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一、词性转换 (必修二 Unit1 Cultural relics) 1. rare adj. __________ adv. 2. amaze vt. __________ adj. 3. value n. _______ adj. _______(反义词) 4. survive vt. ___________n. 5. decorate v. __________n. 6. wood n. _________ adj. 7. doubt n. vt. ________ adj. _______(反) 8. evidence n. ________ adj. 9. formal adj. __________(反) 10. culture n. __________ adj . 二.完成句子 1. Can I buy lunch for you ________________ (作为报答) for your help? 2. This vase is valued ________________(少于) 40 dollars. 3. Those two countries have been _________________(交战) for a long time. 4. The machine has already been __________________(拆开). 5. John mentioned several judges’ names, but he didn’t __________________(评价高) them. 6. There is no d_____________ that he will get the first prize. 7. Pandas are a kind of r_____________ animals. 8. That dictionary isn’t mine; it b_____________ to the library. 9. She is an able girl and she d_______________ all her dresses. 10. I f______________ (想象)he’s pretty happy. 11. She r______________(搬走) the painting to another wall. 12. He bought me a v_______________ diamond ring as a birthday present. 13. The great hall was d_______________ with flowers. 14. That novel isn’t w______________(值得) reading. 15. Catherine works at the l______________(当地的) post o ffice. 三.选择词组填空 at war belong to less than take apart in return for to one’s surprise in search of think highly of look into there is no doubt that rather than in other words 1. A team of 350 experts were sent to the desert _____________ the buried ancient city. 2. The police have received the letter and they are _____________it. 3. I gave him some apples _____________ his help. 4. The headmaster ______________me because of my good performance. 5. Recently I’ve found a rare Qing Dynasty vase. But I don’t know whether it should ______________me. 6. The old man saw some Germans ____________ ____ the Amber Room and moving it away. 7. He is an explorer ___________ a sailor. 8. When two countries were __________, troops of armies were sent to battlefront to fight. 9. Much _________________, the task was finished in only one week. 四.单项选择 1.Though he is a murderer, he should receive a fair _______. A. experiment B. trial C. doubt D. test 2. As is known to all, the financial crisis firstly broke out in the United States which _______ the group of developed countries. A. belonging to B. was belonging to C. belongs to D. is belonged to 3. The little boy was the only one who ______ the earthquake in his village, and the government sent him to a city school after that. A. experienced B. escaped C. survived D. suffered 4. There’s no doubt ________ international cooperation is the key to ______ with cybercrime.(网络犯罪) A. whether; doing B. that; dealing C. whether; do D. that; do 5. The employee you had been thinking highly_______ dishonest. A. of proving B. of proved C. of to prove D. of being proved. 6. The police________ him to see if he had a gun. A. searched for B. searched C. in search of D. looked for 7. Whether by accident or _______, he arrived too late to help us. A. purpose B. aim C. design D. chance 8. The countries have been _______ for more than a century. A. at rest B. at war C. at table D. at school

