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高考英语名词性从句测试练习 (有详解答案)

[每小题 0.5 分,共 30 小题;满分 15 分] 得分:________

1.Dad is used to smoking and drinking.There's no chance ________ I'm able to talk him into ________. A.whether;giving it up B.of whether;giving them up C.that;getting rid of them D.which;stopping it 答案 C [由 smoking and drinking 可知,A、D 中的代词错误。B 项翻译不通。

注:that 引导的是一个同位语从句。] 2.Keep in mind ________ you want others to respect you,you must respect others first.(2011· 湖北鄂州市高三上学期模底考试) A.that when C.if when B.that if D.when if

答案 B [that 引导一个宾语从句,宾语从句中又有一个 if 引导的条件状语从 句。] 3.Shenzhen was only a small fishing village compared to ________ it is now. A.which 答案 C B.that C.what D.where

[to 后是宾语从句,is 后缺表语,故用 what。]

4. Think about ________ you are good at and ________ you enjoy and build on those abilities. A.what;that C.that;that B.what;which D.what;what

答案 D [think about 后跟两个宾语从句,at 后缺宾语,第一空需填 what, enjoy 和 build 缺宾语,第二空也需填 what。所以选 D。] 5.________ seems strange to us is ________ the troublesome boy is getting along well with all his teachers. A.It;that C.It;how B.That;how D.What;that

答案 D [第一空是主语从句,从句缺主语用 what,第二空是表语从句,从句 的成分完整用 that。] 6.________ words I use can not express my appreciation of your timely help. A.Whatever C.No matter what .How many D.Whichever

答案 A [no matter what 一般不引导名词性从句,这是一个主语从句,所以排 除 C。B、D 语义不通,可排除。] 7. Human beings are different from animals ________ they can use language as a tool to communicate. A.in that C.in which B.for that D.for which

答案 A [in that 是“在……这一点上”的意思,引导状语从句。] 8.________ climber gets to the top first will get a ¥5,000 prize. A.No matter when C.No matter which B.Whichever D.Whenever

答案 B [A、C 项不引导名词性从句,又因为主语从句中缺少主语,故选 B。] 9.Along with the letter was her promise ________ she would join us in the work.(重 庆酉阳一中高三第四次月考) A.which B.what C.that D.whether 答案 C 不正确。] 10.Many of the creatures in Rowling's world are not real,and much of ________ happens is strange. A.which 答案 C B.that C.what D.it [promise 后是一个同位语从句,且从句不缺成分故用 that。D 项翻译

[of 后的________ happens 是一个宾语从句, 从句缺主语, 故选 what。 ]

11.________ some teenagers don't realize is ________ difficult life can be after they get addicted to drugs. A.What;how C.That;what B.That;how D.What;what a

答案 A [第一空:主语从句缺宾语用 what。第二空:是表语从句,正常语序 为:life can be ________ difficult after they get addicted to drugs,就很容易填上副 词 how 了。故选 A。] 12.They began to think about ________ could be made of these valuable materials.(浙江温州中学高三 1 月月考) A.how use C.better 答案 B.full use D.what use

D [短语 make use of(利用)中的 use 是名词可用形容词 what 来修饰。how

是副词,不可修饰名词。] 13.There was a big argument among the children about ________ move to a new house. A.if they should C.if should they B.that they ought D.whether they should

答案 D [连词 that 和 if 都不能直接放在介词之后,可排除 A、B、C。] 14. ________ sometimes keeps her awake at night ________ Tom is getting more and more quiet at home. A.That;which C.Whether;what B.It;that D.What;that

答案 B [it 作形式主语,that 引导从句作真正主语,如选 D 项句子缺谓语。] 15.—I rang you at about nine,but there was no reply. —Oh,that was probably ________ I was seeing the doctor.(天津一中高三上学期第 五次月考) A.why B.when C.what D.that 答案 B [根据语境该选 B, when 引导表语从句, 同时又在从句中作时间状语。 ] 16.His mother did ________ she could ________ the boy. A.what;help C.what;to help 答案 C B.that;help D.that;to help

[第一空:是宾语从句,could 后省了 do,what 作这个 do 的宾语。第

二空:不定式表目的。故选 C。] 17.It isn't expected ________ he said caused so much discussion at the meeting.

