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1.单词 burial(v. ) ---- bury commerce erupt(n.)--- eruption cultural(n.)--- culture similarity(a.)--- similar director(a.) — direct( 反 义 wealthy(n.)--- wealth commercial(n.)---

destroy(a.)--- destructive(n.)---destruction 词)---indirect poetry(诗人)--- poet

unfortunately(反义词)--- fortunately

memorial(v.)---memorize(n.)--- memory remains(v.)—remain remains 意为遗迹时常用复数 ruin(动词词义;名词词义)--- 毁坏,废墟(常用复数形式) house(动词词义;名词词义)---储存,收藏;房子

2.短语 Be in use 在使用中 As early as 早在 制 Lead to 导致 报 Burial chamber 墓室 行,进行 No more 不再 Pour out 涌出, 倾泻 仅仅 Be buried alive 被活埋 be covered with 被…覆盖 not only …but also 不但…而且 in good condition 处于良好的 be off to 出发去 too…to 太…而不能 lost civilization 失落的文明 carry out 实施,执 in memory of 纪念 in return for 作为……的回 set sail for 去航去 in the future 将来 by the time 到…时候 take over 接管,接任,控

go to a lecture 去听演讲 more than 多于, 不

Neither … nor 既不…也不

On board 在船上,飞机上或火车上 状态

Prevent sb. from sth/ doing sth 阻止某人做某事 declare war against

向…宣传 Dig …for treasure 挖…找财宝 be involved in 参与, 与…有关联


Part Ⅱ

Language Knowledge(45 marks)

Section A (15 marks) Directions:For each of the following unfinished sentences there are four choices marked A,B,C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. 21. (2013· 宜昌高一检测)Only when the war was over their hometowns. A. have the soldiers C. the soldiers did B. the soldiers D. did the soldiers return to

22. (2013· 济南高一检测)In the good care of the nurses, the boy who got injured in the earthquake is A. quietly C. gradually recovering from his leg operation. B. actually D. practically are

23. (2013· 娄底高一检测)Those are model teachers,some of young fellows. A. them B. whom C. whose D. wh ich

24. (2013· 福州高一检测)No matter how clever a talker you are,there are times when it’s better A. remain C. to remain silent. B. be remaining D. to be remained the danger of their

25. (2013· 珠海高一检测)Most parents are not

babies’ eating jelly,which causes most unfortunate incidents to happen. A. well aware to C. aware that 26. (2013· 南京高一检测) B. very aware of D. well aware of is no doubt Mo Yan,the 2012

Nobel Prize winner in Literature, ever did so much on his way to success. A. It;whether C. There;whether B. There;if D. There;that without

27. (2013· 西宁高一检测)We found the exercise difficult the help of the teacher. A. to be done C. to do it B. to do D. of doing

28. The father as well as his three children river every Sunday afternoon in winter. A. is going C. goes B. go D. are going

skating on the frozen

29. (2013· 湖 州 高 一 检 测 )It seldom snows in winter in Shanghai, ?

A. doesn’t it C. does it

B. is it D. isn’t it

30. Not only my English teacher but also his wife and children going to visit Beijing next week. A. are B. were C. was D. is by a

31. The girl glanced over her shoulder and found herself young man in black. A. was followed C. following 32. Thousands of people A. have been saved C. have saved 33. Is it in a city in Italy wearing miniskirts? A. where that 34. —Oh,dear,what’s wrong? —If I A. left leaves 35. the dog alone it wouldn’t have bitten me. B. had left C. has left B. which C. when B. followed D. had been followed in the flood in the past five days. B. are saved D. are being saved

women are likely to be banned from



you are familiar with the author’s ideas,try reading all the

sections as quickly as you possibly can.

