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2012 年高考试题(时态和语态)

2014 年 1 月 26 日

1.【全国卷 II】– Did you ask Sophia for help? – I ___ need to – I managed perfectly well on my own. A. wouldn’t B. don’

t C. didn’t D. won’t 2.【全国卷 II】The manager ___ the workers how to improve the program since 9 a.m. A. has told B. is telling C. has been telling D. will have told 3.【安徽】In order to find the missing child , villagers all they can over the past five hours. A. did B. do C. had done D. have been doing 4. 【安徽】 Grace doesn’t want to move to New York because she thinks if she there, she wouldn’t be able to see her parents very often. A. lives B. would live C. having asked D. were to live 5.【安徽】Walmart, which is one of the largest American supermarket chains, some of its store open 24 hours on Mondays through Saturdays. A. keeps B. keep C. have kept D. had kept 6.【安徽】 After school we went to the reading-room to do some reading, only to be told that it . A. was decorated B. had decorated C. had been decorating D. was being decorated 7.【重庆】-Kevin, you look worried. Anything wrong? -Well, I____ a test and I’m waiting for the result. A. will take B. took C. had taken D. take 8.【重庆】Food supplies in the flood-stricken area ______.We must act immediately before there’s none left. A. have run out B. are running out C. have been run out D. are being run out 9.【2012 全国】23. "Life is like walking in the snow", Granny used to say, "because every step ‖ A. has shown B. is showing C. shows D. showed 10.【全国】I had been working on math for the whole afternoon and the numbers _______before my eyes. A. swim B .swum C. swam D. had swum 11.【北京】 By the time you have finished this book, your meal ______ cold. A. gets B. has got C. will get D. is getting 12.【北京】 George said that he would come to school to see me the next day, but he ______. A. wouldn’t B. didn’t C. hasn’t D. hadn’t 13.【北京】 —Have you heard about that fire in the market? — Yes, fortunately no one _____. A. hurt B. was hurt C. has hurt D. had been hurt 14.【北京】 Our friendship _____ quickly over the weeks that followed. A. had developed B. was developing C. would develop D. developed 15.【北京】Don’t handle the vase as if it ____ made of steel. A. is B. were C. has been D. had been 16.【福建】—When did the computer crash? -- This morning, while I ______ the reading materials downloaded from some websites. A. have sorted B. was sorting C. am sorting D. had sorted 17.【陕西】 –Can I call you back at two o’clock this afternoon? --I’m sorry, but by then I _____ to Beijing. How about five? A. fly B. will fly C. will be flying D. am flying 18.【山东】After Jack had sent some e-mails, he ______working on his project. A. had started B. has started C. started D. starts

19.【山东】 The manager was concerned to hear that two of his trusted workers _____. A. will leave B. are leaving C. have left D. were leaving 20.【湖南】Don’t worry. The hard work that you do now ______ later in life. A. will be repaid B. was being repaid C. has been repaid D. was repaid 21.【湖南】Close the door of fear behind you, and you ______ the door of faith open before you. A. saw B. have seen C. will see D. are seeing 22.【湖南】―The moment _____ soon,‖ he thought to himself, waiting nervously. A. came B. has come C. was coming D. is coming 23.【湖南】 –I remember you were a talented pianist at college. Can you play the piano for me? --Sorry, I ____ the piano for years. A. don’t play B. wasn’t playing C. haven’t played D. hadn’t played 24.【天津】 The letters for the boss _____ on his desk but he didn’t read them until three days later. A. were put B. was put C. put D. has put 25.【天津】The three of us ________ around Europe for about a month last summer. A. traveled B. have traveled C. had traveled D. travel 26.【江西】 —Look! Somebody ______ the sofa. — Well, it wasn’t me. I didn’t do it. A. is cleaning B. was cleaning C. has cleaned D. had cleaned 27.【辽宁】 I feel so excited! At this time tomorrow morning I _____ to Shanghai. A. will be flying B. will fly C. have been flying D. have flown 28.【2012 辽宁】 Mum, I was wondering if you could lend me a few dollars until I ____ on Friday. A. get paid B. got paid C. have paid D. had been paid 29.【四川】—Did you catch what I said? —Sorry. I ______ a text message just now. A. had answering B. have answered C. would answer D. was answering 30.【四川】 They are living with their parents for the moment because their own house ____. A. is being rebuilt B. has been rebuilt C. is rebuilt D. has rebuilt 31.【浙江】Peter had intended to take a job in business, but _______ that plan after the unpleasant experience in Canada in 2010. A. had abandoned B. abandoned C. abandon D. will abandon 32.【浙江】— Alvin, are you coming with us? — I’d love to, but something unexpected _______. A. has come up B. was coming up C. had come up D. would come up 33.【江苏】3 The manager is said to have arrived back from Paris where he _____ some European business partners. A. would meet B. is meeting C. meets D. had met 34.【江苏】 The president hopes that the people will be better off when he quits than when he ____. A. has started B. starts C. started D. will start

