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Unit 5

1.I don’t think it necessary to furnish(装修)our apartment a second time since we will sell it soon. 既然我们马上要卖掉这个公寓了,我不认为需要再把它装修。

2. He made a firm resolve(决 定) to give up smoking and drinking as soon as he discovered that he had a heart trouble. 他作出了坚定的决心放弃吸烟和饮酒当他发现他心脏有问题。

3. To reduce the risks of railway(铁 路) accidents,we spend over ten million yuan on maintaining(维 护) the railway lines every year. 为了减少铁路事故的风险,每年我们维护铁路的花费都超过 1000 万 人民币。

4. My parents lived a frugal(节俭 的) lifestyle all their lives .For one thing,they never discarded(丢弃 的) anything that was still of use for another ,they never purchased(购 买) things on impulse(冲动).

我的父母一生都过着简朴的生活。 对于一样事物只要仍然可以用他们 都不会丢弃。对于其他的东西,他们从来不会冲动购买。

5.The government has refused to sanction(批准,认可) a further(进一步 的) cut in the rate of corporate(公司) tax(税). 政府已经拒绝批准进一步的削减公司税率。

6.As Linda is a career women and her husband works abroad, they canno t raise their newborn son all by themselves and have to employ a babysitt er on a fixed term(固定期限) of five years. 琳达是一个职业女性,她丈夫在国外工作。他们不能亲自抚养他们刚 出生的儿子,而要去聘请一个保姆并且固定任用五年。

7. My apartment was badly furnished(布 置) because the workers did not strip(除 去) the original paint off the walls before they started painting. 我的公寓被装修的很差, 因为工人们没有剥掉在墙上的原漆就开始画 画了。

8. When we learned that the local college had only the bareessentials(要 素) in term of(在?方

面) equipment , we decided to donate a million yuan so that they could i mprove their teaching facilities(设施). 当我们了解到当地的大学只有最基本的长期设备时, 我们决定捐出一 万元使他们能够改善他们的教学设施。

9.The Jones purchased(购 买) a second-hand car for $1200 it was a real bargain(便宜 货), but I wonder how long it will last. 琼斯用 1200 美元买了一辆二手车,这的确是个优惠的价格,但我好 奇它能使用多久。

10. It is always good to read some English novels in spare time, if you ca nnot understand the original, you may read the simplified(简 化) versions(版本) which are also available in the local bookstore. 在业余时间读些英文小说是好的,如果你不能读懂原著,你可以在当 地的书店买简化的版本读。

11.Sam said to the girl“I will trade(贸易、交 换)you some of my chocolate for some of your ice cream. ” Sam 对女孩说“我想用我的巧克力换一些你的冰激凌。 ”

12. Since you’re decided to simplify(简 化) your life and have moved into a smaller house,you are going to have t o make an effort to downsize(缩小) your furniture and belongings(随身 物品). 自从你决定要过一个简单的生活,搬到一个小的房子里去,你将要有 能力将你的家具和东西的尺寸减小

13. Representatives(代 表) from the two nations had worked together on numerous(很多 的) occasions(场合) before the peace treaty(条 约) was signed to end the border conflicts(冲突). 这两个国家的代表在和平条约签署结束边境冲突之前在许多场合一 起工作过。

14. When the factory closed,the machinery(机 械) was sold off for only a fraction(分数) of its true value. 当工厂关闭时,机器以一小部分其真实价值出售。

15.I think it plain(完全地) wrong to play loud music in the dorm when others are already asleep. 当别人已经睡着时,我认为在宿舍里大声播放音乐是错误的。

16.The question set by the teacher was so difficult that the pupils(学生) did not know how to tackle(解决) it. 老师所问的问题很难,学生们不知道如何解决它。

17. The children are busy rolling(滚动 的) ,folding, and cutting paper in a handcrafting competition. 在手工制作比赛中孩子们忙碌的轧制, 明式联橱, 切割纸张。

1.My sister is very economical(经济 的) and saving money seems to come naturally to her; she always keeps t rack of(记录、跟踪) all the money she speeds. 我姐姐是个很节俭的人,她认为省钱是很正常的事情,她总是记录下 她花钱的行踪

