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一、单项填空(每题 1 分,共 10 分) 单项填空 每题
1. The movie was_________. We were really _______by it. A boring; bored B boring; boring C bored; bored D bored; boring

2. He

didn’t make ________ clear when and where the meeting would be held. A. this A. /; / B. that B. /; a C. it C. the; / D. these D the; a 3. It is often said that __________ teachers have ________ very easy life.

4. My English teacher raised her voice _____ we all heard her clearly. A. even if B. though C. in order to D. so that

5. My friend Martin was very sick with a strange fever; _______ _, he could neither eat nor sleep. A. over the years B. after all C. as well D. as a result

6. A few years later I __________ English as I became interested in it. A. took over B. took off C. took up D. took on

7. These natural parks are very important for protecting many animals, which would ________ have the danger of dying out. A. otherwise B. yet C. forever D. ever

8. With some ________ problems to deal with, he had no time to say goodbye to us and left in a hurry. A. personal B. urgent C. social D. common

9. Now, more and more people suffer _______ the pressure of their job. A. of B. off C. from D. with

10. Last night, we were talking about a math problem heatedly when the lights suddenly _________. A. turned off B. switched off C. went off D. put off

二、完形填空(每题 1 分,共 30 分) 完形填空 每题
“So, you would like to interview me?” God smiled and said, “What questions do you have to ask me?” God’s hands took mine and we were silent for a while and then I asked, “As a are some of life’s lessons you want your children to 12 ?” 13 them. 14 11 , what

God replied with a smile, “I want them to learn that they cannot make anyone

What they can do is to let themselves be loved. I want them to learn that what is the most

is not what they have in their lives, but who they have in their lives. I want them to learn that it is not good to not as a 15 themselves with others. All will be 16 individually on their own value, 18 person is 17 on a comparison basis(比较基础)! I want them to learn that a

not the one who has the most, but is the one who needs

19 . I want them to learn that it only

takes a few seconds to

20 deep wounds in persons we love, and that it 22 23

21 many years to

heal(治愈) them. I want them to learn to that there are persons who love them dearly, their 24

by practicing forgiveness. I want them to learn simply do not know how to express or show 25 . I want them to

. I want them to learn that money can buy everything but 26

learn that two people can look at the learn that a

thing and see it totally differently. I want them to

27 is someone who knows everything about them and likes them anyway. I want 28 that they are forgiven by others, but that they have to

them to learn that it is not always forgive 29 .”

People will forget what they said. People will forget what they did, but people will forget how they made themselves feel. 11. A. god 12. A. choose 9. A. love 10. A. valuable 11. A. compare 12. A. felt 13. A. person 14. A. poor 15. A .the most 16. A. hide 17. A. takes 18. A. forgive 19. A. but 20. A. pities 21. A. comfort 22. A. same 23. A. new person 24. A. rich 25. A. them 26. A. never B. parent B. learn B. treat B. reasonable B. decide B. filled B. group B. rich B. the better B. fold B. spends B. remember B. and B. feelings B. shame B. easy B. true friend B. wealthy B. itself B. ever C. teacher C. pick C. accept C. necessary C. consider C. judged C. crew C. noble C. the best C. open C. pays C. forget C. so C. disappointments C. happiness C. different C. rich boss C. numerous C. yourselves C. already D. guide D. find D. take D. satisfied D. join D. counted D. team D. different D. the least D. ruin D. uses D. stand D. for D. sympathies D. satisfaction D. opposite D. poor fellow D. enough D. themselves D. still


三、阅读理解(每题 2 分,共 28 分) 阅读理解 每题
A Sometimes everything seems to go wrong at once. As more things happen, we get more stressed. It means we get too tired and can’t think properly. It means more things go wrong! What happens when you feel stressed? ___27___. Your heart beats faster. Your stomach feels tight or you feel sick. Your breathing gets faster. It is hard to get to sleep. Or you wake up feeling like you didn’t really sleep because you still feel tired.