(浙江温州市高三第一次适用性测试) A.that C.what B.what that D.that what

答案 D [D 项中 that 引导主语从句, what he said 又在主语从句中作主语, what 作 said 的宾语。that 引导主语从句时一般不省,所以排除 C。] 18.Some language experts think we learn languages in the same way ________ we learn other things,and ________ we are born with is a general ability to learn and adapt. A.不填;that what C.that;what that B.which;what D.in which;that

答案 A [第一空:这是定语从句,先行词是 way,从句中缺状语,可用关系词 that/in which(可省)。第二空:由 that 引导宾语从句,what 又在宾语从句中引导 主语从句,同时充当 with 的宾语。故选 A。] 19.It was the first time Agassi had understood ________ real champions finally understand:winning is a test of nerves and not just power. A.that B.what C.how D.when 答案 B [这是一个宾语从句,understand 后缺宾语,故用 what。] 20.Thinking that you know ________ in fact you don't know is a serious mistake.(吉 林长春市高三第一次模拟) A.what B.that C.when D.however

答案 A [把这句话写完整应该是:Thinking that you know what in fact you don't know is a serious mistake.句意:认为你知道了事实上不知道的东西,那是一个严 重的错误。] 21.We will all appreciate ________ you can come to join us in developing our hometown. A.that if C.it that B.it if D.that when

答案 B [appreciate 跟 it 作形式宾语,if you can come to join...可视为真正的宾 语。]

22.Much to the couple's comfort,their income is now double ________ it was five years ago. A.that B.than C.which D.what

答案 D [这是一个由 what 引导的表语从句, what 同时又在从句中充当表语。 ] 23. peace, In too, Red Cross is expected to send help to ________ there is human the suffering.(江西九校联考一模) A.whoever C.however B.wherever D.whatever

答案 B [wherever 引导宾语从句,同时又在从句中作地点状语。] 24.It was in time of danger ________ he made the final decision ________ they should send more doctors there. A.where;that C.where;what B.when;which D.that;that

答案 D [第一空是强调句型,第二空 that 引导同位语从句。] 25.The news ________ is spreading around the airport is ________ a heavy storm is coming. A.what;不填 C.不填;that B.that;that D.that;which

答案 B [第一空:是定语从句,从句缺主语,可用 that 或 which,作主语的关 系代词一般不省,可排除 A、C。第二空:是同位语从句,从句不缺成分,故选 B。] 26.If you leave this application form and go to another website,you will lose ________ you have already filled out on this form.(福建泉州市高中毕业班临考质 量检查) A.whatever B.no matter what C.whichever D.no matter which 答案 A [这是宾语从句,filled out 缺少宾语,所以填 whatever。C、D 语义不 对;B 项一般不引导名词性从句。] 27.Do you have any idea ________ electricity plays such an important part in our daily life?

A.why is it that C.why was it

B.how it is that D.when it was that

答案 B [这是同位语从句,从句的主谓一般是不倒装的,即可排除 A、C。D 项的时态不正确。] 28.—Does it matter much ________ the sales manager won't attend the meeting tomorrow? —I've no idea.(江苏六合高级中学高三下学期调研考试) A.whether B.what C.when D.that

答案 D [it 作形式主语,真正的主语是 that 引导的从句,whether 翻译不通。] 29.As days go on,I think that Beijing will become ________ the whole world pay close attention to. A.where B.what C.which D.that 答案 B [what 引导宾语从句,在从句中作 pay attention to 的宾语。] 30.________ David says sounds right to Helen.That's why she has made up her mind to leave him ________ happens. A.Whatever;whatever B.No matter what;whatever C.No matter what;no matter what D.Whatever;however 答案 A [第一空:是主语从句,由于 no matter what 不引导名词性从句,所以 排除 B、C。第二空:是宾语从句,从句缺主语,即可排除 D。故选 A。句意: 戴维说的每句话,海伦都觉得有道理,所以,她决定把一切都交给他来处理。]



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