A. Now that C. So that Section B (18 marks)

B. Ever since D. As long as

Directions:For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. One day,at a restaurant,my grandmother,my mother and I were having 36 after a morning spent shopping. I 37 my favorite

hamburger and fried chips. When brought to the table , it was accompanied by a plate of peas. I’d always not about to eat them. “Eat your peas,”my grandmother said. “Mum,he doesn’t like peas,”my mum 39 her in a gentle voice. “Leave him alone. ” My grandmother looked at me,saying the words that attracted my 40 ,“I’ll give you five dollars if you eat those peas. ”I’d want a big toy car and five dollars could certainly make my 41 come true. Although 38 peas. I certainly was

the peas were terrible,I began to force them down my throat. Every single pea made me want to throw up,but that five dollars floated before me,and I 42 forced down the last one. That night, at dinner, my mother served two of my favorite 43 . Along with them came a big bowl of peas. I just wanted to refuse to eat, but mum stared at me. “You ate them for 44 , ”she said. “You can eat

them for your health,too. ” What possible argument could I have against that ? I 45

them that day. My grandmother died a few months later,but the habit of eating peas 46 . If I curled my lip(撇嘴)when they were served, my

mum would 47 the words, “You ate them for money, and you can eat them for your health”. 36. A. pains 37. A. enjoyed 38. A. planted C. sold 39. A. blamed C. reminded 40. A. interest 41. A. dream 42. A. exactly C. suddenly 43. A. menus 44. A. time 45. A. tasted 46. A. picked up C. died out 47. A. repeat B. gain B. toys B. money B. refused B. heart B. car B. supper B. finished C. classes C. ordered B. hated D. preferred B. asked D. showed C. answer C. effort B. finally D. regularly C. foods C. work C. ate B. took on D. lived on C. find D. hear D. books D. love D. threw D. goal D. toy D. lunch D. cooked

Section C (12 marks) Directions: Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with one word that best fits the context. There are several differences between high schools in the USA and high schools in China. For one thing, students in class only about twenty hours per week. 48 study in the USA are 49 rest of the time that

they spend at school is used for independent study. With so much free time,students who do not make good use 50

their time may not pass their exams. Students whom the teachers fail may have to take the classes again. are classes 51 another thing,many courses

52 the students can study just for fun,but which they do

not have to take. Finally,students can often choose their classes and class times. Some courses are required, 53 the students can still decide the teacher 54 class they wish to take. 55 can choo se to

take the class of a teacher who they like or respect. Part Ⅲ Reading Comprehension(30 marks)

Directions:Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage. A[来源:学*科*网 Z*X*X*K] (2013· 昆明高一检测)

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries of the world. Millions of tourists visit this place every year. In Greece the bus is the most convenient and preferred means of travelling. There are intercity(城市间的)buses operated by KTEL that interconnect(相互连接)various cities of Greece. Every tourist must visit Greece at least once in life. This country is really a vacation heaven. It is the perfect blend of history and art with adventure and romance. You can dive into deep blue waters,climb up the mountains or enjoy ancient architecture and history. Buses in Greece are cheap and very comfortable. All bus stations display schedules of buses on every route. Conductors and drivers are very polite and helpful. Travellers never face any trouble locating and boarding buses to their destinations. Tourists can always ask the conductor to inform them about their stops,so that they can get down at the right stop. Everyone here is more than happy to help tourists. Athens,the capital of Greece,has three bus terminals. Buses to different parts of Greece leave from different terminals. Air-conditioned express buses(空调快车)also operated between major cities. They are faster and more comfortable than other buses. Tourists can choose guided Greece bus tours. These tours are the perfect way of exploring this great country. Buses in Greece are also a great way of saving bucks on the journey.

The long-distance bus system is very cheap. Buses save a lot of money to cover long distances,cheaper than taxis or cars. They are also the best means of interacting with local people. You can sit next to a native Greek and get some information about the place. 56. The company KTEL offers bus services A. to different cities in Greece B. from Greece to other European countries C. to tourist attractions in Greece D. from Greece to Asian countries 57. It can be inferred from Paragraph 3 that the Greeks are A. generous C. economical B. hard-working D. warm-hearted . .

58. If you are a tourist of Greece from foreign countries,you’d better choose A. a taxi B. a car C. a guided Greece bus tour D. an air-conditioned express bus 59. The underlined word “bucks” in the last paragraph probable refers to . B. energy D. trouble .