____28______.Think about what makes you feel bad. Talk over your problem with a friend or a trusted adult. Get help to deal with the problem if you need it. Plan your work if you are getting behind. Set yourself some goals to work your way through the problem. Make sure that you are getting enough exercise. Organize your time so that you can do many things. You can always do that sport or activity next term or next year. You don’t have to do everything at once. ____29______. Exercise such as dancing, running, jumping, walking and bike riding is very good. If you are not an active person, then here are some ideas for you. You can even do some of them sitting on the bus or train. Pretend you’re a real dancer and really go for it. Apart from great exercise dancing is great fun too. If you are getting stressed out or you are having problems sleeping, it’s time to change your life a bit by doing something different. Try a new hobby or interest. Set yourself some goals like making new friends, keeping up with school work, getting your chores done right away, organizing your room. 从所给的四个选项中选出适当的选项填入文章的空白处,使文章连贯。其中一项是多余的。 A. There are different things you can do to relax. Exercise is great and it can help you sleep if you are doing some as part of your day. B. When you get worried or stressed out about something, it affects your body in a number of ways. C. Maybe you have not studied hard. You may lose something you really like and you’re in trouble at home. D. What can you do if you feel stressed? B Now let’s compare life differences between living in a city and living in a village. Living in a village seems to be more difficult than living in a city. Transport is a big problem for villages. There are places where the buses pass through only two or three times a day. People also have few opportunities to take part in the cultural life. There are also many good things. For example, villages are less noisy. They have little pollution and rubbish. People can go to the forest or meadow. They can easily find places to be alone. In the city, it is impossible because streets are crowded with people. Also the parks aren’t quiet. There are many children and people with their dogs. People in the city have to breathe the air polluted by factories, cars and people. But in the country, there is fresh air and nature full of beautiful trees, flowers and animals. People living in the village know one another. It can be a little unpleasant because people know everything you did wrong. In a city you can feel lonely. In cities, there are also many shops. There is no problem if you need to buy something. If it isn’t in one shop, you can go to another one. In the village, there are only few shops and even the only one with the necessary foods. However, cities aren’t only centers of shopping. There are also many offices. Of course all good schools are in cities.


For people living in the country, there can be a big problem with employment. People in the cities can find a new job more easily than people in the country. After all, the job opportunity is one of the most important reasons why people want to move to the city. But many people from cities say they would love living in the country. It is really strange. 30. If you live in a village and you did something wrong, _________. A. villagers will come to your home to comfort you B. you will be punished by the villagers C. almost every villager will know that D. no one knows that 31. Why do so many people move to cities? A. Because there are many shopping centers in cities. B. Because there are many offices in cities. C. Because there are many good schools in cities. D. Because there are many job opportunities in cities. 32 What is the writer’s opinion on which kind of life is better, country life or city life? A. The writer thinks that living in a village is better. B. The writer thinks that living in a city is better. C. The writer doesn’t tell us his opinion on the topic. D. The writer feels it strange to live in the country. C Winter’s short days are more than cold. For many people, winter depression(消沉), the most common type of Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD), is as much a part of the reason as hats and scarves(围巾). Winter serious SAD sufferers may need medical treatment. Those feeling a little blue can help themselves by sticking to a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips: Pace yourself. Don’t expect to do everything you normally can. Set a realistic schedule. Don’t listen to negative thinking, like blaming yourself or expecting to fail. Get involved in activities that make you feel good or feel like you’ve achieved something. For example, play table tennis or badminton. If you are feeling depressed, you may feel like staying away from friends. Yet this is a time when friends’ support can be helpful. Call them regularly. Remember, the more we put off calling or visiting a friend, the harder it is to rebuild a friendship. Think clearly about what’s wrong or right. Instead of giving in to vague feelings of sadness, look at your problems objectively. Break down problems into specific issues that you can work on. Regular exercise helps to prevent and ease depression. Eat well. Studies show that a healthy diet can help to maintain(keep) a healthy body and mind. The vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients found in a balanced diet may help our bodies to

produce feel-good hormones(荷尔蒙). Foods containing chemicals to help produce feel-good hormones include bananas, turkey, nuts and seeds. Eat at least five pieces of fruit and vegetables every day. P.S. Symptoms(症状) of SAD: No interests or pleasure in things you used to enjoy Increased need for sleep A change in eating habits, especially an appetite for sweet or starchy(含淀粉的) foods Weight gain A heavy feeling in the arms or legs A drop in energy level Difficulty in concentrating Overly emotional Avoidance of friends and social situations Frequent feelings of guilt(负罪感) Long-term feelings of hopelessness, and physical problems, such as headaches 33.The writer of the passage agrees that _____________. A.the cold in winter makes us suffer from SAD B.hats and scarves are as important as SAD C.everyone of us meets SAD in winter D.we are blue mainly because of short days in winter 34.We may infer that __________ according to the passage. A.more darkness will make us sad B.we should wear hats and scarves in winter C.a healthy lifestyle prevents us from serious SAD D.staying away from friends makes us depressed 35.When we pace ourselves, we ____________. A.don’t do anything we can C.expect to succeed in nothing B.make a practical plan D.think something of guilt

36.The passage includes the following EXCEPT __________________ . A.the earlier we meet friends, the easier it is to rebuild a friendship B.if we give up to unclear feelings of sadness, we’ll be caught in the SAD C.playing table tennis helps us achieve whatever we want D.feel-good hormones from a balanced diet can help keep a healthy body D

