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2010 年湖南师大附中高二上学期第二次知能检测英语试题答案


Conversation 1

M: If we go to London by bus, it will take us three hours.

W: Yes, but it’s only two hours by train.

Conversation 2

M: I like the little kid in the movie. I can’t imagine anyone else playing that role.

W: I like him too. He’s so cute.

Conversation 3

M: I can’t sleep well recently and I have a headache.

W: Oh, you look pale. Let me have an examination … Well, it’s nothing serious.

Conversation 4

M: Hurry up, mom. The taxi’s come and it is waiting downstairs.

W: Just a second, honey. I’ll get some food in the kitchen. The meals on the train are terrible.

Conversation 5

W: Excuse me, will it take me long to get to the zoo?

M: It’s not too far. It’s only 20 minutes’ walk. But if you’re in a hurry, you may take a No. 15 bus over there.

W: Well, I am not in a hurry. Thanks a lot.

Conversation 6

W: It’s a lovely day out today, isn’t it?

M: It’s beautiful. Enjoy it while it lasts. It’s supposed to get cold tomorrow. The weather forecast says that it’s supposed to snow early tomorrow morning and then tomorrow afternoon there’s a chance of rain.

W: That doesn’t sound pretty. I was going to drive to Birmingham to see some friends.

M: You’d better change your plans.

W: I suppose I should.

Conversation 7

W: Are you interested in music, Mr. Roger?

M: Yes, I like classical music, but jazz is my favorite, and my wife

is crazy about rock music.

W: You play the piano, don't you?

M: A little bit, but my wife is much better than me. She can also play the violin.

W: Really? I hope I can hear her play some day.

M: Why not come to our house this weekend? We are going to have a party.

W: Thank you. I’d love to.

Conversation 8

W: What a great day, don’t you think?

M: I guess so. I didn’t notice. I feel terrible because I watched television until after midnight last night.

W: After midnight! Did you watch so late because you were bored? I usually watch TV only when I have nothing better to do.

M: Bored? No, I was unhappy because I left my meal tickets in the dining room.

W: So did watching TV make you feel better?

M: Well, I felt a bit better while I was watching. You know, it took my mind off my troubles. But after I turned the 真的不掉线 吗??、????????????

TV off, I just felt even worse with myself for wasting so much time.

W: I’ve had that feeling before.

Conversation 9

W: We could have flown to Shenzhen. But I prefer traveling on train. I like to watch the scenes by the window.

M: I like traveling by train too. I think it adds something to my sense of safety.

W: Guess what? I always enjoy talking with people on the platform every time the train arrives at a station. You make friends really fast and easily. I can practice my Chinese at the same time. It’s a lot of fun, isn’t it?

M: Yes.

W: I often travel by train. But I can never sleep well at night. Too much noise, you know.

M: Now some trains are really up-to-date. They say they are like moving hotels.

W: That’s right. In England, many people travel to and from London every day by express train.

M: It’s getting dark now. Let’s get some sleep.

My day begins when my alarm clock wakes me up at 7:00 in the morning. I jump out of bed, take a shower, get dressed and by 7:30, I’m all set

to head off to classes. As classes won’t start until 8:00, I usually buy my breakfast in the store downstairs and eat it on my way to the classroom. I usually get there ten minutes early: enough time to get prepared for the day’s work to begin. Most of the classes are lectures followed by discussions. I like the discussions better. They’re more challenging.

I have lunch at about 11:30 at one of the school cafeterias where they serve different types of food. Mostly I just ear noodles. Sometimes we have classes in the afternoon. When we don’t, I usually go to the library to study. I have supper rather early, at about 5:00. Then I do some shopping at the supermarket near the school. Between 6:00 and 8:00, it is my computer time. I surf the net, check e-mails and sometimes do some online chatting. After that, I go to one of the study rooms to work on my projects. I return to my dorm at about 10:30 and go t bed at 11:00, but I sometimes end up chatting with my roommates deep into the night.


6-10 CBCAB

11-16 BABBAA 17.take 18. 7:50 19. 26—30CDADB

discussions 20. check e-mails 21---25BCBAB

31---35ABDAA 36—40 DBBBC41—45 CDADC 46---50 BABDC 51—52 DB 53. Growing Old 54. Positive attitude 55.Being respected 56.economical problems 57.experiencing age discrimination 58. A person who does a thing at the proper time. / A person who is in the habit of doing a thing at the proper time. /A person who is never late in keeping an appointment.

59. Time. 60. At the appointed time. / A little earlier than the appointed time.

61.中美两国肩负起对全球主要问题的主要责任 认为中国是世界第二强国。


63. who still see China as a developing country. fifteenth that of the UK

64. only one


One possible version

After reading your letter on the Internet, I can totally imagine how depressed you are now. Since your classmates couldn’t understand why you put forward so strict demands on them, they tended to act regardless of your request. Your starting point of making your class better has no ground for blame, nevertheless, you should pay more attention to the way you treat your classmates.

Frankly speaking, being a well-respected monitor not only requires outstanding performance in your study, but also the ability to unite all the classmates. Here are some suggestions. First, ask for your classmates’ advice before making a decision so that you can find out the way to reduce the force of resistance from them. Second, try to persuade your classmates to obey the regulation rather than oblige them to do so. The last but not the least, whenever and wherever, keep in mind that you are setting as an example and doing your best to satisfy all the demands.

It takes time for your classmates to switch their attitude, but as long as you focus on the methods you manage your class and the improvement of yourself, you will win authority among them. So cheer up and I’m looking forward to hearing good news from you. 真的不掉线 吗??、????????????