A. money C. time

60. While taking long-distance buses,you can A. know more about the bus schedules B. make friends with the conductors C. learn more about bus systems in Greece D. learn something about the place you’re visiting B


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In this 2-week course you will be taught how to run a profitable and enjoyable dog training business. You will have hands-on experience training and caring for at least 12 dogs of all sorts ranging in size from a toy poodle to an Anatolian Shepherd. You will learn about all available training techniques and equipment so you can provide personalized training for your customers. We will train you how to run classes and private in-home lessons. How to run a safe and secure kennel( 狗舍 )including advanced animal health care. Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters Course In this 1-week course you will have experience caring for over a dozen dogs,parrots,chickens,ducks,cats,and horses. We will teach you the secrets of successful dog walkers with hours of dog walking experience. We will teach you how to wash dogs and horses. We will teach you how to properly care for cats and birds. 61. Top Dog Trainers School aims to .

A. help people to be excellent experienced walkers B. teach people how to do business successfully C. help people to start a career related to animals D. earn some money by giving diplomas to its learners

62. We can infer from the passage that the Anatolian Shepherd , compared with a toy poodle,is A. much more expensive to buy B. much larger in size C. more difficult to care for D. more troublesome in training 63. Which of the following is not a promise made by the Top Dog Trainers School? A. To start your own business with affordable money. B. To make a fortune after the training in the school. C. To have wide experience in animal care. D. To find a satisfactory job in this school. 64. Through the courses you will learn A. the secrets of how to train the horses B. how to take care of some pets and birds C. how to search for business chances on the Internet D. how to keep your customers’ houses clean and healthy 65. We can read the passage in the A. entertainment C. science section of a newspaper. B. advertisement D. business C (2013· 唐山高一检测) . .

The Convention(公约)concerning the protection of world cultural and natural heritage appeared from a need to call for international cooperation to protect the world’s natural and scenic areas and historic sites for present and the future generations. In 1959 there was international concern over the flooding of the Abu Simbel temples,a treasure of ancient Egyptian civilization,to build the Aswan High Dam in Egypt. Through an international campaign by UNESCO(United Nations Educational , Scientific and Cultural

Organization)on the request of Egypt and Sudan,resources were found to move the temples to a new site. In 1965,a conference at the White House in Washington DC,USA called for a “World Heritage Trust” and international cooperation to protect “the world’s superb natural and scenic areas and historic sites for the present and the future”. In 1969, the International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN)developed similar proposals for its members. Therefore , the Convention was adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO in 1972. The Convention identifies the natural or cultural sites on the World Heritage List,and sets out their role in protecting them. Although the emphasis has been on sites and natural features of “outstanding universal value”,each country promises not only to conserve the World Heritage sites situated in its country, but also to protect and conserve its cultural and natural heritage.

There is also a “List of World Heritage in Danger” composed of sites threatened by serious and specific dangers caused by changes in the use or ownership of the land,wars or natural disasters. 66. What is the purpose of the World Heritage Convention according to the passage? A. To call for international cooperation to help poor people. B. To protect the world’s natural and cultural heritage. C. To save the natural resources for next generation in the world. D. To raise money for the endangered heritage in the world. 67. What can we infer from the second paragraph of the passage? A. The history of the UNESCO is very long. B. The World Heritage Convention is not accepted by people. C. The Abu Simbel temples in Egypt are moved to a new site. D. The adoption of the World Heritage Convention takes a long time. 68. The last two paragraphs mainly tell us .

A. the detailed purpose of the World Heritage Convention B. how to make a list of world heritage in danger C. how to make a world heritage list D. the importance of making two lists 69. Which of the following has the same meaning as the underlined word “conserve” in Para. 3? A. Pretend. B. Prevent.

