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2014 暑假高一升高二英语阅读训练专题练习
姓名: 1、Attack v.攻击 n.[C,U]进攻;(疾病)发作 Attempt v.& n.尝试,试图 Attend v.出席;照料,护理;注意 Attention n.[U]留心,注意 Attract vt.引起(兴趣、注意),招引 2、cheat n.欺骗,骗子 v.欺骗,骗取 check v.检查,核对;

寄存 n.[C]检查,核对;(美)支票(=英国的 cheque);(饭馆等的)账单 脸蛋 cheer n.[C]欢呼[U]高兴 v.(使)高兴;(使)振奋,欢呼,喝彩 3、contain vt.包含,包括;装,容纳 content adj.满意的,满足的 vt.使满足,使满意 content [] n.[C,U]内容,(常用单)含量,容量(用复数)目录 continent[]n.[C]大陆,大洲 continue v.继续,连续 4、defeat vt.击败;战胜;使落空,使受挫 n.[C,U]失败,击败 defence (美 defense)[] n.[U]防御,保卫[C]防御工事 defend v.防守,保卫;辩护,辩解 degree n.[C]度数,学位[C,U]程度 delay n.[C,U]拖延,延误,耽搁 v.拖延,延误,耽搁 A O. Henry was a pen name used by an American writer of short stories. His real name was William Sydney Porter. He was born in North Carolina in 1862. As a young boy he lived an exciting life. He did not go to school for very long, but he managed to teach himself everything he needed to know. When he was about 20 years old, O. Henry went to Texas, where he tried different jobs. He first worked on a newspaper, and then had a job in a bank, when some money went missing from the bank O. Henry was believed to have stolen it. Because of that, he was sent to prison. During the three years in prison, he learned to write short stories. After he got out of prison, he went to New York and continued writing. He wrote mostly about New York and the life of the poor there. People liked his stories, because simple as the tales were, they would finish with a sudden change at the end, to the reader’s surprise. 1. In which order did O. Henry do the following things? a. Lived in New York. b. Worked in a bank. c. Traveled to Texas. d. Was put in prison. e. Had a newspaper Job. f. Learned to write stories. A. e. c. f. b. d. a B. c. e. b. d. f. a C. e. b. d. c. a. f. D. c. b. e. d. a f. 2. People enjoyed reading O. Henry’s stories because A. they had surprise endings B. they were easy to understand D. they were about New York City . C. he wanted to write stories about prisoners C. they showed his love for the poor 3. O. Henry went to prison because cheek n.[C]面颊,

A. people thought he had stolen money from the newspaper B. he broke the law by not using his own name D. people thought he had taken money that was not his 4. What do we know about O. Henry before he began writing? A. He was well-educated. B. He was not serious about his work. D. He was very good at learning.

C. He was devoted to the poor.

5. Where did O. Henry get most material for his short stories?
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2014 暑假高一升高二英语阅读训练专题练习
A. His life inside the prison. B. The newspaper articles he wrote. B When we see well, we do not think about our eyes very often. It is only when we cannot see perfectly that we realize how important our eyes are. People who are near-sighted can only see things that are very close to their eyes, everything else seems blurry (=unclear). Many people who do a lot of work, such as writing, reading and sewing become near—sighted. Then People who are far-sighted suffer from just the opposite problem. They can see things that are far away, but they have difficulty in reading a book unless they hold it at arm’s length. If they want to do much reading, they must get glasses, too. Other people do not see clearly because their eyes are not exactly the right shape. They have what is called astigmatism (散光). This, too, can be corrected by glasses. Some people’s eyes become cloudy because of cataracts (白内障). Long ago these people often became blind. Now, however, it is possible to operate on the cataracts and remove them. Having two good eyes is important for judging distances. Each eye sees things from a slightly different angle (角度). To prove this to yourself, look at an object out of one eye; then look at the same object out of your other eye. You will find the object’s relation to the background and other things around it has changed. The difference between these two different eye views helps us to judge how far away an object is. People who have only one eye cannot judge distance as people with two eyes. 1. We should take good care of our eyes A. only when we can see well . B. only when we cannot see perfectly . . C. The city and people of New York. D. His exciting early life as a boy.

C. even if we can see well D. only when we realize how important our eyes are 2. When things far away seem indistinct(模糊不清) , one is probably A. near-sighted B. far-sighted C. astigmatic D. suffering from cataracts 3. The underlined word suffer in the third paragraph probably means A. experience A. seeing at night C. looking over a wide area A. one eye bigger than the other B. eyes that are not exactly the right shape C. a difficulty that can be corrected by an operation D. an eye difficulty that cannot be corrected by glasses C Can trees talk? Yes, but not in words. Scientists have reason to believe that trees do communicate (交际) with each other. Not long ago, researchers learned some surprising things. First a willow tree attacked in the woods by caterpillars (毛虫) changed the chemistry of its leaves and made them taste so terrible that they got tired of the leaves and stopped eating them. Then even more astonishing, the tree sent out a special smell---a signal (信号) causing its neighbors to change the chemistry of their own leaves and make them less tasty. Communication, of course, doesn’t need to be in words. We can talk to each other by smiling, raising our shoulders and moving our hands. We know that birds and animals use a whole vocabulary of songs, sounds, and movements. Bees dance their signals, flying in certain patterns that tell other bees where to find nectar (花蜜) for
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B. imagine

