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必修一Module 2 My New Teachers知识点讲解

Module 2 My New Teachers 知识点讲解
【课文理解】认真阅读教材 12 页课文,从下列四个选项选中出正确答案
1. What’s the main character of the three teacher? A. Strict, shy, nervous C. Shy, serious, talkative B. Strict, se

rious, amusing D. Patient, strict, amusing

7. intelligent (adj.) 聪明的→ intelligence (n.) 智力 8. organised (adj.)有组织的;有系统的→ organise (vt.) 组织→ organisation (n.) 组织 9. patient (adj.) 耐心的(n.)病人 → patience (n.) 耐心 10. immediately (adv.) 立即,即刻→immediate(adj.) 立即的,立刻的; (作用)直接的 11. revision(n.)温习,复习→ revise(vt.)温习(功课) 12. formal (adj.)正式的→ informal(adj.)非正式的 13. relaxed (adj.) 轻松的;松懈的;宽松的→relax (v.)(使)轻松→relaxation (n.) 放松;轻松 14. similarly (adv.) 同样地,类似地→similar(adj.) 同样的,类似的→similarity(n.) 类似之处

2. Why doesn’t the student feel stupid at Mrs. Li’s class? A. Because she explains everything clearly. B. Because she explains English grammar clearly. C. Because she doesn’t laugh at him when he makes mistakes. D. Because he works very hard at her class. 3. Why is nobody late for Mrs. Chen’s class. A. Because her class is very interesting. B. Because her teaching is so well-organized and clear. C. Because they all like her very much. D. Because she is very strict. 4. Why does the author respect Mr. Wu a lot? A. Because Mr. Wu is rather good-looking. C. Because Mr. Wu can make his class fun. B. Because Mr. Wu talks loudly and fast. D. Because the author likes Chinese literature.

II. 短语回放
1. 确定;确信;查明;弄清楚 2. 犯错误 3. (引起表示结果的从句)因此 4. 取得进步 5. 由于…… 6. 因……发生 7. 结果 8. 导致;造成 9. 事实上 10. 睡着 11. 讲笑话;开玩笑 12. 感激(某人)做某事 13. 承认(做)某事 make sure make mistakes so that make progress as a result of result from as a result result in in fact fall asleep tell jokes appreciate (sb.) doing admit (doing) sth. have respect for sb.

I. 单词盘点
1. avoid (vt.) (故意)避开 欣赏;感激 承认 2. appreciate (vt.) 3. admit (vt.)

14. 尊敬某人

1. She’s kind and patient, and she explains English grammar so clearly that even I can understand it! 她友善、耐心,把英语语法解释得如此清楚,以至于连我都懂了。 2. She’s very strict—we don’t dare to say a word unless she asks us to.

4. respect (vt.& n.)尊敬;尊重 5. amusing (adj.) 有趣的;可笑的→ amuse (vt.) 娱乐;使快乐→ amusement (n.) 娱乐;快乐 6. energetic (adj.) 精力充沛的→ energy (n.) 精力;能源

她很严格---如果她不要求,我们连一句话也不敢说。 3....but I think that I’ll do well in the exam with Mrs. Chen teaching me. 但我认为有陈老师教我,我会在考试中做得很好。 4. I’d rather do translation than revision, Mr. Stanton. 斯坦顿先生,我愿意做翻译也不愿复习。 5. You decide—it’s up to you . (由你决定) 6. It is interesting to look at differences between schools in different countries. 了解不同国家学校之间的差别是有趣的。

① In hot summer nights, he would like to sleep with the windows open. 在炎热的夏天夜晚,他喜欢敞着窗户睡觉。 ② Mary hurried out, with the computer on. 玛丽匆忙出去了,电脑还开着。

③ Don’t stand with your hands in your pockets. 站着的时候不要把手插在口袋里。 ④ With exams approaching, it’s a good idea to review your class notes. 考试临近时,复习你的课堂笔记是个好主意。 ⑤ John received an invitation to dinner, and with his work finished, he gladly accepted it. 约翰收到了晚宴的邀请函,由于工作完成了,所以他接受了。 ⑥ With so much homework to do, I can’t go out.

