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【优化方案】2014届高考英语(大纲版)一轮复习配套课件:Unit8 First aid(必修2)

Unit 8

First aid



基 础 盘 点 自 测 自 评

考 点 串 讲 讲 练 互 动

强 化 训 练 知 能 闯 关

panic 1.I got into a ____________ (惊慌)when I saw smoke coming
out of the engine. 2.Mike was seriously ill and had to be taken by ambulance ____________(救护车)to hospital. 3.Police are looking for information from anyone who witnessed ____________(目击)the attack. calm 4.Everyone praised Douglas for the ____________(冷静的) way in which he dealt with the situation. bleeding 5.There is a deep cut on her wrist and it was ____________ (流血).

screaming 6.Women were ____________(尖叫);some of the houses near
the bridge were on fire. 7.The coffee was almost too hot to swallow and made him choke ____________ (呛住)for a moment. bandage 8.If blood keeps coming through the ____________ (绷带), do not remove it;simply put another one on top. explained 9.Mary ____________ that the bus had broken down,which was why she was late.To be honest,I wasn’t willing to accept explanation her ____________.(explain) 10.用 sudden 的适当形式填空: suddenly (1)We were talking on the phone when,____________,the line went dead. sudden (2)All of a ____________,the lights went out .

catch fire 1.________________ 着火;开始燃烧 keep in mind 2.________________ 记住 in honour of 3.____________ 为向??表示敬意;为庆祝??;为纪念?? in case of 4.________________ 假使;以防 a list of 5.________________ 一张??的清单 on the way 6.________________ 即将到来 stay calm 7.________________ 保持镇静 upside down 8.________________ 颠倒着;倒转着 prevent...from doing sth 9._______________________ 阻止??做某事

call for 10.________________ 要求;去接;需要


had known 1.If I ____________ more about giving first aid,I _________________ them . could have helped 如果我能了解更多关于急救的知识,我就能帮助他们了。 2.The most important thing to keep in mind when dealing with an emergency _______________________________ is to stay calm. 在处理紧急情况时,要记住最重要的是要保持镇静。 recommend that we use 3.Many hospitals _____________________________ the

letters DR ABC to remember what to do when we have to
think fast. 很多医院建议我们为了记住我们快速思考时我们应做什么,

而要记住字母DR ABC。

4.We should never try to revive a person unless we know how to do it _________________________. 除非我们知道如何去做,否则我们决不要试着使这个人苏醒。 5.We do our best to be careful and prevent bad things from

happening,but most of us will eventually find ourselves in a
where we or someone else needs help situation _________________________________. 我们尽自己最大努力小心翼翼,防范事故,但大多数人还是 会发现我们自己或别的什么人总会有处于需要帮助的情形。


1.witness (教材 P59)People who have witnessed an accident often wish that they had done things differently. 目睹过事故的人们总希望他们能做点什么。 (1)vt.目击;目睹;为??作证;vi.作证;成为证据

?witness sth.目击,亲眼看到?? ? ?witness for... 为??作证,为??辩护 ?witness to sth.?在法庭上?为某事作证 ?
①(牛津 P2313)She was shocked by the violent scenes she had witnessed.她被亲眼目睹的暴虐场面惊呆了。

②He witnessed to having seen the man enter the building. 他作证说看见那个人走进那栋建筑物。 (2)n.目击者;证人;证据;证词

?give/bear witness to 为??作证,证明 ? ?call...to witness 请??证明;传??作证人 ?a witness to... ??的证物/证人 ?
③(牛津 P2312)Police have appealed for witnesses to the accident.警方呼吁这起事故的目击者出来作证。 ④(牛津 P2312)His good health is a witness to the success of the treatment.他身体健康证明这种疗法是成功的。







[即境活用] 1.We are lucky to be among the generation of people who have________and experienced the great social changes in our country. A.reported

C.impressed D.witnessed 解析:选D。report报道;appreciate欣赏,感激;impress留 下印象,均不符合题意。witness亲眼目睹。

2.calm (教材 P59)The most important thing to keep in mind when dealing with an emergency is to stay calm. 当处理紧急事件时,要记住最重要的是要保持镇静。 (1)vt.& vi.(使)平静;(使)镇定 ?calm down 平静下来 ?
? ?calm sb.down 使某人镇静 ?

①(2012· 高考浙江卷)After both sides have calmed down, they can use another key strategy( 策 略 ) for conflict resolution:...当双方冷静下来后,他们能用别的关键策略来解 决冲突:?? ②(牛津 P276)We waited inside until things calmed down. 我们待在室内,直到一切恢复平静。

③(牛津P276)It is important to keep calm in an emergency. 情况紧急的时候,保持镇静是重要的。 [易混辨析] calm,quiet,still,silent

指海洋、天气平静,无风;指人镇定自若,强调心理 calm 的平静状态,还可作动词,意为“使人镇定”。 quiet 多指环境的安静或心神安宁。 still 指既无声音也无动作的静止不动。 silen 多指不说话的安静、沉默。 t


[即境活用] 2.用 calm,silent,still,quiet 填空。

quiet (1)After leaving office he lived a ____________ life in the
countryside. still (2)Attention please,everyone!Please stay ____________ while I take your photograph. silent (3)His father sighed and remained ____________. to keep (4)The most important thing ____________ in mind when calm dealing with an emergency is to stay ____________.

