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【志鸿优化设计】2014届高考英语一轮复习 Modules5-6 TheConquestoftheUniverse&TheTangPoems 外研版选修8

《志鸿优化设计》2014 届高考英语(外研版 全国)一轮复习题 库:选修 8Modules56 TheConquestoftheUniverse&TheTangPoems
Ⅰ.完成句子 1.尽管天气很热,他们仍然在操场上跑步。 ______ ______ ______ the hot weather they still run in the playgroun

d. 2.我们不赞同在公共场合吸烟。 We don't ______ ______ smoking in public. 3.这个房子与我的需求完全一致。 The house exactly ______ ______ my needs. 4.他的预言被证明是真实的。 What he predicted ______ ______. 5.台湾是中国的一 部分是大家所公认的。 ______ ______ universally ______ ______ Taiwan is part of China. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.I'm sorry that what I said just now has hurt you,but I didn't do it ______. A.deliberately B.actually C.carelessly D.especially 2.You should ______ him to be innocent until he is proved guilty. A.pretend B.believe C.assume D.think 3.After the accident,the police spent a week finding out the person who ______ it. A.witnessed B.stared at C.proved D.heard of 4.I once lived a very miserable life,so I have a lot of ______ with the poor. A.shame B.sympathy C.pain D.sadness 5.—I'm not ______ up so early yet,but I have to ______ myself to it. —Yeah.Just as the saying goes,“The early bird catches the worm.” A.used to getting;adopt B.accustomed to getting;accustom C.used to get;adapt D.accustomed to get;accustom 6.To be honest,we ______ that there have been dreadful mistakes and inexcusable mistreatment in the past,but we have learned a lot from them. A.appreciate B.accumulate C.assess D.acknowledge 7. (2013 江苏兴化板桥中学月考,25)When he was driving home,he was stopped by the policeman and was ______ of speeding. A.charged B.blamed C.accused D.warned 8.When you meet with difficulties in study,you may ______ your teachers who are always ready to instruct you. A.search B.find C.consult D.seek 9.Sean's strong love for his country is ______ in his recently published poems. A.relieved B.reflected C.responded D.recovered 10. (2013 辽宁阜新中学月考,27)______ in the information were documents ______ that my husband had been out of town in his car that day. A.Included;proving B.Included;proved C.Including;proving D.Including;proved 11. (2013 湖南师大附中月考,25)A majority of Chinese approved ______ keeping the Golden Week holidays and would like to see more traditional Chinese festivals


______ to the holiday calendar,according to a China Daily web poll(民意调查). A.to;adding B.of;added C./;to add D.on;add 12. (2012 山东潍坊寿光现代中学一模,30)“Does the name on the envelope ______ the name on the letter inside?”asked Mr.Black. A.correspond with B.appeal to C.respond to D.rely on 13. (2013 江西白鹭洲中学月考,26)______,there is little I can do to help. A.As I sympathize with your difficulties much B.Much as I sympathize with your difficulties C.With your di fficulties as I sympathize much D.Sympathize much as I with your difficulties 14.—What's your feeling now? —I am terribly sorry.If only I ______ here yesterday! A.came B.would have come C.have come D.had come 15. government must be very ______ about setting policies and make no decision The until they are quite sure it is the right one. A.particular B.concerned C.cautious D.certain Ⅲ.完形填空 (2013 山西示范高中高三月考) One morning all the employees reached the office as usual.And on the wall they saw a big __1__ on which it was written: Yesterday,the person who has been __2__ our growth in this company passed __3__.We invite you to join the funeral prepared in the __4__. In the beginning , they all got __5__ for the death of one of their colleagues.__6__ after a while they started getting __7__ to know who was the man that limited the growth of his colleagues and the company itself. The __8__ in the gym was such that security agents(保安)were __9__ to control the crowd within the room.The more people reached the coffin,the more the excitement __10__ up.Everyone whispered to each other: “__11__ on earth is this guy?” One by one the excited employees got closer to the coffin,and when they __12__ inside it,they __13__ became speechless.They stood nearby the coffin,shocked and in __14__,as if someone had __15__ the deepest part of their soul. There was a __16__ inside the coffin;everyone who looked inside it could see himself.There was also a sign next to the mirror that __17__ : there is only one person who is __18__ to set limits to your growth: IT IS __19__!!! Your life doesn't !!! change when everyone around you changes.Your life changes when YOU change,when you go beyond your limiting beliefs inside.Don't be afraid of __20__;build yourself and your reality.It's the way you face life itself that makes the difference! 1.A.card B.post C.sign D.letter 2.A.encouraging B.helping C.building D.limiting 3.A.on B.by C.away D.down 4.A.office B.gym C.way D.meeting room 5.A.sad B.excited C.afraid D.calm 6.A.And B.But C.Or D.So 7.A.ready B.pleased C.curious D.serious 8.A.surprise B.anger C.excitement D.sad ness 9.A.admitted B.forced C.forbidden D.ordered 10.A.heated B.woke C.turned D.kept