我和大家分享一个成功者的故事,这是一个真实的故事,一直激励这 我在英语的这条路上,让我不要放弃,一直走下去,我给师大的同学上课的时 候就给他们将过李勇的故事,因为片幅太长,要分开来发,这下面是他的故事: 虽然有点长,我希望你看完,看完的朋友,请你写下你的感受,谢谢。 这是一个仅有初中中专学历的青年。 当初,他连国际音标也认不全。 现在,他有了自己的贸易公司, 收入翻了上百倍,并且策划出版第一套全面系统的外贸商务英语有声书 ——《疯狂商务英语》 ,帮助众多人在短时间内突破英语,改变命运,成为响当 当的“总教头”和各大媒体关注的焦点人物。 是什么突然改变了他的人生? 是英语,是意志,是自信,是他常挂在口头上的一句英语:Never give up (永不放弃) 。


1998 年,20 岁的李勇中专毕业,走出校门,就面临着就业的艰难。在 一个大学生都在为就业四处奔波的年代,初中中专的择业机会还有真的不掉线 吗??、????????????


半年多的赋闲,半年多时间只为寻个饭碗的磕磕碰碰,把他以为“跳 出农门,万事大吉”的梦击得粉碎。

1999年3月,李勇总算找到了一份工作,在南昌的一家小电器厂当上了 一名装配工,每天给电源稳压器拧螺丝钉。

一个月下来,当他把平生的第一份工资--330元钱捧到父母面前。这 对老实巴交的农民,兴奋得双手发抖。可他心中很矛盾:想想这份工作的来之 不易,实在应该珍惜;看看工作的单调辛苦,工资的低廉,何时能够真正自立?

这时,他有了一个朦胧的目标:争取每月能挣700元钱――这是厂里那 些科室干部和技术人员的待遇。父母埋怨他不要这山望着那山高,安心点。



在电器厂没干完半年,他跳槽了,来到堂叔李义海的医药公司当记帐 员。没想到实现自己月收入700元的目标并不难,且只要动动笔头记记帐,不比 当时厂里的科室人员差。

得陇望蜀,他的要求像跳高的横杆一样在往上升。这次,他的目标锁 定在每月2000元。要达到这标准,必须外出去跑业务。



李义海,这位江西省第三大民营企业家,算是深谙商海沉浮的人物了, 打量着眼前这位身高一米六二、见着熟人都会脸红的堂侄,好言相劝:“你安 心点算了,你性格这样内向,不擅交际,怎么会做生意?”

是的,或许因为从小生在乡下,或许因为个儿矮,他不但是个木讷的 人,甚至连走路都溜墙跟走。有着深深自卑的人往往是极自尊的。

“当别人说你不行时,其实是对你最好的刺激,你一定要相信自己是最棒 的。否则你真被人家说中了。”

他不敢多想父母期盼而埋怨的目光,心里老是想着“你不是做生意的 料”那句并非刺耳的话。一咬牙,辞去了医药公司记帐员这份令人羡艳的职业。 这是2001年2月14日,正是许多青年男女沉浸在卿卿我我的日子里.

新的世纪,是个因特网风靡全球的时代,是个网络英雄的偶像时代。 有这样一个现代版本的童话:漂亮的小蜜蜂嫁给了丑陋的黑蜘蛛,只因为蜘蛛 是在与网络搭界的职业。


书籍,闭门狂学电脑操作。2个月后,他学会了网页设计、动画和网站制作。进 入江西师大一家电脑培训中心教网页制作。

教了不到两个月,他又辞职了,因为这份工作的收入与他曾经设定的 月收入 2000 元的目标相差较远。2001 年 6 月 6 日,李勇和表兄一起真的不掉线 吗??、????????????


挤在狭仄的车厢过道里,看着车窗外陌生的景象,从未出过远门的他 眼里流露出了莫名的恐惧和不安;走在喧闹的南方都市,看着满街的匆匆步履, 李勇的内心涌动着跃跃欲试的冲动。

南方人才交流中心永远是那么的热闹非凡,一个个招人的单位,把人 才框定在大学生研究生通红的文凭上。李勇的那张初中中专的文凭实在拿不出 手。

在人才中心大门口,李勇买了一张《南方人才报》 ,细长的眼睛眯得更 细了,猎人一般地搜寻可以一搏的机遇。他相信“世界上有这样的规则:当你 努力的时候,上帝总会被感动的”。

傍晚6点,华灯初上。他走进了“中国年历礼品网”广东站。他简单地介绍 了一下自己,就和站长李唐谈网络。网络这个神奇的世界让这位木讷的小个子, 话匣子打开了。他和李唐这位有着一脸络腮胡子、令旁人望而生畏的大汉,因 为网络一见投缘,畅谈了三个小时。这可是他平生第一次最痛快的表达。


三个月后,李勇觉得自己要发展,光懂技术不行,必须学会经营。于 是辞去了网站的工作,经朋友杜鹃介绍,到浙江杭州的“天堂硅谷”,给企业 作网络宣传,这天刚好是2001年的10月1日。

在以后的近一年时间里,他辗转浙江的杭州、湖州、温州,他经真的 不掉线吗??、????????????

历过失败、无奈;也尝到了成功的喜悦,成为公司的销售经理,也达到了 自己设定的月收入2000元的第二个目标,正当他已成为公司炙手可热的焦点人 物时,李勇又作出了令人意想不到的抉择。


不是所有的行业都有适合自己的发展空间。行业有否选对,影响着人 的一生,有句俗语:男怕选错行,女怕嫁错郎。

这个时候,有两个成功的人物占据他的心灵空间。一个是阿里巴巴网 站的创立者马云,另一个是“疯狂英语”的创始人李阳。从他们身上,他看到 了,要成功必须要有自己独特的工具,就像赛马必须要有好马一样。


狂英语’集训营,营期10天,学费3980元。”这是条一般人看到都会摇头的广 告,且不说10天时间学好英语近乎神话,近四千的学费也实在太贵了。可他马 上来了精神,打电话要求预留名额。8月1日,揣上借来的2000元钱,向公司请假, 赴上海去学英语。

到那儿一看,才知道同事们的劝说确实不差,同班的有博士生、研究 生、大学生,而他只有初中的英语水平,加上乡下的英语教学连读音都带有方 言音,何况七八年时间荒废了,他的英语基础近乎零。