1. make sure 确定;确信;查明;弄清楚 ①Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully to take the medicine. 要确保你仔细按照说明吃药。 ②I’d like to make sure of the time the plane leaves. 我想要确认一下飞机离开的时间。

我不能出去,因为有许多作业要做。 【真题链接】 The living room is clean and tidy, with a dining table already _____ for a meal to be cooked. [2010 山东,29] A. laid B. laying C. to lay D. being laid

3. I’d rather do translation than revision, Mr. Stanton. 斯坦顿先生,我愿意做翻译也不愿复习。

【点拨: would rather do sth. than (do) sth. 意为“宁愿做某事而不愿做某事”。 】
would rather 后面接省略 to 的不定式,其否定形式是 would rather not do sth. 2. Physics will never be my favourite lesson, but I think that I’ll do well in the exam with Mrs Chen 形容词 副词 介词短语 物理永远不会是我最喜欢的课,但我认为有陈老师教我,我会在考试中取得好成绩的。 with + 宾语 + 现在分词 【点拨: 句中 with Mrs Chen teaching me 是 with 复合结构,在此处作状语。 】 过去分词 “with+宾语+宾语补足语”构成复合结构,在句中常作状语,有时可作定语,常见形式有: 不定式短语 teaching me. ① —Some more wine? 再来一点酒吗? —Thank you, I’d rather not. I have to drive home. 谢谢, 我不能再喝了。我还得开车回家呢。 ② She’d rather die than lose the children. 她宁可死也不愿失去孩子们。 ③ I’d rather you didn’t mention this matter to anyone else. 我希望你不要对任何人提及此事。 【拓展】 would rather 后面接从句时,从句中的谓语动作若表示现在或将来,就用一般过去时; 若表示过去,就用过去完成时。 【真题链接】

George is going to talk about the geography of his country, but I’d rather he _____ more on its culture. A. focus [2010 江苏,34] B. focused C. would focus D. had focused

7. 结果 8. 导致;造成 9. 事实上 10. 睡着

____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________

【补全句子】 (每空 3 分,共 15 分)
1. She’s kind and patient, and she explains English grammar ____________________(如此清楚以至 于)even I can understand it! 2. She’s very strict—we don’t dare to say a word ________________________ (除非她让我们说). 3....but I think that I’ll do well in the exam _______________________________ (有陈老师教我). 4. _________________________________(我宁愿做翻译也不愿……)revision, Mr Stanton. 5. You decide—_______________________________ (由你决定). 欣赏;感激 4. ___________________(vt.& n.)尊敬;尊重

Module 2 My New Teachers 知识点检测
【单词短语 PK】根据汉语意思填入英语单词及短语
Ⅰ. 单词盘点 (每空 1 分,共 20 分)
1. ___________________(vt.) (故意)避开 2. __________________(vt.) 3. ___________________(vt.) 承认


(每空 4 分,共 20 分)

5.____________________ (adj.) 有趣的;可笑的→___________________(vt.)娱乐;使快乐 →_______________________ (n.)娱乐;快乐 6. ____________________ (adj.) 聪明的 7. ____________________ (adj.) 精力充沛的→___________________ (n.)精力;能源 8.____________________ (adj.) 有组织的;有系统的→___________________ (vt.)组织 9.___________________(n.)温习,复习→ _____________________(vt.)温习(功课) 10.___________________(adj.)正式的→ _____________________(adj.)非正式的 11.___________________ (adj.) 轻松的;松懈的;宽松的→_________________ (v.)(使)轻松 12.___________________ (adv.) 同样地,类似地→____________________ (adj.)同样的,类似的

1. 我的腿如此疼痛以至于我停止了跑步。 (painful 疼痛的) _________________________________________________________________ 2. 他宁愿死也不愿向我道歉。 (say sorry to sb. 向某人道歉) _______________________________________________________________ 3. 他一定会成功。__________________________________________________ 4. 他经常说谎,结果没有人相信他了。____________________________________________ 5. 那件事由他来决定。______________________________________________

【单项选择】 (每空 3 分,共 15 分)
1. —Will I go to the interview tomorrow? A. You are welcome B. It’s up to you — ______.It’s your future. C. Yes, you’re right D. I can’t agree more

Ⅱ. 短语回放
2. 犯错误

(每空 2 分,共 20 分)
____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________


3. (引起表示结果的从句)因此 4. 取得进步 5. 由于…… 6. 因……发生

2. The boy would rather _____ the small one than the big one. A. take B. to take C. taking D. taken

3. I would appreciate _____ back this afternoon. A. you to call B. you call C. your calling D. you’re calling

4. My friend Tom was very sick; ______, he could neither eat nor sleep. A. as a result B. after all C. any way D. otherwise

5. With a lot of difficult problems ______, he is having a hard time. A. settled B. settling C. to settle D. being settled

【单句改错】(每空 2 分,共 10 分)
1. I feel I’m going to make a progress with her. 2. A few students even admit to like her. _________ _________

3. She explains exactly what is happening and as a result of my work is improving. _________ 4. I think that I’ll do well in the exam with Mrs. Chen taught me. 5. This is one class you do not fall sleepy in . _________ _________


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