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Unit 1

练习 2. 单词拼写

1. There are many farmers ___________their crops in the field. 2. He was impressed by her __________and charm.。 (美丽) 3. We held a ____________to celebrate National Day.(庆祝会) 4. I send you this card in __________of our happy summer together.

5. On (our)________ at the farm, we were warmly welcomed by the farmers. 6. Finland gained i_______________ from Russia during the First World War. 7. The

teacher g___________all the students on the playground. 8. They ___________her a medal for bravery. 9. Everybody _a___________him for his fine sense of humour. 10. The c__________of giving presents at Christmas has a long history. 11. You are not allowed to camp here without p_____________. 12. I ______________to my mother that I went home late.

13. The noise of the students d _____________the teacher’s voice.

14. He r___________me that I hadn’t watered the flowers. 15. Gread changes _______________in China in the past 10 years. (发生了) 16. Christmas is an important 17. r__________for Christians. (期待)

I _________________hearing from you as soon as possible.

18. He promised to come,but he ________________yet. 19. Since you have promised him, you should _______________. (履行诺言) 20. Somebody ______________fireworks down the street. 21. Nothing ____________him; He’s always complaining. 22. 23. It was o__________that the driver couldn’t control his car. I’ll never f___________you for what you have done to your parents. (正在燃放) (让他满意)

1. Now that you are a college student, you should learn to be _______ of your parents’ help. A. energetic B. obvious C. independent D. religious

2. ----What time are you planning to _______ tomorrow? ----- It’s up to you. A. set off B. put off C. turn off D. take off

3. Light a candle in memory ______ you loved one, either before bed, during the evening, mealtime. A. on B. in C. at D. of

or at

4. Great changes have _________ in our hometown during the past ten years. A. happened B. occurred C. taken place D. come about

5. ----Excuse me, but I want to use your computer to type a report. ---- You ________ have my computer if you don’t take care of it. A. shall not B. might not C. needn’t D. shouldn’t

6. The best-selling writer won the British annual literary ________ at a Booksellers Association ceremony on April 27. A. award B. reward C. prize D. quality

7. We arranged to meet at the cinema at 7:30, but he failed to _________. A. turn down B. turn off C. turn over D. turn up

8. You _______ drive forward when the traffic light is red. A. shouldn’t B. can’t C. mustn’t D. may not

9. The film reminded him _______ what he had seen in China. A. on B. with C. of D. in

10. The audience _________ as the acrobat(杂技演员) walked along the tightrope. A. held their hands C. held their noses B. held their breath D. held their tongues

11. We have enjoyed having you on board and look forward _____ you again in the near future. A. to use B. to seeing C. at seeing D. on seeing

12. ----I will lend you a hand tomorrow morning. ---- ___________. A. It couldn’t be better. C. Really? Can it be true? B. Of course you can. D. Congratulations.

13. She felt so lonely and unhappy. She was ready to _______ and forget everything, if they could only be together again. A. frighten B. fight C. fail D. forgive

14. It is urgent that food and ______ (should) be sent to the sufferers. A. cloth B. clothing C. clothes D. clothe

15. How ______ you say that you really understand the whole story if you have read only part of the article? A. must B. can C. need D. may

词汇串记 Carla and Hari decided to buy a book about festivals to learn about their ______ (起源) and ______ (风俗) . They would meet at the gate of the biggest bookstore at 2 p.m. Carla _________ (出发) about 1:30p.m., and arrived there twenty minutes later. She waited until 2:10, but Hari didn’t _______(出现). Carla was angry that Hari didn’t _______________ (守信用) . It was ____________ (明显) that she was _______ (受骗) . Carla was ________ (哭泣) when she heard “April _____ (愚人) !”, which __________ (想起) her _____ April ________ (愚人) Day. It wasn’t wrong to ________________(愚 弄) others this day or not necessary for Hari to _____________(道歉)to her. Seeing her tears, Hari _______________ (屏住呼吸)to stop himself laughing. They spent half an hour choosing a book they wanted From the book, they have learnt there are different

kinds of festivals and ___________(庆典). Their _________ (起源) are different, some are __________(宗教上的), some are __________(季节性的), some are _______________ (纪念) their __________(祖先) or some special people or events. They know the Spring Festival is the most ___________ (富有生气) and is important festival in China. It often ____________ (发生) in January or February and is a time for people to _________ (团聚). Children ________________(盼望着) it, because they can __________(身着 盛装) and ________________(欢度) others_______________(日日夜夜). But they won’t ___________(燃放) fireworks without their parents’ _____________(允许). On New Year’s Eve, the whole nation looks _________(似乎) they are crazy and ________ (沉浸于) themselves in happiness.



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