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高中英语作文: College students Join The Army It’s a good option for college students to join the army. Army is the important constitu

tion in a country. Nowadays, many college students prefer to be soldiers. Why? 参军对于大学生来说是一个很好的选择。军队是一个国家最重要的组成部分。如今,很 多大学生都愿意去参军,是什么原因呢? Firstly, there are many preferential policies for college students to join the army, such as tuition waiver, wage subsidy. What’s more, I consider join the army can strengthen our mind. In my opinion, it’s the most important reason to join the army. Whatever you are a student or others, two years’ training can build a strong body, too. 首先,大学生参军有很多优惠政策,如减免学费,工资补贴。更重要的是,我认为参军 可以丰富我的想法。在我看来,这是参军最重要的原因,不管你是一名学生或其他人,两年 的培训可以练就一个强壮的身体。 I want to join the army. My family is delighted to my decision. Because I want to be a great and strong woman and change my images in front of my friends. More importantly, I would like to experience the army life; I think it will be a colorful moment in my whole life. 我想参军。我的家人对我的决定感到很高兴。因为我想成为一个伟大而坚强的女人,并 且改变我在我朋友面前的形象。更重要的是,我想体验一下军旅生活;我觉得那会是在我的 整个人生中丰富多彩的时刻。

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Perhaps autumn is the most pleasant season of the year. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold. It is the best time for going on a trip. Last Sunday we went to the countryside. There was golden wheat all over the fields/The fields were covered with golden wheat. Large and colourful apples and pears were hanging on the

trees. We could see some peasants were busy getting in the crops in the fields, and others were picking fruits under the trees. All the baskets were full of lovely fruits. It was also the fruit of the peasants' labour. “ No pains, no gains. ” What a magnificent/beautiful picture(it was)! It seemed as if we were wandering in a splendid/wonderful world. I love autumn. I love the harvest time.

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How to choose Friends As the saying goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Friends play a very essential role in our daily life. However, how to make goods friends is a problem for most of us. As for me, I have three principles to choose friends. 正如谚语所说的那样,患难见真情。朋友在我们日常生活中扮演着非常重要的角色。然 而,如何交到一个好朋友是我们大多数人都遇到过的问题。 In the first place, good friends should have their own principles. We should take into account the fact that people who insist on their principles have high quality. Therefore, it is worth making friends with them. 首先,好朋友应该是有他们自己的处事原则。我们应该认识到这样一个事实,坚持自己 原则的人一般都是具有高尚的品格。因此,这样的人值得我们去交朋友。 Then, I want to point out that good friends should be full of trust. This kind of person has a pure heart, so we can communicate with each other by heart. 然后,我想说的是,好的朋友应该是充满真诚的。这样的朋友有一颗赤子之心,我们能 用心来彼此交流。 Finally, active friends are just like beautiful sunshine. They can light up our blue mood, drive away the dark clouds and give us courage. 最后, 拥有积极心态的朋友就像美丽的阳光。 他们能够照亮我们忧郁的心情, 驱走乌云, 给我们鼓励。 Friends who have above three characteristics will be great wealth for us.


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作文要求: 例:1、生活中确实存在不讲诚信的现象… 2、举一例说明(如,有毒奶粉、冒名顶替上大学、考试作弊等)… 3、讲求诚信的意义… Almost all of us heard the story “Here Comes the Wolf” when we were little kids. What we can learn from the story is that we must be honest. However, there’re lots of phenomena of dishonesty nowadays. Being dishonest does great harm not only to other people but also to yourself. Take the case of fake milk powder for example. After drinking this kind of milk, the babies had big heads while their legs and arms were still thin, which badly affected their health. To our great relief, the producers got accused and punished for all the serious consequences in the end.

Having the reputation of being honest and reliable will make other people trust you, which will provide you many benefits and give you opportunities that others may not get. Being honest, you will find it easier to cooperate with others and people will be friendly to you and support you. In a sense, if life is a longjourney, honesty will be the backpack that should be taken along all the way. Let’s pick up our “backpack”—honesty, and start the wonderful journey!

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作文要求: 例:1、生活中困难不可避免,面对困难需要信心… 2、试举一例说明信心在学习(考试、生活等)方面的作用…

3、你对困难的态度… It is well-known that we exist in a dynamic world with various difficulties. When we are faced with them, nothing is more important than hope and self-confidence. With confidence, we can find sometimes the question is not as “huge”as we imagine. Take most of us for example, the entrance exam to college seems to be a horrible monster. Accordingly, some people give up, some persist. In my eyes, with confidence, right assessment of the difficulties, as well as full preparation, try and exert your strength, and then we will overcome all problems and challenges. On the whole, I believe we youngsters should face the difficulties in right manner. And nothing is impossible, brave it out and just do it! 你所在的城市即将举办国际贸易博览会。有关部门现向全社会招聘志愿者。要求: (1)具有为国际友人服务的热情; (2)掌握丰富的文化知识,既是服务人员,也是文化的使者; (3)具有流利的英语表达能力,能做好沟通工作。 假如你叫李华,请根据以上要求,写一封想作博览会志愿者的申请信。 要求:字迹工整,100 词左右。开头已写好,不计入总词数。 生词:国际贸易博览会 the International Trade Exposition Dear Sir or Madam: Thank you for taking your time to read my letter. As the coming of the International Trade Exposition, I’d like very much to be a volunteer。 All our citizens are hosts for this special event. Above all, I promise I should endeavor to serve with enthusiasm our distinguished guests from all over the world. Besides, I have a rich knowledge about Chinese history, so I will be not only a servant but also a carrier for our splendid culture. What’s more, as we all know, English as an international language, will play an important role in communication during the Exposition, and I am good at it. I can express myself fluently and clearly in English。 To sum up, I believe I can be a qualified volunteer. I will value it and do all I can if I could be accepted to be one。