9. What he did _______ what he said moved us. A. more than B. rather than C. less than D. no more than 10. There was ______ time ______ I hated to go to school. A. a; that B. a; when C. the; that D. the; when 11.There were two large buildings,_______ stands nearly a hundred feet high. A. the larger B. the larger of them C. the larger of whom D. the larger of which 12.______ is known to all that the Amber Room belongs to the Russians. A. As B. which C. It D. What 13.--- We don’t know who stole the book. What’s you opinion? ---Jack is considered _______ it. A. having done B. to have done C. doing D. to do 14.He was so nervous during the test. No ______ he didn’t pass the exam. A. way B. surprise C. wonder D. matter 15.Having a trip abroad is certainly good for the old couple, but it remains______ whether they will enjoy it. A. to see B. to be seen C. seeing D. seen 16.I don’t like to go to the concert. I have no interest in it; _______, I have lots of work to do. A. however B. beside C. therefore D. besides 17.It is the youngest brother rather than his two elder brothers _______been fined for breaking the traffic rules. A. whom have B. who have C. that have D. that has 18.Mike ________ his car, for he came to work by bus this morning A. can have found B. could have found C. can’t have found D. mustn’t have found 19. This book will _______ to the students of English. A. be of great value B. be of great valuable C. be great value D. be of very value 20. He was_______ by his colleagues though he himself didn’t think he had done anything special. A. thought little of B. thought poorly C. highly thought of D. highly thought 21. — The English exam is not difficult, is it? —____. Even Tom ____ to the top students failed in it. A. Yes; who is belonging B. No; who is belonged C. Yes; who belongs D. No; who is belonging 22. In the 1930s, the two countries were at _____ war, and his father was fighting at _____ front. A. the; 不填 B. 不填; the C. the; the D. 不填; 不填 23. His work was _____ by his boss. A. highly thought B. high thought of C. thought much of D. well thought of 24.--- She looks very happy. She ____ have passed the exam. --- I guess so. It’s not difficult after all. A. should B. could C. must D. might 25. He hasn’t slept at all for three days. _____ he is tired out. A. There is no point B. There is no need C. It is no wonder D. It is no way 26. Some researchers believe that there is no doubt ____ a cure for AIDS will be found. A. which B. what C. that D. whether 27. What surprised me was not what he said but ___ he said it. A. the way B. in the way that C. in the way D. the way which 28. Do you know whom this bird _______ ? A. belong to B. belongs to C. is belonged to D. is belonging to 29. --- There were five people in the car but they still took me. --- It ____ a comfortable journey. A. can’t be B. shouldn’t be C. mustn’t have been D. couldn’t have been 30. He’s given me so much help that I really want to do something for him _____. A. in returns B. by turns C. in return D. in answer 31. Don’t worry. Jim is quite used to ____ in such busy streets as this. A. drive B. be driving C. have driven D. driving 32. I have been living in the United States for twenty years, but seldom _____ so lonely as now. A. have I felt B. I had felt C. I have felt D. had I felt

一.词性转换 (必修二 Unit2) 1. compete vi. ____________ n.; ______________ n.; ________________ adj. 2. regular adj. ________________adv. 3. athlete n. ___________________adj. 4. admit v. ________________ n. 5. responsibility n. ___________________ adj. 6. advertise v. _______________ n. 7. foolish adj. ______________ n. __________ v. 8. hopeless adj. ____________(反义词); ___________v.; ______________n. 9. pain n. ___________ adj.; ___________ adv. 二.单词填空 1. This is an _________________(古老的) custom. 2. The ____________________(志愿者) for community service are doing a good job. 3. He made a _______________ (定期的) visit to his parents. 4. This store often _________________ (要价,索费) only 65 US cents a dozen for large eggs. 5. The theater ______________ (容纳) 1000 people. 6. The death of her son gave her infinite p_______________.(痛苦) 7. Our position is h__________________; (没希望的) we'll never get out alive. 8. These toys are a real b___________________ at such low prices. 9. The driver paid a fifty-dollar f________________ for speeding(超速). 10. The Olympic M______________ is “Faster, Higher, Stronger” 11. As a husband, he often went home late. He is completely lacking in r________________. 12. China is the h___________________ of tea. 13. They found themselves c__________________(竞争) with foreign companies for a share of the market. 14. Beijing h_______________ the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, which was quite successful 15. Their claim had no b_______________ (根据)in fact (=it was not true). 三.选择词组填空 take part in; stand for; as well; in charge; one after another; for the honour of; every four years; make a bargain; deserve to do sth; volunteer; be admitted to; compete for; be replaced with 1. I am sure that he will _______________________ Beijing university this summer. 2. More than 1,000 competitors took part in the competition to ___________________ the first prize. 3. Every four years, many athletes from different countries ______________________the Olympic Games. 4. Every one in our class is fighting ______________________________ our class in the competition. 5. I'm coming to London and my sister's coming _______________________. 6. The American flag _____________________ freedom and justice. 7. John was late again. He _______________________ be punished. 8. The monitor will be _____________________ when the head teacher is away. 9. She ______________________________ with the bookseller over the price. 10. After the class, the students left _________________________________. 四.单项选择 1. Our headmaster will_______ us in the discussion this afternoon. A. take part in B. join in C. join D. attend 2.The students competed ____ the honor of winning ____ each other _____ the school sports meet. A. for, against, in B. in, with, against C. against, for, at D. about, in, with 3. Don’t worry. I’ll help to _____ the guests. A. hold B. wait C. accept D. host 4. Her mother _______ having read the letter. A. thought B. considered C. admitted D. advised 5. It was lucky for him to be admitted ____ the dream university he had longed for. A. as B. to C. with D. for