C. Preserve.

D. Prepare.

70. According to Paragraph 4,there are many sites in danger for reasons EXCEPT . B. conflicts D. natural disasters

A. abuse of land C. lack of money Part Ⅳ Writing(45 marks)

Section A (10 marks) Directions : Read the following passage. Fill in the numbered blanks by using the information from the passage. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. (2013· 岳阳高一检测) Swimming with dolphins is one of the most exciting experiences you will ever have. It is also very popular with travelers of all ages. Before doing so,however,make sure you understand the animal’s natural environment. When you swim with wild dolphins,you must recognize that this requires the swimmer to interact(互动)with the dolphins in their natural habitat. The dolphin will decide when to swim with you if at all,and will be free to decide the length of time of the interaction. Captive(驯养的)dolphins have been trained to deal with humans. Most often, captive dolphins live in man-made pools. These dolphins are introduced to humans through diver interaction. The divers feed the

dolphins to enjoy human interactions. The third kind of contact with dolphins is called semi-captive(半驯 养)dolphin interaction,which is a mix of captive and wild dolphin behavior. The dolphins will follow a boat to a dive site,interact with swimmers. These animals have been trained to act in a certain way. However,they live in a natural habitat. It is important to stick to(坚持)the following advice while swimming with dolphins. First, never make aggressive(挑衅的)moves. Besides, it is wise to avoid touching or feeding wild dolphins. It is better to empty your pockets before swimming with dolphins. Stay calm when around the dolphins. Don’t become excited,as this may frighten them. Keep your arms at your sides while in the water. Never run after dolphins or swim towards them head-on. Instead, swimmers are advised to swim alongside the group of dolphins. Title: 71

Ⅰ:Swim with three types of dolphins Wild dolphins You’re 72 to swim with wild dolphins in a natural place. The animals will decide when to swim with you and last. 74 ?They are trained animals which live in man-made pools. 73 it will

?The swimmers interact with the dolphins by Semi-captive dolphins ?You swim with the animals while they follow

75 them.

76 .

?They have been trained and live in a natural habitat. Ⅱ: 77 on how to swim with dolphins.

?Never act in a threatening way. ?Don’t 78 wild dolphins. ? 79 your pockets before swimming. ?Stay calm when around the dolphins. ?Your arms should be kept at your sides. ?Never chase the dolphins or swim towards them Section B (10 marks) Directions:Read the following passage. Answer the questions according to the information given in the passage. (2013· 株洲高一检测) When making a trip to earn profit,a businessman will never take a wrong decision of spending extra money for the business trip. At the same time he has to give importance to the comfort level during the travel. He would take necessary steps to find out a way they can make their trip as cheap as possible, so that the money they save will be added to their profits account. Nowadays a lot of businessmen prefer travelling in airways and thus 80 .

reducing the amount of time and physical stress involved in the process. People are more interested in learning about the ways by which they can get things at cheaper rates. When it comes to finding Cheaper Bu siness Class Tickets,the steps involved are actually simple. If you are someone who can a ccess the Internet easily,things are simpler for you. The process of buying tickets online is a comparatively eas ier as well as lucrative(合算的)process. It is very important that businessmen do all their ticket buying and booking process online as they get a lot of choices in ticket fare as well as airlines that announce different offers. When you travel frequently,you can enroll yourself with several travel agencies as well as airlines to know special offers and discounts that they announce. If you like a part icular airline and love travelling with them in Business Class,then you might learn about the discounts that they offer for their frequent fliers. [来 源:Z#xx#k.Com] If you want to get the best deal out there,never make the mistake of getting the tickets by referring to one site. Do comparative studies with at least 5 sites,before you fix your deal with one of them. Always plan for a business trip well in advance so that you can enjoy a cheaper travel in luxury with Business Class. 81. What does a businessman do to earn more profit when making a trip? (No more than 8 words)

___________________________________________________________ _________ 82. How does a businessman find Cheaper Business Class Tickets?(No more than 5 words) ___________________________________________________________ _________ 83. What will airlines announce online?(No more than 8 words) ___________________________________________________________ _________ 84. What should the frequent fliers do to travel comfortably?(No more than 12 words) ___________________________________________________________ _________ Section C (25 marks) Directions : Write an English composition according to the instructions given below. 一个英国中学生代表团将到你校参观和交流, 假设你有幸参加与 他们的座谈会,请根据以下图示,写一篇 120 个词左右的发言稿,请 你谈谈学校开展小组合作学习和自主学习的体会。