1-5CCDDA 21-25CDCBA 6-10DBBCC 26-30CAADA 11-15CBBDB 31-34BADC 16-20BCCDA


2012 年高考试题(非谓语动词)
1.【全国卷 II】Tony lent me the money, ___ that I’d do as much for him. A. hoping B. to hope C. hoped D. having hoped 2. 【全国卷 II】The old man sat in front of the television every evening, happy___ anything that happened to be on. A. to watch B. watching C. watched D. to have watched 3.【安徽】 I remembered the door before I left the office, but forgot to turn off the lights. A. locking B. to lock C. having locked D. to have locked 4.【安徽】When for his views about his teaching job, Philip said he found it very interesting and rewarding. A. asking B. asked C. having asked D. to be asked 5.【重庆】______to work overtime that evening, I missed a wonderful film. A. Having been asked B. To ask C. Having asked D. To be asked 6.【重庆】We’re having a meeting in half an hour. The decision ______at the meeting will influence the future of our company.A. to be made B. being made C. made D. having been made 7.【全国】The party will be held in the garden, weather . A. permitting B. to permit C. permitted D. permit 8.【全国】Film has a much shorter history, especially when_ such art forms as music and painting. A. having compared to B. comparing to C. compare to D. compared to 9.【北京】One learns a language by making mistakes and ______ them. A. corrects B. correct C. to correct D. correcting 10.【北京】______ with care, one tin will last for six weeks. A. Use B. Using C. Used D. To use 11.【北京】 ______ at the door before you enter my room, please. A. Knock B. Knocking C. Knocked D. To knock 12. 【福建】 China recently tightened its waters controls near the Huangyan Island to prevent Chinese fishing boats from ________ in the South China Sea. A. attacking B. having attacking C. being attacked D. having been attacked 13.【福建】 Pressed from his parents, and ____ that he has wasted too much time, the boy is determined to stop playing video games.A. realizing B. realized C. to realize D. being realized 14.【陕西】_______ in a long queue, we waited for the store to open to buy a New iPad. A. Standing B. To stand C. Stood D. Stand 15.【陕西】If he takes on this work, he will have no choice but _____ an even greater challenge. A. meets B. meeting C. meet D. to meet 16.【山东】 George returned after the war, only _______ that his wife had left him. A. to be told B. telling C. being told D. told 17.【山东】 After completing and signing it, please return the form to us in the envelope _____. A. providing B. provided C. having provided D. provide 18.【湖南】We’ve had a good start, but next, more work needs ____ to achieve the final success. A. being done B. do C. to be done D. to do 19.【湖南】Time, ______ correctly, is money in the bank.A. to use B. used C. using D. use 20.【湖南】The lecture, _____ at 7:00 pm last night, was followed by an observation of the moon with telescopes. A. starting B. being starting C. to start D. to be started 21.【天津】 He got up late and hurried to his office, ______ the breakfast untouched. A. left B. to leave C. leaving D. having left 22.【江西】 Having finished her project, she was invited by the school _____ to the new students. A. speaking B. having spoken C. to speak D. to have spoken 23.【江西】 John has really got the job because he showed me the official letter _____ him it. A. offered B. offering C. to offer D. to be offered

24.【辽宁】 The old couple often take a walk after super in the park with their pet dog ____. A. to follow B. following C. followed D. follows 25.【辽宁】This machine is very easy ______. Anybody can learn to use it in a few minutes. A. operating B. to be operating C. operated D. to operate 26.【四川】Tom took a taxi to the airport, only _____ his plane high up in the sky. A. finding B. to find C. being found D. to have found 27.【四川】 I looked up and noticed a snake ______ its way up the tree to catch its breakfast. A. to wind B. wind C. winding D. wound 28.【2012 四川】12. Before driving into the city, you are required to get your car ____. A. washed B. wash C. washing D. to wash 29.【浙江】No matter how bright a talker you are, there are times when it’s better ____ silent. A. remain B. be remaining C. having remained D. to remain 30.【浙江】I think Tom, as the head of a big department, should either study regularly or ____ his job. A. quits B. to quit C. quitting D. quit 31.【浙江】 ―It’s such a nice place,‖ Mother said as she sat at the table _____ for customers. A. to be reserved B. having reserved C. reserving D. reserved 32.【江苏】 ______ an important decision more on emotion than on reason, you will regret it soon or later. A. Based B. Basing C. Base D. To base