Do you want to live another 100 years or more? Some experts say that scientific advances will one day enable humans to last tens of years beyond what is now seen as the natural limit of the human life span. "I think we are knocking at the door of immortality (永生),”said Michael Zey, a Montclair State University business professor and author of two books on the future. "I think by 2075 we will see it and that's a conservative estimate (保守的估计)." At the conference in San Francisco, Donald Louria, a professor at New Jersey Medical School in Newark said advances in using genes as well as nanotechnology (纳米技术) make it likely that humans will live in the future beyond what has been possible in the past. "There is a great push so that people can live from I20 to 180 years," he said. "Some have suggested that there is no limit and that people could live to 200 or 300 or 500 years." However, many scientists who specialize in ageing are doubtful about it and say the human body is just not designed to last past about 120 years. Even with healthier lifestyles and less disease, they say failure of the brain and organs will finally lead all humans to death. Scientists also differ on what kind of life the super aged might live. "It remains to be seen if you pass 120, you know; could you be healthy enough to have good quality of life?" said Leonard Poon, director of the University of Georgia Gerontology Centre. "At present people who could get to that point are not in good health at all." 37. By saying "we are knocking at the door of immortality", Michael Zey means _______. A. they believe that there is no limit of living B. they are sure to find the truth about long living C. they have got some ideas about living forever D. they are able to make people live past the present life span 38. Donald Louria’s attitude towards long living is that _______. A. people can live from 120 to 180 B. it is still doubtful how long humans can live C. the human body is designed to last past about 120 years D. it is possible for humans to live longer in the future 39. The underlined "it" ( paragraph 4 ) refers to ________. A. a great push B. the idea of living beyond the present life span C. the idea of living from 200 to 300 years D. the conservative estimate 40. What would be the best title for this text? A. Living Longer or Not B. Science, Technology and Long Living C. No Limit for Human Life D. Healthy Lifestyle and Long Living


班级_______________ 姓名 姓名_____________ 学号 学号______________ 班级

四、根据句子意思和首字母提示写出适当的词。(每题 1 分,共 6 分) 根据句子意思和首字母提示写出适当的词。 每题
1. We are prepared for all the c___________ and opportunities. 2. The little boy is b___________ with the same activities in class. 3. I envy the girl who seems to be rather relaxing in s____________ situations. 4. Before your talking, you need to o_____________ ideas. 5. My mom is an a____________ and she spends all morning checking numbers in her company. 6. She often c that her busy father cares little about her mother and her.

五、用所给动词的正确时态填空。(每题 1 分,共 10 分) 用所给动词的正确时态填空。 每题
7. Dad can’t come to the phone because he __________(have) a shower. 8. We _____________(write) a paper on air pollution these days. 9. We _____________(train) every day this week to prepare for our next match. 10. The new term _______________(begin) on the 1st of September. 11. The invitations have been sent and a lot of people ______________(come) to our wedding . 12. I ____________________(study) medicine after my graduation from school. 13. He __________________ (watch) soap operas every night. 14. If he _________________(spend) all that money, he will be poor again. 15. The train for Beijing ________________________(leave) at 4:00 this afternoon. 16. Look at the dark sky –- it _________________________(rain) .

六、根据所给汉语提示完成下列各句。每空限填一词。(每题 2 分,共 10 分) 根据所给汉语提示完成下列各句。每空限填一词。 每题
17. 我母亲通常宁愿待在家里而不愿意外出散步。 My mother usually ___________ staying at home _________ going out for a walk. 18. 学生们每天轮流擦黑板。 The students _________ _________ to brush the blackboard very day. 19. 请你今晚参加我们的讨论,好吗? Will you please ________ us ______ the discussion this evening? 20. 我们的总经理在昨天的会上提出了一条很好的建议。 Our general manager ________ _______ with a good proposal at yesterday’s meeting. 21. 每天早上李平更换衣服的时间不到五分钟。 ______ _______ Li Ping less than five minutes to _______ ________ every morning.

七、翻译下列句子。(每题 4 分,共 8 分) 翻译下列句子。 每题
22. 没有一个好妻子我是不可能过上这种生活的。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 23.几乎每一分钟都充斥着急待处理的事情。 _______________________________________________________________________________

答案: 一、ACBDD CABCC 二、BBAAA CBBDC AAABC ABDDA 三、BDA CDC DCBC CDBA 四、challenges; bored; stressful; organize/organise; accountant; complains 五、is having; are writing; are training; begins are coming am going to study watches spends leaves is going to rain 六、prefers… to; take turns; join …in; came up; It takes … get changed 七、I couldn’t live this life without a good wife. Every minute of the day is filled with urgent matters.




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