注意: 1. 根据图片的内容适当展开,以使行文连贯; 2. 开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数; 3. 文中不能出现考生的具体信息。 Good afternoon!It’s my pleasure to briefly introduce my school life regarding two aspects,independent learning and cooperative learning. ___________________ ___________________________________________________________ _________ ___________________________________________________________ _________ ___________________________________________________________ _________ Thank you.

答案解析 21.【解析】选 D。考查倒装句。句意:只有当战争结束的时候,士兵

才可以回家。only 位于句首修饰状语时,主句用部分倒装,结合句中 时态可知选 D。 22.【解析】选 C。考查副词辨析。句意:在护士的细心照料下,在地 震中受伤的男孩正渐渐从腿部手术中恢复。 gradually 逐渐地, 渐渐地, 符合句意。 23.【解析】选 B。考查定语从句。句意:那些是模范老师,其中一些 是年轻人。先行词 model teachers 指人,故用 whom 来指代。 24. 【解析】 选 C。 考查固定句式。 句意: 无论你是多么聪明的健谈家, 有些时候最好保持沉默。it’s better to do sth. 最好做某事,it 作形式 主语。remain 为连系动词,无被动,故选 C。 【知识拓展】 高中英语学习中的系动词 (1)状态系动词 用来表示主语状态,只有 be。例如: He is a teacher. 他是一名教师。 (2)持续系动词 用来表示主语继续或保持一种状态, 主要有 keep, remain, stay, lie, stand。例如: He always kept silent at meetings. 他开会时总保持沉默。 (3)表像系动词 用来表示“看起来像”这一概念,主要有 seem,appear,look。例如:

He seems(to be)very sad. 他看起来很伤心。 (4)感官系动词 感官系动词主要有 look,feel,smell,sound,taste。例如: This kind of cloth feels very soft. 这种布手感很软。 (5)变化系动词 这些系动词表示主语变成什么样, 变化系动词主要有 become, grow, turn,fall,get,go,come,run。例如: She grew rich within a short time. 她没多长时间就富了。 (6)终止系动词 表示主语已终止动作,主要有 prove,turn out,表达“证实”“变成”之 意。例如: His plan turned out a success. 他的计划终于成功了。 25.【解析】选 D。考查固定搭配。句意:很多父母没有很好地意识到 他们的孩子吃果冻的危险,吃果冻会造成大多数不幸的事故。be well aware of 很好地意识到。 26.【解析】选 D。考查固定句式。句意:毫无疑问,2012 年诺贝尔 文学奖获得者莫言在通往成功的路上确实做了许多。doubt 用于否定 句时,后面一般跟 that 引导的从句。there is no doubt that 毫无疑 问……。 【变式训练】 There is no doubt we must do something for his help.

A. whether;in turn C. that;in return

B. that;in turn D. if;in return

【解析】选 C。考查固定句型和介词短语。句意:毫无疑问我们应该 做些事来回报他的帮助。there is no doubt that. . . 毫无疑问……;in return 作为回报;in turn 反过来,依次。 27.【解析】选 B。考查非谓语动词。句意:我们发现没有老师的帮助 这个练习很难做。在“easy/hard to do”结构中用主动形式表被动。 28.【解析】选 C。考查主谓一致和时态。句意:在冬季每个星期天的 下午父亲和他的三个孩子都要去结冰的河上滑冰。 两个主语由 as well as,rather than,but,together with 等连接时,谓语动词的数与最前 面的主语保持一致。前一个主语是 the father,故谓语动词用单数, 再根据时间状语 every Sunday afternoon 可知应用一般现在时, 故选 C。 29. 【解析】 选 C。 考查反意疑问句。 句意: 上海冬天很少下雪, 是吗? 主句为含有 seldom 的否定句,且谓语动词为 snows,故疑问句用助 动词 does 的肯定形式。 30.【解析】选 A。考查主谓一致。句意:不但我的英语老师,还有他 的妻子和孩子们,将于下周去北京旅游。not only. . . but also. . . 连接 两个主语时,遵循“就近原则”,结合时间状语可知选 A。 31. 【解析】 选 B。 考查非谓语动词。 句意: 这个女孩向身后瞥了一眼, 发现一个穿黑衣服的年轻人跟踪自己。 根据 herself 可排除 A、 D 两项。 此题结构是 find+宾语+宾语补足语, herself 和 follow 之间是被动关系。 故选 B。

