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2015届高考英语一轮复习精品资料(译林牛津版)——模块一Unit 1 检测篇(习题版)



2015 届高考英语一轮复习精品资料(译林牛津版)----模块一 Unit1(检测篇) (习题版) Unit1 School life 一、根据句意和汉语或首字母提示写出所缺单词的完全形式(原创题) 1.Where do you prefer to work after ___________(毕业). 2

.He didn't ________ (赞成)of the idea that music could be played during break time. 3.He is used to listening to the news ________(播报) after supper. 4.At the end of the game, players will ___________(交换) shirts with each other. 5.The job wasn’t _________(挑战) enough for me. I want something more creative. 6.It takes an _________(平均)of two weeks to finish a task like this. 7.The village schools are in great need of (有经验的) teachers.

8.People in this neighborhood can use the gym at no _________(额外的)cost. 9.Children should be taught to show ___________(尊敬) for their teachers. 10.It is hard to imagine how the problem can be solved to everyone's 11.I’ve been s ___________ to understand this article all the afternoon. 12.The climbers stood on the top of the mountain, staring at the s 13.She e________ 10,000 dollars a year in an American company. 14.They have the evidence to c him. view. (满意).

15.The students are working hard every day, in p_________ for the big examination. 16.They used to d 17.His d large sum of money to the Red Cross every year. to the cause of education is well-known. nation.

18.We won't allow Tibet to break away from China to become an i 19.Which place in the world would you s 20.S 二、单项选择 as your perfect home?

he again made a mistake in solving the mathematical problem.

1.(2014 黑龙江哈三中模拟) I want an assistant with________ little knowledge of French and_________ experience of office routine. A. the; a B. the; an C. a; 不填 D. a; an

2.( 山东桓台二中 2014 届高三第二次阶段性测试 )The air is deadly polluted because some factories don't ________ the rules to protect the environment.



A. appreciate

B. regard

C. honor

D. respect

3.(2014 届河北衡水中学高三上期二调)The time and effort he has devoted during the past few years________ trees in that remote area is now considered to be of great value. A. to plant B. to planting C. plant D. planting

4.(黑龙江省泰来县一中 2014 届高三上学期基础知识调研)The situation forced my mother and I exchanged our roles as child and caretaker, making me grow up much faster than the _____ child. A. average B. ordinary C. common D. usual

5. (2014合肥八中模拟)China will continue its cooperation with ASEAN and will not ________ for socalled leadership in the region with the other countries. A. arrange B. struggle C. apply D. provide

6.(2014 安徽皖南八校三联)General Manager of Walmart.com announced that viewers could watch shows and movies for free ________watching advertising. A. in charge of B. in favor of C. in case of D. in exchange for

7.(湖北省黄冈中学等三校 2014 届高三 11 月联考)If the doctor is ______ this afternoon, I will take my little daughter to him for a thorough checkup. A. accessible B. available C. convenient D. handy

8.(2015 高考英语<人教版>一轮配套文档)A local woman has given her nine-month baby a second life by ________part of her liver on Sunday. A. distributing B. giving C. supplying D. donating

9.(2014· 皖南八校第三次联考)It is necessary that we keep the young generation ________of the current affairs. A. informed B. being informed C. informing D. to inform

10.(2014· 河北五校联盟高三调研)A survey done recently shows that not all parents ________their children taking part in the weekend classes. A. escape B. lead to C. imagine D. approve of

11.(2014 泉州模拟)When he was driving home,he was stopped by the policeman and was________of speeding. A. charged B. blamed C. accused D. warned

12.(2014 山东省实验学校网校资源库)I’m lucky to have got two tickets _______. Are you ______ to go to the concert with me? A. free of charge, convenient C. freely, average B. for free, accessible D. for free, available



13.(山东省郯城一中 2014 届高三 12 月月考)If better use is ________ your spare time , you’ll make great progress in it. A. made up 14.(原创) B. made of C. made from D. made in

my childhood, I believe that naturalists are born and not made. B. Looking down upon C. Looking back on D. Looking forward to

A. Looking out for 15.(2009 高考浙江卷)It took too. A. other than

building supplies to construct these energy-saving houses. It took brains,

B. more than

C. rather than

D. less than he changed

16.(2014 届山东师大附中高三第三次模拟考试)John had planned to make a compromise, but his mind at the last minute. A. anyhow B. otherwise C. therefore D. somehow

17.(2011高考辽宁卷)You are old enough to _____ your own living. A. win B. gain C. take D. earn thought or

18.(原创)As a consequence,children become so reliant on their parents that they have no creative ideas. A. independent B. confident C. reliable D. flexible

19.(江苏省石庄高级中学 2014 届高三进班摸底考试)After a careful investigation, they decided to _____ that equipment for their company. A. introduce B. bring C. take D. instruct.