6. I went to see a film _____________ last year. A. every three weeks B. every third weeks C. each three weeks D. each three weeks 7. I bought a dress for only 10 dollars in a sale; it was a real________. A. exchange B. bargain C. trade D. business 8. The father as well as his three children ____ skating on the frozen river every Sunday afternoon in winter. A. is going B. go C. goes D. are going 9. The restaurant is _________my uncle. A. in charge of B. in the charge of C. in exchange for D. by the means of 10. When I took his temperature, it was two degrees above _____. A. average B. ordinary C. regular D. normal 11. The Chinese food _________ to be the healthiest in the world. A. considers B. is considering C. is considered D. has considered 12. John _______, for he went swimming yesterday without permission. A. would punished B. had punished C. punished D. was punished 13. The work _________ soon. A. will be finished B. has been finished C. will finish D. finishes 14. All those old buildings __________ down tomorrow. A. will be knocked B. will knock C. will have knocked D. knock 15. The mistakes in the exercises will __________ the teacher. A. cross B. be crossing C. be crossed by D. cross by 16. It is said that a new robot _______by him in a few days. A. designed B. has been designed C. will be designed D. will have been designed 17. I ________ if I finish the work within one day. A. shall be praised B. would praise C. will praise D. praise 18. Hundreds of jobs _________ if the factory closes. A. lose B. will be lost C. are lost D. will lose 19. The water will be further polluted unless some measures ____. A. will be taken B. are taken C. were taken D. had been taken 20. These films _______ until tomorrow morning. A. can't develop B. aren't developing C. won't be developed D. won't develop 21. ----____ do you go home a week? ---- once a week. A. How long B. How much C. How soon D. How often 22. He doesn’t like reading,__________ A. neither can’t I B. nor can I C. nor do I D. neither I can 23. —Why did she break away from her family? —Because she wouldn’t _______ that young man. A. marry with B. marry C. marry to D. married to 24. They sold their house for only12000 dollars, so the buyer got a wonderful______ A. worth B. cost C. bargain D. value 25. They have worked very hard and _______ to pass the exams. A. worth B. deserve C. serve D. pay 26. ---Can I help you? --- I’d like a ticket for tonight’s show. How much do you _____ A. charge B. pay C. spend D. cost 27. The police charged him______ robbery A. of B. for C. with D. in 28. Tomorrow is a holiday. Will you _____ the competition at the other school? A. join B. join in C. take part D. take apart 29. It is clear that hundreds of jobs______ if the factory closes A. lose B. will be lost C. are lost D. will lose 30. Pausanias lived in______ we call “Ancient Greece” A. what B. that C. which D. where 31. It was foolish _____ the French princess to ______ the English prince, who cheated on her without mercy. A. for; believe in B. of; believe C. for; believe D. of; believe in

高一英语补短材料 4 参考答案: (必修二 Unit1)一. 1. rarely 2. amazing 3. valuable--- valueless---valuably 4. survival/survivor 5. decoration----decorative 6. wooden 7. doubtful----doubtless 8. evident 9. informal 10. cultural 二. 1 . in return 2. less than 3. at war 4. taken apart 5. think highly of 6. doubt 7. rare 8. belongs 9. designs 10. fancy 11. removed 12. valuable 13. decorated 14. worth 15. local 三. 1. in search of 2. looking into 3. in return for 4. thought highly of 5. belong to 6. taking apart 7. rather than 8. at war 9. to our/my surprise 四. 1-5 BCCBB 6-10 BCBBB 11--15. DCBCB 16---20DDC AC 21--25 CBDCC 26-30CABDC 31-32 DA
(必修二 Unit1) 一. 词性转换 1. competition; competitor; competitive 2. regularly 3. athletic 4. admission 5. responsible 6. advertisement 7. fool; fool 8. hopeful; hope; hope 9. painful; painfully 二.单词填空 1. ancient 2. volunteer 3. regular 4. charges 5. admits 6. pain 7. hopeless 8. bargain 9. fine 10. motto 11. responsibility 12. homeland 13. competing 14. hosted 15. basis 三.选择词组填空 1. be admitted to 2. compete for 3. take part in 4. for the honour of 5. as well 6. stands for 7. deserved to 8. in charge 9. made a bargain 10. one after another 四.单项选择 1-5. CADCB 6-10. ABCBD 11-15 CDAAC 16-20 CABBC 21-25 DCBCB 26-30. ACBBA 31. D



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