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Cool Clive

Chapter 1
Look at the other kids in my class. They have the right haircuts. They have the right clothes-the jeans,the t-shirts,the caps and the trainers. These are my friends. They may think I'm not all that big. They may think I'm not all that bright.But I know I'm really cool.The trouble is my clothes are just not cool at all. "So what.I don't care,"I say to myself-but I do care. "You can wear my cap for today,"says my best friend-but it's not the same. My mum says, Just be yourself What you wear doesn't matter. She is right you know

My friend agrees with her.And I know she's right too.It doesn't matter.It shouldn't matter to me. I want to be like my friends. I want to be cool. In my mind I can see exactly what I could look like. Mum,Can I have jeans like those? And I say, But she always says,

I can get you a pair from the market for half the price. So I say,"Can I have some t-shirts like those?" But she says,"You've got plenty of your cousins' old shirts that you haven't grown into yet." And when I say,"Look at those trainers,Mum.Idon't suppose..." She says,"I'm sorry,love.We just can't afford them." It seems that almost everything I have belonged to someone else before me. Oh wow I remember this Ooh! I used to love this shirt

And the fashions have changed a bit since my cousins were kids. At school we all had to make up a rap about ourselves.This is mine:

Don't have the right sort of trainers Don't have the right sort of hair Don't have the right sort of labels Pretend that I don't care. BUT Oh WOW!Look at them now!All the style,All the know-how-Puma,Hi-tech and Reebok,Cool as Cool,They've got the lot! And Oh WOW!I'm feeling green,They've the coolest kidsI've ever seen.They've cool in school and cool in the street ,Cool as cool from head to feet.

My friend says,It's a good rap. But it's not such a good feeling.

Chapter 2
I know exactly what I want.I've them in a shop window. And I know exactly what my Money doesn't grow on trees you know. We don't have money to burn! Maybe for Christmas... mum will say:

I dream about those trainers. Maybe I could find some long lost treasure and buy them. Maybe I could earn a reward and buy them. This £100cheque is a small token of our Maybe I could get a job and... grattude That's what I'll do! I'll earn lots of money and buy my trainers.It's not easy finding a job,especially when you're my age. First I looked at newspaper.

WANTED hairdresser ’s assistant suit school-leaver phone:FAY16841 Secretary mature lady preferred tel 42136…… 一大堆招聘信息

They were all jobs for grown-ups or older kids.No good for me.What could I do ? I could look at the cards in the window of the corner shop. There were plenty of cards:

I thought……and thought and……I had an idea

For Sale Table tennis table by family moving house with slightly wobbly legs Tel 33451 3 adorable baby rabbit for sale. Only ?5 each Phone 42213 aliu 6

Typewriter for sale . Perfect working order. No good offers refused. Phone 23%79$ Newspaper Delivery BOYS AND GIRLS WANTED APPLY That's the oneWITHIN for me! I'll get a job,save the money,and I'll be Cool Clive The Coolest Kid Alive. But when I asked,the man said, You're not big enough...not old enough...not strong enough...Come back when you're older. Outside the shop I met Rick Hamley from Mr Jacob's class.He had a newspaper round.He was dragging the bag behind him,and he was looking hot and tried. "I'm looking for a partner.Share the work,share the money,ok? Tell your Mum I'll look after you.Start tomorrow 6.30 6.30? 6.30! Surely he didn't mean 6.30 in the morning!!!! He said! That night I was so excited I could hardly sleep.I'd asked my mum if I could help Rick with his paper round and,after a bit,she had agreed. She helped me set the alarm clock for half past five and she made me go to bed extra early. It's hard to go to sleep when it's still light.All my plans were racing through my head.They made a sort of song which went round and round and round... I'll deliver the news I'll earn money I'll buy shoes I'll buy trainers cool and snazzy Big and bold and bright and jazzy Imagine me when I get to school Looking so great Looking so cool Listen to the others Hear them say Look at Clive Look at Clive He's the coo 了 st kid alive!

In the end I fell asleep,and then BRRING!! It was time to get up and get started on my first week delivering the papers with Rick. MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY was very wet. was no better. was worse. was even wetter. But I carried on ... FRIDAY ... SATURDAY ... On SUNDAY the newspapers are very thick and heavy. I heaved that bag. I hauled that bag. I nearly gave up,but I carried on and I got paid.YIPPEE! But the next day I met Rick... I'm going to work with Gaz from now on ... ..You're too little... ...too slow... L0OK I want my comic!! .

...And you make mistakes Excuse me I didn't order this !! Oy !Where's my BIKERS WORLD? See you around!

Chapter 3
I went home and counted my money. I made a special savings book and then I had a rest. I was worn out and fed up and I still needed loads more money. The next day I went back to the shop.I didn't go in,in case there were any more unhappy customers waiting for me,but I read the cards outside. There were a few new ones. For Sale 10 Set of Dining baby rabbits ?3 each, Chairs by family moving for quick sale. house with solid wooden bottoms Phone 42213 TEL 33451 after 6 DOGWALKER WANTED Give my dog one good walk a day,and earn extra pocket money. 34 Park Nack ,Barkwood YES!That's the job for me! I wrote down the address,asked my mum,and went around to see the lady. "You're not very old,"she said."You're not very big...but you are the only one who's asked for the job...so I'll give you a try." Here's his lead and here's... TOODLES!!!