3.panic (教材 P59)If we were to panic,we would not be able to help.如 果我们慌乱,我们就不能提供帮助。 (1)n.惊慌,恐慌

?get into a panic 陷入恐慌状态 ? ?throw sb.into a panic 使某人陷入恐慌状态 ?be in ?a? panic 在惊慌中 ?
①(牛津 P1440)There is no point getting into a panic about the exams.对考试惊惶失措是没有用的。 ②Rumors of a food shortage could throw the population into a panic.食品短缺的流言可能会使人们陷入恐慌。


(2)vt.使惊慌,使惊慌失措 vi.十分惊慌

?panic sb.into doing sth.?常用于被动语态?使某人因惊慌而 ? ? 仓促做某事 ?panic at/over sth.听到某事而感到惊慌 ?
③He started to panic when he saw the gun. 他看见枪就慌了起来。 ④Any sudden movement could panic the snake attacking. 任何突然的举动都有可能惊动那条蛇,使它发起攻击。


[即境活用] 3.完成句子

Got into a panic ________________ (她陷入惊恐状态)when she thought she’d
forgotten the tickets.


4.in honour of


( 教 材 P62)... , it was suggested that the American people turned off all power in their homes,streets and factories for several minutes in honour of this great man.为了纪念这个伟

①There is a party tonight in honour of our new president. 为庆祝我们的新经理就任,今晚有个聚会。 ②We decide to hold a meeting in honour of him. 我们决定举行会议来纪念他。


?do sb.an honour=do honour to sb.对??表示 ? 敬意 (1)? have the honour of doing/to do 有做??的 ? 荣幸 ?for the honour of...为了??的荣誉
show honour to sb.对某人表示敬意 (2)be/feel honoured to do sth.因做??而感到荣幸

③(牛津P983)It was a great honour to be invited here today . 今天承蒙邀请到此,深感荣幸。

④(牛津P983)Would you do me the honour of dining with me
tonight? 我是否有幸请你与我一起吃晚餐? ⑤(牛津P984)I was/felt honoured to have been mentioned in his speech.他在讲话中提到我,真是荣幸。


4.The street was named after a great man________his great contributions to the city. A.in honour of B.instead of

C.in case of
D.in need of 解析:选A。句中的意思为“纪念他为城市作出的贡献”。


5.in case of 假使,以防 (教材 P64)A first- kit is a box or bag of useful items and aid information that may be helpful in case of an emergency. 急救包是一盒或一袋在紧急情况下可能有益的物品和信息。 ①In case of fire,call 119.倘若有火情,就打 119。 ?it rains. ②Take your umbrella in case ? 带把伞以防下雨。 ?of rain.

归纳拓展 in case 假设,以防万一 in any case 无论如何,总之 in no case 决不 in this/that case 如果这样/那样 as is often the case(with... ) (对……)是常有的事

③(牛津P296)You’d better take the keys in case I’m out. 你最好带上钥匙以防我不在家。

④In no case should you forget your task.
你决不能忘记自己的任务。 ⑤As was often the case with him,he was late again. 对他来说是常有的事,他又迟到了。


[即境活用] 5.—I’m afraid Mr.Wood can’t see you until 4 o’clock.

—Oh,________,I won’t wait.
A.no doubt B.after all

C.in that case
D.in this way 解析:选C。句意:——恐怕Wood先生直到4点钟才能接见你.

doubt多半,必定,很可能;after all毕竟,别忘了;in that case如果那样的话。根据句意,故C项正确。

1.(教材P60)We should never try to revive a person unless we know how to do it. 除非我们知道如何去做,否则我们决不要 试着使这个人苏醒。

unless是连词,意为“除非,如果不”,引导的是一个肯定 条件状语从句,从句有时可以与if...not...引导的否定状语从 句互换。


①(牛津P2207)Unless something unexpected happens,I’ll see you tomorrow.如果不出意外,我明天去看你。 ②Owen wouldn’t eat anything unless he cooked it himself. 欧文只吃他自己做的饭菜。

③We will have a picnic in the park this Sunday unless it rains
or it’s very cold. 除非下雨或天很冷,我们将在本周日去公园野餐。


[即境活用] 6.The little boy won’t go to sleep ________ his mother tells

him a story.
A.or B.unless

D.whether 解析:选B。句意:除非妈妈给他讲故事,否则小男孩就不去睡

??之外;whether是否。根据语境可知,这里用unless表示 “除非??否则??”。

2.(教材P63)We do our best to be careful and prevent bad things from happening,but most of us will eventually find

ourselves in a situation where we or someone else needs help.
我们尽自己最大努力小心翼翼,防范事故,但大多数人还是 会发现我们自己或别的什么人总会有处于需要帮助的情形。

where we or someone else needs help 是定语从句,修饰先行 词 situation,当先行词为 situation,point,case 时,常用

where 引导定语从句。
①Will you please give us a case where the word can be used? 请你举一个这个单词的实例好吗?

②He has reached the point where a change is needed. 他到了必须改一改的地步。

③We are in a position where we may lose a great deal of
money. 我们在这种处境下可能会损失大量金钱。

④Can you think of a situation where this word can be used?
你能想出使用这个单词的语境吗? ⑤I can think of many cases where students knew quite a few

English words and expressions but couldn’t write a good
essay.我能想出许多情况,学生知道很多英语词汇却写不出 好文章。

[即境活用] 7.(2012· 浙江高考样卷)Parents should pay attention to areas

________ their child is having difficulty and spend extra time
to help him or her master those skills. A.as

C.why D.when

的时间帮助他们掌握这些能力。题中areas是先行词表地点范 围,故选关系副词where。






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