他认定自己的敌人并非陌生的语言,并非那比他水平高得多的同学, 而是自己,自己见人脸红的个性,自己老是不敢大声发音的嘴巴。于是,他主 动要求当班长,目的是给自己更大的压力,不怕出洋相,不怕被人瞧不起,只 要能锻炼自己的胆子和勇气。

李阳的英语学习法之所以被称为“疯狂英语”,他要学习者无论何时 何地,必须像面对旷野般地大声朗读、大声喊叫,克服胆怯怕羞的心理,培养 勇气,培养随时随地的语境。

集训营规定:早上7点集合,晚上9点休息,每天学习时间保证12小时。 李勇给自己立下规矩;每天早起一小时,晚睡一小时,必须保证比人家多学两 个小时。第一天跟着老师喊英语,他就把嗓子喊哑了。腮帮子肌肉僵硬了,他 努力张开嘴,把拳头塞到嘴里去,逼着自己张大嘴巴……集训营里,这个班长


10天下来,尽管他没学会几个单词和几句对话,可他学到了两个法宝: 一是熟练掌握了整套音标的发音;二是学会了不管何时何地都不怕出丑不怕丢 人地大声说英语的勇气。换句话说,学英语学到了厚脸皮,克服了自卑胆怯的 毛病,这对于他无疑是最大的收获。

集训结束,回到杭州,每天繁杂的业务,每天不停地奔波,他实在难 以静心学英语。思考再三,一张辞职报告交到了老总手里,理由很简单:只为 学英语。把老总惊得眼珠子都要瞪出来:这可是每月有真的不掉线 吗??、????????????


没了工作没了收入,他借居在同事韩波的宿舍里, 做寓公。他决定苦 攻两个月,学会1000句英语对话。

清晨,天还未亮,他就拎着两大瓶水、带上面包和玉米棒来到钱塘江 边。面对广阔的天宇,面对涛涛钱江潮,面对曙光和晚霞,手舞足蹈大声喊叫 着异国的语言。饿了,啃个干面包,困了,躺在江堤上,依然念念有词。此时, 正值农历八月,钱塘江边观潮的人络绎不绝,人们远远地观望他,犹如面对一 个怪物。

一次韩波来江边看望他,见他十分投入地对着潮水喊:“I am the greatest, I will be successful(我是最棒的,我一定会成功的)”。不忍 心去打扰他,就对江堤上正领着小孙子散步的一位老阿婆说:“阿婆,你看看

我这位朋友,他学得多刻苦,他一定会成为不一般的人。”老阿婆回答:“他 呀?每天在那儿疯疯癫癫的,一定脑子不正常,你怎么不给他去看看医生?”

晚上11点,李勇拖着疲惫的身躯回来,赶紧让韩波测试他一天的成果, 他给韩波定了规矩,自己要是说不上来,就罚做俯卧撑,或让韩波用皮带抽他。



2002 年 10 月 23 日,苦学英语初成的李勇来到柯桥,想找一份工作, 真的不掉线吗??、????????????


经过23次的无情拒绝,李勇心灰意冷了:没想到我花了这么长时间学 英语,还是这种地步。


我恨这个世界!为什么大家都这么看重文凭?都要问你的英语有几级? 难道没有读过大学,没有考过等级的人就永远不行吗?

为什么社会这样不公平?为什么有的人可以花上几百万去国外留学, 而有的人却因为一个高中也读不了?


(4)原来, 恐惧是要用行动来打破的!

李勇走进了北市场时,就在停车场边,李李勇沮丧地在大街走,感觉 整个世界快要毁灭——

突然间,他看到了路边有一张关于阿里巴巴营销人员的名片,由于他 想到自己的崇拜的偶像马云:他的理想是上北大,但最后他只上了杭州师院, 还是个专科,而且考了3年。第一年高考他数学考了1分,第二年19分。 虽然没有考上北大,后来却在北大演讲 ! “他能行,我为什么不行!”李勇忍不住,把这句话吼了出来。

路人都惊异看着这个“疯子”,有人走了几步还回头再看看“疯子”,看 有没有其他什么不正常举动。


想到马云的这些经历,李勇自己振作精神,静下心来。这些公司都不 要我,我还有什么机会呢?

哦,对了,这儿有很多老外在市场采购,我是不是可以从老外这里找到 一些机会呢?

想到这里,李勇从旁边借了一把火机,哧的一声,点燃厚厚的一沓简 历,丢在秋风中,行人莫不驻足相望。


李勇,你是不会被打败的,永远不会的!之所以没有人给你一份工作, 只有一个原因,那就是:你的命运是做老板,而不是为人打工!! !

他昂起了头,深深的呼吸了一口,感觉空气是甜的,默默地在心中做了一 个决定:一定一定一定要成功,永远永远永远也不能放弃!!李勇碰到了第一 ! 个老外,只见此人穿着白色的长裙,留着厚而且长的黑须,估计60上下。

这是李勇在柯桥见到的第一个老外。 机会来了!



李勇的左腿想上前,可右腿又想后退,心跳更剧烈了,舌头也好象在 开始打转……




李勇忽然间不知道哪里来的勇气,大步走上前去大声地说:“Hi,may I help you? ”同时嘴角往两边分开,露出一个大大的笑脸

老外很惊讶,居然有中国人主张为自己提供帮助, 而且不是中国式英 语“好啊油” 和“饭,三克油”,

柯桥这个小镇,连深圳也没有碰到过啊,虽然有人英语不错,但是都 要你先开口他才说话,老外有点不敢相信。

这是在柯桥,更不敢相信,眼前的年轻人,是一个只认真学过两个月 英语的中专生。

第一句英语说出来后,李勇感觉浑身的轻松,先前的恐惧已经烟消云 散了。他发现,现在紧张的不是他,而是对面的老外朋友。

于是李勇接着说: “Welcome to China,and I hope you enjoy your stay here. If you need any help, just let me know, I'll try my best to help you.”

老外的眼睛都放光了,盯着李勇说:“Sure I'll and thank you very much!”