C. feel pain

D. are affected with .

4. Having two eyes instead of one is particularly useful for B. seeing objects far away D. judging distances .

5. People who suffer from astigmatism have

2014 暑假高一升高二英语阅读训练专题练习
honey. So why shouldn’t trees have ways of sending message? 1. It can be concluded from the passage that caterpillars do not feed on leaves that ______. A. are lying on the ground C. bees don’t like A. growing more branches C. changing its leaf chemistry A. waving its branches C. dropping its leaves A. making special movement C. smelling one another A. cannot be taken seriously B. have an unpleasant taste D. have an unfamiliar shape B. communicating with birds and bees D. shaking caterpillars off B. giving off a special smell D. changing the color of its trunk B. touching one another D. making unusual sound B. should no longer be permitted D. seems completely reasonable D Man is a land animal, but he is also closely tied to the sea. Throughout history the sea has served the needs of man. The sea has provided man with food and a convenient (便利的) way to travel to many parts of the world. Today, nearly two—thirds of the world’s population live within 80 kilometers of the sea coast. In the modern technological world, the sea offers many resources to help mankind survive (=continue to live). Resources on land are beginning to be used up. The sea, however, still can be hoped to supply many of man’s needs. The list of riches of the sea yet to be developed by man’s technology is impressive. Oil and gas explorations (探 险) have been carried out for nearly 30 years. Valuable amounts of minerals exist on the ocean floor ready to be mined (开采). Fish farming promises to be a good way to produce large quantities of food. The culture of fish and shellfish (贝类动物) is an ancient skill practiced in the past mainly by Oriental people. Besides oil and gas, the sea may offer new sources of energy. Experts believe that the warm temperature of the ocean can be used in a way similar to the steam in a steamship. Ocean currents (水流) and waves offer possible use as a source of energy. Technology is enabling man to explore (勘探) ever more deeply under the sea. The development of strong, new materials has made this possible. The technology to harvest the sea continues to improve. Experts believe that by the year 2000 the problems that prevent us from exploiting fully the food, minerals, and energy sources of the sea will be largely solved. 1. The major things that the sea offers man are ______. A. fish and oil B. minerals and oil C. warm temperature and ocean currents D. the food, energy sources, and minerals 2. The sea serves the needs of man because ______. A. in provides man with food C. it supplies man with minerals B. it offers oil to man D. all of the above

2. The willow tree described in the passage protected itself by ______.

3. According to the passage, the willow tree was able to communicate with other trees by ______.

4. According to this passage, bees communicate by ______.

5. The author believes that the incident described in the passage ______. C. must be checked more thoroughly

3. We can conclude from this passage that ______. A. the sea resources have largely been used up B. the sea, in the broad sense, has not yet been developed
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2014 暑假高一升高二英语阅读训练专题练习
C. the problems that prevent us from using the food, minerals, and energy sources of the sea have already been solved. D. by the year 2000, the technology will be good enough to exploit all the sea resources 4. The underlined words Oriental people in the fourth paragraph probably mean ______. A. the people in Asia C. European people A. Sea Harvest B. African people D. American people B. Sea Food D. Man and the Sea 2013 年高考原题 E Low-Cost Gifts for Mother's Day Gift No. I Offer to be your mother's health friend. Promise to be there for any and all doctor's visits whether a disease or a regular medical check-up. Most mothers always say "no need," another set of eyes and ears is always a good idea at a doctor's visit. The best part? This one is free. Gift No. 2 Help your mother organize all of her medical records, which include the test results and medical information. Put them all in one place. Be sure to make a list of all of her medicines and what times she takes them. "Having all this information in one place could end up saving your mother's life," Dr. Marie Savard said. Gift No. 3 Enough sleep is connected to general health conditions. "Buy your mother cotton sheets and comfortable pillows to encourage better sleep," Savard said. "We know that good sleep is very important to our health." Gift No. 4 Some gift companies such as Presents for Purpose allow you to pay it forward this Mother's Day by picking gifts in which 10 percent of the price you pay goes to a charity (慈善机构) Gift givers can choose from a wide variety of useful but inexpensive things -many of which are "green" - and then choose a meaningful charity from a list. When your mother gets the gift, she will be told that she has helped the chosen charity. 48. What are you advised to do for your mother at doctor's visits? A. Take notes. B. Be with her. C. Buy medicine. D. Give her gifts. 49. Where can you find a gift idea to improve your mother’s sleep? A. In Gift No. 1. B. In Gift No. 2. C. In Gift No. 3. D. In Gift No. 4. 50. Buying gifts from Presents for Purpose allows mothers to A. enjoy good sleep C. bet extra support B. be well-organized D. give others help

5. The best title for this passage is ______. C. Technology for Exploiting the Sea

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