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北师大高二英语模块6 Unit 16 Lesson 3 Life Stories&Communication Workshop导学案导学案27-28答案

? 模块6 Unit 16 Lesson 3 Life Stories& Communication Workshop导学案

? 1.bear v.___忍受__→ adj .____bearable____ →(反义 词)__unbearable____ ? 2.trouble n.__麻烦__ → adj. ____troublesome___ ? 3.gradual adj.____逐渐的___ → adv. __gradually__ ? 4.sweet adj. ____甜蜜的__→ n. __sweetness___ ? 5.warm adj._____温暖的__ → n. _____warmth___ ? 6.certain adj. ___确定的_____ →(反义词) ___uncertain___ ? 7.tired adj. ____困倦的_____→ adj. ___tiresome____ ? 8.spill v.___洒出,溅出___ → (过去式) → ___spilled_________→(过去分词)_spilt_________ ? 9. eager adj. __渴望的,热衷的____→ adv. eagerly → n ____eagerness____ ? 10.到……时候为止 _by the time___

? 11. .涉及; 同…有…关系 ___relate to____ ? 12.跟…...玩,玩……____play with____13. 打开, 张开__open up to___ ? 14.既然,由于___now that__15. 盼望……, 渴 望……__be eager to____ ? 16. 指向 _____point to____17.继续做某事 __keep on doing sth.____ ? 18.在……的帮助下__with the help of____19.停 下来去做某事____stop to do sth.____ ? 20. 瞬间 _____in a flash____21. 在某种程度上 __in a way__

? 22.突然……起来 ___burst out (laughing)__23.首要,最重要,尤其 __above all____ ? 24.为……感到歉意__feel sorry for___25. 鉴于,考虑到___in view of___ ? 26.想到,想起___occur to sb.___27.refer to____查阅,提及____ ? 28.高声地__in a loud voice____29. rather than____而不是____ ? 30.work out___计算出,解决,锻炼____

? 1. expand v. 扩大 扩充 ? A child’s vocabulary _expands_ through reading. ? The company has _expanded_ its business in Scotland by building a new factory there. ? expand vt. 增加,增强(可表扩大尺码、数量、 体积、程度等);扩展(业务) ? 【反义词】 contract 收缩(体积,程度) shrink 缩水 ? 【词形变化】expansion n.扩张;膨胀expansive adj. 扩张性的;广阔的expansively adv. 扩张性地; 广阔地

2. eager adj. 渴望的,热衷的
? ① be eager for 想得到, 盼望 ? He __was eager for work , for he could not imagine life without it . ? Tom __is eager_for__ you to come to the party. ? ② be eager to do sth. 渴望做某事,热切想做某 事 ? I _am eager to get_ full marks in the exams. ? She is eager to see her son. ? We __are eager for_ the new president to make up a speech in public.

? 1.We should be fully aware of the _importance/significance__(重要性) of television in shaping our ideas. ? 2.Such things often __happened\occurred_(发 生) here before liberation. ? 3.All the people __present__(在场的) at the meeting are famous artists and novelists. ? 4.He _deliberately_(故意地) set the bird free from the cage. ? 5.Scientists have made a major _breakthrough__(突破) in the treatment of cancer.

? 6.The dirty dog was abandoned_ by its owner. ? 7.I couldn’t hide my eagerness to get back home. ? 8.Her voice trembled_ with excitement. ? 9.The company suffered_ huge losses in the last financial year. ? 10.It was apparent_ from her face that she was really upset.


? block out遮住;burst forth爆 发;set down;knock over; come into view;concentrate on;in particular;in a way在 某种程度上;in search of;a block of一大块

? 11.I like all kinds of sports,basketball__ in particular _. ? 12.The beautiful village__ came into view ___as our car turned the hill. ? 13. _ In a way ,our headteacher is like our father or mother. ? 14.I don’t know how you__ set down __ their constant quarrelling. ? 15.The young man ran so carelessly that he almost _ knocked over an old lady.