老外接着问:"what are you doing here?"

李勇:"I am here to learn English, so I'd like to help you and improve my English. My name is brave lee".

老外:"That's very good, my name is Yousif Lala, you call 真的 不掉线吗??、????????????

me Lala. That's for sure I'll call you if I need any help.".

老外停了一下说: "And now I'm going back to my hotel."

李勇边握手边说:“See you and very nice talking to you.”

望着老外离去的白色身影,李勇有种初战告捷的成就感,对自己说: 我终于开始了,我终于开始了,我终于开始了!

回到寝室,李勇仍旧处于兴奋中:我终于开始了! 我终于开始了,我终 于开始了,我终于开始了! 我终于开始了,我终于开始了,我终于开始了!

心中的声音回荡着…… 李勇长久以来第一次带着微笑进入了梦乡。

原来, 恐惧是要用行动来打破的! (5)开始,往往就意味着成功

任何事情,开始,往往就意味着成功,很多的梦想,都是死在脑海里 的,因为他们从来没有开始过……

第二天,李勇继续在轻纺城寻找新的机会,象一条饿极的狼,在冰天 雪地中觅食……

大概十几分钟后,李勇的摩托罗拉 V8060 响了,一看是一个陌生的号 码,因为是杭州的号,所以李勇没有接。而是在市场旁边用磁卡电话回了过去, 是一个老外的声音:“Hi,this is Lala,we met in the 真的不掉线 吗??、????????????

market yesterday."

李勇一听,是那个老外 。接着老外用厚重的声音继续说:"Mr.Lee ,can you help me? I want to buy some shoes for my family."

李勇赶紧说“No problem"

老外:"Can you come to Jinchang Hotel? My room is 8408."

于是李勇问到了金昌大酒店,到房间把老外接出来,然后找了一辆三 轮车,骑车的师傅说买鞋要到鞋城,要4块钱。

然后一下午的时间,李勇都和老外一起在鞋城里讨价还价,看来老外 不是第一次来中国了,还价够狠的,他告诉李勇,还价的原理是报价除于2再 去掉零头,李勇不由得挢舌不下。

鞋城回来,老外说他他明天要去深圳,李勇说他现在就要回杭州,向 老外告别,感觉很累,但很充实。这是他第一次和老外一起相处如 此长的时 间,要知道在培训班时,一个老外要面对五十个人,一个小时的课程分给每个 人只有1分钟,如果是在别的地方找老外,至少也要五十块一小时,从这一点 上,李勇觉得:赚了。 (6)机遇,往往是在你付出努力后的格外奖赏。 告别了,就在李勇人已在门外,手在门把准备带上的时间,老外说了一个 单词:“wait!”看得出,他是想了一下再说的。



老外说:“can you help me another favor?”

“My pleasure.”李勇回答。 接着老外拿出一块面料,白色的布上印了小花,方方正正的,象是桌布, 老外说:"Can you help me to find this?" 李勇当时有种说不出的预感:机会来了。 但是他嘴里说:“Can I do this? I have never done this before." 老外说:"come, I'll tell you" 于是,老外花了半个多小时来给李勇介绍面料,纱支,尺寸,和绞边,李 勇一边听,一边写在纸上,不懂的单词,就用那破旧的二手电子词典来帮助翻 译。 也许这是李勇接受的第一堂纺织品培训课程,免费而且高效。 于是接下来的20多天里,拿着这块小东西,李勇走遍了整个轻纺城市场, 令它惊讶的是,原来只知道要卖东西给别人很难,没想到要买一个东西也这么 难!

开始的几天,李勇白天来柯桥找产品,晚上还得去杭州住。李勇感觉 不但人辛苦,而且费用也挺大,于是后来就住在老市场对面的独山村找了个便 宜的旅馆住了下来,每天晚上只要15块钱。


又过了几天,终于有了眉目,老外决定让一个福建老板来做,因为第一次 做生意,还特地去了义乌,由老外的一个朋友的公司出面签订了真的不掉线 吗??、????????????


再过二十多天,出货,付款,李勇拿到了有生以来第一笔佣金12000元, 想想两个月钱塘江的苦学,经济上的损失3000*2=6000元,再上4000多的学费, 一共是一万块,所以李勇再次感觉到:赚了.

(7)英语帮助我改变了我的人生,我要让它帮助更多人。 03年的元旦,对于李勇来说无疑是最值得纪念的日子。

那天,他从绍兴杨汛桥镇的一家厂里看完样品回柯桥。简陋的路边候车亭 里,三三两两地站着等车的人。李勇从包里取出耳机戴上,趁这个间隙里,听 一会儿英语,口里还叽哩呱啦的跟读。

这时候,旁边有两位姑娘在窃窃偷笑。姑娘们可是绍兴越秀外国语学院正 儿八经的专科生,见这人故作风雅,颇觉好笑。 李勇在举目间,看到了姑娘的笑脸,摘下耳机,用英语说了一句:“你们 会说英语吗?”两位姑娘当然不甘示弱,用英语作了流利的回答。于是,接下 来,他们就用英语交谈上了。一长谈,两位姑娘就显怯了,他的英语说得真溜 啊,还是正宗的美式英语,以为他在美国留过学。一打听,说是学了半年还不 到,惊得直吐舌头。车上一路的交谈,就成全了一桩好事,其中一个来自宁波 的姑娘王棱棱,后来成为他的女朋友,成为他开办商务英语培训基地最得力的 助手。


春夏之交,一场突如其来的“非典”给如日中天的外贸形势兜头真的 不掉线吗??、????????????