6-10AADDC 11-15ACAAD 26-30BCADD 31-32DB


2013 年高考试题(时态和语态)
1. We _____ very early so we packed the night before.(新课标二卷 7) A. leave B. had left C. were leaving D .have left 2. Hurry up, kids! The school bus _____ for us!(四川卷 3) A. waits B. was waiting C. waited D. is waiting 3. On Monday mornings it usually _____ me an hour to drive to work although the actual distance is only 20 miles.(陕西卷 11 )A. takes B. is taking C. took D. will take 4. Jim _____ a late night film at home when, right in the middle of a thrilling scene, the television went blank.(陕 西卷 17)A. watched B. had watched C. was watching D. would be watching 5. If we ______ now to protect the environment, we’ll live to regret it.(新课标一卷 24) A. hadn’t acted B. haven’t acted C. don’t act D. won’t act 6. 1 felt very tired when I got home, and I _____ straight to bed.(重庆卷 21) A. go B. went C. had gone D. have gone 7. - It rained cats and dogs this morning. I’m glad we took an umbrella. - Yeah, we would have got wet all over if we _____.(重庆卷 29) A. hadn’t B. haven't C. didn't D. don't 8. A Midsummer Night's Dream _____ at the Theatre Royal on 19th June, and then tours throughout Scotland(重 庆卷 33)A. opens B. is opened C. will open D. will be opened 9. ―What do you want to be?‖ asked Mrs. Crawford. ―Oh, I _____ president,‖ said the boy, with a smile.(湖南卷 22)A. have been B. am C. was D. will be 10. Around two o’clock every night, Sue will start talking in her dream. It somewhat _____ us. (湖南卷 24)A. bothers B. had bothered C. would bother D. bothered 11. If nothing _____, the oceans will turn into fish deserts.(湖南卷 26) A. does B. had been done C. will do D. is done 12. — Have you heard about the recent election?(湖南卷 27)

— Sure, it _____ the only thing on the news for the last three days. A. would be B. is C. has been D. will be 13. I’m calling about the apartment you _____ the other day. Could you tell me more about it?) (安徽卷 24) A. advertised B. had advertised C. are advertising D. will advertise 14. I _____ to my cousin’s birthday party last night, but I was not available(安徽卷 28) A. went B. had gone C. would go D. would have gone 15. He was unhappy when he sold his guitar. After all, he _____ if for a very long time. (辽宁卷 22) A. has had. B. had had C. has D. had 16. We are confident that the environment ______ by our further efforts to reduce pollution. (辽宁卷 30) A. had been improved B. will be improved C. is improved D. was proved 17. I _____ to visit you later that day, but I had to phone and cancel.(江西 35) A. come B. came C. am coming D. was coming 答案:1-5 CDACC 6-10 BAADA 11-15 DCADB 16-17 BD

2013 年高考试题(非谓语动词)
1.I got to the office earlier that day, the 7:30 train from Paddington(全国卷 5) A. caught B. to have caught C. to catch D. having caught 2. _______ which university to attend, the girl asked her teacher for advice.(四川卷 8) A. Not knowing B. Knowing not C. Not known D. Known not 3. The airport _______ next year will help promote tourism in this area.(四川卷 10) A. being completed B. to be completed C. completed D. having been completed 4. Let those in need that we will go all out to help them.(陕西卷 13) A. to understand B. understand C. understanding D. understood 5. The witnesses by the police just now gave very different descriptions of the fight.(陕西卷 14) A. questioned B. being questioned C. to be questioned D. having questioned 6. The driver wanted to park his car near the roadside but was asked by the police ____. (全国卷 28) A. not to do B. not to C. not do D. do not 7. The sunlight is white and blinding, ____ hard-edged shadows on the ground.(全国卷 35) A. throwing B. being thrown C. to throw D. to be thrown 8. When I was little, my mother used to sit by my bed, me stories till I fell asleep.(重庆卷 30) A.having told B. telling C.told D. to tell 9. The engine just won't start. Something seems wrong with it.(重庆卷 34) A. to go B. to have gone C. going D. having gone 10. You cannot accept an opinion ________ to you unless it is based on facts.(湖南卷 29 ) A. offering B. to offer C. having offered D. offered 11. The sun began to rise in the sky, ________ the mountain in golden light.(湖南卷 25) A. bathed B. bathing C. to have bathed D. have bathed 12. Every day ________ a proverb aloud several times until you have it memorized.(湖南卷 30) A. read B. reading C. to read D. reads 13. ________ warm at night, I would fill the woodstove, then set my alarm clock for midnight so I could refill it. (湖南卷 31)A. Staying B. Stayed C. To stay D. Stay 14.____ in the early 20th century, the school keeps on inspiring children’s love of art.(安徽卷 32) A. To found B. Founding C. Founded D. Having founded 15. Laura was away in Paris for over a week. When she got home, there was a pile of mail ______for her. (辽宁卷 28)A. waited B. to wait C. waiting D. was waiting 答案:1-5 DABBA 6-10 BABBD 11-15 BACCC


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