32.【解析】选 A。考查时态和语态。句意:在过去的五天里已有成千 上万的人从洪水中被救出。“in the past+时间段”作状语时,谓语常用 现在完成时。此处主语 people 和 save 之间是被动关系。所以选 A。 33.【解析】选 D。考查强调句型。强调句型的结构是“it +be+被强调 部分+that+其他部分”。 此处是强调句型的一般疑问句, 被强调部分是 in a city in Italy。由此可知选 D。 34.【解析】选 B。考查虚拟语气。句意:——哦,亲爱的。怎么了? ——如果我不惊动那条狗,它就不会咬我了。表示对过去的虚拟时, if 从句用过去完成时, 主句用 would have done 的形式。 由此可知选 B。 35.【解析】选 A。考查状语从句的连接词。句意:既然你熟悉作者的 意图, 你就尽可能快地阅读所有的部分吧。 now that 既然, 因为; ever since 从那时起到现在;so that 为的是,结果是;as long as 只要。 【文章大意】这是一篇关于作者如何从讨厌吃豌豆转变为养成吃 豌豆的习惯的故事。 36. 【解析】 选 D。 逻辑推理题。 由后半句 after a morning spent shopping 可知在买了一上午的东西后,“我们”应该在吃午饭。 37.【解析】选 C。逻辑推理题。根据下句可知此时作者还没有吃,故 应是“我点了我的最爱,汉堡和炸土豆条”。order 点菜。[来源:学&科 &网] 38. 【解析】 选 B。 逻辑推理题。 根据后句 I certainly was not about to eat them. “我肯定不会吃它们。”可推出作者讨厌豌豆。 39.【解析】选 C。词语辨析题。我妈妈以温柔的声音提醒奶奶。

40.【解析】选 A。词语辨析题。attract my interest 吸引了我的兴趣。 41.【解析】选 A。习语搭配题。(dream)come true“(梦想)成真”。 42.【解析】选 B。词语辨析题。我最终吃下了最后一颗。 43.【解析】选 C。词语辨析题。那天晚上妈妈给我端上了两种我最喜 欢的食物。 44.【解析】选 B。词汇复现题。文章最后一句 You ate them for money 有提示。 45.【解析】选 C。逻辑推理题。作者无法辩解,只好把它们吃掉。 46.【解析】选 D。词语辨析题。我的奶奶几个月后去世了,但是我吃 豌豆的习惯却留了下来。pick up 逐渐好转;take on 呈现;die out 灭 绝,消亡;live on 继续存在。 47.【解析】选 A。词语辨析题。每当我撇嘴不想吃的时候,我的妈妈 就会重复这句话。 【文章大意】本文主要介绍美国中学生上课与选课的一些情况。 48. 【解析】 who。 who 引导定语从句修饰 students 并在从句中作主语。 49.【解析】The。the rest of 剩余的。 50.【解析】of。make good use of 充分利用。 51.【解析】For。for another thing 另一方面。 52.【解析】which/that。which/that 引导定语从句修饰 classes 并在从 句中作 study 的宾语。 53.【解析】but。但是学生仍然能够决定上哪位老师的课。 54.【解析】whose。根据句意和句子结构可知此处应填所有格关系代

