.What a jerk.笨蛋 62. It’s a little nippy outside. 外面有点冷。 63. ice cold.非常冷 64.fair weather friend. 酒肉朋友 65.It’s a breeze.这是很容易的! 66. I will stay by your side come rain or come shine.风雨无阻。 67. to steal someone’s thunder 抢人风头 e.g. I made all the food for the dinner party, but Anny took credit for it. I couldn’t believe she would steal my thunder like that! 68. take a rain check. 下次吧,改天再说。 e.g. I’m so busy today, and I can not go to the dinner, can I take a rain check? 69. I feel a little under the weather.感觉有点不舒服。 70.You want to meet up after work? 下班后要见个面吗?



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