"Now just take Toodles once around the park,then bring him straight back home.Don't get him tried.Don't get him dirty.Remember:once round the park and then straight back home..." She told me what to do over and over and over again.I wish she'd told the dog. Noodles had a mind of his own. We went once round the park. No problem. But then Noodles decided to go round again and again...and again. NO NODDLES!!! We visited the ducks.Noodles liked the water. We visited the gardens.Noodles liked the mud and the manure. Oh,Get THAT DOG OUT OF HERE! We visited the litter bins.Noodles liked the rubbish. Then Noodles decided to go home-the short way. The lady was not pleased. Not pleased at all. She gave me the money for one day but,This is not the job for you。Don't come back tomorrow! This is NOT the job for for you Don’t come back tomorrow I went home,counted my money,filled in my book,Then had a bath and a rest. From time to time I went back to the shop.Sometimes there were new notice: FOR SALE Baby ’s cot by family moving house with a screw loose Tel 33451 25Rbbbits FREE To a good home . Phone or call ANYTIME AT ALL 422113 47 Hutch Walk DUCKLINAS AND CHICKS GOING CHEAP But there was only one job: WANTED CIRCUS PERFORMER Can you walk the high wire? Can you swallow fire? Can you juggle with knives and that was NOT the job for me. So I decided to started my own business. I made posters: CAR CLEANING And odd Jobs call for clive 64120 and leaflets: If your car is splashed with mud and rain If there are loads of leaves lying in your drain Don’t just sot there and complain CALL FOR CLIVE! Clive cleans till it gleams phone 64120 If the birds keep messing on your windscreen Don’t get mad . Don’t get mean

Just CALL for CLIVE ! 64120 Your car was flashy but now it ’s splashy ,what do you do? CALL FOR CLIVE CLIVE’S CAR CLEANING AND ODD JOBS Phone 64120 I borrowed some equipment-a bucket,a sponge and a cloth-and off I went. I was doing very well,very well indeed,when... ... I had ... ... A bit of on... I was quite lucky really. I didn't damage the car. I didn't fall in the pond,but... I did break a few things. I said "I'm very sorry...It was an accident...I'll pay for the damage." And I did. Now all I had left was my soggy sponge,my cloth,and my bucket with Can you imagine how I left? I was trudging home by the park when I heard: Noodles!come back! Then:ow!keep that dog under control! :Sorry...We're just looking after this dog... :Are you okay? And then:Splosh! :No I'm Not!Look at me! And look at my bag... A crowd of people were gathered by the duck pond.I went to have a look and got there just in time to see a man crawling out of the water.He was wet and covered in weeds.He didn't look happy at all. Gaz and Rick were trying to pull Noodles away and apologize to the man at the same time. Chapter 4 There in the middle of the pond was his bag.It was bobbing about slowly and drifting around in circles. "It's full of very important papers,"said the man."Oh no!It's going to sink!Get a fishing net quick!"he yelled. A fishing net... Has anybody got a fishing net? But no.The bag was sinking and no one had a fishing net. But I did have an idea. I used my cloth,my bucket with a hole in,and a long stick,and... "Thank you.Thank you.THANK YOU!"said the man."You've saved my bag and all my papers and money.I would like to reward you." He put his hand into his soggy bag and... ...I held my breath and wished. Money?Money to buy my trainers? Then he pulled out... a little soggy card with an address on it. "Pop in and see me,"he said. And then he went leaving nothing behind but a patch of damp grass and some duckweed.

I went home and told my mum all about it. mum:No,if you want to go,I'm going with you.Well,you had your wits about you!But you're not going calling on strangers without my say-so. me:Oh.mum So I had to wait till Saturday when she had the day off work. In a way I was glad she'd come.It was a funny sort of place.It was a big warehouse in a side street,huge and dusty and full of boxes. A bit spooky. man:Hello,there!I've been waiting for you to turn up. me:This is my mum. I turned to my mum.But she wasn't listening.She was staring at a huge heap of boxes. It’s those trainers you’re mad about! Piles of them! The man was busy telling me all about his job,"I bring in all these things-some from other countries-and I sell them to shops." "I've seen some in shop windows,"I said. man:Would you like some of these?Do you think they're nice? me:NICE?They're brilliant...They're fantastic...They're cool!!! "Help yourself to a few things then,"said the man. "Oh we couldn't..."said my mum. YES WE COULD! YES WE COULD! "Yes,you could,"agreed the man,"Your boy saved me a lot of money and a lot of trouble.I want to reward him!" So I got a cap and some jeans,a t-shirt and the trainers. Cool!! In my new shirt I felt brighter. In my new shoes I felt taller. I looked the way I'd always felt I was-Cool Clive,the coolest kid alive!!


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