词。 55.【解析】They。they 在此处指代 students。 【文章大意】本文主要是对希腊及其首都雅典作为理想旅游目的 地所做的一些简单介绍。 56.【解析】选 A。细节理解题。从文章第一段 There are intercity buses operated by KTEL that interconnect various cities of Greece. 一句可知 KTEL 公司提供去希腊不同城市的巴士服务。 57.【解析】选 D。推理判断题。从文章第三段最后一句 Everyone here is more than happy to help tourists. 可知希腊人很热心。 58.【解析】选 C。细节理解题。从文章第四段最后两句 Tourists can choose guided Greece bus tours. These tours are the perfect way of exploring this great country. 可知对于外国游客而言有导游的巴士之 旅是最佳选择。 59.【解析】选 A。词义猜测题。由后句 The long-distance bus system is very cheap. 可知巴士之旅可以节省费用。 60.【解析】选 D。细节理解题。从文章最后一句 You can sit next to a native Greek and get some information about the place. 可知乘坐长途 巴士旅行时你可以学到一些有关你参观的地方的一些知识。 【文章大意】文章介绍了一所专门培训饲养动物的学校,学校的 课程特点以及职业前途也许会吸引你。 61.【解析】选 C。细节理解题。由第二段最后一句 A diploma from Top Dog Trainers School will take you into an enjoyable career with animals.

可知选 C。 62.【解析】选 B。推理判断题。由文中 Dog Trainers Course 中的第二 段. . . ranging in size from a toy poodle to an Anatolian Shepherd. 可知 它们的区别在于形体的大小, 从 to y“玩具”一词也可猜出它们的大小。 63.【解析】选 D。细节理解题。由文章可知 A、B、C 三项都提到了, 只有 D 项没提到。 64. 【解析】 选 B。 细节理解题。 由文章最后一句 We will teach you how to properly care for cats and birds. 可知 B 项正确。其他几项在文中未 提及。 65.【解析】选 B。推理判断题。文章通过介绍这所学校的特点,让更 多的人了解它。故应该是一篇广告。 【文章大意】本文主要介绍了世界遗产保护公约诞生过程及其主 要宗旨。 66. 【解析】 选 B。 细节理解题。 从文章第一段第一句的 The Convention concerning the protection of world cultural and natural heritage appeared. . . 可知世界遗产保护公约是为了保护世界各地的文化和自 然遗产。 67. 【解析】 选 D。 推理判断题。 从文中可看到从 1959 年对 Abu Simbel temples 的关心到 1972 年世界遗产保护公约被联合国教科文组织接 纳经过了漫长的 13 年。故选 D。 68.【解析】选 A。主旨大意题。最后两段主要介绍了制定世界遗产保 护公约的具体目的。

69.【解析】选 C。词义猜测题。根据下面的并列句中 protect 可推出 conserve 此处意为“保护”,与 preserve 同义。 70.【解析】选 C。细节理解题。从文章最后一段的. . . threatened by serious and specific dangers caused by changes in the use or ownership of the land,wars or natural disasters. 可知 C 项不包含在内。 71. Swimming with dolphins 73. the length 75. feeding 77. Advice/Suggestions/Tips 79. Empty 72. required 74. Captive dolphins 76. a boat 78. touch/feed 80. head-on

81. To take steps to get cheaper tickets. 82. By buying tickets online. 83. They will announce special offers and discounts. 84. They can enroll with several travel agencies as well as airlines. 【参考范文】 Good afternoon!It’s my pleasure to briefly introduce my school life regarding two aspects , independent learning and cooperative learning. Independent learning is a basic principle of my school education. On the one hand,it encourages us to work out plans and arrange our timetables,in which c ase w e improve our independent thinking and management skills. On the other hand,it presents us with a block of

work in which we are developing strategies. Meanwhile , we are making a great attempt to create a cooperative-learning environment,where we are encouraged to work in groups. Within group work , we are guided to voice our individual opinions , listen to each other and help each other. Independent

learning and cooperative learning prove to be a great benefit to our overall development in the long run. That’s all for my introduction. We’re eager to know about your school life so that we could better learn from each other. Thank you.



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