2.My parents failed to show up at the commencement(毕业典 礼); it turned out that their flight was delayed(延迟) for 8 hours. 我的父母没有出现在我的毕业典礼上, 证明出他们的飞机延误了 8 小 时

3. Eric was a very shy boy, so much so that he even refused to strip dow n to(脱下) his underwear for his medical examination. Eric 是个很害羞的男孩, 以至于在进行身体体检的时候拒绝脱下他的


4.John began to take an interest in politics(政 治) when he was at secondary school; no wonder he become a Congressm an(国会议员) at the age of 35. 约翰在中学的时候开始对政治感兴趣,他 35 岁的时候成为一名众议 员也不足为奇。

5. They are going to let us use their laboratory, and in return(作为回 报) we must let them share the results of the research. 他们将会让我们使用他们的实验室,作为回报,我们会跟他们分享我 们的调查结果

6.His action is all of a piece(始终如 一) with what he was been saying he will do for the past few months; he i s a man of his word. 他的举动跟他说他自己在过去的几个月里要做的行为一致, 他是个信 守诺言的人

7.The winner was asked to write out numerous(很多 的) forms before he could get the award. 冠军被要求填写大量的表格在他得奖之前。

8.The young couple often eat out, for neither of them is interested in hom e cooking. 这个年轻的夫妻总是出去外面吃,他们两个都不喜欢在家煮饭

9.After so many twists(曲 折) and turns in his life, he learned never to look back with regret. 他的生活经过了那么多挫折,他学会不再回忆过去而感动遗憾

10. The doctor advised that he cut out smoking or give it up completely for the sake of(为了) his health. 医生建议他戒掉抽烟,完全放弃有助于健康。

1) 她是一位很能干的家庭主妇,但喜欢冲动购物,厨房的橱柜里总 是塞满了乱七八糟、最终只会被丢弃的东西。 She is a very capable housewife but she likes to purchase things on impulse. Her kitchen cabinets are always full of clutter that will eventually be discarded. 2) 大学生应该有决心过节俭生活,不要和别人比阔气和追求时尚; 要知道:只有注意存小钱,才会累积出大钱。 University students should have the resolve to live a frugal lifestyle and

should not try to keep up with the Joneses or follow trends and fads. They should know that only when you mind the pennies will the dollars take care of themselves. 3) 这对夫妻都是大公司的高层管理人员,忙得没有时间做饭,一星 期至少有五天在外面吃。 The couple are high-ranking executives of big companies. They eat out at least five days a week due to the lack of time for home cooking. 4) 这两处签名十分相似,即使是有经验的专家恐怕也难辨别出它们 之间的差别。 The two signatures appear all of a piece. Even experienced experts may find it difficult to identify any difference between them. 5) 杂志的编辑把附在文后的图片都删掉了,因为该文的长度只能限 制在两页之内。 The editor of the journal cut out all the pictures attached to the article because the length of the article was restricted to only two pages. 6) 作为常务委员会成员,近三年来他一直在处理失业和交通问题。 As a member of the standing committee, he has been tackling unemployment and traffic problems during the past three years. 7) 老人生前立下遗嘱,要把全部的积蓄作为奖学金献给我们学校, 他的决定得到了子女们的认可。 The old man made a will before his death, giving away all his savings to our school as scholarships, a decision sanctioned by his children.

8) 那个医生向他的病人保证,只要他连续服用这种药三个月,一日 三次,他的病就彻底好了。 The doctor assured his patient that if he took the medicine three times a day for three months without interruption, he would recover from the illness for good. 9) 回顾过去的经历时,我才意识到四年的大学生活是我一生中最无 忧无虑的时刻。 Only when I looked back on my past experiences did I realize that my four-year period at university was the most care-free time in my life. 10) 要想在技术创新方面超过别人,我们必须时刻掌握科学技术领域 所有的新思想和新发展。 If we want to excel others in technological innovation, we must keep track of all the new ideas and developments in the field of science and technology.


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