20.(福建省长乐二中等五校 2014 届高三上学期期中联考)The farm grows various kinds of crops, _______ wheat, corn, cotton and rice. A. for example B. as C. so that D. such as

21.(2014 高考重庆卷)We'll reach the sales targets in a month ________we set at the beginning of the year. A. which B. where C. when D. what

22.(2014 高考安徽卷)The exact year A. when B. where

Angela and her family spent together in China was 2008. C. why D. which

23.(2014 高考山东卷)A company ______profits from home markets are declining may seek opportunities abroad. A. which B. whose C. who D. why

24.(2014 高考陕西卷)Please send us all the information _________ you have about the candidate for the position. A. that B. which C. as D. what



25.(2010 高考江西卷) Not until he left his home A. did he begin B. had he begun

to know how important the family was for him. C. he began D. he has began

26.(2012 高考湖南卷)It was not until I came here _______I realized this place was famous for not only its beauty but also its weather. A. who B. that C. where D. before

27.(2014 辽宁六校联考)—Amazingly, Zhuo Jun got first place for the China's Got Talent last night. —So wonderfully ________ in the show that he deserved it. A. did he perform B. had he performed C. he performed D. he had performed something instead of just talking. D. did he didn’t work hard. D. that

28.(2012 辽高考宁卷)Jack is a great talker. It’s high time that he A. will do B. has done C. do

29.(2012 西安一次质检)The reason for Tom’s failure in the exam was A. why B. because C. whether

30. (2014 扬州中学模拟)________ on my computer, I found e-mail from my pen-friend,________ me to spend the summer holiday in his city. A. On turning; invited C. When having turned; to invite 三、完形填空 (改编自河北衡水 2014 届高三上学期第四次调研考试)Like most people, I was brought up to look upon life as a process of getting. It was not until in my late thirties that I made this important so much more exciting. You needn’t worry if you This is how I 3 2 money. 1 : giving-away makes life B. On turning; inviting D. After turning; inviting

with giving-away. If an idea for improving the window display of a neighborhood store 5 to the storekeeper. If an accident takes place, the him up and tell him about it, though I am not in 8 6 of which I

4 in my mind, I step in and make the think the local police could use, I about this world is to give 9 7

here. I found a rule

getting something back, though the 10 often comes in an unexpected form.

One Sunday morning the local post office delivered an important special letter to my home, though it was 11 to me at my office. I wrote the postmaster a note of box for a new business I was would have to go on a long 12 . More than a year later I needed a post-office 14 boxes left, and that my name 17 .

13 . I was told at the window that there were 15 list. As I was about to be

16 , the postmaster appeared in the

“Wasn’t it you that wrote us that letter a year ago about delivering an “Well, you certainly are going to have a box in this post office 19

18 delivery to your home?” I said it was. we make one specifically for you. You don’t



know what a letter like that means to us. We usually get 1. A. difference 2. A. earn 3. A. experienced 4. A. strikes 5. A. appeal 6. A. story 7. A. call 8. A. possession 9. A. plus 10. A. process 11. A. replied 12. A. invitation 13. A. discussing 14. A. enough 15. A. admitting 16. A. positive 17. A. doorway 18. A. unfamiliar 19. A. in case 20. A. nothing B. research B. lack B. connected B. flashes B. request B. damage B. hold B. trouble B. without B. goal B. addressed B. apology B. providing B. extra B. relating B. shocked B. window B. unexpected B. now that B. something


but complaints.” D. discovery D. steal D. experimented D. attempts D. encouragement D. material D. pick D. charge D. before D. concern D. brought D. appreciation D. starting D. other D. waiting D. optimistic D. yard D. uncertain D. more than D. everything

C. speech C. spend C. exchanged C. happens C. suggestion C. challenge C. cheer C. place C. for C. return C. driven C. complaint C. applying C. no C. buying C. discouraged C. home C. unknown C. even if C. anything





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