Yours, Li Hua

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作文要求: 例:假设你叫李华,你的外国朋友 John 想了解中国的春节,请根据以下提纲,给他写 一封短信: 1、春节在中国人中的地位 2、春节前,人们…… 3、春节期间,人们……参考词汇:对联 couplet 爆竹 firecracker Dear John, How time flies! Four moths have passed since we saw each other last time. I cannot helpbut miss you. You asked me about Chinese Spring Festival. Now I would like to tell yousomething about it.The Spring Festival is a Chinese traditional festival. It is the most important and enjoyable one. A few days before the festival, houses are cleaned and red couplets are put up on the doors of every household. They are said to frighten away the ghosts. On that day, people are dressed up. Firecrackers ring out in the air, which adds to the atmosphere of the festival. People after a year’s hard work begin to relax and visit one another. Presents and dinners are given to celebrate the happy reunion of friends and relatives. Families get together. They have jiaozi and enjoy the New Year TV show. Customs may vary from place to place, but the same happy atmosphere is to be found everywhere in the country. Now, I hope you have some idea of Chinese Spring Festival. Best wishes, Yours, Li Hua

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例 1: 根据下面提示,写一篇《财富与快乐》的短文。 (1)一些人认为财富能带来快乐。 (2)另一些人认为钱多了不是一件好事。 (3)提出自己的看法。 注意:单词数 120 个左右。 Wealth and Happiness Some people think wealth can bring happiness to them. It is true that most of them try to acquire wealth by means of honest labor. They work hard and overcome many difficulties. After doing this, they feel very happy and pleased. Even their spending money is a kind of happiness。 But some people believe wealth can’t bring them happiness. For example, when one gets a fortune, the family members will come from different parts of the country and try to share the wealth with him. And afterwards, they will quarrel with one another, trying to share more. And sometimes even appear bloody fight and killing. What a terrible result! In my opinion, I think there is no doubt that wealth brings happiness, especially in the modern society. If you have money you can lead a comfortable and colorful life. But we should take a proper attitude towards wealth. Remember: money is not everything。 例 2: 最近,你班同学展开了一场讨论,主题是:Wealth & Health。请你根据下表提供的信息, 写一篇 100 词左右的文章,介绍一下你们讨论的情况。 一些人认为财富更重要,一些人认为健康更重要 1.没有钱万万不行 2. 想办法多挣钱

1. 健康是本钱 2. 要爱惜身体 个人看法:更看重健康。身体不好,钱再多也无济于事。 Wealth & Health Which is more important, wealth or health? Different people have different opinions. Some people prefer wealth, holding that money can not bring everything, but without it, one can do nothing. In order to accumulate more money they can do anything. However, other people regard health as more important. Once health is lost, it is no use having a lot of money. As far as I am concerned, I love wealth, but I value health more. Everybody wants to live a happy life. So they try their best to earn money which can ensure they lead a comfortable life, but if happiness and comfort are achieved at the cost of their health, how can they be happy? Without health money becomes meaningless. In my opinion, no one agrees that a wealthy person without good health can be happy. So, just do our best to keep healthy.

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The Growing Pains Whenwe are little, we are eager to grow up, so that we can break free of parentaldiscipline even leave them far. Since we were a little child, we have to begoverned by teachers in school and endure parent’s ramble at home. These are ourgrowing pains. Besides, study, friendship, sometimes campus romance maytrouble us. However, as we grow up, we gradually find that things mentionedabove are not pains at all. There are much more serious things brother us. Forexample, we may be less sensitive to the simple happiness and loss themgradually. It’s hard for us to laugh from our heart. Moreover, we are in theage that we are eager to grow up but afraid to grow up either. The ambivalence afflictsus a lot. However, no matter what happens in our growth, they are parts of ourlives. We must accept them actively and do not let the pains prevent us fromhappiness.

小的时候, 我们都渴望长大, 以便能脱离父母的管束, 甚至离他们远远的。 自从孩提起, 在学校我们就被老师管着, 在家又得忍受父母的絮絮叨叨。 这就是我们成长中的烦恼。 此外, 学习、友情,有时候甚至校园恋情都会来叨扰我们。但是,随着慢慢长大,我们逐渐发现以 上这些根本称不上是成长的烦恼,还有很多更烦恼的事让我们纠结不已。例如,我们慢慢地 对一些简单的快乐麻木了, 于是就失去这些快乐了, 我们变得很难发自内心地微笑了。 还有, 我们正处在渴望长大但又害怕长大的阶段,这种矛盾情绪折磨着我们。但是,不管在成长的 过程中遭遇到什么, 它们都是我们生活中的一部分, 我们要乐观地接受, 不让烦恼挤走快乐。

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In my opinion, reading is of great benefit to us. Forone thing, reading is a good way to make one more intelligent. For another,good habit and active attitude can be formed through it. Just as an old sayinggoes, books are the ladder of human progress. So important are books that weshould attach significance to it. I go in for reading foreign literature, such asCelebrity Biography and How the Steel Was Tempered. Coming to know more aboutthe author, I always choose to read something concerning theirs unbelievableexperience and meaningful events. Realizing the value of time and life by them,I show more respect than sympathy to then. I wonder how they keep a positiveattitude towards life. I have ever read How the Steel Was Tempered, writtenby Ostrovsky. The hero, Palu, facing unexpected difficulties in life, however,he chose to face bravely but bot to evade. It is his courage that has a strongimpact on me. Now, no matter when and where, I try my best to be brave insteadof being craven and timorous. In brief, reading a good book is just like making agood friend. So, don't waste your time. Pick up your book and read it!



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