浇了一瓢冷水。此时,已是一家外贸公司业务经理的李勇,便利用这间隙 抓紧再攻一攻英语。每天,天刚亮,便来到刚建成的瓜渚湖西岸公园,面对一 碧万顷的盈盈湖水,面对沾露初醒的绿树红花,面对翩翩起舞的晨练队伍,如 入无人之境,大声朗读着英语,念到得意处,不觉手之舞之足之蹈之。于是, 他也成了西岸公园特有的一景。当围观的人们了解了他的情况,投来的是敬佩 的目光,有几个胆大的请求能不能成为他的学生。

柯桥,已不仅仅是昔日封闭的江南古镇了。因为中国轻纺城的崛起, 这里汇集了国内外的客商。能说一口流利的英语,实在是柯桥人最大的向往。 看着他们渴求的目光,李勇欣喜地答应了。 6 月 12 日,李勇的英语角正式“开张“了。他自费整理印刷了学习资料,为 鼓励更多的人学习英语,他在柯桥街头散发免费学英语的传单。 从十几个人,到几十人,再到上百人,目前,李勇的英语角两百多名注册学 员。 每天早晨 6 点至 7 点,李勇准时出现在瓜渚湖西岸公园,一大堆人围在一起 大声朗读英语。他们中有布商、小学生、退休工人,也有“踏哥”、理发师、 酒店勤杂工、建筑工地里的外地打工者。李勇幽默的语言夸张的动作极具煽动

性的激发,让拗口难记的英语单词和句子,变得鲜活形象。李勇的英语教学极 具实用性,他最先让人学会的单词是 business(生意)和 真的不掉线吗??、????????????

price(价格)……口语,也是精挑细拣的、与外商打交道中使用频率 最高的短语。 学了就管用,用了就有效益。这是学习者的切身体会。不过,每一位学习 者最深的感慨是:跟李勇学英语,不仅仅是英语本身,更多的是学会了无所畏 惧,战胜自卑,换句话说,真正体会到信心和成就感。 后来,大家建议李勇将自己的经验总结出来,编成书,可以让大家随时随 地都可以学习,这个想法给他很大的启发,他想其实英语学习,光有书是不够 的,根据自己的学习经验,发音是关键,所以语音材料是必不可少的。 于是李勇立即行动,工作之余开始整理资料,并赴上海,杭州等请有关专 家教授改正,同时让各地外商和各位做生意的人提出意见,又专程去请美国老 师录音,过一年多的努力,终于面市了,起名为《疯狂商务英语》 。 作为第一套全面系统的外贸商务英语,《疯狂商务英语》一上市就受到各地 商人和学生的青睐,几度脱销重印。 印度商人默罕是李勇的老朋友,看到这套书后非常惊讶,给李勇打电话是 说: "Hello,liyong, I am calling to tell youI went through every part of this book and CD,It's really a shortcut of chineses learners,even they don't anything about English,to learn this book and practice for a short time,I think they can 真的不掉线吗??、????????????

communicte with foreign customers like us. I never expected that you have done such beautiful job,congratulations to you,and I suggest you to make the same thing to our foreigners in Chines,It will be warmly welcomed." ("喂,李勇,我打电话是想告诉你,书和 CD 的每一部分我都看了,我 觉得这真是中国人学英语的一条捷径,甚至对于没有任何基础的人,如何能够 学好这个书并且照着练习的话,我认为在适时间内就可以和向我这样的国外客 户交流了.我没想到你做出这么漂亮的一件事情,祝贺你,并且我建议你能够为 我们老外做出同样的东西来学中文,那样一定会很受欢迎的。" ) 为了更大限度推广《疯狂商务英语》 ,李勇用一天的时间做了一个简单的网 站, 建站的第三天日访量就超过了千人, 让他自己都觉得奇怪, 《都市快报》 、 《天 天商报》 、浙江卫视等新闻媒体相继报道了李勇的他的英语角全国各地的人通过 电话,手机短信,QQ,MSN 与他取得联系,邮购他的教材,越来越多的人通知李 勇的教材而收益,或是换了更好的工作,或是自己开始创业,甚至有个宁波小 伙子跟李勇学好英语后居然去了美国。

很多人都问他快速突破的秘诀,每当这时李勇说:学英语其实没有任何捷 径,之所以我能在两个月取得一些成绩,是因为我两个月时间付出超过别人两 三年的努力啊! 传言,这个当年装螺丝每月歉300块的小伙子,仅2004年一年便超过百万。 目前,他正在寻求投资合作者和优秀人才的加盟,去实现更大更远的梦想, 将自己的生意做到全世界,并且让鼓励更多人能在世界经济中叱咤风云,做成 功的国际商人。 就像在《疯狂商务英语》之前他自编的《柯桥商务英语》小册子的扉页上, 那一句摘自《圣经》里的名言告诉人们:“Ask,you will receive;seek,you find;knock,the door will open(追求,你就能得到;搜寻,你就会找到;敲,门就会开启)”。 所有的这一切都缘于他的一个原则:Never give up(永不放弃)


小学六年级(PEP 版)期末备考第 4 天

Unit 4

一、看一看,填一填。(10 分)


②playing football

③watching TV

④collecting stamps ⑤riding a bike

二、根据所给句子和首字母完成单词,看看谁的记忆好!(10 分)

1. - What’s your h________?

- I like singing.

2. Tell me a________ your pen pal.

3. - What do you like?

-I like c__________ stamps.

4. - There is a stamp show Sunday. Why not go and have a look?

-OK, let’s go t________.

5. They’re twins, so they look the s_________.

6. Lucy’s father is a doctor, he works in a big h_________.

7. I’ll live with him f_______ now on.

8. I usually watch TV in the day, but Amy usually watches TV at n________.

9. - How does your mother go to work?

- She always goes by s________.

10. Your sister is too young, you should take c_______ of her.

三、单项选择。(30 分)

火眼金睛 找出划线部分发音不同与其他三个的单词。


) 1. A. learn

B. earth

C. hear

D. heard


) 2. A. which

B. chair

C. French

D. school


) 3. A. nose

B. love

C. post

D. goal


) 4. A. visitor

B. word

C. mirror

D. color


) 5. A. go

B. stop

C. no

D. home



) 6. This is my pen pal in __________.

A. Canada

B. English

C. Australian D. Japanese


) 7. _______ he go to school by bus?


