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on students being tutors
About two weeks from now,college students willl begin to enjoy their long summer holidays. Many are looking for odd jobs,of which tutoring is almost the most pop

ular one. these students say,by doing part-time jobs,they can not only make some money for next term's tuition,but also enrich their holidays.they prefer to be tutors because this has more to do with what they have learned in class. as a students,I myself have also been a tutor.But I didn,t wait in line until Iwas chosen.I put up an advertisement with my school scripts attached.So,my suggestion to my fellow students is : be a tutor only when you are good at yourcourses.

Nowadays there is a certificate craze on campus. Thousands of college students are keen on working for various ceitificates,such as CET Band 4 and Band 6 certificates,Business English Certificate,and other different professional certificates.but why is there such a craze ? First,it has much to do with the fierce competitive workforce market.It is widely believed that the more certificates a college student has on graduation,the better chance he has for a decent job.Second,many students just want to prove themselves by working for a certificate.They have been interested in a certain field and have worked hard on it,so they want a certificate to justify their efforts.

I think the certificate craze is good for both the society and students.When studentd combine their work for some certificates with their academic efforts,their college life will be more fruitful than otherwise.

My View on Examination-Oriented Education Where there is education,there come examinations.In the picture,a student expresses his feeling:"I study.I pass it.I take the test.I pass it,and then I forget what I learnt."Though humorous,this cartoon is thought-provoking and makes us think:Do students really benefit from exams? There is no denying that test results can be used to motivate students to learn more.However,such examination-oriented education is fairly controversial and cannot achive the expected goal to improve students'study.It is not rare that many students cram hard for the tests and get good results.Unfortunately,the minute they finish the papers,they seemingly forget everything they have leart. Hence,it's high time that we reformed this examination-oriented education.Otherwise,there will be an increase in the number of test takers who get high scores but cannot apply theory into practice.

The Impact of Electronic Products on Family Reunion
① The picture depicts an authentic scene of family get-together. Everyone sits around the dinner table for the family reunion;However,oddly,both children and young adults immerse themselves in electronic products like iPhones or iPads,leaving their old parents looking at each other speechlessly. ②In fact,family reunion privides a good opportunity for family members to spend quality time together, build positive memories, and keep bonds of kinship. However, it makes no sense if everyone indulges in the fantastic world of electronic devices, searching the latest informmation,updating or following their microblogs or simply playing fascinating games.What they want is only their children's company.How disappointed and upset they woule be if we turn a blind eye to their real needs. ③Personally, I firmly insist that youngsters share more time with their parents or grandparents.Electronic products are updating and changing from time to time,but our invaluable kinship exists eternally.

Self-confidence Pays
One of the most popular sentences online states

that"Remember...always act likeyou're wearing an invisible crown."What the saying indicates is the importance of self-confidence,an attitude that we take towards ourselves. Here are two main reasonswhy we should be confident.First,it is the foundation of individual success.In reality,to achieve even the smallest goals,and to get through daily duties and

responsibilities in life,we have to have self-confidence.For example,when we go for ajob interview,if our body language gives any indication of uncertainty,the interviewer may pick up on that and probably will give the job to someone else.Second,a confident man is less likely to fall into fear,anger and depression.The more confident we are,the less disappointed we will feel upon being rejected. To conclude,self-confidence will enable us to succeed and persevere throughsetbacks,while lack of confidence will definitely have a negative effect on our socialrelation,career achievements and even our mood.

Power Supply All Night
Some college students hope that their dormitory can have power supply all night so that they can stay up as late as they

like to study or to surf the Internet.And also,regardless of severe coldness or blistering heat,they can enjoy the air-conditioner,or at least the smaller electrical appliance to carry them through. In fact,there are some opposing voices.Some people think power supply all night will give students chances to indulge themselves in computer ames.Even those who are really studying may disturb their roommates'rest.Secondly,it would be a huge burden for the power resources.Thirdly,it may lead to disasters such as fire. As for me,I Applaud the idea of power supply all night because of all the benefits mentioned above.I admit it does have shortages,but I think we should learn to deal with them.Cutting off power is simple but irresponsible way which is not humanne enough.



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