? 16.There are too many branches around our house __ blocking out __the sunlight. ? 17.He went ___ in search of _a doctor for his sick wife early this morning. ? 18.A cry of horror ___burst forth___ from the crowd at about 10. ? 19.In the lecture,our history teacher will _ concentrate on _the early years of Charlie’s reign统治. ? 20.You can _set down__what you feel on paper and show it to your parents.

Ⅳ. 根据括号内的提示翻译下列句子。

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1.既然你已经来了,我们就开始工作吧。 (now that) Now that you have come, we began to work 2. 每天锻炼会对你的身体有好处。(动名词做主语) Doing exercise every day is good for your health. 3.那位老人以前总是坐在树下读报纸。 (would) The old man would sit under the tree to read newspaper. 4.他突然明白她所说的话的意思。(a burst of understanding) ? He had a burst of understanding of what she said. ? 5. 在我的朋友的帮助下,我准时完成了工作. (with the help of) ? With the help of my friends, I finished the work on time.

? 6. 那是他第一次到北京。(it was the first time) ? It was the first time that he has come to Beijing. ? 7. 昨天我尽快地把那个消息告诉他。 (as ... as sb. could) ? Yesterday I have told him the news as soon as I could. ? 8. 护士摸摸那个男孩的额头,看看他是否发烧。 (feel) ? The nurse touched the boy on the forehead to feel if he was running a fever

? 导学案28

? Ⅲ.句子翻译 ? 21.他学习越努力,取得的进展就越大。 ? __The__ __harder__ he works,_The __greater_ _progress__ he will make. ? 22.既然你已知道真相,我就没必要保密了。 ? _Now_ __that__ ___you__ _have_ __known__ __the___ __truth__,I needn’t keep it secret. ? 23.她渴望学习开车。 ? She __is_ _eager__ ___to__ __learn__ to drive. ? 24.我突然想起我以前在哪儿遇见过他。 ? It _occurred to me_me that I had met him somewhere before. ? 25.乌云遮住了太阳。 ? Black clouds __blocked out_ the sun.

? It was the first time Helen had understood such a complex word — a word for something she couldn’t touch. 这是海伦第一次明白这样一个复 杂的词 —— 一个她触摸不到的东西的含义。 ? It is / was the + 序数词 + time + (that) ... 表示 “是第……次做……”。这是一个特殊的句型, 当 主句用is时,that从句应该用现在完成时;当主句 用was时,that从句应该用_过去完成时。还可以 用This /That代替It。

? 1. 这是我第二次出国。 ? _It is the second time that I have been abroad. ? 2.昨天他第一次上学迟到。 ? It was the first time that he had been late for school yesterday.

? ⑴ 此句中asked的宾语是___a question___, 谓语动词与宾语被其他成分隔开,其中 which引导___定语从句__,修饰先行词 ___ a question _; ? ⑵ half in words, half in signs在句中作_状 语_,表__方式_。

? 【知识链接】with的复合结构可以在句子中 作状语或作定语。构成:with+宾语+补语 (形/副/介/to do/doing/done) 汉译英:因 为有很多作业要做,我们今天下午不能玩 了。___With a lot of homework to do, we can’t play this afternoon.

? 1) as well__也_汉译英: ? 我写自己的歌,也弹吉他。__I wrote my own songs, and played the guitar as well. 2) relate to理解,同情;涉及,有关 ? 汉译英:有些成年人不理解孩子的想法。 __Some adults didn’t relate to what children thought.

? 汉译英:既然现在有空,我可以享受一下 音乐。__Now that you are free now, you can enjoy some music. ? be eager to do 渴望做某事拓展:be eager for sth. 渴望得到 ? 汉译英:上中学时,我非常想买那本字典。 _I was eager to buy that dictionary when I was in middle school. ? as…as one can/could__尽可能__

? 翻译 这张地图引他找到了回家的道路。 This map led him to find the way home .

? 翻译 突然间,我明白了什么叫真爱。 ? _In a flash, I knew what true love meant..


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