A. Is

B. Are

C. Do

D. Does


) 8. Tom ________ listening to music.

A. likes

B. like

C. liking

D. to like


) 9. I’m happy _______ a new pen pal.

A. have

B. to have

C. has

D. having


) 10. They’re twins, but they look ________.

A. same different

B. the same

C. different

D. the


) 11. The light is on, Tom must ______ at home.

A. is

B. am

C. are

D. be

( chess.

) 12. I like playing _____ piano, but I don’t like playing ______

A. the, the

B. the, /

C. /, the

D. /, /


) 13. Let’s go home after _______ basketball.

A. play

B. plays

C. playing

D. to play


) 14. My mother is a _______, she teaches in No.1 Middle School.

A. doctor

B. nurse

C. teacher

D. cleaner


) 15. I write an email ______ Alice every Sunday.

A. for

B. to

C. at

D. give


) 16. Do you know how _________ an envelope ?

A. address

B. addresses C. addressing D. to address


) 17. Where ______ you work?

A. do

B. does

C. are

D. is


) 18. Mr. White teaches _______ English. We all love her.

A. we

B. us

C. our

D. ours


) 19. The woman is old, but she looks _______.

A. old

B. new

C. young

D. small


) 20. She is a girl. ______ name is Rose.

A. Her

B. Its

C. His

D. Shes

四、趣味阅读。(8 分)

Mary is a little girl. She’s write, but she likes 2

1__ three years old. She can’t read

very much.

One day, her sister Ann sees

3__ at the


. She thinks Mary

is __5 . But she is writing on the paper.

“ 6

are you doing, Mary?” Ann asks her.

“I’m writing


Joan.” She answers.

“ 8

you don’t know how


, how can you write to her?”



. Joan can’t read or write, either.”


) 1. A. only

B. very

C. already

D. about


) 2. A. write

B. writing

C. writes

D. wrote


) 3. A. she

B. her

C. hers

D. him


) 4. A. window

B. cinema

C. desk

D. box


) 5. A. draw

B. draws

C. drew

D. drawing


) 6. A. What

B. Where

C. When

D. Which


) 7. A. for

B. at

C. on

D. to


) 8. A. Because

B. So

C. And

D. But


) 9. A. write

B. to write

C. writes

D. wrote


) 10. A. It doesn’t matter.

B. Thank you.

C. Excuse me.

D. Sorry.

五、阅读加油站。(20 分)


Mary likes English very much. She works hard. She reads English every morning. She likes speaking English. She often listens to the radio. She watches TV only on Saturday evening. Does she like dancing? No, she doesn’t. But she likes drawing and singing. Her parents like her. And all the teacher and her friends like her, too.



) 1. All the teachers like her.


) 2. She reads Chinese every morning.


) 3. She watches TV every evening.


) 4. She doesn't like drawing.


) 5. Mary likes English.


Peter is four years old. He is bright and lovely. His parents love him very much. His mother often feeds food to him and carries(带着)him in her arms. Peter is too spoiled(溺爱).

One Sunday, his father wants to take him to the park. Peter asks his father to carry him. His father says,“ Peter, you have feet. You can walk yourself.” “But mum always holds me in her arms,” says Peter unhappily.“Why do you have feet?” his father asks.“When I am not happy, I kick(踢)my mother with them.”says Peter happily.



) 6. Peter is _______ years old.

A. two

B. three

C. four

D. eight


) 7. Peter's _____often carries him in her arms.

A. teacher

B. parents

C. mother

D. father


) 8. Peter’s _______wants to take him to the park.

A. teacher

B. parents

C. mother

D. father


) 9. Does Peter have feel?

A. Yes, he has.

B. No, he has.

C. Yes, he hasn't

D. No, he hasn't.


) 10. When Peter is not happy, he_______.

A. walks by himself

B. kicks his mother with his feet

C. carries his mother in his arms

D. asks his father to take him to the park

六、句子大变脸。(12 分)

1. I like riding a bike.(就划线部分提问)

______ your ______?

2. She lives in Australia.(改一般疑问句)

_____ she ________ in Australia?

3. Ann goes to school on foot every day.(同义句)

Ann _______ ________ ________ every day.

4. What about naming it Ben?(同义句)

______ _______ name it Ben?

5. Alice usually plays at the park on Saturday.(就划线部分提问)

______ _______ Alice usually ______ on Saturday?

6. Let’s go together.(反义疑问句)

Let’s go together,________ _________?

七、动词万花筒。(10 分)

My name _______ (be) Lily. I _______ (be) twelve years old and ______ (study) in Yucai Middle School. Now let me ______ (tell) you something about my class.

There ______ (be) 46 students in our class. Mrs. Wang is our English teacher. She _______ (teach) us very well and she _______ (like) _________ (play) games with us after class. So we all ______ (love) her very much. Look! She ______________ (make) a snowman with some students outside.

How happy we are! 真的不掉线吗??、????????????

2009 年小学六年级模拟测试题(四)

二、笔试部分(80 分)

I. 单词拼音(将划线部分读音不同的单词的符号填入题号前括号内)(1× 10)


)1. A. man

B. stand

C. Kate


)2. A. not

B. no

C. go


)3. A. pen

B. these

C. desk


)4. A. this

B. sit

C. nice


)5. A. student

B. under

C. cup


)6. A. sweater

B. please

C. teacher


)7. A. now

B. yellow

C. How


)8. A. they

B. three

C. mother


)9. A. bags

B. classes

C. maps


)10. A. yes

B. your

C. my

Ⅱ. 单词分类(将不同类型的单词的符号填入前面括号内)(1×10)


)1. A. bus

B. car

C. cup


)2. A. ten

B. there

C. thirteen


)3. A. shoe

B. shirt

C. bed


)4. A. bird

B. boy

C. girl


)5. A. brother

B. sister

C. family


)6. A. are

B. in

C. under


)7. A. China

B. American

C. Japanese


)8. A. teacher

B. student

C. school


)9. A. please

B. sit

C. stand


)10. A. red

B. apple

C. green

Ⅲ. 选择填空(将正确选项的符号填入题号前括号内)(1×10)


)1. Are you Mrs. Read? Yes, I _______.