11.A.Where B.What C.How D.Who 12.A.walked B.looked C.got D.turned 13.A.suddenly B.gradually C.merely D.extremely 14.A.sorrow B.order C.silence D.person 15.A.stolen B.touched C.attacked D.seen 16.A.letter B.book C.mirror D.person 17.A.wrote B.read C.showed D.reflected 18.A.sure B.eager C.afraid D.able 19.A.YOU B.ME C.HE D.ITSELF 20.A.punishment B.praises C.changes D.blame Ⅳ.阅读理解 Surface Exploration.Robots make great explorers on planets,moons,and other landing areas.Aside from earth, just about every surface in the solar system is unsafe for humans to explore.The air on most other planets is insufficient for humans to breathe , making it necessary to wear a space suit and oxygen equipment.The temperatures on these surfaces are much too hot or much too cold for any humans to withstand.Plus there would be complications with radiation,weather,and a lack of gravity.Robots have much less limitation in these areas and can survive much longer under these conditions. Data Collection.Robots are designed for collecting scientific data.Robots are also able to perform many tasks at one ti me and can process information much quicker and more efficiently.Important scientific projects from detecting minerals , analyzing ground samples,and finding water are all performed much quicker and accurately by robots. Cost Effective.The use of robots has made the cost of space explor ation much less expensive than it would cost for humans to do the work.In order to successfully send humans into space we would need to build a vehicle that can not only carry humans, but also enough food and water to keep them alive for the duration of the trip.Moreover , robots have no problems working for hours on end.Robots never complain,they don't require food or water,and they never need a bathroom break. Space Travel.Over the past 30 years or so there have been many different types of robots used successfully in the exploration of space.Perhaps the most famous and successful robots are the Spirit and Opportunity who have both been exploring the surface of Mars.They have both been very successful with experiments on soil and rocks and have even f ound evidence of water in Mars' history. 1.Which column could the passage come from? A.Education. B.Finance. C.Travel. D.Science. 2.The underlined word “withstand” most probably means “______”. A.arise B.bear C.defeat D.diverse 3.What is the writer's attitude in this passage? A.Negative. B.Pe rsuasive. C.Subjective. D.Objective. 4.While sending an astronaut into the space,we should consider the following EXCEPT ______. A.the radiation B.the oxygen C.the diet D.the alien