A. is

B. am

C. are


)2. This is a map


A. of

B. on

C. in


)3. These bananas are


A. you

B. your

C. yours


)4. The twins


A. look same

B. look the same

C. look after


)5. It’s time


A. go to bed bed

B. to go to bed

C. to go to the


)6. Who’s that? Is it Lucy


A. or

B. and

C. but



)7. Whose bag is this? I think it’s


A. Jim’s

B. Jim

C. Jims’


)8. That’s his watch,Give it to


A. he

B. him

C. his


)9. I have a new bike.

bike is under the tree.

A. The

B. A

C. An


)10. Are you friends? Yes,


A. I am

B. they are

C. we are

Ⅳ. 情景反应(将正确答案的编号填入前括号内)(1×10)


)1. 一 Is everyone here? - _______.

A. Yes,I am. t.

B. No. you aren’

C. Yes,we are all here.


)2. -This is a new student,Ann. -


A. What’s your name?

B. How do you do?

C. Are you Ann?


)3. -Good afternoon,class. -

, teacher.

A. Good morning

B. Good afternoon

C. Goodbye


)4. -Hello,Bill? 一 No,


A. this is Sam

B. I am Sam

C. I’m Sam


)5. -This is your eraser. Here you are.

-Thank you,Mr. Hu.


A. Thank you,too

B. That’s all right

C. All right


)6. -

, where is the toilet? -Over there.

A. Excuse me you

B. Sorry

C. How are


)7. -Sit down and have a cup of tea. -


A. I sit down

B. I have a cup of tea

C. Thank you


)8. 一 Can I see your watch? -


A. That’s OK not here


C. OK. It’s


)9. -What’s the time? 一


A. Yes,it’s a clock

B. It’s the time

C. It’s eight o’clock


)10. -

. -It’s an egg.

A. What’s this in English?

B. Is this your egg?

C. Can you speak English?

Ⅵ. 句型转换(按括号内要求完成镇空,一空一问)(1×10)


1. Are you in Row One,Kate? (肯定回答)



2. They are in Grade Two. (改成否定句)

in Grade Two.

3. She can spell her name. (改成一般疑问句)

spell her name?

4. Their bags are black. (对划线部分提问)

are their bags?

5. This is a boat. (变复数)



Ⅷ. 完型填空(将选项的符号填入题号前面括号内)(1×10)

Look ① the picture,please. We can see Green’s ② in it. They are ③ . Mr. ④ Mrs. Green are here. Kate ⑤ there. But it’s a cat. It’s on ⑨ floor. Do you know ⑩ name? ⑥ is Jim? Oh, ⑦ is behind the chair. What’s that? It ⑧ like a hat.


)1. A. at

B. like

C. after


)2. A. family

B. father

C. mother


)3. A. English girls

B. English

C. English boys


)4. A. or

B. and

C. of


)5. A. am

B. is

C. are


)6. A. Who

B. How

C. Where


)7. A. he

B. He

C. His


)8. A. look

B. looks

C. is looking


)9. A. the

B. a

C. an


)10. A. it’s

B. is

C. its


Ⅰ. 选择填空(将正确答案的代号填入题前括号内)(2×10)



are the man and the woman

the bike?

A. Whose, on s,in

B. What, in

C. Who, on

D. Who’


)2. It’s not


is in the bag.

A. her, Her His

B. mine, My

C. your, Your

D. his,

( eleven.

)3. The

brothers don’t look the same. But they are

A. twins,all

B. twin’s,both

C. twin,both

D. twin,all


)4. Your sister is very

. You must

her at home.

A small,look like

B. young,look after

C. short,look at

D. nice,look

( Mr Wang.

)5. Do you know the name

your English teacher? I think


A. of, it’s

B. of, hers

C. in, She’s

D. of, She’s

( it.

)6. Can you

the school bag to Lucy? She

to take

A. put,forgets

B. give,forgets

C. give,puts

D. forget,has


)7. That’s the bell. It’s time



A. to go,a go,a

B. go,the

C. to go,the



)8. I can see


books are on the table.

A. a,The the,The

B. some,The

C. the,Some



)9. He

his pen in his bag,but he can’t

it now.

A. puts,find

B. looks,see

C. has,finds

D. looks,find


)10. The coat is

. Don’t


A. your father, put on it

B. Jim’s, put them on

C. your father’s,put it on

D. Jim,put it on

Ⅲ. 单词拼写(根据句子意思写出完整的词,其首字母已给出,拼写时不得 重复)(2×10)

1. Li Lei isn’t at school today. Not e

is here.

2. Is that 8287645? No. That’s a w


3. Can you g

the name of the girl in the red hat?

4. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are in China now. But their d is in England. She is too young.


5. These are the s

books. They are on the desk.

6. This book is y

. You must look after it.

7. Now it’s 4 in the afternoon. It’s time to go and play g


8. What colour is your kite? It’s o


9. W

father is a teacher? Li Lei’s.

10. The girl in a red coat is Lucy’s s

Ⅳ. 连词成句(选择能连成正确句子的答案)(2×1O)


)1. A. is

B. my

C. That

D. girl E. friend




( My

)2. A. behind

B. is C. the one D. the tree E. bike F.





)3. A. What B. car C. the D. is E. colour





)4. A. are B. These C. long D. theirs E. pencils





)5. A. Han Meimei’s

B. is

C. it

D. desk


A. BCAD+问号

B. BADC+问号

C. BDCA+问号


)6. A. Grade B. am C. I D. not E. Three F. in





)7. A. green B. isn’t C. yours D. Mine E. is F. but





)8. A. Which B. Who’s C. man D. the man

A. AD+问号 BC+问号

B. BC+问号 AD+问号

C. BD+问号 AC+问号


)9. A. know B. you C. the time D. I E. think





)10. A. can’t B. watch C. I D. find E. his




Ⅴ. 阅读理解(根据短文内容选择正确答案,并将其代号填写在题前的括号 内)(2×5)

My name is Li Lei. I’m Chinese. I’m twelve. This is a picture of my family at home. You can see my father. My mother,my sister 一 Li Hua and me. I have a nice bedroom. There is a photo on the wall. It’s old. Who is that one behind the doll? Is it my sister? No,it’s me. I look young. How old am I in the photo? I think one. My mother is a worker. My father is a teacher of English. He has an American friend,Mr Green. His family are in China. His son, Jims is a student. We are in the same school, but different classes. We are good friends,too.


)1. I have


A. one sister

B. one brother

C. two friends.


)2. The baby in the old picture is


A. Li Hua

B. Li Lei

C. Jim


)3. Mr. Green is

good friend.

A. my

B. my mother’s

C. my father’s


)4. My father is


A. a worker

B. an English teacher

C. a teacher of Chinese


)5. Jim and I are not in different


A. schools

B. classes

C. grades

Ⅵ. 阅读填词(补全空白处单词,使短文意思完整正确,单词的第一个字母 已给出)(2×5)

Tom and Mary are brother and sister. They are n Jim’s class. Jim l classroom. Today Jim is on duty. It’s his t to clean the b

students in . and the

after them at school. They are his good f


菜园小学六年级 2005—2006 下学期语文期中测试试题


比一比,组词语,你能使这些出一组吗?(8 分)


) 荆(

) 寨(

) 浆(




) 刑(

) 塞(

) 桨(




) 挠(

二、选择正确的意思。将序号写在括号里。 分) (9

1 2 3 4 “一”在字典中的意思有:○数目 ○一样 ○全 ○专一

5 ○表示动作一次,或表示动作短暂的。

1、这么多的狮子。姿态不一,也没有那两只是相同的 ( .

2、让我们商量一下( ) .

( 3、叔叔是一门心思扑在工作上,从不注意休息。 .

4、一阵暴雨,淋得他一身雨水( .

5、水池大的面积不足一亩。 .

1 2 “兵”的意思有:○武器 ○军人、军队 队中的最基层成员

3 ○关于军事或战争的

4 ○军

6、用什么兵器最好( .

7、曹操一定不敢派兵出来( .

8、诸葛亮吩咐兵士 ( ) .

9、孙子兵法 ( ) .

三、关联词语填空。 分) (5







1、邱少云叔叔( )牺牲自己, (


2、写好文章并不难, (

)认真观察,经常练习, (


3、为了救出灾民, (

)又替阿大的困难, (


4、 (

)边玩边学, (


5、我们读文章, (

)要了解内容, (



四、尽量用修改符号修改下列病句。 分) (6




4、我比她的年龄差不多 。

五、把下列句子排列成一段话。 分) (4

( )椿象,龟子,只要稍动它一下,立刻会从农作物上掉落到地面上,过 一会儿,又活动起来

( )还有鸭子,你别看它似乎傻乎乎的,但当其被狐狸追捕时,会翻着白 眼装死。

( )装死是动物的一大伎俩。

( )有人曾作试验,用红狐狸追捕养鸭场的 50 只鸭子,竟有 29 只在狐爪 下逃生。

六、缩写下列句子。 分) (6





七、根据对课文的理解回答(14 分)


。 (用原词句作答)

2、 《十六年前的回忆》中“父亲立刻就回忆了,接着说: ‘是的,她是我 最大的孩子’“父亲”回忆了什么?(3 分) ”

3、 《向往奥运》中说“如今,好梦成真,我真高兴,很激动。“如今”指 ” 的是 “好梦成真”指 (4 分)

4、周瑜长叹一声,说“诸葛亮神机妙算,我真比不上他! ”


语气。 分) (2


八、阅读短文,回答问题。 (18 分)


有两个孩子,一个喜欢弹琴,想当音乐家;一个爱好绘画,想当美术家。 不幸得很!想当音乐家的孩子,突然耳朵聋了;想当美术家的孩子,突然眼睛 瞎了。孩子们非常伤心,痛哭流涕,埋怨命运的不公平。

恰巧,有位老人从他们身边经过,听见了他们的怨恨。老人上前去,先对 耳聋的孩子比划着说: “你耳朵虽然坏了,但眼睛还是明亮的,为什么不改学绘 画呢?”接着,他又对眼睛瞎了的孩说: “你的眼睛尽管坏了,但你的耳朵还是 很灵敏的,为什么不改学弹琴呢? ”


说也奇怪,该学会画的孩子,渐渐感到耳聋反而更好,因为,它可以避免 一切干扰,使他的精力高度专注。改学弹琴的孩子,慢慢地觉得失明反倒有利, 因为,它能够免除许多无谓的烦恼,使心思更加集中。

果然,耳聋的孩子,后来成为美术家,艺术超凡,名扬四海;眼睛瞎了的 孩子,终于成了音乐家,技艺卓绝,饮誉天下。

一天,美术家和音乐家又遇见了那位老人,他俩十分激动,拉住老人连连 道谢。老人笑着说: “不用谢。事实证明,只要努力,当命运堵塞了一条道路的 时候,她经常还会留下另一条道路的! ”

1、给带点的字选择正确的读音,打(3 分)

弹琴(dàn tán ) 爱好(hǎo hào )音乐(yuè lè )

比划(huà huá ) 堵塞(sè

sāi) 尽管(jǐn jìn)

2、在文中找出下列词的近义词。 分) (3



) 名扬四海(




3、你的耳朵虽然坏了,但是你的眼睛还是明亮的,为什么不改学绘画呢? (4 分) (改成陈述句)



把本文分成三段,写出第二段的段意。 分) (5

5、将表现中心思想的句子写下来。 分) (3

九、作文(30 分)

当前,人们对自己的生活环境有许多危机感,如:小河污染,宽伐 树木,空气不纯等现象,你耳闻目睹了吗?请你以“ 写一篇文章。 危机”为题,




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