参考答案 Ⅰ.1.In spite of 2.approve of 3.corresponds with 4.proved true 5.It is;acknowledged that Ⅱ.1.A deliberately 意为“故意地”;actually 意为“实际上”;carelessly 意 为“粗心地”;especially 意为“特别地”。根据句意判断应选 A 项,表示“我不是有意 说那些话的”。 2.C assume 意为“假定;假想;认为”,强调一种没有证据的认为,符合题意。句 意:在未证实他有罪之前,你应该假定他是清白的。 3.A witness 意为“见证;证明;目睹”。根据句意判断警察找的应该是目击证人, 故选 A 项。 4. shame 意为“羞耻”; B sympathy 意为“同情 (心) pain 意为“痛苦”; ”; sadness 意为“伤心;悲哀”。根据句意判断应选 B 项,have sympathy with...表示“对??表示 同情”。 5.B 句意:——我不习惯早起,但我不得不让自己适应这一点。——是的,正如谚语 所说,“早起的鸟儿有虫吃。”根据句意可知第一空处表示“习惯做某事” ,可用 be used/accustomed to doing sth.,排除 C、D 两项;第二空处可用 adapt/accustom oneself to...表示“ 使自己习惯于??”,故选 B 项。A 项中的 adopt 为“采纳;收养”之意,不 符合句意。 6.D A 项意为“欣赏;感激”;B 项意为“堆积;积累”;C 项意为“估价;评定”; D 项意为“承认;认可”。根据句意判断应选 D 项,表示“说实话,我们承认??”。 7.C charge sb.with sth./accuse sb.of sth.意为“指控某人某事”;blame sb.for sth.意为“因某事而责备某人”;warn sb.of sth.意为“提醒某人注意某事”。根据句意 和后面搭配的 of 判断应选 C 项。 8.C search 意为“寻找”;find 意为“发现;找到”;consult 意为“磋商;咨询; 查阅”;seek 意为“寻找;追寻”。根据句意判断应选 C 项,表示“请教、咨询老师”。 9.B relieve 意为“减轻;缓和;使宽慰”;reflect 意为“反映;表达”;respond 意为“反应”;recover 意为“恢复”。句意:肖恩强烈的爱国思想反映在他最近出版的诗 中。 10.A 该句为倒装句,主语为 documents,所以第一个空应选过去分词形式构成被动 语态;prove 意为“证明”,documents 与其为主谓关系,所以第二个空应选现在分词形式 作定语。 11.B approve of 意为“赞成;赞同”;add 意为“增加;增添”,festivals 与其 为被动关系,所以第二个空应选过去分词形式作补语。 12. correspond with 意为“与??一致”; A appeal to 意为“吸引; 呼吁”; respond to 意为“对??作出反应”;rely on 意为“依靠;依赖”。A 项符合句意,表示“信封上 的名字与里面信上的名字一致吗?”。 13.B as 意为“尽管”,引导让步状语从句时,需用倒装语序,谓语中有副词作状语 时,应把副词提前,所以答案为 B 项。 14.D if only 意为“要是??就好了”,后面的句子应用虚拟语气,与现在事实相 反时谓语用一般过去时,与过去事实相反时谓语用过去完成时。根据时间状语 yesterday 判断应选 D 项。 15.C A 项意为“特别的”;B 项意为“关心的;担心的”;C 项意为“小心的;谨慎 的”;D 项意为“确定的”。根据句意判断应选 C 项,表示制定政策要“谨慎”。 Ⅲ.1.C card 意为“卡片”;post 意为“杆子;岗位”;sign 意为“标识;招牌; 迹象;手势;符号”;letter 意为“信;字母”。根据语境可知,此处表示在墙上有一个 告示。 2.D 根据后面的提示可知用 limit,表示“限制你的发展”。 3.C 根据下文可知应选 C 项,pass away 为固定短语,意为“去世”。 4.B 根据第三段开头的 in the gym 可知应选 B 项。 5.A 同事去世,大家应该都感到难过,所以选 A 项。 6.B 根据前后句的逻辑关系判断应选 But 表示转折。句意:然而一会儿之后,大家都

好奇地想知道死的这个人是谁。 7.C 根据语境判断应选 curious,表示“好奇的”。 8.C 根据下文 the more the excitement 判断,应选 C 项表示“激动”。 9.D 由于人群情绪激动,所以保安被命令将人们控制在房间里。 10.A heat up 意为“加热;加剧”,此处表示“人们激动的心情不断加剧”。 11.D 人们想知道这个人究竟是谁? 12.B 该题应选 B 项,说明人们走进棺材向里面看。 13.A 看到里面的情况,人们突然变得无话可说。 14.C 人们站在棺材旁感到震惊且陷入沉默,似乎触动了人们的心灵深处。 15.B touch 表示“接触;触动”。 16.C 根据下文“看到了自己”可知,在棺材里有一面镜子。 17.B 镜子旁边的告示上写着:只有一个人能限制你的发展,就是你自己。read 意为 “读起来内容是;写的是”。 18.D be able to 表示“能够”。 19.A 根据上下文判断应选 A 项,表示“限制自己发展的就是你自己”。 20.C 根据上文的四个 change 判断应选 C 项,表示“不要害怕改变”。 Ⅳ.1.D 本文主要是关于机器人在太空探索中的运用,应 该属于科学栏目,故选 D 项。 2.B 前面提到这些表面太热或太冷,应该是会让人难以忍受的,故选 B 项,bear 意 为“忍受”。 3. 综观全文可知, D 作者只是客观地介绍了机器人在太空探索中的使用, 并未带有“否 定的”、“说服性的”或是“主观的”看法,故选 D 项。 4.D 本文的第一段提到了 A、B 两项“辐射”和“氧气”的问题,第三段提到了 C 项 “饮食”问题,但本文并未提到有关“外星人”的情况,故选 D 项。



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